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Found 69 results

  1. Hello, my name is Dani and I own a RSPS. Based on Matrix 723. A little about myself: I am a 25 year old male that has been playing Runescape off and on since 2001. I have always enjoyed playing Runescape, which is why I pursued a career in video game development. I studied video game programming and design simulation at Devry University in Kansas City, Missouri. My biggest strength is web development, htlm and such. I find it a lot more entertaining then java scripting, which is why I could not pursue a career in the video game field of my choice, but rather transferred to advertisement and business development. I am very good at advertising and web development and this could play a giant role in the expansion of the server I wish to create with your help. What I am looking for: Pretty much it is straight forward. If you have read this far, then you would know that I am looking for 1 or 2 serious developers that can build a server, have great imaginations, great attitudes, team players and would like the opportunity to be a part of a server that has never been seen before. I would like at least one of the candidates to have extensive knowledge in java and be able to create his/her own scripting and implement it in to the server. This person needs to be serious about what he/she does and activeness would be very much appreciated. So, if you are ready to create something one of a kind and have fun doing it, then please message me and we can get to know each other and get this thing rolling! I really look forward to working with you, thanks.
  2. Spots available: [LIST] [*]Graphics Designer [*]Server Developer (Content, core, etc...) [*]Client Developer [*]Community Representative [/LIST] [CODE]Age: Experience: Past Work: Skype: Availability:[/CODE] I'm working on Valor base. VPS and domain are active. My skype is Demontage97.
  3. [center][b]Introduction[/b][/center] My name is Robert and I am 20 years old. This is a new big project I am up for making and I am ready to splash money out of the pocket to make something special. [center][b]Goal/Aim[/b][/center] To make server popular and famous - To make people play it without getting bored - To make something new so our players happy to play many hours - To experience ourselves and to learn coding as we move on - To make it the best server out there that has 317 PI base. [center][b]Finances[/b] I will finance the project at the start, once we get players on the server and start using our store, we will have more money to spend on server costs. [b]Current Development Team[/b] 2 Server coders 1 Client coder 1 GFX coder [b]Looking for[/b] 1 Server Coder 1 Client Coder [b]Requirements[/b] 1. Every Developer in the team must be active. 2. At least have 1 year experience. 3. Work at least 4 - 5 hours a day. 4. Must talk and understand English. 5. Must be mature team member and show example to others. 6. Communicating. 7. Every content to be professional.[/center] [color=blue][b]Important Notice[/b][/color]:[color=red]If you joining my project and my team of developers and expect to get PAID then you won't receive any additional titles in the game. You will get paid and you will be credited at the end, but you won't have any titles in the game or forum.[/color][color=green]Volunteering Developers will be granted ranks in the game, will receive additional titles and will have everything that dedicate developer must have.[/color] [center][b]Payments and Paid Developer/s[/b] You will receive payments through Paypal if you doing this project to get paid. For extra work you will get paid extra for additional work but it's not 100% true at the moment.The amount of money will be transferred by the amount how much you have done. Payment is weekly. Work 4 - 5 hours a day. Expecting professional work in all contents. Must report a list of what has been done at the end of a day. Won't have any titles in the game or forum. Will be credited for your peace of work. [b]Dedicated Developer/s who doesn't require payment[/b] All titles in the game and forum. Might be paid for doing a superb job. Doing a superb job, the content must be professional and spent a long time a day to get things done. The payment would proceed any time if it's to happen. Will have access to everything as owner of the server. GFX designer will have his special icon in the server. Web designer will have his special icon in the server. Coders will have their special icon in the server. Same goes with forum. Must be active. [b]Responsibilities/ Job list[/b] Web Developer/s - Created homepage - Forum - Download section - Donation - Item shop ( What most rsps have basically ) GFX Developer/s - Created banner for our rsps, will be used in toplist as well - Logo for website - Icons for server, his own special created icon for his rank. Client Developer/s - Coding the client content. Server Developer/s - Coding server content.] [color=purple]Notice: Must have frequent updates at least at the start to attract more players.