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Found 89 results

  1. 317 PI I have the whole donator shop down, but I have two issues. 1. Donator points aren't saving, and I don't know how to fix this. 2. You can't buy more than one item at a time, which soon becomes extremely tedious. Please Help! Thanks Guys!
  2. [center][quote]This is a simple method, this is no where near advance. Just a simple method to allow people to remove the 100% lines of givedonator, giveextreme, givesuper etc. Fix the code to meet your source standards. [/quote] [/center] Either make a new file, or post this method where ever you'd like and load it via the command. player.java [code]public int donatorRights; public void setDonatorRights(int donatorRights) { this.donatorRights = donatorRights; } [/code] [code] public static void donatorRights(Player target) { if (target.donatorRights == 0) { target.setDonator(false); target.setExtremeDonator(false); target.sm("Your donator rank has been taken."); } else if (target.donatorRights == 1) { target.setDonator(true); target.setExtremeDonator(false); target.sm("You have been promoted to donator"); } else if (target.donatorRights == 2) { target.setDonator(false); target.setExtremeDonator(true); target.sm("You have been promoted to extreme donator"); } }[/code] AdminCommands (or commands.java) [code] case "setdrights": username = cmd[1].substring(cmd[1].indexOf(" ") + 1); other = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(username); if (other == null) return true; other.setDonatorRights(Integer.parseInt(cmd[2])); YOURFILE/SPOT.donatorRights(other); return true; [/code] [center] [quote] Remember, you have to edit it to make it work. Either make your own file to handle it from, or handle it from a existing file you'd like to put it in such as "DonatorHandling", then replace YOURFILE/SPOT with yours. [/quote] [/center] 100% easy, just trying to help out people who want a simpler way of handling this. I like to give back every now and then. Thanks, ~ Ericaftw1
  3. Hello, This is a quick tutorial on how to add bonus XP to Different donator ranks, such as ( Donators, Extreme Donators, and Vip Donators. It's fairly simple process, I will explain how to do it, and what it all means. Firstly Go to Skills.java, you can find this by going to, src-com-rs-game-player then scroll down to the bottom and it will be there. Now search for this line of code [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QcmoS0O.png[/IMG] once you are there you should see something like this: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/RlDtDpJ.png[/IMG] If you don't have this, then your donators wont receive bonus XP , so add this piece of code in underneath [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= [B][COLOR="#000000"]player.isDonator[/COLOR][/B]() ? Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE; else exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE + 3 : Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE;[/CODE] Basically, it will operate from your skilling XP rate in settings.java, then for donators you add your Bonus XP such as the ( +1 ) and it's the same for combat XP rate, this will only work for [B][COLOR="#000000"]Donators[/COLOR][/B] since we have made it as [B][COLOR="#000000"]player.isDonator[/COLOR][/B]. If you want to add more XP or lower XP for different ranks such as Extreme donators for example you would add the same line of code such as : [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE + 5 : Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE; else exp *= player.is[B][COLOR="#000000"]ExtremeDonato[/COLOR][/B]r() ? Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE + 3 : Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE;[/CODE] Be sure to make it as Extreme Donators and not Donators, you can do this for every rank you desire, you can increase XP and Combat XP, or Decrease XP and higher Combat XP, there are a few Different ways of doing this, this is one of the most efficient ways to do this. If you have any questions feel free to let us know in the comments below!
