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Found 63 results

  1. candyman1

    edit items

    hello, can someone plzz help me, i got a 718 server and cant get my models out of my cache to edit them with Metasequoia. someoen please help me, send me a pm or add me on skype. nielsvanrijn2. thanks alot!!
  2. How edit the teleport coordinates. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11084[/ATTACH]
  3. When I try and sign it, it tells me invalid password. I've tried multiple different names, any reason why for this? I can't even play.. It's very buggy like that for some reason? Also how do I edit player files to give myself more rights, edit stats, change pass from file etc When I sign in without capitalizing the first letter it works, and then it tells me when I try and log in that my password's been updated and to log back out and in, it doesn't let me go in a world. Another edit; how would I change the clients name, and the log in screen and log in message to something different. I don't want Citellum all over it no offense, I jjust want to play this with a few friends I would assume that me being able to get into player files would result in editing spin number too?
  4. So I have Windos 8 and I've been trying to get an OFFLINE runescape private server to work for me to practice my coding. However, I know you need to change the JDK version in the compilers to your own version. This is where I get stuck... The file is runeserver.bat and when I right click it does not let me edit it. I tried changing the .bat to .txt so I could edit it there and then change it back to .bat but that did not work either. Nothing will let me edit it. Does anyone know what to do??? Thank you!
  5. I had a cheat client recently on my server i have patched all the things it can do for example ban,jail etc. The only thing i cant figure out is how to stop a command they use i tried creating a command that if they use the command togglecrash (which is the command that crashes people) it bans them and that works if someone types it ingame. I figured because its in the developer console it still counted as a command but i guess in wrong. Any help would be appreciated also if you have this problem on your server i can help you fix it.
  6. Hey everyone. After a long run I had with my Rsps, I asked most of the Players if they wanted the Server up &' they said yes. I recoded new stuff &' now I forgot what I need to change at the Loader.java, to put the server online again.. Tried to search on google, but getting no Answer. That's how it's looking: private static final long serialVersionUID = 7639088664641445302L; public static Properties client_parameters = new Properties(); public JFrame client_frame; public JPanel client_panel = new JPanel(); public static boolean usingRS = false; public static boolean useIsaac = false; public static String IP = ""; public static boolean LOBBY_ENABLED = false; public static boolean DISABLE_XTEA_CRASH = true; public static boolean DISABLE_USELESS_PACKETS = true; public static boolean DISABLE_RSA = false; public static boolean COMBAT_BETA = true; public static final int REVISION = 718; public static final int LOBBY_PORT = 43594; public static String LOBBY_IP = ""; public static int SUB_REVISION = 3; public static Loader instance; public static int[] outSizes = new int[256]; public static boolean localHost; Already tried to change the's in my No-Ip, but then other players could not connect with the jarred file. Is there something else I need to change? really forgot how it was.. Feel free to post how it should be looking, when It's done correctly. -Thank you very much, World.
  7. I am attempting to use netbeans to edit some of the files in the instructional starter pack. It says showing generated source file. No sources are attached to class' JAR file. How do I make it so I can edit every file? It would be optimal if I could make it into a project. I've looked around and used search to no avail. Thanks in advance. I have JDK 1.51 jre7 sdk and all that snazzy stuff as far as I know.
  8. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTa3WfYZfcM[/url]
  9. so i want to make a portal give me a list of places i can teleport and then make each place teleport me there... how?
  10. [video=youtube;1OShJiXbo7o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OShJiXbo7o[/video] Hope you like it. The start is a bit choppy Give feed back?
  11. Using Rune-Evo 742 source here, and I'm wondering how I delete items from a shop and how to change their prices. Any help appreciated be noob friendly.
  12. hey guys, please check out my new edit then message me on runelocus and I will do you a edit or an intro for free! [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVwNEDdPUck[/url] please like comment and subscribe :)
  13. I'm wondering how you edit in-game books texts so when a player reads the book it will display have the text i added in.
  14. Hello everyone, I need some assistance with editing [PI] 317 cache. The cache is over 100mb and i'm trying to use toms suite, but I can't view/edit JaGeX Archives to replace the map_index.dat file. I've searched for other cache editors but they dont work either. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
  15. Quick little edit i did to stay active nothing special nearly at 1000 views for my montage ! [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwAtiyhOL7Y&feature=youtu.be[/url] like and comments help me out alot thank you !
