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Found 68 results

  1. Hey guys, yesterday I came across a dupe on my server while testing something (luckily no harm was caused to my server), the dupe involves three people. I will explain how the dupe works in the spoiler below, which is an explanation of how the dupe works which I found somewhere so I could fix it. This patch will also fix interface dupes and have other benefits which you will see, so please thank the thread if you find it useful :) [SPOILER=How the Dupe Works] Within a nutshell I'll explain the 'dupe' and hopefully by fixing it you will understand how it works. You need three people. We'll name them Z-X and C. 1. Z trades C and goes to his equipment tab and right clicks interface 19148 which brings up (show equipment tab). 2. C then accepts Z's trade and C puts his items up and Z clicks the equipment button he previously set up. This causes Z to leave the trade while C is still in it. C presses accept. 3. Z has left the trade and rubs any item that's in your inventory (glory, ring) and then trades X who does the equipment trick to him. Z accepts. 4. Rinse and repeat and Z will accept again through X's trade when in reality it's accepting C's trade and C keeps his items while Z collects the traded items. This dupe works on the basis of essentially tricking the trade boolean. [/SPOILER] [B]Fixing the interface dupes:[/B] [I]To fix this firstly we are going to go to PlayerAssistant.java and go to our ShowInterface method(s) and add the below code:[/I] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]NOTE:[/COLOR][/B] Make sure that you add this to both/all your ShowInterface methods, as you will notice in the spoiler for how it should now look I have two ShowInterface methods with different parameters so make sure you add the below code to all of yours! [CODE] if(c.inTrade) { c.getTradeAndDuel().declineTrade(true); return; } [/CODE] [SPOILER=How it should now look:] [CODE] public void showInterface(int interfaceid) { if (c != null) { if(c.inTrade) { c.getTradeAndDuel().declineTrade(true); return; } if (c.getOutStream() != null && c != null) { c.getOutStream().createFrame(97); c.getOutStream().writeWord(interfaceid); c.flushOutStream(); } } }[/CODE] [CODE]public static void showInterface(Client client, int i) { if(client.inTrade) { client.getTradeAndDuel().declineTrade(true); return; } client.getOutStream().createFrame(97); client.getOutStream().writeWord(i); client.flushOutStream(); }[/CODE] [/SPOILER] This will check to see if the player is already in a trade when they try to open an interface and if they are it will simple decline the trade for both players. [B]An additional fix for prayer level requirement:[/B] Right that is the main part fixed for this snippet but there is in fact another way that you can still keep one of the players in trade and that is by clicking your prayer when you do not have the required level! Not a lot of people know about this I believe so make sure you add this too. What happens is instead of opening an interface you can click your prayer if you don't have the required level for it and it will open up with a dialogue saying "You need a prayer level of # to use this prayer" or something along those lines and this will cause the same as the interfaces did. To fix this go to your activatePrayer method, mine is in CombatPrayer but yours may be in CombatAssistant or some other class depending on your source. Then simple add the same code as before inside the method, so: [CODE] if(c.inTrade) { c.getTradeAndDuel().declineTrade(true); return; } [/CODE] Thanks for reading and I hope this helps a lot of you guys out, if so please take 2 seconds to thank the thread :) - Raw Envy
  2. The dupe is when we press 100+ or 1000+ and accept it dupe.. Video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bukBFYbm6gc[/url] Tell me if you want my skype to help me !
  3. Come in game and I will show you how the dupe works, then you can tell me if you think you can fix it. Client: dropbox.com/s/9nj1tz0n8b7k2um/VindictivePk.jar?dl=0 Thanks!!
  4. Huge dupe that works on most servers with a cheat client, not giving out the method, just the way to prevent it. Go to [B]client.java[/B] or [B]player.java[/B] and declare the int [CODE]public int dupefix1 = 0;[/CODE] then go to [B]tradeandduel[/B] and find [CODE]public void confirmScreen() {[/CODE] then under [CODE]String SendTrade = "Absolutely nothing!";[/CODE] insert [CODE]c.dupefix1 = 1;[/CODE] Then look for [CODE]if (!c.canOffer) { return false; }[/CODE] and above that add [CODE]if (c.dupefix == 1) { return false; }[/CODE] and then to finish it off find [CODE]c.canOffer = true;[/CODE] below that add [CODE]c.dupefix1 = 0;[/CODE] [U]If you have dueling enabled do the same for that to[/U]o. [U]This dupe worked on all of the following servers[/U]: [B]Zarpor[/B] [B]AstheniaPk[/B] [B]ForeverPkers[/B] [B]Derpscape[/B] [B]Rune Legacy[/B] [B]Hades5[/B] [B]PvP Planet[/B] [B]Xero-Edition[/B] [B]Forgotten-Paradise[/B] [B]PkersFate[/B] etc etc pretty much every PI that isnt mainstream like the top 10 servers. Cheat clients can utilize this dupe. The absolute way to fix any cheat client dupes is to[I][U][B] VERIFY EVERYTHING SENT FROM THE CLIENT[/B][/U][/I].
  5. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWUwjN4DIRE[/url] patch it asap :)
  6. Okay i'm coming back with this dupe. Well like i see, it's still working on multiple servers. And i can't find proper fix. So let's start. There is how dupe works : Player B and C sending trade request to A. Player A accepting B request. Player C relog. Player A will lose trade screen and player B will keep trade screen. Player C will send trade request to A, A will accept request. Player C will put items to trade and click accept. Player C will accept only first screen. And player A will accept both screens. After this player B will accept both screens [etc trading with himself] , after this Player B trade will close and player B will get items that Player C offered. Now player C will click decline, and Player C and B will get items.
  7. There is how dupe works, no idea how to fix :c Player A, B and C. Player B and C trading with A. Player A accepting B trade. Player C relog. Player A will lose trade screen and player B will keep trade screen. Player Player C will trade to A, A will accept tade. Player A will put items to trade and click accept. Player B will accept first time. And player A will accept second screen too. But player B won't accept second screen. After this player C will accept both screens [etc trading with himself] , after this Player B trade will close and player B will get items that Player A offered. Now player A will click decline, and Player A and B will get items.
  8. These are tuts on how to dupe for all of you to test on your servers and patch! [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIDt_Pz0PsE[/url] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olXUDXc5zbA[/url] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV8nICkMRsc[/url] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fpk3Ccr7ag[/url] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWyjQnNaJ9g[/url] I will update with more as i go along!
  9. in Walking.java find: [CODE]if(c.inTrade) { c.getTradeAndDuel().declineTrade(true); } [/CODE] Replace with: [CODE]if(c.inTrade) { } [/CODE] The dupe: Player A puts up items, Player A & B accept, Player B presses accept on second trade screen, Player A clicks walk on the Mini Map & it auto accepts and gives him/her the item back and Player B the item, what it does now is accepts the trade on Player A's half. only posting because people continue to you use elevationRSPS.
  10. Hey, my friends just did a cheat engine dupe, he got all his stats 99 and freezed the ID and got more stuff. How can I fix this? I think he used this tut; [url]http://rspunit.pw/FSHRSPS.pdf[/url]
  11. [video=youtube;H7OImF7AasM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7OImF7AasM[/video] This dupe all you got to do is have two of the same item i.e two different hats, capes, armour etc. then the one you want to dupe is in inventory while the one that will be getting deleted you are wearing. Then rapid click on the one you want to dupe as you are in the Equipment Tab. :/ Are their any ideas how to fix?
  12. There is this dupe which is called protect item dupe. You go to the wild. You Get skulled. Go to a boss. click the protect item and then die you get x2 of that item. Please help!
  13. Right so this dupe involves three people in trade, the dupe fix I released the other day is the first part of the dupe fixed, but this is the full fix to cover everything. [B]Class to edit: [/B]TradeAndDuel.java [B]In the following two methods, add the following code:[/B] - Simple add it under the null check. [I]declineTrade [/I]and [I]fromTrade [/I]: [CODE]Player p = PlayerHandler.players[c.tradeWith]; if(p.tradeWith != c.playerId) return false;[/CODE] [B]Also add this if you haven't done so already:[/B] [url=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?94825-Trade-amp-Interface-Dupe-Fix]Trade & Interface Dupe Fix[/url] Hope you enjoy, this dupe is abused on a lot of servers and I just want to give back as much as I can to the Runelocus community. - Raw Envy
  14. Ace Hood

