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Found 42 results

  1. I am looking for someone to help me create a server here is a list of stuff I want done ▪Pking bots system that is very good ▪working grand exchange that isn't player ran, anyone can buy anything from the ge at anytime and sell anything at anytime ▪a good xp rate where 99s are something to be proud of ▪item prices to be realistic like real runescape back in the day so if you get rune armor from a drop you snatch that shit up ▪A nice home area ▪Nice tab that displays information like kills, deaths, boss kills, teleports etc. ▪An NPC at home that dices the player, and if the player loses, then the items that the player loses get put into the lottery jackpot, each time the jackpot gets 1b coins, they get turned into 1b tickets. (It's either the items that the player lost while dicing go to the lottery jackpot or, they go to an npc at home called the "drop party host" which does a drop party every 5 hours or so?) That's all I can think of right now, but I'll eventually want more done to the server. I will inform whoever the dev is whatever I want done. The dev will get dev status on the server and will have great benefits. They will have a testing account to test things out on the server.
  2. Hey! I'm looking to partner with an experienced developer to code an osrs based server. There will be a guarantee of good payment as long as you do work correctly. I'm not interested in half-ass work nor in missing schedules while working on a project. I only seek for professional partnership. Requirements - Have a discord account - Have a microphone - Experienced with coding If you are interested, please reply this post with this format: Age: How long have you been coding?: Coding experiences?: Discord ID-name:
  3. So, basically i cant get up 317 server because of dumb mysql or whatsoever problems So who is interested add me skype: nealcspro And you'll keep ur dev rank
  4. Hello there, im looking for a good developer, that can dev everything on a 317 server. Im willing to pay him/her. Make sure to PM me ur Skype and We Will talk about the details. //chris.
  5. Hey all it's me (Baki) here wanting to finally work with other people as I have no way to host my server aside paying for crap VPS to which I would rather eat with that money but eh. Anyways I am looking to join with anyone (team or solo) to work on a server preferably 718+. If anyone is interested in my coding contact me in the inbox or comment here with any questions you may have for me before we go further with this. I am bored and want to start up again as my life has finally left me some down time. I shouldn't need to post any of my work seeing as most of you know it already but w/e just let me know.
  6. Fruit V2

    Looking for a Dev

    Hello I am looking for a Dev add cyanide on skype willing to pay
  7. Hey guys I am currently looking for a gfx designer and or/ website developer for my server. Website: htt://telarium.org Or you can add my skype: the.italian.stallian
  8. Hey guys I am currently looking for an extreme gfx designer and or/ website developer for my 718 server. Atm the rewards are: Part of the donations In-game rank ( Gfx designer ) Forum rank You MUST show me and my partner examples of your art work. You can find the website and download the client at: desolation718.com Or you can add my skype: Andrew.Daaboul
  9. Hey guys and girls. I'm Sam! - I have a 667 server that is basically up and running, has a couple of regular players. We have a 24/7 hosted VPS, a proper forums with hosting and full domains. I just need a developer who is prepared to help me with the bugs and glitches in the server and round everything off to be at a "near perfect stage" I'm looking to add stuff change stuff and generally optimize the server. We are using donations to pay for the vps but anything over the costs of the server you are welcome too. Please skype me Sam.Thomas20 Sam
  10. wizard lum

