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Found 222 results

  1. New Custom SnowRSPS - Free $50 Starter Bundle for first 100 players - Mbox Opening - Best Custom RSPS 2022 Open 24.7 Features: - Player Shops (::Market) - 200+ Real Custom Bosses - Daily Giveaways & Events - NEW ::Raids with Big Prizes - 1000+ Custom Gear Sets - 10+ Websites Paid for - Friendly Strict Community - AutoVote/AutoDonate - All Skills go to 99, & Big Prizes - Various World Bosses - Unique Content - Upgrade Machine SnowRSPS is a new upcoming innovative and unique PVM based RSPS that offers thousands of fully tested Hours of content. Including NEW skilling. Snowscape is known for its long lasting performance. Outlasting any other Performing Custom RSPS. Known for its perfected combat system and fluid gameplay. 0 Lag whatsoever. The Snow team is committed to providing quality and well-balanced content that will surpass any expectations. We pride ourselves on good user experience and we listen to all feedback and suggestions that our community provides. Website: https://snow317.com $100 OSRS GP Giveaway posted soon! 50+ Active Players Daily Discord: https://discord.gg/7WGuzH7 (Say you seen this and get $50 Starter Bundle)
  2. Fun Ironman Competition 25 July - 15 August Play Myscape on turbo mode! Triple Drops 3x Experience 3x Boss points 3x Slayer points 3x Money zone feather drops 3x Dragonball keys Kill counts are tripled for faster progression Every 5th Kuradel Slayer Task completed gives an Owner box Restrictions No donations! Fair gameplay for all in the competition! Raids must be soloed Cannot donate to the well of wealth Accounts are deleted after the end of the competition Tasks no longer progress after the end date The Tasks There are 30 tasks in total to complete. Most of the tasks are challenging milestone tasks. Every task gives a different number of raffle entries which are considered like points with the amount depending on the difficulty of the task. Cosmetic Trophy's The top percentiles of all Fun Ironman based on their total raffle entries determines their ranking. Every Fun Ironman account is eligible for a Trophy at the end of the competition. Please use ::setfunmain Your Main Account Name to be able to claim the reward when the competition ends on a Non Funironman account. Top 5%: Dragon Top 10%: Rune Top 20%: Adamant Top 30%: Mithril Top 50%: Steel Top 70%: Iron Otherwise: Bronze Raffle System and Competition We will have a large pool of items in a raffle. For each item we will pick a random raffle entry from the pool of each raffle entry from all Fun Ironman who have bought and claimed a Fun Ironman Competition Entry Ticket! This is important take note. You must get one of these items, claim the code, write down the code, and then use ::enterfun code. You can do this at anytime before the end of the competition if you decide to enter for these prizes. The Fun Ironman Entry Competition entry ticket items will be available on the web store and Donation point store. Top Players Prizes for the top Fun Ironman based on total raffle entries who have claimed a competition entry ticket can win. $100 Cash $75 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash Raffle Prizes $50 Cash $50 Cash Eldritch Cape Owner ring Owner aura Owner Platebody Owner Platelegs Owner full helm Owner boots Owner gloves Owner wings Owner bow Owner sword Owner staff Owner shield Eternal Ring Bankai Aura Overlord Aura Mew pet Raikou Suicune Entei $100 Bond Lil Purple pot Twisted slayer helmet (T10) Blessing Mage 10 Blessing Range 10 Blessing Melee 10 Join us today! Website
  3. Brand new custom server packed with content. Custom weapons, NPC’s, bosses, and more! Blood slayer and more as well! There is honestly too much to list. Join the discord now! https://discord.gg/fkrynATeWS
  4. OFFICIAL LAUNCH COMING: SATURDAY MARCH 6TH, 2021. 12PM EST Links https://www.dragonstone317.com https://discord.com/invite/HEVbqdW Latest Updates: Brand new Home page! Designed by Lantern Web. #189 Data packed Basilisk Knights Nightmare of Ashihama Brand new Custom Maps The Inferno New graphics! Updated media coming soon!
