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Found 28 results

  1. Hello. I'd like to know, what are the coords for God Wars Dungeon. I know the coords for the entrance, but i need to know the coords of GWD that is inside the dungeon. So basically i'm looking for coords for GWD (inside), not outside the entrance. Thank you.
  2. Ganodermic runt 14698 Ganodermic runt 14699 Grifolapine 14688 Grifolapine 14689 Grifolaroo 14700 Grifolaroo 14701 Fungal mage 14690 Fungal mage 14691 Fungal rodent 14692 Fungal rodent 14693 Infested axe 14694 Infested axe 14695
  3. i need the id of npcs polypore dungeon shop i didn't find it plz help me
  4. kuradal slayer dungeon coords where the dark beast abbys iron and steels are anyone know the coords? 667 server Update: Found it; 1633, 5281
  5. Hello guys. I changed my home on my rsps and now i forgot the coords from the clan-wars dungeon. can any1 tell me this? regards samsung.
  6. CarbonRed

    Dungeon Door Ids

    If anyone knows the Dungeoneering Door Ids, Can you please release that list for me.....i am willing to do it my self, to find out all the dung doors but if someone already has it by hand, it doesnt hurt to ask, if i get a list here, then i will use it, if not ill make a list and release it later. Thanks in advance for your help :D
  7. Found them on accident running in the void. :P
  8. I finished full Polypore dungeon, including all NPC's and their combat. I think this NPC is my favorite one of all of them so I'm going to go ahead and show it off. :) Oh and by the way, these attacks aren't custom, their exactly like Runescape's. I just used rs wikki. lolking [URL=http://tinypic.com/r/2hqtf76/6]Click here to view the video[/URL] rate and or hate.
  9. [CENTER]Hi. I looking for a few animation and npc codes. I wanted the npc code of skeleton and his animation codes, but I didn't find it since 2 days.. If someone can post the codes, it would be amazing. Thanks! Skeleton (Ape Atoll) [img]http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111128174350/runescape/images/thumb/8/87/Skeleton_%28Ape_Atoll%29.png/200px-Skeleton_%28Ape_Atoll%29.png[/img] I need these skeleton's animation and npc codes.[/CENTER]
  10. Title says what I want :) Also if anyone could help me with a make all option I'm working on. The buttons are like this: [code] public static final int[][] BUTTONS = new int[][] { {39, 1, 1}, {40, 1, 2}, {41, 1, 3}, {42, 2, 4}, {33, 5, 1}, {34, 5, 2}, {35, 5, 3}, {36, 5, 4}, {27, 10, 1}, {28, 10, 2}, {29, 10, 3}, {30, 10, 4}, {21, -1, 1}, {22, -1, 2}, {23, -1, 3}, {24, -1, 4}, };[/code] and this is where it holds the items [code] public static final int[][][] FLETCHING_INFO = new int[][][] { { { KNIFE, 1511, 0 }, { 50, 48, 52, 9440 }, { 5, 10, 0, 9 }, { 10, 20, 5, 6 } }, { { KNIFE, 1521, 1 }, { 54, 56, 9442 }, { 20, 25, 24 }, { 33, 50, 16 } }, { { KNIFE, 1519, 2 }, { 60, 58, 9444 }, { 35, 40, 39 }, { 67, 83, 22 } }, { { KNIFE, 1517, 3 }, { 64, 62, 9446 }, { 50, 55, 54 }, { 100, 117, 32 } }, { { KNIFE, 1515, 4 }, { 68, 66, 9448 }, { 65, 70, 69 }, { 135, 150, 50 } }, { { KNIFE, 1513, 5 }, { 72, 70 }, { 80, 85 }, { 167, 185 } } };[/code] If you have 3 or 4 items displayed on interface 513 it gives the option of x but I would like to know how to put an all option. This might help a little bit [code] public static void displayItems(final Player player, final int[] items) { if(items==null) { return;// error ? } int length = items.length; int child = 755; int stringChild = 15; player.getActionSender().sendBConfig(754, length); player.getActionSender().sendString("What would you like to make?", 513, 2); for(int i = 0; i < length; i++) { String name = ItemDefinition.forId(items[i]).getName().replace(" (u)", ""); player.getActionSender().sendBConfig(child, items[i]); player.getActionSender().sendString(name, 513, stringChild); stringChild++; child++; } player.getActionSender().sendChatboxInterface(513); }[/code] But if I have only one item in the array it doesn't have an option to make x, I don't want it anyways I want a make all button. This is a fletching base that I had, I'm using it for something else. If anyone could help that would be awesome.
  11. Hey guys this is my start on polypore dungeon, By the way for anyone who can give me the Gfx/Animation for the Climb down vine or w/e and the agility gfx/animation for the agility jump across thing, I'd be willing to give you the NPC spawns for the first and second floor thanks guys. And here's the video. [video=youtube;wXKt4M7ujqA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXKt4M7ujqA[/video] If the video doesn't play sorry it might be still uploading. Sorry about quality i don't really have a good recorder.
  12. polypore dungeon cave object id [req] thnx,
  13. well after i code this source i saw that summon and dungeon skills go on the same id, like if i get lvl 50 of summon then go to dungeon and get more xp ill get more summon xp, but if i try to make a monster of lvl 65 summon it says im still 50, can any1 help me? thanks, cya
  14. All this is, is the map data dumped onto pdf, took me 2-5mins, I was given permission from austin cadle to re-release it (read below). Forgot to release it here, w.e. Here it is: Permission: [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/242bfp1.png[/img] original topic: [url]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,512086.0.html[/url] (has pics) Basically I just dled pdf, and dumped the map data, I did this cause austin is busy as hell. short link: [url]http://up.ht/qejDx4[/url] original: [url=http://uppit.com/m5hvthssocai/PDF_package_with_map_data_dumped!.zip]http://uppit.com/m5hvthssocai/PDF_package_with_map_data_dumped!.zip[/url] [img]http://i56.tinypic.com/akbypl.png[/img] [img]http://i54.tinypic.com/2r47xua.png[/img] [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2ezjpxf.png[/img] [u][b]Credits:[/b][/u] 50% Austin Cadle - PDF base 25% Apache_Ah64 - TKO base 25% Judostar1 - Fixing Mapdata Credits were added by austin :P p.s. even more permission: [QUOTE][quote author=austin cadle link=topic=512086.msg3791307#msg3791307 date=1319312897] Make it into a real topic you can name w/e yours is called, I give permission incase davidi2 or Tom_Beta comes along and says "you cannot release other peoples stuff" but go ahead and release :p [/quote] Might be renamed, might not, it all depends if I want to :P Suggest a name: DerbyScape Project Runefest Project Omega
  15. I need the resource dungeon start and finish animations and graphics, any know [ATTACH=CONFIG]5119[/ATTACH]
  16. Can anyone tell me thje coordinates for kuradels dungeon ? I have been looking but I cant seem to find the dungeon itself.
  17. axter