[/color] [b]Application[/b] [color=limegreen]Insert this application when sending me friends request on skype or forum and don't forget to answer them. You can also do it in the comment section below.[/color] [color=brown]How long have you been coding?: What role/position are you applying for?: How active are you on coding and on internet overall?: Name: Age: What kind of experience you've got and have you done any projects?:[/color] [color=navy]Read ''importance notice'' above.[/color] [color=brown]What kind of Developer you are? Paid or Dedicated?:[/color] [b]Rest of the Info[/b] This is a big project, so I need professional coders who knows what they are doing. We have vps running with 30 Gb and it's very smooth to use. At the moment the project is nowhere because our first objective is to find a reliable and good source to use because if we started from scratch it would take a month or two to finish. You won't be sorry starting this project! Jut imagine players saying good job to us, for what we done. It would be tremendous feeling.[/center] [i][b]Contact:[/b][/i] [color=orange]Skype[/color] - robertasvin [color=orange]Facebook[/color] - w w w. facebook. com/ robertas.vinciunas
  4. I have a new rsps called troostpk. It is being hosted on a vps and I have a bit of work to do before I get an advertisement. I need someone to help me create a website and/or graphics. You will get benefits in game and possibly some money depending on how much you help me out. Nothing big. Just give me a reply and I will get in touch.
  5. Hello Everyone, I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Kai, nickname is Kaizee and do prefer to be called by my nickname unless we have a good relationship as friend, in which you can call me Kai. I have been playing Runescape itself since 2004 and been playing private servers since the best part of 06 I would say. I have done a fair bit of coding such as changing prices for items, renaming items, shops, modifying the statistics that are given to specific items etc however on this coding, for 317 specifically we are going back about a good 4 years. I am 20 years old and currently am working as an IT Systems Analyst aswell as taking the role of an IT Technician in which I deal with an international company that is part of a group of companies in which needs me to be more or less constantly traveling to different countries, at least 3-5 companies per year. I want to create a private server which is 317 based, call me oldschool but that is the era I was brought up in, I don't mind having Vesta, Statius, primal and chaotic coded in, however I just cannot deal with the later models released, more to the edge of how runescape itself is now for example. I am looking for a serious team, I am looking to create a massively stable server in which is Economy based also, I wish for it to be massively suitable for PKers, Skillers, Bossing along with all items actually having a worth in the game and not easily gainable, but not too hard to be gained that the server is pointless playing because its too hard to progress. The seriousness of the building of this server is vital. I am more than financially stable, I 'will' and I repeat, I 'WILL' be creating a pay system when the server gets that far down the line that we have a regular income for the server, that I will be able to have my staff team earning a wage out of this. Please do note the wage will not be able to live off, it will be a reward for being dedicated and devoted to the server on making it better for not only yourself but everybody that comes, visits and stays. Contact me on the following: TeamApplications"at"outlook.com I will not be accepting any rookies or amateurs for a team I apologise in advance. My only goal it to make this server strong, secure, stable and most importantly, fun for everybody. I want Developers, Web Developers, forums administrators/moderators, in-game administrators/moderators. When you send me your application, I want the following: Full Name Country Currently Situated Years Of Experience What work you have published or taken part in and what specifically you played your part in Skype Name Reason why I should make you part of my team Photos of work you have created I 'WILL' Require you to take part in a teamviewer session where I want you to create a freestyle of coding, from scratch and I will be testing you to see if it is actually you doing the coding, I will ask you to stop, reposition items etc to make sure it is not a video you are showing me on TeamViewer! Minimum Age Of 16 (Must Tell Me Your Age) Thank you to everybody who has read this,
