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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever I drop something, it gets dropped and I see it. But if i leave the place and come back it doesn't appear to me anymore. Like, Im in Varrock I drop scimitar. I tele to Lumbridge then come back to Varrock in 1sec, the dropped item dissappears. But if I stay in Varrock for around 10 minutes, the dropped item would never disappear, but if I go away from it, it does. [HTML] public void createGroundItem(int itemID, int itemX, int itemY, int itemAmount) { // Phate: creates item at absolute X and Y outStream.createFrame(85); // Phate: Spawn ground item outStream.writeByteC((itemY - 8 * mapRegionY)); outStream.writeByteC((itemX - 8 * mapRegionX)); outStream.createFrame(44); outStream.writeWordBigEndianA(itemID); outStream.writeWord(itemAmount); outStream.writeByte(0); // x(4 MSB) y(LSB) coords // System.out.println("CreateGroundItem "+itemID+" "+(itemX - 8 * // mapRegionX)+","+(itemY - 8 * mapRegionY)+" "+itemAmount); }[/HTML]
  2. I need help with this thing. I am using ZEPSITY source, and when i drop items, they automatically just disappear and don't show up, can someone please help me with this? Thanks.. MSN: [email][email protected][/email]