    Dungeon party help

    Im trying to make a party system, i have this in player.java so far [CODE]public int otherInParty[/CODE][CODE] public int InParty[/CODE] lol. where do i go from there? (using command invite which i have done, other.tele blah blah blah) i want it so if A player leaves a dungeon using the exit dungeon ladder, then it sends a message to everyone else in the party saying "(name) has left the Party" and if someone could help me wright something like this i can figure out other things to do with it (im sure it's not too hard, but im just a newb) Thanks to whoever helps :)
  18. Maps aren't even coded into the server and I have no clue what to do or how to get them, any help would be great =] im using a pi base.
  19. Anybody that knows where I can get one or somebody that has one themselves that doesnt mind sharing? Much appreciated.
  20. Hey guys! I am selling dungeoneering floors to leechers because I want to level up dungeoneering some more. Join the Friends Chat "PvM Curse" And ask for prices! I am going to be cheap, too! :) JOIN NOW BEFORE IT IS FULL!
  21. Anyone else here playing the best motherfucking gaming, Dungeon Defenders? If not, hurry, its 75% off right now on steam ($3.74) and DLC is also 75%. Game includes hundreds of hours of game play, and you can play with up-to 4 friends, because it's fucking awesome. Buy it -> Play w/me -> ??? -> FUCKING AWESOMENESS. [url]http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/[/url] <-- BUY IT NOW (it's cheaper than a fucking a meal at McDonalds) Still not convinced? [quote]So you don't know if you want to buy this game? Well let me tell you. YOU WANT TO BUY THIS FUCKING GAME! I know what you're thinking, "Whoa! Slow down, Vask, why do I want to buy this fucking sweet ass game that has been delayed for over a year to culminate into a totally bitchin' piece of awesome co-op goodness?" Well, let me fuckin' tell you why you want to buy this game. 1) Motherfuckin' co-op. That's right, this game is straight up geared for people with the multiplayer mindset. Like slaying orcs with bros? THIS FUCKING GAME WAS MADE FOR YOU, IT IS ONE WITH YOUR SOUL. What's that, you're not teamwork-friendly? Prefer to tear people down instead of building things up? Well fuck you, this game has PvP too! That's right, not only can you tear through levels slaughtering bad guys with your bros as you struggle to defend your etherium versus the hordes of darkness, you can turn coat on your so-called comrades and slaughter them in the PvP arena! 2) All kinds of loot. What, are you telling me you don't like collecting items? Who the fuck doesn't like collecting items?!? IT'S SIMPLE, SQUASH BAD GUYS, GET LOOT. Fun for the whole family. fuckin' right it's good stuff. 3) Difficulty. This isn't a PopCap game designed to be fun for ol' Granny. Hell no! This game might start out slow, but before you know it, you're up to your ears in demons, undead, orcs, and all kinds of crazy shit! Intense! And if you really think you're on the same level as John Rambo, then go ahead and try to beat it solo! Ha! And you thought Dark Souls was hard! What's that? You went at it solo and STILL kicked everything's ass? Well have a taste of pure strategy! That's right, it's all about the defenses. Can you handle it? 4) Art style. WHEN HAVE YOU SEEN A GAME WITH SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GOD DAMN COLORS? It's like a unicorm ate your childhood set of jumbo crayolas and then vomited over the game engine. You might be thinkin', "Man, that sounds lame." BUT FUCK YOU! This shit is amazing, and it scales really well to older rigs! Fuckin' WINNING. 5) Trading. Did you pay attention to the section on the sweet loot? No? WELL GO BACK AND READ IT, BECAUSE THAT SHIT IS COOL. Not only are you able to fight the forces of evil with your bros and turn their corpses into delicious mana and loot, but you can trade that loot, too! What's that, you need a more imba bow for your Huntress? Trade some of your sick treasure and upgrade! We've got hella economy up in this game! 6) It's $15! It's $10 in the 4-pack! When have you seen a game with more content than you can shake a swordcane at priced under $20? Hell, under $40-$60? Dungeon Defenders looks at AAA+ gaming titles with their meager 20 - 30 hours of gameplay, and then DROP KICKS THEM IN THE FACE. Still thinking tens of hours of gameplay? TRY HUNDREDS! Hell, you can barely buy a burger combo for the price of this game! What are you waiting for? The second coming? And that's all I've got to fuckin' say about it. If you aren't buying it now, it just must not be your fuckin' type of game. Pansy.[/quote] [URL="http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/lha7q/dungeon_defenders_live_now_on_steam/c2sos64"]Source[/URL]
  22. Rich