  6. Dear members of RuneLocus, I'm in need of developers who can code very well, We are currently working on a major plan that requires a lot of work. We are looking for some very knowledgeable developers that would like to join our team. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity. Please include the following when contacting me: Years of experience Programming Languages RuneLocus Alias Key Achievements (links to threads) Availability in hours per day Contact Information Code Client Sided or Server Sided I'm not going to have anyone fill out a useless application we can discuss everything over skype. I'm really excited to hear from each of you, and I can't wait to pick some new people to add to our team! Thank you so much! Skype: Actuvas
  7. Looking for a few developers for an upcoming project, don't have to be that experienced as long as you know the basics pm me
  8. Hello guys, and today I am currently in search for dedicated and experience developers that could work with a RS 06 Remake, this has been online since 3 months now, and the player base is increasing. Advertisment Thread: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?103368-Project-2006[/url] Website: [url]http://project2006[/url]. Requirements: Maturity Creativity Time management skills Dedication and interest in the project Communication skills Additional Info: Creativity is a must for this position, as our goal will be to create a unique server. Dedication to the project is also required, as we are looking to establish a long term server in which the players can enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Communication skills are important in any workplace, especially so when working in an online environment. As face to face communication may not be possible, regular communication through skype or other media will be required. This project will require a modest amount of time to begin, and daily work will be encouraged. If you feel you are qualified please do not hesitate to contact me. If you can code and you have the passion and desire to make a successful and flourishing server then look no further . Not all applicants will be selected but ALL candidates will be very carefully considered. So please do not hesitate to apply, you have the opportunity to be a part of something GREAT. Application is optional, but highly recommended unless you want to talk on skype as an alternative. I look forward to hearing from potential candidates. Skype: Trisidiax Application Form: Personal/Contact Information Name: Age: Skype: Available times for Contact: Skills and Qualifications RSPS Coding Experience: Java Coding Experience: Previous Projects: List all other relevant Qualifications: Additional Information Based on popular and current trends in popular and online culture, describe your idea of the next popular server:
  9. need le'maybe 2-3 PI developers for a lil' project. pm me your skype.
  10. im looking for 2-3 developers to help on a new project. me me for more info
  11. [CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Tetra [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] Tetra is a server project, currently in development, that aims to provide a high quality, content-rich, and optimized Runescape private server experience. I won't waste your time harping about useless shit, so lets get on to the details. Revision Information: Tetra aims to provide content from all of the revisions of Runescape up to the 667 revision. Higher revision content, while disliked by some, is still a vital part of the Runescape experience today. Developers: •Nathan Looking for Co-Owner Expected time of completion: End of Decemember / early January Goals: •Optimized, professional, and clean code. •Content done correctly - incorrectly done code brings problems later on. •A content-rich server. •Close-as-possible to perfect PK'ing Current Progress: Clan System •Old Clan system removed •New clan system implemented •Logout support •Lootshore support •Clan kills support •In-clan rights/kick/demote/promote Tormented Demons •Redone •All proper effects according to RSWiki •Transformation masks Kalphite Queen •Complete Lair •Soldiers/Larva/Workers •Rope on entrance •Boss forms •Cocoon spawning Npcs/Accessories • Frost Dragons • Dwarf MultiCannon • BarrelChest Godwars •Kills handling •Bandos chamber •Saradomin chamber •Armadyl chamber •Zamorak chamber •Drops Curses •Old content removed •Handled in new class