    718 Shop dupe

    I tried this [url]http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/snippets/480345-718-shop-dupe-fix.html[/url] but then I got [URL=http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/Sunny5125/media/Capture87878_zps87093093.png.html][IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s393/Sunny5125/Capture87878_zps87093093.png[/IMG][/URL] any suggsetions? Link is to Rune server
  15. Well there is a dupe I just found out about the money pouch. Idk if this has been released so here it is. Heres what you do to dupe: 1. Take all your money out of the money pouch (except for 1 coin) 2. Bank all your money 3. Withdraw from money pouch "-2147000000" 4. You will have max cash in the money pouch Here is the fix: In the withdraw command add this: [CODE] if(amount <= 0) { for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c3 = (Client) Server.playerHandler.players[j]; c3.sendMessage("<shad=65535>" + c.playerName + " tried to dupe and failed! If no staff is on report this!"); } } return; }[/CODE] That also makes it yell to the server that someone tried duping.
  16. I need help fixing a dupe glitch, and needing the code that allows ::giveitem. The dupe I'm trying to fix is that you trade and click the minimap and both players get the items. Does anyone know how to fix?
  17. newboy

    Grand Exchange Dupe

    Easiest fix is to not have a Grand Exchange.
  18. I can dupe grand exchange with 100+ 1000+ and accpet fast u getting multiples items, how to fix? im using nrs3 grand exchange
  19. Hi everyone, i'm having a problem on my server with someone duping hand cannon shots. Its not from the "arrow dupe" because they start with nothing and in a matter of minutes they have over 2 billion shots. If anyone can help me figure out how they're doing this and how to fix it, that'd be great. Thanks.
  20. Okay so this is the code that i have atm [CODE] } if (offer.getPrice() * offer.getAmount() > Integer.MAX_VALUE) { offer.getPrice() * offer.getAmount() == Integer.MAX_VALUE) { offer.getPrice() * offer.getAmount() >= Integer.MAX_VALUE) { offer.getPrice() * offer.getAmount() < 0) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("The price of the item is too high!"); return true;[/CODE] But when i hit the amoutn of 2k dragon claws, it just buys it any fix?
  21. Can someone help me with that dupe its so annoying [ATTACH=CONFIG]8000[/ATTACH]
  22. does anybody have a fix for the ge dupe? , um using freedomx as source, i got the ge to work but now it has a dupe :( thanks
  23. Fixed Remove please!
  24. Okay so I have been looking for it for about an hour now and no luck. I do not wish to disable dropping items. Does anyone know how to fix this dupe?
  25. cvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv