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Found 5 results

  1. Or does anyone know how to simply disable the difficulty options?
  2. Whenever I drop something, it gets dropped and I see it. But if i leave the place and come back it doesn't appear to me anymore. Like, Im in Varrock I drop scimitar. I tele to Lumbridge then come back to Varrock in 1sec, the dropped item dissappears. But if I stay in Varrock for around 10 minutes, the dropped item would never disappear, but if I go away from it, it does. [HTML] public void createGroundItem(int itemID, int itemX, int itemY, int itemAmount) { // Phate: creates item at absolute X and Y outStream.createFrame(85); // Phate: Spawn ground item outStream.writeByteC((itemY - 8 * mapRegionY)); outStream.writeByteC((itemX - 8 * mapRegionX)); outStream.createFrame(44); outStream.writeWordBigEndianA(itemID); outStream.writeWord(itemAmount); outStream.writeByte(0); // x(4 MSB) y(LSB) coords // System.out.println("CreateGroundItem "+itemID+" "+(itemX - 8 * // mapRegionX)+","+(itemY - 8 * mapRegionY)+" "+itemAmount); }[/HTML]
  3. Hey guys... Yes it's me, the noob... And 'the noob' needs more help.. I'm trying to make it so that when items are dropped, they stay there for 60 seconds, then other players can see it. At the moment, they just disappear when dropped. Could anyone please help me make it so that when items are dropped, they do not disappear? Thanks! P.S; Will thank and +rep.
  4. Hello RuneLocus, today I managed to somehow make it so every item that is dropped dissapears, I have no clue what I did but I can shed some light that I get [CODE][1/8/12 2:58 PM]: [player-1]: Fatal: couldn't find connection vertex! Dropping p acket. [1/8/12 2:58 PM]: [player-1]: Fatal: couldn't find connection vertex! Dropping p acket. [1/8/12 2:58 PM]: [player-1]: Fatal: couldn't find connection vertex! Dropping p acket.[/CODE] This every second, it may be or not from this [url]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=486282.0[/url] I tried to delete all of it but im still getting this. I was also messing around trying to add better firemaking and cooking, I need this kind of urgently so please don't troll.
  5. ok so when you die to an animal your items drop but when you go back they arent there for you to see but anyone else can see them. how do i make it where you can see them? please hurry i g2g in min