  5. Join best semicustom rsps server now with a 4 new unique skill and smoothest client u seen so far. Huge Giveaways by best youtubers this day! More Info you found at Discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/3Pg2Bg4UUg Releasing on 07.01.2021 +3:00 PM EST
  6. Hey runelocus! Website: http://Elvok.com I'm here to introduce a new Custom server if you like custom servers here is one to enjoy! All new players get free donator rank and 2k ($20) of donator tokens!! to be spent in the ingame store! (first 25 players) Elvok A custom server with alot to enjoy! we have 10+ raids inc TOB!, 30+ bosses, 10+ minigames, Gambling for all! also with thousands of customs this game is for you! check us out! Media: https://gyazo.com/e405b2d1ec0854872d6963be7e6da0a0 https://gyazo.com/eb0e1d20962c67250155cd6730c73cd3 https://gyazo.com/7d4607610874f39fed79855d05011010 https://gyazo.com/e8ccda0a26f9261799b2eb50e91f2541 https://gyazo.com/0db127ffb1fce3456e999d376f49f011 https://gyazo.com/040c28aba43e0e66dd0fb9dcb18f5588
  7. Welcome to Stargaze. We are Custom Runescape Private Server that focuses on a custom 317 experience with lots of fun and addicting content. We have been open for just over a year and hold an average of 100+ players every day. We are looking to carry on expanding our community hence why we are working on updating our website and forums and also all of our vote pages. We prioritize PVM content on our server and always strive to provide the best experience. -Exclusive Stargaze Customs- -Hundreds of Custom Items- -Active Community and Staff- -Custom Boss Point Shops- -Custom Achievements- -Custom Interfaces- -Daily Rewards- -Item Combiner- -Item Compare- -Global Drops- -Custom Slayer- -Weekly Updates- -Daily Tasks- -Events- Use Code: "Runelocus" As your referral when you join for some free goodies!
  8. Hi there! Interested in new Custom RSPS action? Ever wanted to play a fully balanced server with tons of new content and fully textured items? Wanna look cool and stand out? Check out NetherSphere! We just released the Christmas Update! Join now to slay Jack Skellington and get limited edition items such as Festive RPG! +We have -custom spells -custom, textured gear -unique tier systems -custom npc's -hybrid sets -upgradeable gear -pokemon raid -anime stuff -and much more! We've just released out of Beta! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make the gameplay smooth! Now's the best time to join us! Our discord: More media: More in discord! We are hoping to see you very soon!
  9. Welcome to Naxos RSPS Website: http://naxosrsps.net/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ywYfGQr
  10. P.S For the unprofessional post, GFX not done yet ! And Server is 1 Day Old!!! NAXOS RSPS BRAND NEW CUSTOM RSPS OPENED YESTERDAY!!! NEW UPDATES DAILY + INVITE EVENT + HIRING STAFF! We've got a lot of features such as: •Remodeled Custom Slayers master •Donator Shop items in Slayer Shop! (GRIND TO WIN) •Custom Weapons + Gears •Custom Maps! •Upgradable Items! •Friendly & Growing Community •Increased Drop Rates FOR NOW !!! LINK: CLICK HERE VIDEO BELOW:
  11. Hi Rune-locus! i have put a new server online! Visit http://www.customscape317.com/ CustomScape is going to become one of the largest Custom Servers in the Runescape private server community. With 9 Raids, 15+ minigames, 30+ bosses, Gambling, 2k+ custom items, there is so much to do in this game its Amazing! All youtubers have their own youtube rank, armour, banner, pet, chain and much much more! This game is going to blow up! First 20 Players get free Donator Status and points worth around 25$!! What are you waiting for?! Don't miss out! Press Play now on our Still developing Website and collect your donations in game! I'm not so great at making a rune-server Post. so i'm offering a 50$ Donation in-game for the person who can make a nice Advertisement Post for me with pictures and stuff. Join now! don't miss out on your free donations and intense gameplay! https://imgur.com/o683C8L https://imgur.com/3qzy2bH https://imgur.com/1lHUVbQ ]https://imgur.com/gBUd68j https://imgur.com/6f0Ww0K
