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Found 11 results

  1. Out of no where, the NPC's started disconnecting players whenever they try to attack an npc. WHATS HAPPENING? Here is a little gif overview of it: [URL=http://www.makeagif.com/OUCLTN][IMG]http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/8-11-2014/OUCLTN.gif[/IMG][/URL] DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING THIS AND/OR FIX THIS? Would really love it if someone would help me out here.
  2. Hi I made a ::funpk and players can use it to teleport to funpk, However if they die in funpk once and try to teleport there again they get disconnected and force logged out?
  3. As a non admin or mod just a regular player when I try to attack I get disconnected. I can't figure out how to fix it. At first I thought it might just be the one account I made, but it wasn't I created several different accounts.. If someone could fix this I would really appreciate it!
  4. Alright, I was trying to get a new server to start running so I exited the server I was hosting for a minute to see if I could connect without the server I was originally hosting off and well when I tryed to log into the new server it was on local host but people from the other server would connect then dc like me. even when changing from localhost to my no ip they still connect and dc. Long story short people connect then dc immediatly after and so do I. does anyone know how to fix this? The client I'm using is Enhanced 508 v1, and a black pi base.
  5. Hello everyone, I downloaded and began working on my first project, a PI based server, yesterday. I logged in, went to the pest control area, logged out, went into the source and maxed my stats and made myself owner like a boss, gave myself 200 pc points, and then changed the initial spawn and respawn locations to my coordinates, which I assume corresponded to where I was last standing at pest control. I then changed the ::home command to those same coordinates, and altered the exp rates. After doing all of that, I try to log in to the server to see if everything worked, and about 10 seconds after logging in, I immediately disconnect, or "deregister" as the cmd says. I attempted to log in a few more times, all ended the same way, and noticed in my client's cmd this message: "Error Sontch too many npc's" I haven't spawned any npc's or anything, I've only done what I've stated above. Can someone please enlighten me as to what I need to do stop the disconnection problem? Sorry if this is an extremely simple problem, I'm rather new. Thanks, ~Sontch
  6. One of my players keeps disconnecting when trying to log into my server... He is the only one this is happening to and was wondering if anyone had an idea of what was wrong. I am stumped and we have reset his display... he uses a pos laptop and idk the specs.
  7. Hey everyone I have tried to fix this problem to no avail and I was wonder if anyone else has a fix to this problem. When I spawn the npc 2745 which is jad, it disconnects and I could spawn any other monster fine except for some giant npcs. I have tried to spawn it in the cfg file but all it does is cause repeatedly disconnects. Thanks
  8. Darker

    Disconnect Glitch?

    [CODE]Error: dp.D(124) nh.H(-78) | Class42.updatePlayer:337 PacketParser.method1582:25 65 Class131_Sub2_Sub16.method1549:180 PacketParser.method1581:234 client.method4 3:635 Applet_Sub1.method41:325 Applet_Sub1.run:840 java.lang.Thread.run | java.l ang.RuntimeException: gpp1 pos:72 psize:76 | T2 - 107,3,3 - 76,2992,3294 - -14,- 63,-80,60,3,-1,-128,29,4,0,127,0,0,48,-128,-128,127,127,1,107,19,-13,5,-63,10,-1 11,-127,-110,-128,-127,-102,-127,-90,-127,-125,6,-116,10,-99,-127,-114,-123,-108 ,-112,-128,-128,-122,-85,-55,-18,[/CODE] Thats what i get on client cmd window, game dont crash, it just force logout whos close to the person Happens when i get a hit, or when u fighting some npcs on God Wars
  9. Whenever i Use a special attack a couple of times on an npc it disconnects me from the server, and i get this error [ATTACH=CONFIG]3634[/ATTACH] Ill post any files i need to, and im now offering a 5$ reward.
  10. When I equip a item my client closes and gives me this error: [IMG]http://i769.photobucket.com/albums/xx331/ultikiller12/NewBitmapImage-1.jpg[/IMG]
  11. kickso


    Hi i have recently added High-scores In-Game I have has a slight problem though, Compiling was fine, No errors When i log in and click the high-scores board I get Dc-ed Any help? Thanks Also here is the link to the tut i used http://www.***********.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/tutorials/170739-delta-how-add-ingame-hiscores-tutorial-delta.html