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Found 21 results

  1. DJWeownthis


    Server 718/742 Admins+ See this: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/q8JmbhE.png[/IMG] Is it possible to disable it for admins+?
  2. Okay i need someone to either tell me or connect to my computer through team wiever and disable mysql [url]http://imgur.com/Kg0BDLE[/url] Thankyou
  3. So my server got some problems with ppl that are using cheat clients. Base Chronicscape. Any ideas how to disable cheat clients?! Thanks :)
  4. I want to make a Guid NPC that has a chain of dialogs. Every time the player hits Continue it will be teleported to a new area. Main problem is idk how to disable the user interface so he can't click on map to run or do anything else except hit next continue until last dialog. I know how to do the dialogs and teleport but idk how to disable interface so he can't click anything else. Anyone can help? What function should I use?
  5. So, I don't exactly like the console on these servers.. and I was wondering if there was any way to disable it or something.. I just dont' want to set up another class for commands just for admin and shit,
  6. Is there a snippet or anyway I can make it so players that have just logged in for their first time, can not drop or trade? If you know of a snippet, please post it! Thankyou in advance.
  7. It's getting really annoying when every single annotation is processed as a mention, thus partially destroying your conventions. [code] [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride [/code] [img]http://puu.sh/3Pjr2.png[/img] He's been mentioned quite a few times.
  8. [I][COLOR="#0000FF"]So I've been working on this Matrix 718 source. And I really do not want my players to have to ability to spawn. I know I probably sound like a noob but how can I disable this? I do, however want to spawn.[/COLOR][/I]
  9. Title says all, will thank and rep++ anyone that can help ASAP
  10. Alright to start go to: WorldPacketsDecoder.java And look for your trade packet, After you find your trade packet add this: [CODE] if (player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("username")) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Your trade is disabled."); other.getPackets().sendGameMessage("There trade is disabled."); return; } if (player.getRights() == 2) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Admin's Can't trade."); other.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You can't trade admins."); return; }[/CODE] getRights == 2 (change the 2 to change the rights) Where it says "username" replace that with the username you want to disable trade. EASY SNIPPET
  11. Hello fellow Runelocus members, i was just wondering if anyone could help me out with fixing this dupe that some have found on my server. It involves turning your auto retaliate off, attacking the npc, but before those you drop the desired item and save a bunch of times, then you log onto another account and pick the item up. [PI] If you know how to fix, and you're willing to help me... Please add me on Skype. My server's one that i use to help players is surrealpk, if you'd like my personal one just tell me. Please guys i really could use your help!
  12. Im trying to disable commands such as ::di,::td etc that teleport you even if your in wilderness, how do i disable them in wildy? my command atm is this [CODE] } if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("barrows")) { if(c.inWild()) c.sendMessage("You cannot do this in wilderness"); return; } else { c.sendMessage("You teleport to Barrows."); c.teleportToX = 3565; //x coord c.teleportToY = 3314; //ycoord c.startAnimation(8941); //Emote } if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("kbd")) { if(c.inWild()) c.sendMessage("You cannot do this in wilderness"); return; } else { c.sendMessage("You teleport to the King Black Dragon."); c.teleportToX = 2271; //x coord c.teleportToY = 4680; //ycoord c.startAnimation(8941); //Emote } if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("sz") && c.playerRights >= 1) { c.sendMessage("Welcome to the Staffzone."); c.teleportToX = 2457; //x coord c.teleportToY = 4471; //ycoord c.startAnimation(8941); //Emote }[/CODE] This command of mine is totally crap as if you type anything with :: for example ::duqwhdqu9dq it will use all the commands in my commands.java that teleports and gives you a spam of "You have Teleported to ______" so if anyone could tell me how to fix this i would really appreciate it :)
  13. Figured out.
  14. I am using innovation x and I was wondering if some one can disable mysql will possibly pay would be in rsgp
  15. Hey guys, I'm not AMAZING with php.. But if anyone knows how to disable the use of a smart phone, iphone/droid/etc from getting on a .php Could you please let me know..? If I have to I guess I could give you a few $. Thanks, High105
  16. Tenac

    Disable Console

    Hey so I just want to do some commands but..... [IMG]http://screensnapr.com/e/QRkUR5.png[/IMG] I get that. [B]I KNOW HOW TO OPEN IT BUT I'M ASKING HOW TO DISABLE IT![/B] So how do I disable it?
  17. Hey guys! :) Does anyone know how to fix the Disable dupe in trade Base source; Hybrid-PvP V3. Thank you =)
  18. Here's what my ::item command looks like.. [CODE] if (playerCommand.startsWith("item") && c.playerRights >= 0) { try { String[] args = playerCommand.split(" "); if (args.length == 3) { int newItemID = Integer.parseInt(args[1]); int newItemAmount = Integer.parseInt(args[2]); if ((newItemID <= 20000) && (newItemID >= 0)) { c.getItems().addItem(newItemID, newItemAmount); return; } else { c.sendMessage("That item ID does not exist."); } } else { c.sendMessage("Wrong usage: (Ex:(::pickup_ID_Amount)(::item 995 1))"); } } catch(Exception e) { } // HERE? } // HERE? [/CODE] How can I change it to were it is disabled to use in wildy?
  19. disable dropin or when u drop it disapers
  20. How do i disable norton internet security on startup, i did msconfig, but i can only see norton online backup i disabled that for startup but i cant like disable norton.:(
  21. if you can help me with this, please post tut :)