  12. OVER 1000 CUSTOM MONSTERS TO GRIND OVER 1000 CUSTOM ITEMS TO USE/COLLECT DROP SYSTEM IS VERY UNIQUE SLAYER PRESTIGE /PRESTIGE SLAYER SYSTEM 6 DIFFERENT MULTI BOSS RAIDS custom funny minigame with nice rewards 99 skill reward spin of fortune 3 roll over 4 unique donatorzone donator with nice benefits 7+ boxe's to open! --> DISCORD CHANNEL --> forums
  13. PartyScape is a brand new 317 rsps with unique content. We have weekly updates and giveaways to keep our players excited. With a highly dedicated & professional staff team, we're quite motivated to provide you an ultimate game-play that has never been experienced before. PvM: Custom bosses (PartyPooper, Santas Helper) OSRS bosses (Zulrah, C.Elemental, Cerberus, Venenatis, Callisto etc.) Classic bosses(K.B.D, Corp etc) Minigames: FFA minigame Zombie slaughter Nomad’s requiem Custom Christmas event with rare prizes Barrows Revenant town Skilling: All working skills Shooting star Evil tree Other: Custom items Particles Player Owned Stores Ultimate and regular Iron-Man modes Boss pets Wildy wyrm Well of goodwill Duel arena Loyalty titles Flower poker & dicing Different donator zones with different donator benefits Highscores https://i.gyazo.com/fab725ee5ac0d030c346f223434b2f23.png
  14. Take arms against hordes of the undead, sail into the ocean and catch exotic fish, chop crystallized trees, farm the souls of your foes! Empyrean gives you a unique RSPS experience. We offer unseen content in the form of custom-made monsters, bosses, skilling resources, maps, weapons, and armour. This is the official project thread of Empyrean, be sure to check back for updates and announcments! Join our Discord! Click the image below to be invited. Owner Slayhew Developers StanDev (Game) Mr. Robot (Game / Website) Tyrant (Game) Setup (Website) Artists Lumplum (Models) Its.teewhy (Maps) Managers Epok (Server Manager) Peon (Server Manager) Silver Haze (Community Manager) The Undead Massacre Hunger Games Minigame Custom Raids (purely conceptual at this point in time) Have you been looking for raids filled with simple yet challenging mechanics, bosses with more combat facets, and exotic raid specific loot? If so welcome to Empyrean Raids! Each raid will be supplemented by terrain specific obstacles, unique combatants, built in support features only those with adequate skills can operate to aid their raid teams, and mysterious puzzles! Will you accept the challenge? In Empyrean we offer hybrid skilling opportunities. This means we will offer resources with two or more skill stat requirements a player must meet before he or she is able to exploit the resource. The rewards may manifest in the form of experience (for more than one skill) or item resources. We think this concept is a nice way to incentivize training in non-combat skills and create a more balanced, dynamic economy. Gem Trees Deep Sea Fishing New Thieving Stalls Empyrean has a sophisticated combat system that has been written from scratch in Kotlin. This allows the development team to swiftly create new strategies with a degree of creative freedom necessary to exhibit complex behaviors. Game Core Bosses and Npcs Empyrean rsps will have a large selection of new npcs for you to fight and grind. These npcs range from common low level monsters to high level bosses. These npcs will offer a variety of unique drops and souls. Some bosses will have a new combat script which will allow for a more enjoyable boss slaying experience while equally providing players with new challenges and strategies to defeat these foes. Early stages of the npcs found below: Soul System Empyrean will be balanced with a healthy amount of unique customs. For far too long countless of servers have failed to prove what a true custom server is, but Empyrean will showcase some of the best 3d assets that you've never seen before. Empyrean, unlike many other custom servers, has a dedicated model designer who will ensure the game receives nothing but the best models. With the ability to create NPCs, objects, armours, weapons and more, the possibilities are endless. Want to support the project? Copy the image link below and place it in your signature!