    free dev

    Hey I am a coder who started at age 15, now 19. I have played rsps's ever since, and have been a dev with a server for three years but am moving on as they are under new ownership. If anyone need's a coder for a 317 server you can message me here or email me at [email][email protected][/email]. Also I can create custom items for servers if anyone is interested. I'm currently not charging because I am an intermediate coder, and still learning. Thanks! Lum
  11. I am willing to spend my time making a forum to Runescape private servers. Pm me if interested.
  12. Ight im looking for website dev, ofc paying tho. So i want same/similar website like this [url]www.project-eclipse.com[/url] , so if u can do, pm me.(also want similar/same forum) Also should be nice if you say price :)
  13. Hello. I am looking for a Web Developer to fix up a site, and add a few things to it. also re do forum work, since i don't no anything about forums or site work. You will be paid for your work/time Skype is archangelsxo.
  14. I am looking for a part time dev on my 718 loading 753! I have tasks for anyone that's down, if you can do those tasks without a problem, I will hire you and split donations with you at the end of the month. I have to split with my hoster/coder but you'll get some money too if you help often! Add my skype: lil_rj1994
  15. Hi, We are looking for a staff team to start our server with. Currently we already have our server setup, web-host included. We want a professional, good looking and most important fun private server. This is not a project were we will be working on for a few weeks. Everything is already hired for a year. We are looking for active moderators & advertisers who will help us grow and maintain the community. Are you a web developer? Or do you like to create a website for the server you're playing on? Then this is also for you So basicly we are looking for a staff team. Each person has his own skill. Some will be very active, some will be good with graphics etc. We already got our hosting hired for the next 12 months. If you're interested please add me on skype and send me the application. My name will be at the end of the post. The reason we are doing it like this is because we want serious applications and we are looking for serious staff members when it comes to respect and loyalty to each other. We're not looking for staff members who will be online for some time and are never to be found again after a few days. This is why applying will take some time. We will only accept applications trough skype. Your name: How old are you? How long have you been playing runescape (including private servers): On which private servers have you played and why are you choosing to join us?- Have you been staff on any other server(s) before, if yes what server? Have you been banned from any other server(s) before, is yes what server? Tell us about yourself: Why do you think you should be (admin/moderator/web dev/gfx artist/staff member)? Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a nice day. Friendly greets, HolyDivinity Website: holy-divinity.eu Skype: HolyDivinity
  16. Hey i need one proffesional web developer (php & mysql ) for my rs2-toplist project .I need help to fix some bugs on biddig system and more. Fixes: -Auto start and end bidding date. -When bidding end top 10 ranks will see pay now button and they will be redirected to my paypal to pay the bid amount -Update old bidds when someone want to raise it (right now when someone want to raise the bid my system add a new row with a new bid) How you will do it? FTP acces or tv. Price 40$ skype dani_gonzales [url=http://prntscr.com/2yiqb6]Screenshot by Lightshot[/url]
  17. I am looking for developers for my PI server. I need them to be good at the RSPS api. Please add my skype if you are interested (don't bother wasting my time, I will check if you are good). My skype is pbotgold4service. lolking
  18. Hello, A little bit about myself... I am currently 22 years of age looking to start a new RSPS. I have some coding skill as I am in college getting a degree in Computer Information Systems. What am I looking for? I'm looking for a development team as I have been out of the rsps game for about 2 years. I know basic coding when it comes to them but not enough to make a footprint on the server list. If you are interested, add me on skype at cameron.gaming You can also post tips here as well if you'd like. Ill keep you all updated with the progress on my journey.
  19. I've searched long and hard and can't seem to find a solution. [B]Problem[/B] I want to use commands the old fashioned way; through the chat interface and not the developer console. [HR][/HR] I'm using Matrix 718 and I'm currently rewriting the entire Commands.java file. In the original source players with no rights were able to use commands using the classic [CODE]::[command] [arg] [arg] [arg][/CODE] method. The only thing I noticed that is separating those commands from dev commands are the [B]console[/B] and [B]clientCommand[/B] variables. Upon further investigation of those two variables I came up empty handed as to how they relate to the separation of dev and chat commands. Even some commands outside of the [CODE] if (clientCommand) { //commands }[/CODE] check didn't work in the interface and still prompted me to use the dev console. One of the few working commands was [B]::home[/B] which didn't provide much info either. I was able to find in another post here on runelocus that using [B];;[/B] as an admin will let me do all of my commands in the chat. But again I cannot find anything in the files that show me the difference between using [B]::[/B] over [B];;[/B]. I found one section in WorldPacketsDecoder.java [CODE]if (message.startsWith("::") || message.startsWith(";;")) { Commands.processCommand(player, message.replace("::", "").replace(";;", "")); return; }[/CODE] But that is all I can find and it really tells me absolutely nothing about rights segregation in use. It would be awesome if somebody could help me figure out how 'normal player' commands are interpreted so I can go in and tear it apart to my liking. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello me and a couple of buddies need help with making a client background and in-all general, coding a few things. I've also scratched together a Web Design but I don't know how to convert this into an html. If you would like to help me and my mates with this Runescape Private Server please PM me for more additional information including my Skype.
  21. Hello, I am looking for a project or a server which has a web dev or gfx artist position vacant. My skype id is omgiamliving My work- [url]www.digitalpkz.elementfx.com[/url] the work is incomplete because the owner said he didnt want new forums anymore. Thank you.
  22. I am currently a Dev for a new server, I've added alot of content and fixed alot of glitches. But currently my laptop is faulty and switches off every 10-30 minutes. We have a 317 PI base with alot off features added. We currently only have around 7 active players. We are VPS hosted and will have 24/7 hosting until the end of the year. If you are not experienced with Java please don't continue reading on. You will be given Developer status on forums -Access to the VPS once i've seen what you can do & 15% Donations whenever the player base builds up. Are website is [url]www.kingsofgamers.com[/url] Application form [CODE]How long have you been working with Java? : How active will you be? : What is your Timezone? : Skype? :[/CODE]
  23. Dear RuneLocus-- I'm looking for a dev. team for something a little more fancy than your [I]typical[/I] RSPS. I already have a few members, but I need more technical experts. Programmers interested in a more sophisticated and complex rewrite, graphic designers with a penchant for detail, or even regular users who are interested in building something worthy, please feel free to post here or to private message me (and then I'll add you to skype). This project will offer players: 1- a "real" and adaptive economy (I'm an economist...) 2- a more complex combat system (not EOC, don't worry--similar to the usual 317 combat, but adjusted) 3- "realism" in game 4- A dramatic revision of PVP 5- reworked skills system 6- a new height-map 7- etc. I'm hoping to incubate this for about two months before opening it up for beta testers by mid/end of Summer. Donations will go strictly towards development/web site/game/marketing/etc., [B]until we're out of beta testing[/B]--after that we'll share the proceeds and workout a compensation plan. Why should you work with me? I'm mature (25), have a transformative idea, am willing to work with you, and will offer a really professional and cohesive group effort. It'll be awesome. ;) I look forward to your reply. Basic forum is up: (just for DEV team and those interested) [url]http://z13.invisionfree.com/LeGame/index.php?act=idx[/url] Add my Skype: mr.erador
  24. Ok. I decided to start a new server over. I am looking for some devs member to work along with me and 1 other. If you want to join you can post any information on why I should let you help me. I am looking for serious coders if you can't code than please don't apply. If you get on the team you will be paid. This payment is decided on how well you contribute to the development of the server. Use this format when applying. First Name: Username (s): Age: Java knowledge 1/10 : Why I should pick you? This project does not have a name yet, but soon as I get a bigger team I will then decided what it should be consider. -Thanks We have a VPS, Website and anything else is possible to get. Please also try to get dropbox.
  25. I Am looking for an advanced coder with alot of free time to be the dev for a rsps if your good you could become the permemant dev for the server. This is what i need doing 718 source downloaded and setup You to host the Rsps if possible if not i will host on my cpu I would like A spawn server were you can spawn bandos etc and goliaths but overpowered items like claws ags need to be voted for (vote for op weapons) also goliaths need to be voted for and any armour after bandos bandos is not to be voted for or dh. Then donors can have primal vesta chaotic weapons etc so spawning needs to work. Pk needs to be good and the home is edge with all 3 altars and someone to change your stats like mandrith in bank or a command to change stats and skilling isnt on my mind atm once the pking and spawning is done the home area needs to be done. Then i need a webclient and maybe a downloadable client made for the server that will be put on a forum. This is the idea for my server and if anyone could do this once the server takes off they would recieve a percentage of the profit from the server. Also the website needs a donate button etc if all this was done perfectly you would recieve a higher percentage of profits and if your a good dev i will keep you as a permament dev i will host the server once everything is done it just needs handing over to me to host and as i said you will be greatly rewarded thanks you need alot of free time 4-6+hours aday thanks guys and say below if your interested as i think this is a good idea for a server only problem is i have no java coding experience and if needed i would hire a second dev to help you out and relive the strain thanks!