package under the combat package •Curse implementation and Curse Data •Curses switching off on usage of incompatible curses •Turmoil effects •SoulSplit (NPC/Player) •Sap Curses - in const. •Leech Curses (NPC/Player) •Deflect Curses (NPC/Player) •Berserker/Prot Item/Wrath - in const. PVP •Hand Cannon - in const. •Staff of Light + proper effects •Dragon defender Minigames • Fight Pits • Fight Caves • Barrows • Warrior Guild - in const. • Castle Wars - in const. Skills •Woodcutting •Prayer •Runecrafting •Cooking •Crafting •Firemaking •Fishing •Fletching •Herblore •Mining •Prayer •Slayer •Smithing •Thieving •Summoning Quests •Desert Treasure May add more [U]Looking for client developers [/U] [U] Add me on Skype Nathan.harding7 if you want to apply for developer either server or client don't mind c: [/U]
  12. Welcome to the recruitment page of 06Kayos, in this thread I'm going to be discussing the rules and regulations of what is expected of you. We plan to become the largest, most developed and most successful remake. If you'd like to see our project thread click [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?102433-06Kayos"]here[/URL]. We'd like to see activity, consistency, maturity, professionalism, decent coding. This position is a long-term so if you are wanting odd-jobs this is not for you. If you'd like to take this position up please comment in this format or add my Skype and discuss it there. Skype: imjoxii Format: Age: How long have you been 'coding' for?: How many hours can you work per day?: Previous projects: Regards, Jon 06Kayos
  13. Rune-Exion forums (vBulliten) (Website under Dev) RuneExion Server Still In Beta (VPS Hosted) 1/2 Web Developers ( 1 More) 2/3 Ingame Developers 0 Forum Moderators 1/3 Ingame Moderators 0/2 Ingame Administrators Apply by Telling us about yourself, What you do, And explain/show recent work you've done -Chills
  14. [img]http://i.gyazo.com/2642d2b0272087d8dec36809b05a4917.png[/img] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]RecklessPk is now hiring developers ! [/SIZE][/COLOR] RecklessPk is a private server which has been up and running for over 4 years now. The peek player count has reached above 700 players back in 2012. Now averaging around 200. RecklessPk needs developers whom are dedicated and have good knowledge to bring it back to its original spot, [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1[/URL] . Please note that ReckessPk is based of Hyperion. We acquire one or more person(s) that have a great deal of knowledge in Java. You will be tested during the process of acceptance. The test will cover most of the knowledge needed. Application Format : Name : Previous/Current Work : Skype : Active hours per week : Good luck to all the applicants. The payment will be decided upon acceptance into the team. Regards, Samar Skype : Samar.Reckless
  15. Lost-Dynasty is 317 that is growing and loved constantly. Over the summer of our release in August, we had a high of 24 people. We had ads placed all over and got us growing strong. Unfortunately, due to school starting, that playerbase has dropped significantly and the developers had to quit to due their college work so we are seeking new, long term developers. We will discuss everything over Skype. If you are interested, PM me or post here!
  16. Lost-Dynasty is 317 that is growing and loved constantly. Over the summer of our release in August, we had a high of 24 people. We had ads placed all over and got us growing strong. Unfortunately, due to school starting, that playerbase has dropped significantly and the developers had to quit to due their college work so we are seeking new, long term developers. [u]I am looking for:[/u] [LIST] [*]People who are as committed as this as I am. [*]Can joke and develop at the same time. [*]Can work with others and get along perfectly (This is a must!) [*]Mature & put the server first [size=x-small][i]Meaning: if you dislike someone on the team, you work with them in order for the server to succeed. [/i][/size] [*]Experienced in the field you want to help in (web dev/server dev) [/LIST] I am not asking for much, and won't be recruiting many people, either. I have high goals for this server and will be spending another $200+ (Whatever money comes in from the players' donations) within the next two weeks on server advertising, so, I want to make this as perfect as possible to attract a ton of players.[/align] If you wish to apply, please fill out the application below. [LIST] [*]Programming language(s): [*]Server Developer or Web Developer: [*]Years Programming: [*]Do you have any idea(s) for the server?: [*]Other:[/LIST] If you know you want this position, add my skype instantly --> MahdyE23.