  15. Welcome to the X-Scape RSPS advertisement thread! ~Play Now!~ Our Mission XScape is a small community private server who aims to cater to the desires of our players while maintaining a balanced and enjoyable environment for all. More Information Why Us? We are stable, secure, and not going anywhere for a long time. By hosting 24/7 on a VPS and running additional software to handle updates, backups, and server restarts we ensure maximum performance with minimal downtime and practically zero chance for data loss or lengthy rollbacks. Your voice will hold the power to shape the world! In our community you will be both a player and an advisor! We enjoy a small community where we can cater to the individual desires of players.
  16. Server Ideas 1. Need help on figuring out how i can make some custom ranks that can be applied to a user after a certain time period. 2. A random item drop script that would allow me as the owner to type a command and everyone in the server will get a random item of any sort, or a random time everyday or a set time. 3. A vote system that would be so awesome if someone could help me figure out how that could be achievable. 4. I know a bit about coding but with me being out of the game so long help in editing quest scripts etc would be a huge help in like explanation on how to edit that. Looking forward to hearing opinions and answers thanks everyone in advance
  17. 24/7 - Website - ECO and PVP - Highscores - Website profiles - Auto donation - Tons of custom content coded by me and only me WEBSITE PLAY NOW RemotePvP is a 667 server that prides itself on unique and solid content. Unlike most servers, RemotePvP was not created for the money: Our goal is to create a fun and immersing game for you to get lost in. RemotePvP is a fun and invigorating server with a unique combat system and economy. Despite the name we are indeed an ECO and PVP server, I will explain more about the name and its origins later. From now on I am going to break up this thread into sections so you can more easily navigate without confusion. About me - The owner and developer I would like to start off by telling everyone a little bit about myself because I think it is good to know the background of the people in-charge. My name is Brandon and I am a young adult from the United States of America. I started making (or trying to make) private servers way back in 2010 at the age of 13 and as you can probably guess they were failures. The reason these servers failed was not because I did not have good intentions but because I had no knowledge of the java language and I was still very young. I started to get bored with playing by myself so I eventually moved on and gave up. I then grew older and realized what java was and more crucially what programming was, I started making minecraft plugins using the popular minecraft server API Bukkit and that is how I taught myself how to code Java; as a result, I am fluent in the language so I came back to the game I grew up playing to give private servers one more shot. My intentions and goals for RemotePvP As I stated above, I did not create RemotePvP to fill my wallet. I made RemotePvP so that I could once more enjoy the game I grew up playing with not only myself but other people. I do however hope that one day RemotePvP will be self sustainable in a sense that the donations will cover the server costs; until then, I personally fund RemotePvP. To get back on topic, the ultimate goal of the server is to have a fun memorable experience. Content I know this is really what everyone wants to see so lets not delay it any longer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfs_5PkNnkU Here is a list of features we have (I left aligned to make it easier to read/navigate): - Clue scrolls - In chat emojis / emoticons - Completely Custom chat - Completely Custom Combat System - Integrated ingame voice chat (no need for skype) - Website profiles | View and show off your character out of the game on the website - Imbued items - Custom raid dungeons - Custom minigames - Working dwarf multicannon - Working gold dwarf multicannon - Working royal dwarf multicannon - Fully working glacors - Team dungeoneering - No scam dicing system - Every skill is trainable - Highscores - Forums - Auto vote - Auto donation - Fully working farming - Stable economy - Multiple bosses - Multiple custom bosses - Fully working duel arena - Stable staff team - Updates daily - We add what the community wants - Fully funded by our owners - Dedicated hosting - Fully working slayer - Multiple Agility courses (with advanced courses) - Increased XP limit to 999,999,999 instead of 200,000,000 - Monster/Boss kill count available - Monster/Boss kill count highscores - Custom pk kits (log in and pk) - Co-op Slayer - Elite Staking (Custom staking system) (We still