    Polypore Dungeon

    In an isolated cave, deep beneath the River Salve, sits a solitary gorajo ramokee. Born as a skinweaver, she was destined to serve her tribe as a healer, but now she has abandoned them and settled in Gielinor where she can use her skinweaving powers for her own amusement. She revels in the joy of creating bizarre, powerful monsters from the local wildlife, and watches as adventurers are drawn to her cave for battle and plunder. Her only other company is a strange little merchant, who was driven mad by a tragic loss and now lives as a hermit within the cave. By imbuing the native fungi with her powers, and growing them all over the beasts of the cave, she has created entirely new creatures. Her power, residing in the fungi, makes the beasts extremely resilient to physical melee and ranged damage, so you should come packing magic (although a dwarf multicannon will also be useful). Many of the creatures cannot be harmed at all, except by the most skilled slayers. With some basic Herblore skill, you (or a friend) can weaken the cave’s inhabitants by preparing neem oil and splashing it on to them. You can turn the skinweaver’s power to your own advantage by gathering flakes of fungus as you slay these abominations. Skilled crafters will be able to sew the flakes on to mycelium garments, sold by the merchant near the entrance, to make new kinds of protective mage armour. There’s a new food item that has a chance to grant life point regeneration when struck in PVP, as well as a powerful battlestaff with an inherent attack spell, usable without runes and regardless of your currently active spell book. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on the way out! Mod Ash To enter the Polypore Dungeon: Head north from the Duel Arena bank and cross the bridge onto the little island, or dial BIP into the fairy ring network. Requirements: You must be a member to access the Polypore Dungeon. While there are no requirements to enter the dungeon and its inhabitants are non-aggressive, a high Magic level will allow you to tackle its more powerful denizens. There are two multi-way combat areas within the dungeon: one requiring 73 Agility and the other requiring 82 Dungeoneering. Some enemies require a high Slayer level to be harmed at all. The protective mage armour requires certain levels in both Magic and Defence to wear. Level 80 Magic and Attack are required to wield the new polypore staff. A Farming level of 80 is required to construct it. The Slayer masters will not assign polypore creatures as targets to anyone with a Magic level below 60 (for the ganodermic and grifolic creatures) or 50 (for the fungal magi). [b][i] In other news… - An additional slot has been added to the Slayer rewards interface to let you block one more assignment, if you have 300 quest points. You can block all the polypore creatures using a single slot. - Due to popular demand, we have added a number of high-quality audio files from Dominion Tower and One Piercing Note to the downloads page. - In the interests of account security, and to aid in the development of future email-based security updates, we will be introducing mandatory email validation for new accounts later this week. Those creating new accounts will be required to complete a verification process through a valid email address. Full details will be given during the creation process. - We’ve introduced the ability to switch on bloom lighting effects to the graphics options menu. There are now bloom effects available in many areas of the game, and we will continue to improve and add to these effects in the future.[/i][/b] /discuss
  23. What are the coords for the cave with the Armoured zombies? Thanks.
  24. um when i teleport to god wars dungeon i can see the npc's walking around but the dungeon floor and room is all black and i can't walk anywhere anyone know how to fix this problem?
  25. um when i teleport to god wars dungeon i can see the npc's walking around but the dungeon floor and room is all black and i can't walk anywhere anyone know how to fix this problem? also how would i make a spell in the spellbooks tab teleport to a different location?