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Found 18 results

  1. Project RuneWar - 20+ Boss & Dr are added, - Active Staking, Gambling and Lottery added, - Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution, - Endless Graphic options. - Spawn Tabs & Combat skill changing posibilities. Runewar Discord RuneWar will be an eco based rsps With few features such as custom interfaces, shops, donor area & minigames So if you want to join the staff team please connect me on discord: Injesterr#1621 Searching for serious developers, im done with most of the developing part but i still need an active developer to add some suggestions & fix small buggs while i'm busy with developing the site. i already claimed a domain: runewar.net already bought a host & vps. Runewar Discord
  2. Hello all, Ive decided to start my server up again, I'm looking for an experienced developer to work on the server, I have lots of experience managing servers but minimal experience with the actual coding. Basically I will be the idea man and I need someone experienced enough to bring these ideas to life. Can start work as soon as Wednesday April 11th. This isn't just something I'm doing for fun, even though I do enjoy it, I'm looking to do this right and really get this server up to the top, I work 6 days a week so you will always be paid, money is not an issue. However, I'm not looking for someone who's just in it for the money, I'm looking for someone who genuinely wants to grow and be my partner in this project. At first, compensation will be provided per job done and will be based on the time taken and the difficulty of each task I give. Once I find my guy you will be put on a weekly payment system and pay will be based on how much work or upkeep is done on the server, you will be required to document all work done in order for me to accurately pay you. Thank you for reading, please, serious inquiries only, must be proficient enough to work on client and server sided material as well as adding models. All though if youre amazing at one or the other still hit me up because I have a few side jobs needed as well. must be a down to earth individual who has time for this project and is willing to start from the bottom and bring this to the top. Thanks again all, I hope to hear from you. Contact me either in the comments Or on discord wobbly #5784 PS. Sorry for the ugly boring post, lol, I hope this in the right section, sorry if it isn't.
  3. Hey! I'm looking to partner with an experienced developer to code an osrs based server. There will be a guarantee of good payment as long as you do work correctly. I'm not interested in half-ass work nor in missing schedules while working on a project. I only seek for professional partnership. Requirements - Have a discord account - Have a microphone - Experienced with coding If you are interested, please reply this post with this format: Age: How long have you been coding?: Coding experiences?: Discord ID-name:
  4. Hey guys. I'm looking for someone to develop my 562, this is a serious project. I am a businessman with resources and money. Not some kid who thinks he can do what he wants. I want someone who knows what they're doing, who is willing to fix all of the edgy 562 bugs, and work on the overall rs2hd framework. I'm a programmer myself, and have been in 562's for a few years. I also have other extensive skills and team members, who are also working on a 317 for our branch RSPS Network. If anyone is interested, please send me a pm with your proposed payment per week, 2 week, monthly schedule, your skills, some proof of your work, along with your skype name. Thank you for your time.
  5. We are looking for a Developer who has a vast knowledge of 718 servers. You will be paid and pay is not the issue. You must be trusted enough to be allowed on the VPS so no random newcomers please. If interested post below or message me on skype: thanatosgold
  6. Plz help we are willing to pay someone. If u can help us add my skype The_Brick3
  7. Hey, I'm looking to hire a C# developer who is capable of making automation software for websites. You need to have a decent understanding of C# and know how to incorporate things like NetSeal and other licensing programs to the software. If you're interested please message me on Skype "fingerpod" or post here. We can discuss prices depending on what projects I have you doing. Some examples of things that you'll be doing are creating bots to auto post on websites and adding proxy support and multithreading to increase speed. Thanks, Envo
  8. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/v2hsoOm.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://oi59.tinypic.com/rgy15t.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/auvoRoS.png[/IMG][/CENTER]
  9. [SIZE=3]Apex718 is now looking for more People Who Qualify to join the team and are ready to Get Apex Going![/SIZE] --------------------------------------------- Web Developer [COLOR="#00FF00"](Open)[/COLOR] In-Game Developer [COLOR="#00FF00"](Open)[/COLOR] ---------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#FF0000"]Requirements:[/COLOR] Must Have Worked With 718+ RSPS. (More Than 6 Months Time) Must Have More Then Basic Java Knowledge. Must Be Able To Commit More than 10 Hours A week. ----------------------------------------------- IF ALL REQS ARE MET AND YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME ON SKYPE [MENTION=61829]purecoolbow[/MENTION]1
  10. Hello Everyone, I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Kai, nickname is Kaizee and do prefer to be called by my nickname unless we have a good relationship as friend, in which you can call me Kai. I have been playing Runescape itself since 2004 and been playing private servers since the best part of 06 I would say. I have done a fair bit of coding such as changing prices for items, renaming items, shops, modifying the statistics that are given to specific items etc however on this coding, for 317 specifically we are going back about a good 4 years. I am 20 years old and currently am working as an IT Systems Analyst aswell as taking the role of an IT Technician in which I deal with an international company that is part of a group of companies in which needs me to be more or less constantly traveling to different countries, at least 3-5 companies per year. I want to create a private server which is 317 based, call me oldschool but that is the era I was brought up in, I don't mind having