have normal staking!) - Boss Pets I will now be taking some time to explain some of the features listed above. Some of the features are a little confusing so I will do my best to explain them as simply as possible. I will also provide pictures and in the future I will provide videos. Custom Combat System This is in my opinion the most important feature. This is the root of RemotePvP, the entire server is based upon this feature and it is very confusing so please read closely. (Please note that this system only applies to some items and not all) The custom combat system revolves around the more higher tier items in RemotePvP. If you are lucky enough to receive one of these items you will notice that it uses a completely custom stat system. Each item has a rarity class and a unique set of stats assigned to that item upon creation of the item. Before we go any further I would like to give you all of the rarity classes from least rarest to rarest: common, uncommon, rare, and unique. I know most people are probably still confused so I will give an example with pictures. There is an item named "Imbued Armadyl Godsword" in RemotePvP. This item follows the system above and this is the item I will be using in the example. Jerry goes to Armadyl and is lucky enough to receive an Imbued Armadyl Godsword. Jerry examines the Imbued AGS to find it has the rarity class of uncommon. Here is a picture of Jerry's Imbued AGS and its stats: Jerry being excited about his new item calls his friend David to tell him about it. David gets jealous and decides to camp Armadyl until he also gets one of these swords. After hours of Armadyl David is rewarded with an Imbued AGS just like Jerry, the only difference is that David's Imbued AGS has the rarity class of rare. Here is a picture of David's new Imbued AGS: As you can see, David's Imbued AGS is far better than Jerry's. I hope that example helped solve any confusion. I will also provide a picture of another uncommon Imbued AGS to show you that its stats are still different from Jerry's Imbued AGS. TLDR: One Imbued AGS can be better or worse than another Imbued AGS P.S. There is a ton of items that follow this system so I will not list them all. Integrated in-game voice chat This feature is in my opinion self explanatory but I feel it is an important feature and as far as I know it is revolutionary to the RSPS community; that being said, I will touch on the subject briefly. Integrated in=game voice chat is exactly what you think it is. It is a way to talk to your friends with only the use of your voice and a microphone. This feature is completely integrated into the game so there is no need to download any third party software. The only requirement is that you have a microphone, a voice, and you are in a friends chat: once those requirements are met just hold down CTRL to let your friends hear you. Website Profiles Website profiles are very neat in a sense that you can view your character online from the website. At this moment you can only view your gear and stats (stats including boss kills and other custom tracked stats) but we have plans to include as many aspects of your character as we can. At this point in time everyone can view your character but we will soon be making it optional to be private. Imbued Items When I say imbued items I am not talking about an imbued berserker ring. I am talking about a higher tier of items that are considered "Imbued." This feature is in many ways similar to the upgradeable items in TizenX and this feature was inspired by TizenX; although, I can assure you this feature is an improved verson. I will use an Armadyl Godsword as an example. An Armadyl Godsword is an item in most private servers. When you receive an Armadyl godsword you have the option to "Imbue" it to make it stronger. The imbueing process can be done one of two different ways. The first method to imbue your items is to gain the specified number of imbued shards and use those to imbue your item, imbued shards can be obtained by killing people in the wild. The second method to imbue your items involves you bringing the unimbued version of the item to its respective boss while killing that boss. If you have the unimbued version of an item when you kill that items respective boss there is a small chance that the boss will imbue your item. No scam dicing system RemotePvP offers a no-scam gambling system to protect your items as a gambler. This means that there is no way for you to get scammed while dicing if you choose to use the system. Here is how it works: once you find a dice host you right click on them and choose the option "Dice." The host will do the same back to you and then an interface will open allowing you both to put up your items. Once you both accept the dice is locked in, you then move to a second interface where the