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Found 12 results

  1. Synical RSPS Come join and have fun might not be up forever i was changing things to my liking for friends but i decided to make it public for a bit just for fun -Cosmetic Overrides -Zombies Onslaught Minigame - 753 items and interfaces - Boss Contracts - All Skills Working - Automated double exp weekends - Difficulty Selections - Squeal of Fortune Notice: Yes this is King Fox's source. its not leeching he is Given Complete credit im Just hosting for friends and who ever else wants to join for "fun" so please dont complain about it. If King has a problem with me Hosting his " Given out for free" Source/Client he can contact me and if he wants have it taken down Pm me for the download since it doesnt allow urls without posting 2 post :(
  2. new to this ect, will really appreciate any replies and help. always thanking for replies! :)
  3. i have made a .jar file for my server,but i cant seem to run it and when other people download it they click it it comes up with an error message please help someone?!:gg:
  4. Can someone help me with making a downloadable client? I'm using a 718 Server.
  5. hello, is it possible to make a downloadable client for your rsps and not a webclient like grinderscape, that has a webclient but you can download there client to what do I need to do for that, I couldn't find it
  6. So I have my server up online and current running through a webclient hosted by someone else (rswebclients), to get away from this im trying to release my client also giving me complete creative control of it. Now ive been able to use the client without a problem have it download the cache and let me log in, but when others try to log in using my client they will get to the log in screen and try to log in just to get "error connecting to server". Ive checked to make sure I had the right ip in there and that my port was open and that i had the right port in the client and everything but now im just stumped. the only thing i can think of is this in my gui.java: public URL getCodeBase() { try { return new URL(""); } catch (Exception e) { return super.getCodeBase(); } } Ive replaced the (cant post urls had http infront of the in the program) with my server ip and then the whole thing with my server ip but idk what exactly its asking for other than the cache and what it does.
  7. Well i want to upload a downloadable client so other people can play, but i don't know where exactly to change the server ip and i have no-ip aswell, so could someone tell me all the places where i have to change the server ip or change anything else?
  8. I have the updated client, the cache (separately, needs to be put into C:/ - Users - YourName), and a JAR maker. How would I go about JARring the client even though the cache doesn't auto download? I'm really not familiar with making the cache auto-downloadable. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do first? Thanks!
  9. Hello, If someone has any spare time, could they help me out in releasing my server, I am looking into being able to upload a client in which other people may download and play my server. Pretty relative request, but I need assistance port forwarding (if there is any involved) and making a JAR client available for others. I will be returning the favor back by paying you with some funds I receive from donations if you need any. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.
  10. andi

    Downloadable client.

    Hello, I could write about 20 sentences explaining that I am just 'starting to learn Java' and that I'd appreciate anyone's help, but considering no one here really gives a F***, I'll get to the bottom line. I have a client that I have decided is ready to be uploaded and played by the public, only thing is, there is a cache error "Error connecting to cache" when other people try to run client, this is a 562+ server (as defined in thread section). If anyone here would be kind enough to help me upload my server and get it up and running. I only want a downloadable client that others can play at the moment. Thanks for your time, I will accept any assistance over this thread, or PM me maybe we can Team View/skype.
  11. Tell me what you think of my first image I ever made. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/Njfj8I.png[/url]
  12. Yeah so someone please tell me how I can make a downloadable client which other people can download and play on when I host server! Please tell me how here or we can use Teamviewer! Thanks, Luke.