Vesta, Statius, primal and chaotic coded in, however I just cannot deal with the later models released, more to the edge of how runescape itself is now for example. I am looking for a serious team, I am looking to create a massively stable server in which is Economy based also, I wish for it to be massively suitable for PKers, Skillers, Bossing along with all items actually having a worth in the game and not easily gainable, but not too hard to be gained that the server is pointless playing because its too hard to progress. The seriousness of the building of this server is vital. I am more than financially stable, I 'will' and I repeat, I 'WILL' be creating a pay system when the server gets that far down the line that we have a regular income for the server, that I will be able to have my staff team earning a wage out of this. Please do note the wage will not be able to live off, it will be a reward for being dedicated and devoted to the server on making it better for not only yourself but everybody that comes, visits and stays. Contact me on the following: TeamApplications"at"outlook.com I will not be accepting any rookies or amateurs for a team I apologise in advance. My only goal it to make this server strong, secure, stable and most importantly, fun for everybody. I want Developers, Web Developers, forums administrators/moderators, in-game administrators/moderators. When you send me your application, I want the following: Full Name Country Currently Situated Years Of Experience What work you have published or taken part in and what specifically you played your part in Skype Name Reason why I should make you part of my team Photos of work you have created I 'WILL' Require you to take part in a teamviewer session where I want you to create a freestyle of coding, from scratch and I will be testing you to see if it is actually you doing the coding, I will ask you to stop, reposition items etc to make sure it is not a video you are showing me on TeamViewer! Minimum Age Of 16 (Must Tell Me Your Age) Thank you to everybody who has read this,
  11. title says it all , I got will take care of all : Hosting , Advertising and website Should start from new clean source Planning to make a 24/7 project that will survive for ever and become one of the greatest if interested add me up on Skype : "Luay.Husam" Thank you
  12. Hello. [CENTER]A buddy and I have been interested in returning to the RSPS scene, and we're coming at it with full power to the thrusters, and we're looking for a team that will be dedicated to excelling.[/CENTER] [I][CENTER][B]A little background[/B][/CENTER][/I] [CENTER]Nick and I have setup multiple servers in the past, and we were very inexperienced, yet, we yielded a very decent player base. Our previous projects have been 317 based, so, we'd like to stay close(ish) to the revision, as we love the lower revisions. I myself, am currently a Web Developer who is experienced in PHP/CSS/HTML(obviously), and a bit of MySQL [B][CENTER][I]What we're looking for[/I][/CENTER][/B] At the moment, we're mainly looking for an individual or two, who are up-to-date with the RSPS whereabouts and with the different revisions (keep in mind, Nick & I literally haven't made/player servers since 2012), with the ability to make base-line level game code (we're aiming for simplicity with this current project). We're also looking for an additional individual who is decent with media (if not, I can cover the advertising promotions for the server once it is up). Lastly, we'd like to have 2-3 dedicated Staff members who will focus on relations with the server community, once the server is up. Basically, you'll hold the title as "Community Advisor" in which case you would relay concerns and requests from the player-base to the corresponding developers and staff. Along with this position, you will receive Moderator Level One. [/CENTER] [B][I][CENTER]What we can bring to the table[/CENTER][/I][/B] [CENTER]As stated above, I will be doing mostly everything require to create/manage and update the website/forums, along with making multiple different systems that will connect the game to the webpage (donation system, high scores, etc). Nick will be managing the Staff Team, with the exception of myself and the Game Developer. Nick has experience along with myself as a Staff Leader and recruiting/logistics of our previous Staff Teams we had within our latter RSPS projects. As for the up-cost of the server utilities, I will be covering it all. VPS/Dedi, Teamspeak & Website. [/CENTER] [B][I][CENTER]What we hope to create[/CENTER][/I][/B] [CENTER]We're mainly looking to make an older-revision(to be decided with Game Developer) server, that is very simplistic, original, and hold high values for our players, which in turn, will grow the player base tremendously. As for the game mode, we're mainly looking to focus around an original PK style server, without the unnecessary gimmicks of the latest servers. However, all of this is to be discussed with our future team, and what we'd like best. [B]ALL INQUIRES WILL BE ANSWERED![/B][/CENTER] [I][CENTER]Contact information[/CENTER][/I] [CENTER]Skype: blaze420noscope (don't mind this, simply the only account I have that isn't plagued with randoms)[/CENTER]
  13. Yes, I'm looking for a Server Developer, I'll be working on the forum side while you work with the server. The server will be 317 and it'll be ran off of a 4 GB VPS for now. Benefits for the developer? 50% of the donations goes towards you ------ Want to join? Shoot me a PM.
  14. Just curious, what's the best way to become a server developer? I know very little of java, I own a Java for Dummies 4th Edition, but I need something better then this. What's your guy's advise? Should I download a RSPS source and try to look at the code and see what's trying to say and edit it?
  15. [center] [img]http://i.imgur.com/3B9OTwn.gif[/img] [/center]
  16. Yes, I am thinking about starting a RSPS back up again, but I do not wanna do all the work by myself this time. I'm wondering how much do you developers cost for Part-Time(3 Days a Week) fixing bugs,dupes,moving stuff, etc. The revision will be 317
  17. Must be qualified and trusted, please add my skype: BU.Services Looking for a good quality VPS for the server to run on, with a good RAM capacity.
  18. Need Developer , i give credit! for 317 [PI] i know how to code these shits shops i just need pro coder! i will pay for every work , !
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