  4. So, in my commands.java, I have this exact code: [CODE]} else if (player.isDonator()) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("[<col=00ff00>Donator</col>] <img=8>"+ player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=00ff00>"+ message + "</col>"); } else if (player.isExtremeDonator()) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("[<col=20f2eb>Extreme Donator</col>]<img=11>"+ player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=20f2eb>"+ message + "</col>");[/CODE] It clearly says if you are a normal donator, use the tag Donator. And if you are an extreme donator, use the tag Extreme Donator. So I go in game and make a test account extreme donator and the tag displays as this: [ATTACH]10591[/ATTACH] No matter what I change, an extreme donator's tag always says donator instead of extreme donator. And my compiler does compile commands.java. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. I got a few request on a guide on how to do this, so here we go! First thing you need to do is load up your Admin Control Panel and head to ACP > Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Permissions. Scroll down to the bottom where is says create new permission set. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/5r6URxc.png[/IMG] Lets call this group Donator and we are going to base if off of the Member permission set. Click Create and look over the default permissions. Make sure they don't have access to any forums you don't want them to (like a New and Announcement board or a staff forum). Then Click Save Changes. We have successfully created a new permission set! Now we have to make a usergroup to go with it. Head over to ACP > Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Groups and scroll down to the bottom till you see the options to add a new member group. Make sure to base the usergroup off of members and click Create. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6ugyQWC.png[/IMG] You will be brought to a page with a bunch of options. Most of that is up to you, how you want to set it up but we are going to focus on these settings. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/pfpJDrj.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qt1OHQj.png[/IMG] The first one is the default permission set for that membergroup. Make sure to set it to Donator or whatever you called the permission set before. The second should both be off if you based the group off of members, but its always important to make sure both of these are set to No. Scroll back up to the top and call your group title Donator. After that you can skip through the rest of the setting for now (although you may want to take a look at them later). Click Complete Edit or whatever the big blue button at the bottom says to finish your usergroup. The last thing we need to do is create our donator forum. Head to ACP > Forums. Click Add New Forum. The rest of the setting are really important so i'll explain them all 1 by 1. This is all really to your preference but i'll just set up a basic forum in case you don't know how. Type of Forum: Standard Forum Forum Name: Donator Forum Forum Description: A forum for Donators Forum Parent: General Sitemap Priority: (Pick the lowest number) Enable Best Answer: No Disable Share Links: No Hide Last Post info: Yes* Allow Members who can see...: No* Custom Permission Denied Message: "Sorry this page is only accessible by Donators" Leave the last two options empty. All of theses can be customized according to your desire but the setting with the * are highly recommended. Click Next twice and you will reach a page like this. Yours will be slightly different as you may not have some of the other permission sets but just make sure to check the boxes I circled in red. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JAgemPI.png[/IMG] After that you should be done. To give a member access to the donator board just add the to the Donator member group via ACP > Members > Members. If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to ask me on the RuneLocus forums! Special thanks to Raw Envy and Notorious 317 for letting me use there forums for the visuals.
  6. Hey guys So i desperately need some help here. I'm trying to add DonatorRights to my server but i keep getting issues. DonatorRights are set to 4 [code] if (c.playerRights >= 4) { rank = "[Donator]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } [/code] and if i make a command say this [code] if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.playerRights > 2 || c.playerRights > 4) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } [/code] then it WILL work but the problem is is that the donators can use all staff commands. But then i read around and heard that if you do this it will remove the ability for donators to use staff commands (Must do this for player rights on every staff command) only the groups with the permissions like the below can use it: [code] if (playerCommand.equals("bank") && c.playerRights == 2 || c.playerRights == 3) { c.getPA().openUpBank(); } [/code] Now the code does prevent donators from using the command but then when your staff and you use ANY command such as ::edge the command will work but when you spawn the bank will automatically open. Now i tried removing the bank command and trying the above code but then it just uses the