  17. Need some developers for my server contact my skype: liam.12107 for more information Revision: 317
  18. I’m looking for experienced developers in PHP, Javascript, client development, and networking. Add my Skype: alrunic.rsps if you’re interested. Currently the administration team is working on a dodian remake server. Our site: Alrunic.com This is a paid position. During the interview process we will discuss terms and project details. Looking forward to hearing from you, ~ Alrunic
  19. [CENTER][IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/fm5ji8.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="#FF0000"][I][U]Welcome to Gabix Development..[/U][/I][/COLOR] [I]Bring willing developers together.[/I] * (The website will be put here once developed) * [COLOR="#FF0000"][I]"Ever wanted to be part of a succesful development team in developing an RSPS Project? Here at Gabix Development, you are at the right place."[/I][/COLOR] Myself (Gabix) am willing to get developers together to code a 317 PI RSPS into something completley different than the source I downloaded. I am willing to get people together to code more custom items, custom shops, custom maps (667 maps) ect. You know what i'm talking about anyways. I'm talking about making the server better, a bit like a project, exactly like a project. I bet you developers are thinking now 'What will I get out of this for coding with Gabix Development?' Well, once the server is launched I would of let you guys have donations, but then again the donations go to benifit the server with hosting ect. You guys will obviously get a part to be in Gabix Developement and part of the community, and an in-game rank also as a developer, also part of a big community if successful, which we hopefully will be once the team is together. Keep reading, you guys enjoy coding? Provided you can code to a standard level, you are more than welcome to join us at GabixDev, like us on Facebook @ [url]http://www.facebook.com/gabixdevelopment[/url] There is many open spots and posts for the project still open below: (If green, then it's available, if red then it has been taken.) [I][COLOR="#00FF00"][B]New Pro Interface Design/Programmer (Client Sided)[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Minigames designer [/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Login interface designer [/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Someone who can add 667 Maps[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Interface Design/Programmer (Server Sided)[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Customs work programmer[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Client & Cache sided programmer[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]Website designer - (3 spots open) (Someone who can manage host-names and create the forum)[/B][/COLOR] ^^ [COLOR="#FF0000"]One of the website designer spots have been taken by myself, i'm going to throw in ideas.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"][B]General Server Development (3 spots open) [/B][/COLOR][/I] All applicants must be able to code to an acceptable standard to have a place on GabixDev, we look and take the best only or those with alot of experience. [I]If however, you can't code and come up reasonable ideas of what we could add to the project, then please let us know somehow.[/I] [I][U][COLOR="#0000FF"]"In Gabix Development, it's not just what I want, it's what the team together wants and what the players will want, we take everyone's ideas into account and have a discussion and talk about them together as a team"[/COLOR][/U][/I] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2wr26aq.png[/IMG] There are various things you could sign up for at Gabix Development. We started off with an InsanityX Project Insanity source, and we are willing to change everything to create this project and server together Our aim is to create something better for the RSPS community that drags players to the server. Here are some of the things that have been added already. (Not much but i'm making progress alone) [COLOR="#00FF00"]* Added Death Cape & Emote *[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]* Other Customs Added * (Leeched lol) [/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]* Auto server messages & various other commands. * [/COLOR] Lots of things have been added but most of them I can barley remember. I have most stuff noted down in an notepad file: I've been working on this for ages alone and the idea of a development team seemed pretty awesome. [COLOR="#0000FF"][I] - Added - 10/06/14 - 23:45 (Gabix) SERVER SIDED: * Staffzone - ::staffzone (working on adding npcs to staffzone) * ::heal for owners & admins * ::checkbank & ::checkinv * ::takeitem & lots of other useful commands that benifit the server. [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2wr26aq.png[/IMG] Added - 11/06/14 (Gabix) * ::levelids (shows different level ids for editing in character files - ::giveitem / ::takeitem fixed. - Server messages fixed (Auto messages) * ::home command and ::train command (training is at rock crabs again) * Fixed Staff crown for public players in the cache (Players reported