  16. Ive been trying to edit the files but idk how to do that... I right click and I dont see an option like "Open with Notepad++" or edit or anything else. I just get this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7974[/ATTACH] Can someone please help me and contact me on skype "bobs.axes" (or just the comments section below) on how to edit files? because im trying to fix an error i keep getting when I try to open run.bat and i need to change the code in run.bat. Please thank you so much for your time :(
  17. Hey Guys, Are you looking for a video editor someone to make an advertisement for your server or edit any of your current videos. I do both, I will work with you 1on1 to make sure you get the best for your money only message me if you're interested and I will show current work as I am currently working on several products with a few clients. I work for a low cost and am very fair with my prices as I don't want to charge a lot. [B][U]COD/OTHER GAMING VIDEOS:[/U][/B]I will work 1 on 1 with you to create the best montage you tell me how you want it I will do it. Details: Advertisements: The advertisements I do start from 0:30 - 3:00 (Minutes) and depending on the time it takes will be the amount charged this is than again all further details that we will discus. Pk videos: I can edit all pking clips from EOC - Old school RS usually are around 3-7 Minutes long. [ I also do any type of videos such as Montages for video games , and In real life videos ] [B][U]Previous work:[/U][/B] I have just worked with [I]Luka2005[/I] on the forums who is the owner of [U]Vicious Revolution [/U] [URL="http://VR-PS.com"]http://VR-PS.com[/URL] making the advertisement for his server. [B][U]Video:[/U][/B] [video=youtube;8tKTTVr2NpE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tKTTVr2NpE[/video] [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s24.postimg.org/oarfoly05/Awesome.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/app.php]screenshot program[/url] Review by Luka2005: "HUGE VOUCH, Awesome work, never seen a better video editor. Just watch the video and you'll understand what i mean!" Other previous work was taken off my old computer as it wasn't backed up when computer crashed. If you're interested we will get the right product for you and I will show other projects I am working on. [B][U]Hours:[/U][/B] Hours projects will be worked on. [I will be available to get hold of 24/7] [B]Monday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Tuesday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Wednesday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Thursday:[/B] 7-12 PM [B]Friday:[/B] 6-7 PM [B]Saturday:[/B] 12-6 PM [B]Sunday: [/B] 2-9 PM [B]If a project is to be rushed we will discus further details.[/B] [B][U]Footage (Video):[/U][/B]Depending on how you would like to do it you can send your videos to me via [U]DropBox[/U] or another source you would like. I can also film the footage myself seen in the video above [U]Vicious Revolution[/U]. We will talk in further details if there is a problem. All payments are made VIA Paypal and how everything works is I will make your video and show it to you (Will have my details spammed all over) and if you want to purchase it I will remove all the details and send you the raw video that you can than put under your name and directly upload it to any site you please. Prices from person to person can change all depending on the amount of time and the length I give cheap prices and are roughly working on a handful of videos at a time but always make room for new customers. Best way to contact me is through [B]SKYPE: XTOMUCHX[/B] We will than chat into further detail and I will show you examples and get the results you need. All the best, PM me on this site. Best way to contact is skype: [B]XTOMUCHX[/B] Additional Details: Music/Effects(A lot , A little, Flashes...ETC...)/Length is determined by you and what you vision. Project I'm currently working on: [B][U]1[/U][/B] as of Thursday,May 23,2013 [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s10.postimg.org/pk8o8a8s9/Profesional_Video.png[/img][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/]image hosting[/url]
  18. i need help to edit the mentios ip !!it RS2011 Remake RELEASE | Worlds list support | Player safety exams | 637 loading 639
  19. I looked at tutorials and i still didnt get it. Can you guys help me? Is it client sided or server sided? I want to add like donator zone stuff in it :)
  20. Tanner

    What do I edit???

    Matrix 718 source [ATTACH=CONFIG]6969[/ATTACH] I need to be able to set barricades in Castle Wars and when I try to atm it says "You cannot Place a Barricade here" so I searched that line and went to Castle_WarsPlay.java and this is what I found. What should I do to fix this
  21. i tried editing them in item.cfg but that didnt change the item stats. i wanna be able to wear a perfect ring as an owner and 1 hit anything. this is a 562 loading 657
  22. how do i edit the gen shop so i can sell any item to it? or can someone tell me how to code the ge?
  23. So when I try to edit the description of my server on the server list. I edit it, save everything, but it doesn't work. It says it's saved but it doesn't save. I don't know if this is a problem with the new site or what. I've tried it many times and it doesn't save.
  24. How Do I edit the npc's in 667? Like I already spawned them in the npcspawned.java, But how do I edit their health and combat... etc? For example, I just edited the npcspawned.java with entering count draynor as a boss, Now how do I edit his health and what? What file is it in or can someone help me with a tut? Also, Where do I edit how he RE-spawns. Not spawns but respawns? Thanks. I'm using zenith source.
  25. i was wondering how would i add/alter special attacks on my 667?