next command. So if your next command was a god command (To fly around like your god) then when you use a command it will start the last command as well. So i did more research, I read that to try using c.IsDonator == 1 (or whatever it was) and it could work, So i tried that but then all i got when compiling was an error that c.IsDonator is not a statement. _________________________________________ and now i just tried adding this: [url]https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php/topic,503961.0.html[/url] then i made a teleport as such: [code] if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights > 3) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } [/code] and it does yes work and theres no staff command problems on the staff side BUT donators can STILL use staff commands, even after adding this. i even updated this: [code] @Override public void processPacket(Client c, int packetType, int packetSize) { String playerCommand = c.getInStream().readString(); if(Config.SERVER_DEBUG) Misc.println(c.playerName+" playerCommand: "+playerCommand); if (playerCommand.startsWith("/") && playerCommand.length() > 1) { if (c.clanId >= 0) { System.out.println(playerCommand); playerCommand = playerCommand.substring(1); Server.clanChat.playerMessageToClan(c.playerId, playerCommand, c.clanId); } else { String rank = ""; String Message = playerCommand.substring(1); if (c.playerRights >= 0) { rank = "[Player]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; if (c.playerRights >= 1) { rank = "@[email protected][Mod]@[email protected]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } if (c.playerRights >= 2) { rank = "@[email protected][Admin]@[email protected]["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } if (c.playerRights >= 3) { rank = "@[email protected][Owner]@[email protected]["+ Misc.ucFirst(c.playerName) +"]: "; } if (c.isDonator == 1) { rank = "[Donator] ["+ c.playerName +"]:"; } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendMessage(rank+Message); } } } } return; } [/code] __________________________________ and i just tried this also. [code] //Donators Commands if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights > 2 || c.playerRights < 3) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } //End Donators Commands [/code] as well as i have tried this: [code] //Donators Commands if (playerCommand.equals("dzone") && c.isDonator == 1 || c.playerRights == 3 || c.playerRights == 2) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2846, 3336, 0); } //End Donators Commands [/code] That also did NOT work. Donators can STILL use staff commands. So far i cant win. Makes it impossible to add Donators rights. Does anyone have a fix for this? I want to add DonatorRights but also have it so that they CANT use staff commands. I am using a Project Insanity base.
  7. Would it be possible to create different donator ranks, with different benefits? For example: [B]One with [/B] Special in-game and forums rank ‘’ ::yell ’’ function 10m in game money [B]and[/B] [B]Other with[/B] Special in-game and forums rank Double Xp Weekend ‘’ ::yell ’’ function 20m in game money
  8. hey guys so basically there are items such as primal which is donator only, i would like to make it accessible by everyone, how do i do this plz
  9. Well I want to add an item to my server that you can buy and when you click it, it will make you donator. [CODE]if (itemId == 6545) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(6545, 1); if (player.getRights() = 1); player.logout(); }[/CODE] I'm a beginner with java code, mind steering me in the right direction with this? thanks.
  10. Hello ppl from runelocus how can i add don points in my server! Step by step tut Plz!
  11. iVinnyS

    667: Donator Items

    I was trying to add Donator only items, that only donators can wear, I've tried but failed.. Code: public static String[] DONATOR_ITEMS = { "Ele", "EleBlouse" }; This is the only area where i've tried doing this, I think I need to add "You need to be a donar to wear this item" in another file, unsure, any help?
  12. This is kinda a newby question, but can sombody give me the code to put in player.java with the name GODTIP, and so the player GODTIP will be a donator. Would be appriciated.
  13. I've successfully downloaded the Sprites Editor & packed & made my Donator Crown in-game. But there's something wrong with this code that I can't figure out.. I really need help. My error in-game: If you say "Lol" and hit send, it sends 2 times, with a Mod Crown & the Donator Crown.. [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/16h3ocg.png[/IMG] FloatBuffer.java in client... [QUOTE]} if (rights == 1) { } else if (rights == 0) { Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=8>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=8>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=0>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=0>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); } else if (rights == 2 || rights == 7) { Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=1>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=1>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); } else { Node_Sub50.method2966(player.method891(false, 1), player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); }[/QUOTE] Please if anyone can help me...
  14. Hey, I've read tutorials but i just can't get it, hoping someone can help me. Want to give Donor Points to a player and i'm looking for a command code? My Int is: donorPoints I would like the command to be: ::givedp-Amount-Name
  15. [b]Difficulty:1/10[/b] Go into your Objectmanager.java and search for this: [code] public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) { [/code] and place this underneath: [code] c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2466, XXXX, YYYY, 1, 10); [/code] Replace X and Y with the coordinates of where you want your portal. Now... go into your Actionhandler.java and add this: [code] case 2466: if (c.isDonator == 0) { c.sendMessage("You must be a donator to use this portal."); } if (c.isDonator == 1) { c.getPA().movePlayer(XXXX, YYYY, 0); } break; [/code] Change X, and Y to the coordinates of where you want the portal to teleport you to. AND your done! NOTE: If this helped you then please thank this post, otherwise ask below if you need help. Hope this helped you! :)
  16. Just to begin with I would like to acknowledge that this suggestion may have been made before, I am not positive if it has or not but I think it is a great idea and would love to see it happen and simple just wanted to get the opinion of everyone else :) [B][U]Suggestion:[/U][/B] So as you all may know there is currently three Donator ranks regular, superior and extreme, but they all have the same crown but with slightly different benefits. It would be pretty cool if each rank had its own crown, so if the superiors had the star crown but in a [I]blue [/I]colour and then the extreme had it in a [I]green [/I]colour. [B][U]Why?[/U][/B] I know a lot of people will say that this is trying to turn us into another community, blah, blah, blah, but it really isn't considering how unique we already are, take a look around at the forum and compare it to others, it is unique and very well made. The benefits of adding this would be that it would look pretty cool if you ask me, it would bring in more donations (I know Runelocus staff are [B]not [/B]at all money hungry so this doesn't matter, but anyhow more can be spent on advertisement and costs) and also that it is a nice little feature to have. Please let me know what you think <3
  17. [CENTER]I was just wondering, but why are all of the Donator ranks exactly the same colour and star? Could you not give them different ones to distinguish each rank better? Just a though, Leave any comments below :)[/CENTER]
  18. hey, im new to this and all but i was wondering how i can make myself donator? any ideas, thanks:)
  19. I have a 317 server and I want to make a donator shop i have tried doing it already but cant do i so i really need someone to come on teamviwer with me and show me how to do it add me on Skype damon.walton2 PLEASE HELP ME :(
  20. So, I've tried following every tutorial out there to add Rank Crowns/Donator crowns and i just simply cant get them to work, i cant get them to pop-up when the player speaks, i get no errors with eclipse or my compiler so would someone be willing to assist me right quick? It would be greatly appreciated, and i will give credit to who wishes to help me if i do release my project server for others to play. Thanks, BuddyScape
  21. Selling fatalityrsps account: Extreme donator (25$) Primal body/legs/kiteshield 1b+ coins pictures: Inventory [IMG]http://i37.tinypic.com/xfrhpg.jpg[/IMG] Extreme donator and 3+ kdr ratio [IMG]http://i36.tinypic.com/5khjrk.jpg[/IMG] bank [IMG]http://i37.tinypic.com/2d7vudl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i35.tinypic.com/2kotb6.jpg[/IMG] Accepting only PP Waiting for offers My skype: martynassssssssss
  22. I need to know what to change the value on the Donator Icon in the char files to make donator status active. It was defaulted at 0, I tried to change it to 1-5 and nothing worked. What should the value be to give players donator status? I'm very VERY inexperienced.
  23. Hey Rune-Locus users, Today I was working on my new Project that I will be hosting in the near future and for my donator shop I was making the items Donators Only, so someone who didn't don't and somehow got this item in his bank would not be able to wear it untill he / she donated. In order to do this follow these easy steps, Server Based > ItemAssistant.java Under [code]public int[][] brokenBarrows[/code] Put this [code]public static final int[] donItems = {[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]ItemID's here[/COLOR][/B]};[/Code] Now Search : [code]public boolean wearItem(int wearID, int slot) {[/code] Put this under that : [code]if(c.isDonator == 0) for(int i : donItems) if(wearID == i) { c.sendMessage("@[email protected] must be a donator to wear this item."); return false; }[/Code] Now openup " Player.java " and add in the following : [code]public int isDonator = 0;[/code] Hope this will help you in the near future ;) Kind Regards, Amelia.
  24. If anyone can help me add into myserver Donator Symbols for chat and yell, I'd be glad to pay you $5-10 via Paypal. Add my skype xsamchenx or pm me
  25. So I need help to fixed 2 bugs. One bug is when a Donator PM's anyone it doesn't show anything except "From". Example: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/169rxw8.jpg[/IMG] The second bug is when you try to deposit items in the Party Room chest they never appear and actually go into your bank. You can leave a comment below, if your comment fixes the problem(s) I will send some money to your PayPal. For further details add me on Skype: VillainGB