that the crowns was bugged) - Cant fix the donator crown, still working around that.. * Removed rape command (May be added again in the future if I decide to host)[/I][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2wr26aq.png[/IMG] MOST OF THESE FOLLOWING COMMANDS REQUIRED A METHOD IN CLIENT.JAVA, THAT IS COMPLETE [COLOR="#0000FF"][I]* Added ::empty (For yourself & other players who may have duped ect) * Added ::fhome (Forces players home) * Added ::report command to report players. * Added ::massnpc for funs. (Owner Only) * Added ::xcopy (copys everything spit image of you're desired player. * Added ::fall (some random command I found on rune-server. * Fixed & Modified the ::checkbank / ::checkinv (checkinv to be changed) myself so that you can now take items from the bank (You have full control now)[/I][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2wr26aq.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#0000FF"][I]Added - 12/06/14 (Gabix) * Added ::getitem so you don't have to go to itemdb every 5 minutes. * Added ::getnpc * Added ::giveowner, ::giveadmin, ::givemod & ::givedonor * Added FunPK Portal at home like my old server had. * Removed portal for frost dragons at home because it was in the way. Same applies to the scoreboard for HIGHSCORES, which has also been moved from Edgeville. * As well as report, I have added ::suggest so players can suggest what they would like in the game and give feedback ect. * Added 'Support' Rank (Player Rights = 5) able to use yell. * Added 'Hidden' Rank (Player Rights = 6) * Added ::yell icon & command for Support Rank. * Added server notification as to when Staff Members login to the game. * Changed 'Website & Forum' to social media for your server, * Fixed rank in quest tab for support rank. * Custom Yell for Co-owner and oldfag players * Custom loyalty titles in-game.[/I][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2wr26aq.png[/IMG] [U][I]Alot more stuff has been added, these are just prime examples.[/I][/U] [COLOR="#FF0000"]CLIENT SIDED * Changed background & custom loading bar * Changed sprites and tab menu gameframe to default 562 rather than the dirty custom one from insidiaX, which I really disliked. * GUI & Other Interfaces changed also. * New tab replacing the blank tab you got with dungeoneering. * Added custom chat area when your in 562 gameframe. * Trying to fix errors in PMS, different crowns for different players. e.g donator has admin crown in pm. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Now here is some custom things in the client I created & here are some screenshots of the server.[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/20t3r4w.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Working fight pits and summoning![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/i1zixd.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Dungeoneering fully working![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/2nl8gn6.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Lots of things require attention client & server sided. If you are willing to join this server/project would work so well. [I]If you are interested in creating a server and taking one of the posts above. Please like GabixDev on Facebook [URL="http://facebook.com/gabixdevelopment"]http://fb.com/gabixdev[/URL] & add me on skype: "itsryanm"[/I][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/2ec18vp.jpg[/IMG] [I][SIZE=5]Skype: "itsryanm"[/SIZE][/I] Much appreciated, Gabix
  20. Follow the application you are applying for below. Please either PM it to me, or post below as well. [B]Applications:[/B] [I]Note: If you cannot simply follow these 2 layouts I ask you don't apply. All irrelevant posts will be asked to be removed. [/I] Please use this layout for "Web Developer" with a title of "[B]I ([I]YOURNAME[/I]) am applying for Webdeveloper.[/B]" [QUOTE]Years of experience (HTML, CSS): Contact information; Preferably Skype [B](Required)[/B]: Do you think you're capable of developing? And why?: How are you dedicated?: Do I have proof of being trusted? (If so, share): Previous work: [/QUOTE] Please use this layout for "Server Development" with a title of "[B]I ([I]YOURNAME[/I]) am applying for Server Development.[/B]" [QUOTE]Years of experience (Java): How are you dedicated?: Do I have proof of being trusted? (If so, share): Why are you choosing Feather?: Contact information; Preferably Skype [B](Required)[/B]: What are you capable of doing?: Goals when working for Feather: Previous work: [/QUOTE] [HR][/HR]
  21. Hello, this is a serious and high quality project. We are looking for a committed lead developer that has extensive Runescape Private Server experience. The founder and Co-Founder(Me) both have java knowledge and have dealt with private servers before. We also already 2 semi-experienced developers. However, we are looking for a very experienced RSPS developer who will be able to take on some of the more challenging tasks. I have the java knowledge to code anything in game, but not the Private Server knowledge. You must be very committed for the long-term, as this project will not be released for a couple months, but it will be bug free, built with flawless execution. You will be paid with a percentage of the donations, so it is in your and the other developers hands in how much you make, a better server will produce more revenue so more pay for you. If interested, contact me on skype - "Fs-brian"
