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Found 9 results

  1. 667 Server, need help on removing a door! Please anyone:/ skype is xxprodegyxx
  2. ToySoul

    Stupid door

    How do i make so this door open...... [ATTACH=CONFIG]9933[/ATTACH]
  3. kazm98

    How to add door

    how can i add doors like click open it opens I"m using rune evo 3
  4. I couldn't find anything about this, if there's already a fix please send me a link. From what I understand if a person loads an area with a door opened, the door will be closed to them and be opened to the server. This means they can't open it because it is closed while it is opened, it also can't be closed because it is opened. So the door is stuck in a closed state no matter what, unless someone who can see the opened door decides to shut it (not likely). This eventually leads to every door in the game being glitched until the server is restarted. Is there a way to fix this? Example: Person A opens door - leaves the are Person B tries to open door - for whatever reason the server thinks its closed and the door code says its opened - door cannot be opened Person C was in the same area as Person A when the door was opened - door shows as open to him so he can open/close it as normal I hope that explains it enough...
  5. CarbonRed

    Dungeon Door Ids

    If anyone knows the Dungeoneering Door Ids, Can you please release that list for me.....i am willing to do it my self, to find out all the dung doors but if someone already has it by hand, it doesnt hurt to ask, if i get a list here, then i will use it, if not ill make a list and release it later. Thanks in advance for your help :D
  6. I'm trying to fix a ladder in my 317. this is what I have: if(objectID == 1750 && objectX == 3183 && objectY == 3447){ //ladderVarrockBANK if(GoodDistance(objectX, objectY, absX, absY, 1)) { setAnimation(828); heightLevel = 1; toX = 3183; toY = 3446; } } And It always does the animation right after the player goes up. How can I make it do the animation and then wait half a second before the player goes up? It looks really stupid.
  7. resolationx

    Door help.

    I have a few questions. If you can answer them please put the number by the answer 1. how do i deleted EVERY door? 2. how can i make the door passable? 3. how can i delete a specific door? (deletethatopject doesnt work for me.. I dont have it in any of my folders)
  8. marizu2

    Help with a door.

    My coder bsed me and coded a glitch into a door at train, when you click it you get 1k PKP and 500 phats. What file could i search for this in?
  9. Hi, on many private servers, you have to click twice to go through a door or a portal, because 1. to walk there and 2. to enter. It's really simple to make everything with 1 click, use a timer! Tutorial: Go to src>com>rs2hd (or what ever)>packethandler> object1packethandler.java 1. Import that you can use a timer [CODE]import java.util.Timer; import java.util.TimerTask;[/CODE] 2. Now, make a Timer and a Task [CODE]final Timer timer = new Timer(); TimerTask task = new TimerTask() { public void run() {[/CODE] 3.here, you give the command, what should happen when the timer is active, so I give you an example with a portal If you reach the coordinates x y, you get teleported [CODE] if (player.getLocation().getX() == 3363 && player.getLocation().getY() == 9630) { player.tele(2590, 3087, 2); timer.cancel();[/CODE] Cancel the timer close all opened { 4. To activate the timer, use this cmd: [CODE]timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task, 500, 700);[/CODE] the 500 means, the timer will try to check if you stand at x y after 0.5 seconds the 700 means, the 2., 3., 4., ... timer, the timer will check it after .7 sec. NOW THIS IS THE CASE: [CODE]case 10782: final Timer timer = new Timer(); TimerTask task = new TimerTask() { public void run() { if (player.getLocation().getX() == 3363 && player.getLocation().getY() == 9630) { player.tele(2590, 3087, 2); timer.cancel(); } } }; timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task, 500, 500); break; [/CODE] I hope I helped someone, and sorry for my english, I speak german so :D Julien I know it would be a really long code, so you could make a funktion or sth