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Found 24 results

  1. Hello guys. On my server double XP is activated as it is weekend, but there are no messages saying that double xp is activated. I know that double XP is activated because the lamps gave me x2 xp this is the code on the player.java [QUOTE]if (TimeManager.isWeekend() || Settings.MANUAL_DXP) getPackets().sendGameMessage("<img=7><col=ff8c38>D ouble EXP is now live for ALL players all weekend! ");[/QUOTE] and on TimeManager.java [QUOTE]package com.foxtrot.game.player.content.custom; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Calendar; import java.util.Date; import com.foxtrot.utils.Utils; public class TimeManager { private static Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(); final static int SUNDAY = 1; final static int MONDAY = 2; final static int TUESDAY = 3; final static int WEDNESDAY = 4; final static int THURSDAY = 5; final static int FRIDAY = 6; final static int SATURDAY = 7; public static String getTime() { SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat("h:mm a zzz"); return format.format(new Date()); } public static boolean isEaster() { cal.setTimeInMillis(Utils.currentTimeMillis()); return cal.get(Calendar.MONTH) == Calendar.APRIL && getCurrentDay() == 20; } public static int getCurrentMonth() { cal.setTimeInMillis(Utils.currentTimeMillis()); return cal.get(Calendar.MONTH); } public static int getCurrentDay() { cal.setTimeInMillis(Utils.currentTimeMillis()); return cal.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH); } public static int dayOfWeek() { cal.setTimeInMillis(Utils.currentTimeMillis()); return cal.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK); } public static boolean isMidWeek() { return dayOfWeek() == WEDNESDAY; } public static boolean isWeekend() { return dayOfWeek() == SUNDAY ? true: dayOfWeek() == FRIDAY ? true: dayOfWeek() == SATURDAY ? true: false; } }[/QUOTE] Please help me with this, I want it like it is a message when you log in, on the weekends.
  2. Lately, since the updates, I've been getting errors when submitting a post saying I can't post a duplicate reply. It still posts the 1st, but tries to post it again for some reason and sends me to the error page. Sometimes it'll double post, and I've seen other users with double posts as well.
  3. My magic shortbow spec hits only 1 time.... i did the [CODE]c.doublehit = true;[/CODE] something like that. And it still didn't work :( but it worked for my ags :eek: Any ideas how to double hit with my magic shortbow special :eek: ? Help please. :) if you need me to post a code then ill do it tomorrrow when i come back from school kuz my mom turned off the internet in our house so we can re arrange things,etc. Btw im in school doing this >.> :)
  4. Ladam

    Double loot from pvp

    I was just testing my server before it goes live and I was trying out the combat system with a friend and we were both admins and I got double loot so I just thought it was admin only so I released it to a couple of friends and they were just reg players and they said they were getting double loot as well. so I have been looking all over the internet for solutions and I have not seen one thread so I am here pretty much begging someone to tell me how to fix this!! thanks lolking
  5. [CENTER][SIZE=6]Rune Life[/SIZE] [IMG]http://moderngamingau.com/images/runelife.jpg[/IMG] [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"]Hosted on very high powered VPS[/COLOR][/SIZE] [URL=http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2879169535][IMG]http://www.speedtest.net/result/2879169535.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/aguy2a6nn3ino3y/RuneLife-Client.jar"]Desktop Client[/URL] [URL="http://moderngamingau.com/webclient.html"]Webclient[/URL] [URL="http://modern-il.enjin.com/"]Forums[/URL] [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ppiok4xv04xusdt/Rune_Life_Cache_V4.zip"]Cache (If automatic download fails)[/URL] Working Godwars/DarkBow W/ Spec [IMG]http://moderngamingau.com/images/Armadyl.png[/IMG] PK'ing Level [IMG]http://moderngamingau.com/images/pklvl.png[/IMG] Working Skillcape Emotes [IMG]http://moderngamingau.com/images/skilcape.png[/IMG] And lots more, join today for an awesome experience [/CENTER]
  6. hands