  22. Hi, let me start off by saying that my name on here is "Mister Master", but I go by "Masterlop" Are you tired of projects that don't last? Tired of owners giving up and wasting your time? Your team doesn't communicate well? Well I'm here to solve that... I've been trying to help other people out, but most stop at the beginning of their project and I feel it just is a waste of my time. So I'm going to step up and try to recruit a team who actually wants to help out and will know that I won't give up on this project. What I'm looking for in a developer: 1. Coding skills - Are you good at coding RSPS? 2. Professionalism - Do you listen to players and have correct grammar? 3. Trust - Can I trust you to not give out items to players? 4. Communication - Can you communicate well with other developers? 5. Time - Do you have the time to invest in this project for the long run or do you plan to quit in a week? Right now, I will be recruiting developers for my project, the base will be decided amongst us, and when we reach an agreement, will begin working on it. I will also be buying a website, webhosting, and a vps in the future, once the ball gets rolling. Any questions or if you'd like to become a developer, please message me on skype - Garrett3650
  23. Celestial X, A new project! We are looking for excited people to create a team of Developers,Designers,Managers. We are heading to be a succesfull running server including community. About CelestialX. Project Insanity Based. 317 Loading Higher ItemDB/Mapdata etc. Paid Webserver located @ Miami, 24/7 Ofcourse, Unlimited Data/Data transfer. Space for 50 SQL Databases. Gameserver located @ Netherland, Current Low Basic 2,8Ghz Duocore, 8GB RAM, Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Remote Control Acces. Next Upgrade. 3,6GhZ I7 8 Core, 16GB Ram, Fiber Net Prefered Linux Based. Website / Forum are basicly build. Website currently under construction. [url]http://celestialx.com[/url] [url]http://forum.celestialx.com[/url] When everything goes as planned: The first couple of months the money gained on Advertisement / Donations will be used for "See Below" Java application Certificate SSL Certificate IPboard Certificate After all this has been achieved money gained will go spread under the team for the work done. And this will be a serious job. Currently looking for: Sever Developer Client Developer Forum/Website/Community Manager Graphical Artist Web Designer Requirements, Fluid English communication skills. Effort for this project. Knowledge in the role you are applying for. Independent worker. Application: [CODE] Name: Age: Time zone: Role(s): Additional information: Contact method:[/CODE]
  24. Runelocus Members, About a month ago I launched a server called Meridian. It's 637 loading 639 based off of the Dementhium source. My goal is to provide users with innovative experiences, both in the game, and on the website. I'm only looking for 1-2 developers, who can code now and then. I'm not a guy that wants you to code for hours upon hours each day, I just ask that you complete our common team goals within the allotted time. If you are new to Runescape Private Servers, or have lack of coding knowledge, [B]please don't waste my time[/B]. I'm looking for adept programmers only. I'm also looking for a Community Manager; someone who can advertise (in a neat and organized way), control the community message boards, ect, and keep everything [B]up to date[/B]. This job doesn't require coding experience. [B]Meridian Website:[/B] [url]http://meridianrsps.com[/url] [B]Runelocus Advertisement Thread: [/B][url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?97452-Meridian[/url] If you are interested, please contact me through my Skype: @worldofclayton
  25. Hello, My name is Keaton and I'm one of the owners of Quantum. It is a 317 [PI]. Me and my friend decided we make a server together, he is bigger coder out of us two. Hell I suck at coding but from my opinion he's great. So, we decided we needed developers (dedicated) on our server to help add content and add to the server to make it more appealing to the RSPS community! We both are in school so we aren't on that much in the mornings going on through early afternoon. That is another reason we are looking for a development team to fill that time while we are gone. Also, We have a VPS. (Just a FYI) We do not want to use this source anymore we are currently looking for a new one. If you guys could help us that would be terrific! [U][B][SIZE=3]Skype: Keatonlol[/SIZE][/B][/U] [u]What we asked from you.[/u] [LIST] [*]Be dedicated. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Add content for players enjoyment. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Fix any bugs that you can find. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Have experience. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Be Helpful. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Be connected. [/LIST] L