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Found 1 result

  1. conquestpk


    JOIN THE ADVENTURE WITH MANY OTHERS! Website Forums Revolutionary PvP. That's what we provide for our Players. -Why us ? We have a VERY detailed advertisement below, if you wish to view it then go ahead! If not, I will give you a quick writing about why to choose DeathX over others. Firstly, DeathX has been online now for 7 Months, and isn't going offline anytime soon. So, if you were to invest time and effort in building your DeathX character, it isn't going to waste. We started off as a 100% pvp server, but over the year we've developed into a more broader audience, meaning that we include PvM, bosses, dicing, skilling and minigame elements into the game. We have flawlessly coded unique features such as killstreaks, upgradable weapons & armour, custom gear selections, random pvp drops, and the newly developed bindable items mod, which allows you to hold your swords, whips, bows, staffs and shields on your back or on your hip holsters. We also brags about the custom minigames we offer to our players; with a zombie survival minigame just released, players are slaying zombies left right and center. The zombies minigames are included with rewards, where you can spend after slaying zombies. DeathX also has 100% installation of vote for rewards, where you can do exactly that. There are multiple voting rewards, ranging from pvp armour sets, cash and pvp tokens, to food, potions and miscellaneous items. -Some More INFO: We are a 24/7 online RSPS hosted by Maikel. We listen to you, the community, and code the game on how you want it! We listen to every player, and make no difference between eachother. We got active staff and a friendly, helpfull community so come join quickly! You don't know what you're missing... Features: -Sinkholes -Penguins -Rogue's Chests -Rise Of The Six -27 Bosses -Random Events -NPC Gambler -Damage Dummy -Custom Minigame -BountyHunter -Evil Tree -Duel Arena -Vote for 5% Droprate! -Skilling XP Tournaments -Prestige System -Skilling Mode ! -IronMan Mode ! -Enchanted Chests -Ring of Wealth -Double XP Weekends -Pink Torva -Unique Home -NetWealth -Custom Staff Rank -5 Donator Ranks -Lottery -HotSpots -New Trivia System -ZombieWars -Loyalty Points -Vote4Cash -Auto Donations -Dwarf Multi Cannon -Killstreak Rewards -Upgradable Items -Castle Wars -Co-op Slayer -CoinShare -LootShare -Pvp Titles -Vote4Rewards -Donate4Rewards -Excellent Voting Rewards -Nex -Corporeal Beast -Godwars -Zombie Survival Minigame -Torva -Pernix -Virtus -Zaryte -Fight Pits -Fight Caves -TokHaar-Kal -Fun PK Area -Revenants Cave -Glacors Cave -Steadfast, Glaiven & Ragefire Boots -Random Pvp Drops -Dicing & Flower Gaming -Ranking Tables -Achievement Diary & Rewards -Spawnable Gear -Scratch Cards -High Risk Arena -High Risk Rewards -Completionist Cape -Rare Drops -Loads of customs! -100% Dicing -High Risk Arena -High Risk Rewards -Completionist Cape -SlayerMaster Armour Some of the recent updates:Buffed droprates of agrothine.Fixed the animation of ice breaker maulYou can now PK at home, be careful you lose all items on death.Buffed droprates of Rise of the Six.Added Malevolent Armour (Thanks to Player own90)Fixed Gloryhole godsword.Removed lots of useless content.Added new trivia questions, more related to deathx. ( Thanks to Kathrine for the suggestion ).Doing the ::bank command will now display that you're accessing your bank to other players.Experimenting with the corporeal beast combat, hopefully fixed it.Can no longer use the RoS Teleport in the wilderness.Assasins Armour got a small bonus nerf.The Upgraded Saradomin Sword was fixed to have the correct attack animations.Your wealth now shows on the Information Tab.Removed the damage dummy.Server messages are now slower.Ice Breaker Maul spec is now 50%.Fixed ::pvmscore.Fixed the animation of teleporting.Added new drops to treasure chest.Working on viewstatsAdded Koth Shop.Added Mr Ex to home.Wilderness ObelisksThis will make traveling around the wilderness easier.Bank Booths, Pvp Exchange and Pvp Supplies spawned near Edgeville ditch to make it more convenient for PKers.Rogue's Castle Thieving. There are now some chests at the Rogue's Castle, which hold some nice loot. The chests will be filled with skilling supplies such as ores, fish, logs, etc. The chests will give an extra 300k cash every time you thieve from them. Also, there's a very rare chance of thieving one of the two items: Illuminessence, Chaotic maul(lite).The chance of an Illuminessence & Lite Maul from Rogue Chests were edited.UPDATE:New Teleport Animation ( if you do :;castle ).Warn system can only be used by admins+ (8 blackmarks = Ban, 6 blackmarks = Mute, 4 blackmarks = Jail )Lodestone activation has been added.::train and ::train2 has been added.Runecrafting is now working ( ::runecraft ).::jad command has been added.2 new fun commands for normal players ( ::chill and ::comeatme ).Summoning has been added.