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Found 9 results

  1. Amanda1

    Diablo 3

    Anyone thinking about getting the new Diablo 3? It looks cool, but I've never tried and I'm use to Call of duty and Runescape, so I dont even know if I'd like it at all. Anyone else have opinions on it?
  2. VoltexRsPs

    Diablo 3

    Anyone Play Diablo 3
  3. The Runelocus staff should make a topic for diablo 3.
  4. After taking a view on the price at angrygold.com, you will find that the price at angrygold.com is unbeatable.Any player can come and enjoy the [B]cheap diablo 3 gold[/B] price now. Any customer who [B]buy diablo 3 gold[/B] at angrygold.com can enjoy VIP diablo 3 gold service. That means, players can get instant delivery within 15mins with every order at anytime. Live-chat support service is available for customers anytime they meet any problem with order or diablo 3 guide, there will always be clients solve problem for customers warmly. There’s no need to worry about account getting banned,angrygold.com is experienced on selling legit diablo 3 gold never get account banned. Till now, there’s not any incidences happened to customers’ account for buying gold at angrygold.com. Face to face trading legit [B]diablo 3 gold[/B] at angrygold.com makes players totally satisfied and enjoying buy gold at angrygold.com everytime."We are confident in making records and will provide better services in the coming days.” said paul,the market developer of angrygold.com site.
  5. Hey everyone, i just bought Diablo III half an hour ago and i got 2 guest keys for Diablo III, i'm giving one of them to my brother, and i'm planning on giving away the other one to someone here. What the key does is , you are able to play the game up to level 13 and complete the first act (killing the skeletal boss). Simply reply to this thread and tomorrow , i'll pick a random person from the thread (i'm not doing number stuff, i'll just pick a random page and a random person from the page). Requirements to participate : Over 500 posts on runelocus and member for longer than 3 months.
  6. macalroy

    Diablo 3 Gold

    Can someone spare 30,000 gold in Diablo 3 so I can buy "Dawn"? It's a 1-handed legendary C-bow that costs 80k, but I only have 50k. So, I'm asking for 30k to buy this weapon. :O
  7. Hey guys, check out a new Diablo 3 community forums that's just launched: [url]http://diablo3league.org[/url] It's totally new and needs members right now, share it with your friends.
  8. Hey guys, while Diablo 3 is down, why don't you check out a new Diablo 3 community at [url]http://diablo3league.org[/url] We are looking for staff positions as well, so come and check them out!
  9. Design ready, idk if i'll use it or not. [url]http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/7409/87183855.png[/url]