dice are rolled. Once the dice are finished rolling the game determines who won and awards that person the items. I would like to point out that the traditional gambling methods are still available but these of course run you the risk of being scammed. Emojis / Emoticons Emoticons are just a small feature I added to help add emotion to the game. To type these emoticons just type a face and it will automatically be replaced with an emoticon. ;) Elite Staking Elite staking is the last feature that I will be explaining. Elite staking is a variant of staking that allows players to stake their items in a fight that is more based upon skill and not luck or RNG. The elite staking system is not too complicated so I hope no one gets confused. The elite staking system requires both people to stake ALL of their items on their person: this means, neither person may take any gear into the stake to use. This stake is not a box as you might think, the server supplies both people with a matching set of random gear to use during the fight. Both players get the same gear and the same inventory. I would like to mention that all other aspects of elite staking are the same as a normal stake and all the rules of a normal stake may be applied to the elite stake. Thank you for reading I have spent a lot of time making this server the best I can and I will continue to make new content as RemotePvP's community grows. I hope you decide to give RemotePvP a shot. Here are some other random images of other features or just of the server itself. Here is a gif of my version of the rainbow partyhat. Sorry for the bad quality. WEBSITE PLAY NOW
  18. Hello guys, It's me Kebab. I need help with my custom titles for a 667 RSPS. All the tutorials aren't working because I always get kicked when I wanne login after I added the titles in appearence.java. Could some one help me with this, please?
  19. Hey im trying to add a korasi or anything else into my server what file do i put the models in ? and could some one elxplain wut all these things mean when you add in a item [CODE]case 15295: itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wear"; itemDef.name = "(Already know what this is )"; //Name itemDef.description = " (i already know what this is)".getBytes(); //Description itemDef.originalModelColors = new int[1]; itemDef.modifiedModelColors = new int[1]; itemDef.originalModelColors[0] = 0; itemDef.modifiedModelColors[0] =; itemDef.modelID = ;//2529 itemDef.modelZoom = ; itemDef.modelRotation1 = ; itemDef.modelRotation2 = ; itemDef.modelOffset2 = ; itemDef.modelOffset1 = ; itemDef.maleEquip1 = ;//509 itemDef.femaleEquip1 = ;//509 break;[/CODE] Some one please help thanks :0
  20. Payza autodonation and a custom store page for 718 Help me i need this to be done asap add my skype: kenneth.rsps
  21. ZetaX is a RuneScape private server which prioritizes economy, customs, content and community. We have an active development team that cares about your opinion and suggestions and do what we can to update the server. [URL=http://"http://zetax.net"]Home[/URL] [URL=http://"http://zetax.net/forums"]Forums[/URL] [URL=http://"http://zetax.net/downloads/ZetaX.jar"]Download client[/URL] Some Server Features Include: - Active community - IPB Forums - Constant updates - Bonus EXP weekends - Well coded custom items - Loads of zones - OP items - Auto vote - Auto donate - DDoS protected - Point systems - 24/7 uptime - Achievement system - Active staff - Prestige system - Custom slayer tasks - Stable server & client - Bank pin system - Custom bosses [img]http://i.imgur.com/GixN158.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/9Bgpx72.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Cdc0RHt.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/MpcAdpB.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/eNuzJ2s.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/rdUXgOD.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/FJdqheK.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/xJ7uaoG.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/LbsiWwz.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/vozb045.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZEApBWw.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ysnU1R9.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/cnESyFv.png[/img] [URL=http://"http://zetax.net"]Home[/URL] [URL=http://"http://zetax.net/forums"]Forums[/URL] [URL=http://"http://zetax.net/downloads/ZetaX.jar"]Download client[/URL]
  22. gaia43

    custom bow issue 718

    I have gone through the work of making a bow and getting it into my 718. It is nearly ready to use but the bow pulls back instead of the string. Is there a way to make a custom bow pull back as a normal one? It would suck to have to be limited by something so petty. Thanks in advance.