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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know if there is a snippet for this? I appreciate it very much!
  2. So i found 3 dupes in dual arena, I gave feed back to the owner about it and i want to do some research on how to disable dual arena while he works on it because atm he is busy so any ideas i read this but i dont know if it is right "Delete the part that will make the "challenge" option near Duel Arena disappear when you right click a player. That way players can't challenge each other. If you don't know where to look, open up your folders and use the search bar on the right top and look for "Challenge" or open up Client class. You should find it this way. It should look something like this: Code: else { getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Challenge", 1); } If you find it, delete it or copy it in a text document so you can re-add it once you want your players to be able to play it again. "
  3. How can I go about changing which words are obfuscated ('f word = ****' and such) or even disabling it if I have to? I really need it g0ne. I am running a Delta 317 server, plox help! Thanks in advance mates! :)
  4. Hey, I have removed the showocc command in my client, but there will always be people with a hackclient or other clients. So I thought that there possibly could be a way to stop the effect of the showocc command server sided. If so, let me know. Thank you very much, ~Mercenary.
  5. Base: Hyperion/PJA I'm trying to make this command unavailable in wilderness: [CODE] } else if(command.equals("item")) { try { if(args.length == 2 || args.length == 3) { int id = Integer.parseInt(args[1]); int count = 1; if(args.length == 3) { count = Integer.parseInt(args[2]); } if (Inventory.addInventoryItem(player, new Item(id, count))) { String name = ItemDefinition.forId(id).getName().toLowerCase(); player.getActionSender().sendMessage("You successfully spawn " + count + " " + name + (name.endsWith("s") ? "." : (count > 1 ? "s." : "."))); } } else { player.getActionSender().sendMessage("Syntax is ::item [id] [count]."); } } catch(Exception e) { player.getActionSender().sendMessage("Syntax is ::item [id] [count]."); }[/CODE] I tried everything, but I don't seem to find it :\