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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! I'd really like some help, please! I'm hoping to get the attention of a half-decent, or better-than-me programmer who could lend a hand! On my server, when you walk away from another player, and they leave the minimap, that player disappears completely. You can't walk back and see them. They're just gone. It's PI based. If you know the fix, or even know where the fix is located (if in another thread) please point me in the right direction! I'm definitely willing to pay 5$, or lend my graphic-skills to whoever can help me! Thanks in advance!
  2. I just went through the advertisement section and deleted a bunch of threads. Why? They violated the [url=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/announcement.php?f=29]Server Advertisement Sectional Rules[/url]. If you would like to avoid having your thread disappear in the future, please thoroughly read through these rules. One of the main reasons advertisement threads are deleted is because of the title. We like to keep a semi-professional look to our forums, so we ask that you keep the title simple: Revision and Server name ONLY. Good title: Soulsplit 317 Bad title: Soulsplit 317 24/7 || Spawn || Economy || VPS || PKing || Full Castle Wars || All Skills || Drop Parties || And More! Soulsplit 317 - Need staff!! Join now!! The reason we don't allow titles like that is because when you get a lot of threads with wacky titles like that, it can be very confusing and frustrating to look at. Another main reason advertisement threads are deleted is because of the lack of media. You MUST have at least 3 IN-GAME images of your server and they MUST be visible WITHOUT user interaction (meaning outside of a spoiler box, etc). If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to ask them in this thread. Please keep all discussion civil, or infractions will be handed out.
  3. Hey, on my new source I have a problem where the items I sell to the general store disappear instead of being placed in the store's inventory. On my old source items would go into the shop when sold. I tried replacing the shop handler.java and got an error at the server start. Even if the items that the general store has in stock are bought, and sold back, the stock does not go back up. Also, if the shop.java value for the shop is "1 1", all items are bought by the store for 0 coins. If the shop value is "1 0" then it functions as a normal store. This may be because of the interference of the PK points system that was present before. If someone could help me figure out a way to make general stores add items to their shop when sold that'd be awesome! I don't know which file controls that, but could someone give me a replacement file if they know which one it is? Thank you!
  4. Hey, So I've heard this is a common 667/7** error, but I never have found the cause of it, or the fix to it. When killing an NPC, if you're moving as it dies, you get no drop what-so-ever. Also if this NPC is your Slayer task, you get no Slayer EXP for the kill either. It's just basically extremely annoying standing still after every kill, especially when the NPC itself moves, and you follow. PS: Also, when I have a moving NPC with a shop, and I try to open up the shop from a far distance, and the NPC moves, my character stops where the shop previously was, resulting in a chatbox message "You cannot reach that." Perhaps those connect? Thanks for any help.
  5. Stxalth

    Player disappear?

    Okay, so I finally made my first custom model and it was success! The inventory/drop model is excellent. However, when I tried to wear the Cape I made the player disappears? Does anyone know what is wrong? How can I fix it?