    Double xp ring

    Can anyone tell me a code for a double xp ring and where to put it? I'm in a 637 revision.
  7. Well my download client is fine because it seems to auto restart when you logout, but on my webclient, when you log out or dc, then you log back in, you type double letters. For example, if I tried to type ::players it would instead type ::::ppllaayyeerrss. I really need a fix for this. Anyone able to help?
  8. I added this to make a double xp ring give you double xp as you skill and it didn't work, I don't know why, I tried looking up topics where people had the same problem but nothing worked. [CODE]if (wearID == 1635) { //X2 ring doublexp = true; }[/CODE] and this as the doublexp void: [CODE] if (doublexp == true){ playerXP[skill] += amount*2; } else { playerXP[skill] += amount; }[/CODE]
  9. Can I get some hints onto where I can make it so that Donators can get double pk points? Thanks. Its a good way to get more donations :D My pkp thingy [CODE] if (Server.playerHandler.players[c.playerId].connectedFrom != o.lastKilled && c.duelStatus == 0) { o.pkPoints = (o.pkPoints + 2); o.sendMessage("You received 2 PK Points."); o.sendMessage("You have defeated " +Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName)+ "!"); o.lastKilled = Server.playerHandler.players[c.playerId].connectedFrom; o.getPA().addSkillXP(15000, 23); [/CODE] I added this in but it didnt work. [CODE] if(c.isDonator == 1) { o.pkPoints = (o.pkPoints + 2); o.sendMessage("You receive another 2 Pk Points."); }[/CODE] This only made it that if the player who got killed was a donator you get 2 extra pkp. I need it so if the KILLER was a DONATOR, then that KILLER gets the 2 extra pkp. If you'd like to get on my project and test the pkp thing out with me that'd be great.
  10. Anyone else find this out? I added some more bosses and after making the npc and combat files i tested it, and what do ya know it spawned 2, anyone have this before and know a fix, i googled but the first 7 pages didnt have anything usefull.
  11. Could someone help me out with a Double EXP ring for Dementhium? Possibly? :D I'll give you a cookie
  12. When I PM someone it will double send my message, but they only see 1. Same with when they PM me, it shows them 2 and only sends me 1? Why is it doing this? [IMG]http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n547/Im_G_O_D/doublesend.png[/IMG]
  13. Hey guys. I didn't see a thread about what you're doing on double exp weekend, so I made this one. What are you going to be training on double exp weekend?
  14. XxBryantD

    double chat???

    when i type something and hit enter it shows twice for other people one with a crown and one without we all are using the webclient its a 317 idk this client or server side either
  15. Join Xscape V2 for the ultimate private server experience. We NEED players and PKERS. A very nice server with loads of features including: Client Side: runescape trade screen runescape equipment interface 508 maps 508 Objects 602 Anims + Gfx 634 items lunar interface Server Side: neitiznot home perfect wildy ditch 10+ Bosses (Tormented Demons, Avatar Of Destruction, Penance Queen, Corporal Beast, Nomad, Godwars, Giant Sea Snike, Dagannoth Kings and more...) Bounty Hunter Map + Multi Pk zone Clan Wars Map + Multi Pk Zone Pkpoint Shop Dung Cape emote Donator Zone New train zone's Dicing! Percentile Dice 1-100! Gamble with anyone! Staff Members: Owner: Alex Co-Owner: Say Co-Owner: Joseph Mod: Hiv Mod: God [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/65wmls.png[/IMG] Login [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/23h2m20.png[/IMG] Training Area [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/5feo78.png[/IMG] Home/Shop Area [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/v45ax4.png[/IMG] God Wars Dungeon [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/33xfrs0.png[/IMG] Teleports This server is great! We're always looking for new players, so join now! [url]http://www.filedropper.com/clientofxscapev2_1[/url] ---- CLIENT DOWNLOAD [url]http://www.filedropper.com/clientofxscapev2_1[/url] ---- CLIENT DOWNLOAD [url]http://www.filedropper.com/clientofxscapev2_1[/url] ---- CLIENT DOWNLOAD [url]http://www.filedropper.com/clientofxscapev2_1[/url] ---- CLIENT DOWNLOAD [url]http://www.xscapev2.tk/[/url] ---- WEBCLIENT [url]http://www.xscapev2.tk/[/url] ---- WEBCLIENT [url]http://www.xscapev2.tk/[/url] ---- WEBCLIENT [url]http://www.xscapev2.tk/[/url] ---- WEBCLIENT Server owned by: Alex Credits to: Chad
  16. fixed my double door problem. And the teleports via magic book. You can see here [url=http://youtu.be/hFgW1GjaDa4]teleport glitch - YouTube[/url] So as you see if i put my mouse in the center of the text it will select the teleport under it.
  17. Hey, I want to test my server's pking problems and i want to double log in and test this.. how can i do this? because i tried it and it gave me this error on second client "no response from server, please try using a diffrent world, but the first screen logs in..." and how can i fix lagging problems?... my server has really bad reaction time such as click one place on a map and the player lags 1-3 seconds before getting there. and switching items takes longer than usual and also putting items or withdrawing items from bank...
  18. Everytime I click twice in a desktop client I get logged out, it's starting to piss me off because, I can not create my own server nor play on another. I have nothing to show you guys, besides saying in english that [U][I][B]when I click twice, it shuts down the client.[/B][/I][/U]
  19. How i can add double xp to server, i think its like (addXp, SKILL, *2) or something can any1 help me? :)
  20. Xray

    Double Korasi?

    So I was in pvp. This guy was following me for about a minue. No logout so i couldn't of been vigour. Sppec Transfer was deleted. So how did he do 2 korasi specs on me? His name is ilogiix
  21. Just curious, what progress did you guys make over the double EXP weekend? I got 1-85 Woodcutting.
  22. case 2562: if(player.getInventory().addItem(20769, 1)) { player.sm("you Have Been Granted A Nice Cape"); } else { player.sm("You Already Have one."); k i fixed the brace how would i add like you have to have 138 combat level ? like if.player.getCombatlevel.(138, 0) or somthing?