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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, Project Angel is requesting A Modeler, A web designer and also a coder. To apply, we would like you to have a decent understanding of these jobs whether it be self taught, or from courses online etc. All staff will be paid, prices can be arranged on Skype (Check bottom for Skype name) if you're interested in either of the jobs, money can be presented with in-game items/ranks or money can be done via Paypal (Can go more into detail when on Skype). Project Angel is a 317 server which has a VPS and is currently looking for players. If you think you can help us out, please follow this template: [LIST=1] [*]What role would you be interested in? [*]Do you have past Experience, if so how long? [*]Tell us about yourself: [*]anything else that may support your application: [/LIST] How to get in touch: SKYPE: Shastaa_ (trying looking for Daniel Hunter |) Neil.Avalos
  2. Coin

    Website designer

    Looking for a website designer that can create forums, webclients, voting and donation system! my skype is live:iamguthark
  3. Hello i need a forum designer for you-scape! I want a site like this: [url]http://www.enso-rs.com/index.html[/url] or this [url]http://storm-scape.org/[/url] or this [url]http://lostruinsrsps.com/[/url] ! :) thanks for reading this! Reply to this thread or add me on skype: [email][email protected][/email] / seppe.l98 if u are interested.
  4. hello, i work a long time on me 719+ server but me website is shit pls come to [URL="http://youthix.webs.com"]http://youthix.webs.com[/URL] to talk to me im now online !
  5. silentriyl

    GFX designer

    Hello, I am looking for a GFX designer for a server. The owner is putting up a team and I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in the GFX part. If you would like to join just leave a comment below and I will get back :)
  6. I say Designer, rather than Developer, because that's my expertise. I can setup a Webclient, sure. But what I'm most familiar with is: [LIST] [*]HTML/CSS [*]Website Design [*]Graphic Design [*]Forum Development [*]Management [/LIST] So what can I bring to the table for your server? [LIST] [*]A Custom Website. [*]IP.Board w/ License. [*]Web hosting for your server. [/list] What makes me so special? I just recently retired as co-owner from a server with a nicely-sized playerbase, and getting quite popular. After some disagreements with myself and the owner, I had decided to step down and go towards a new server. Looking for higher revision servers. PM me on here for my skype if you're willing to discuss. :) Thank you, Chance
  7. I the lead engineer and website admin for a new upcoming VPS hosted private server, is looking for an experienced and creative visual designer for [B][URL="http://www.kushkonnection.com/projects/java/index.php"]my project site[/URL][/B]. You can view my development thread [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?85299-Project-Trees-317-loading-562-VPS-*-MySQL-*-Forum-Integration"]here[/URL]. This designer should posses a legal copy of photoshop cs3 or higher, a visual portfolio for me to view (online or post picutres here), a flexible mind to understand concepts I ask for and visualize, and well manored and mature.
  8. I just made a server that went public by the name of ExtinctScape. So new we need a website made and a forum. I do not have time to do it since i'm working on server and i am looking to hire someone who can make one or both for me. I will obviously offer you moderator and such bonus's ingame! I do code but i am such a beginner and looking for someone with beyond the amount of experience I have! Server is Ben Project so it is WELL coded already, just looking for a coder to help out with basics, fixing little things, adding commands etc. You will obviously be offered admin/co-owner and so on. If you can help you can contact me via skype at nick.lanz OR msn at [email][email protected][/email]. Thanks so much in advance guys and I hope to have a team soon!! --Nick
  9. I am looking for someone to create a design for my website, I was hoping for free but I will give rslegacy.org domain for doing it or I offer to do graphics for you in return. I could possibly pay a few bucks but would prefer not have to go though the trouble of getting paypal money. I am not looking for a professional web designer but the more experianced the better. Please reply here or add my skype below, Skype: thefatman101 If interested please post or add me with the following filled out. [CODE]How much experiance: Payment? (domain, graphics, free, paypal): your skype: preview of some work(not needed):[/CODE] Thanks very much in advance
  10. I'm the owner of Reality-Scape 728. I am in need of a forum designer. I currently use 000webhost, for webhosting and I currently use IPBoard. If you wish to help me on making my forums much better, I will pay $5-$10 via Paypal. I also need a coder in-game. Pm me if you wish to help me.
  11. [center]DefianceX Looking For: Coder Web Designer DefianceX brings about a new era within the RSPS regime. We're a multi-lingual, multi-platform RSPS. Perfection would be an understatement. We offer 25 unique skills tailored to our players pleasing. Not to mention countless hours spent programming nearly flawless skills, including Dungeoneering, our developers at DefianceX have also taken the time to create custom items to further engage our players! Our staff positions are not sold, we would much rather promote the honest and dedicated players of DefianceX. [/center] CODER: We are looking for a mature coder. Coder must have had past experience with RSPS 317. Will receive Co-Owner ***MUST HAVE TEAMVIEWER!*** (We had a coder but he quit on us out of the blue. We have a source with a custom home. Looking for a coder that can just finish the job.) Web Designer: We will be starting off with a free website platform. In the process of us growing, we will be buying a website domain. Rank will be decided Application: [Code] Coder/WebDesigner- Name: Age: Skype: How Active Are You: How Long Have You Been Playing?: Past Experience: [/Code] [center][COLOR="#0000FF"]HOSTER: Jason Staff- Admin: Matt Mod: Ricky CODER: ??? Web Designer: ???[/COLOR][/center] MUST HAVE A SKYPE!!! Not sure if posted in the right forum. Please move if i did.
  12. Hello, today I am looking for a coder for my server that can actually add like a minigames and stuff so hopefully a good one. And for the website designer, I am probably going to start paying for a website soon and would like a pretty pimp website. For this, the website designer will get hidden rank on the server with website designer yell and the coder, we can work out the rank. Alright, if your interested, post below :)
  13. I'm currently hiring a graphic designer for 'Paradox' project. If anyone is interested, Pm me or Cyrose and we'll talk to you when we can.
  14. Hey, I need a graphics designer for my RSPS. You will get the Graphic Designer rank on our forums. You can view that here: [url]http://lol-berserker.co.cc/Forums/[/url] I need someone with experience. :) If these kinds of threads aren't allowed then remove it.
  15. Title says it, I need a reliable website designer. IF you have past websites you have PROOF of making, show me those. I want my website to be something like: [url]http://armadyl.org/[/url] (Dosn't have to be exactly like it.)
  16. Yo, Is anyone willing to help out on a new site that's up and coming, only a few reqs; Open minded, Positive thinking, creative and can accept criticsm and either has a portfolio or can show previous work. Not giving out much information at this time though please add me on skype "javabloc", you will get paid for your work.
  17. Hey guys Im looking for someone to design me a website for my new server you will get 40% or more of all donations to server and admin/owner inside the game. I dont need anything complex just a homepage and forums.
  18. Title explains what I need, I'll pay through paypal unfortunatly I have no vouches or little posts but I was a reasonably well known member before the reset. What I exactly need; Someone that can [LIST] [*]program with php, html and css. [*]is able to kit out my forums (easy but really I can't be bother I work full time) [*]can set up mysql easily for highscores. [*]I also need an automatic donation system, webclient and some type of voting reward system. [/LIST] (optional) I also need someone that is able to program in java, I'm working on a PI base and I'm new to this hah. I'd like to learn the basics and I'll ask hundreds of questions. Working with clients. If you have some of these skills, please email me @ [email][email protected][/email] or send me a message via Facebook - [url]www.facebook.com/Ethan.McWilliams.Here[/url]