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Found 9 results

  1. Okay so I cannot connect to my server and I have already -portforwarded correctly. -coded the client to my servers no-ip I don't know what else I am missing. please help. skype - Rizen255 contact me anytime or reply on this. I have team viewer as well
  2. Many great philosophers of our time, such as Terrance McKenna, believe that psychedelic drugs have a direct correlation to our evolution into man and our further evolution as man. Some people are under the believe that psychedelics are malignant where others feel they are benign. What do you believe? That psychedelic drugs are crazy or spiritual?
  3. Hello! My name is Rasmus. I look for a coder, that can keep a server alive, with fresh stuff. I can do basics myself, but I'm tired of running solo, with some boring stuff. What you should be able to do: 1: Create a .jar webclient - (Will maybe buy a domain and such) 2: Know the language Java. 3: Create some easy scripts that will be good for the server. 4: Pick an source and client that we should play with. 5: Do easy basics, like changing home etc. 6: Be ready to spend a lot of time to the server. 7: Be proffesional. Add me on skype: Rasmus.nielsen9500 You can watch my server right now, that I run dedicated. Runeecorsps(dot)webs(dot)com We will split the donations that incomes, and ofc. use them to pay the VPS - I'll ofc. pay the VPS at start. We will work through Teamviewer at start, and I hope you can live with that.
  4. crf10071

    crazy weird error

    i cant figure it out, any help? [url]http://gyazo.com/c297bc6f04bd4581c1fc3ab1def4682a[/url] If anyone can add my skype and help me, it would be greatly appreciated. skype: fresh.edits
  5. Hey Guys, I'm having this crazy glitch whenever someone dies, and then they spaan and put on an item, a fuckload of Super Restores appear in their inventory. Any ideas how to fix?
  6. So I was looking around my pictures and found two pictures of my old server with max players on it. 317: 80 (PvP when 317s first were new) 562 90 (Leeched Revenge scape when 562's first came out) 525: 46 (When 525s were brand new base: w00tsc4p3) This is some random pvp server I found on the internet I think it was Cammy pvp when it was first released. Changed home then started spamming runelocus making like 20 threads (Because of that you can only make one) That is how my servers became popular because the first pagee would have like 5 Crazy PVP advertisments. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/k4NXh.jpg[/IMG] V This is revengescape when Barrage was very new and very rare for a server to have along with mismic barrage Prayer was also rare to have and good combat was rare to. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/L2BdC.jpg[/IMG] I was like 12-13 when I had these lol 07-08: 317 2009-10: 525 2010: 562
  7. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger [video=youtube;D4iAvcl8feE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4iAvcl8feE[/video]
  8. [video=youtube;Eps7LMnjoxw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eps7LMnjoxw&feature=player_embedded#![/video] Dumb. Nuff said.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDXXaxUTf-E CLIENT DL www.crazypvp525.tk ]Come now and experince party room when I get 11 people we will have a massive drop party. Items such as whip:party-hat:coins:one god-sword and alot more! armor,weapons,clothing,styleshit so much fun ATM I have 7 or 6 online Come now and get ur prize! :Bandos mini game: Mk your wondering what that bandos mini-game is all it is is you kill the men at the were the chickens would be for an egg then you kill hte guards at var-rock for a clue scroll use it and you get a key it will be more advance in the furture... CLIENT DL www.crazypvp525.tk ____F-eature updates___ Castle wars is 70% done all I have to do is add pvp combat with will drop some good stuff and flags you click on the flag and u get the flag take it back home to for points till u win or time is out... New incoming update: PvP Minigame This mini game is were you can kill players for points money or xp and spend them on a shop very fun will be added within one week so join and be the frist to have all the armor! Latest news: The bandos quest is in update mode because it is glitched ATM you can do ::Gw so come and get rich fast b4 its 2 late! And last but not least Gw mini game It will cost you 99 summoing,5m to start it and you gotta finish bandos quest and! some other quest this will be added after PvP Minigame. So yeah Rewars will be: Acceses to Gw shop Get to godwars with all bosses good for training money and more Thank you for looking and have a nice day Lol. Whats wrong with Bandos Minigame? Well Its allmost compelete but its at 90% I got some to fix later on. Into the Makeing of PvP minigame Ok its gonna be fun you will have pk shop Fun PvP with drops! you can hang out there and chill out for a bit Custom land: Ok I'm not sure but I might add my own land with own MapData. But this will come within one week so don't get happy yet lol:D Ok I thought it would be fun to have a ticket thing go to varrock and talk to benny the dude with all newpapers when you read it you will get a random number at the end of the week the numbers wil be read off if you won you get an item of your choice anything you want or some xp in skills Its really fun Economy: Ok I hate runescape XP its too slow but my economy is isent hard isent esay makeing money is a snap its fun you wont get bored and t10+ skills to work on since it isent fast and you wont finish in 10mins and be bored it will take some time but not long. Bosses: Ok there are alot of bosses we have demons,skeleton boss, drags, some boss that lvl 900 lol KQ KBD ,bandos boss, aramdly, and the rest THERE is over 10 more bosses. XP rate: Did it mention it already? Ok so you want to be max level really fast well you will be max level fast not to fast thought if you were to mine copper ore 2 ores would get you to level 12. Fast eh? Members: Ok members is gonna be fun. In members area located there the tut island is you have 3 new bosses 5 more shops WITH customs! lol :] new commands like ::membersmine that is faster with a bank and worth more fletching is for members but that is the only skill that is members because its a pain to add lol. Now members is cash or accounts Its only 2 dollers lol any account above level 30 so its really cheap and I would buy it. And more stuff will be added like more minigames, quests and idk alot more and thats why ::suggest is there. Client Help: Ok if you get some errors like error js 5 connect it means server is offline but its not just keep reloading the client any other questions will be answered at forums. Mods None None None Admins: None None None ~~ 7 Different PvP Spots ~~ ~~ All Specs 100% ~~ ~~ Fully working Miasmic Spells ~~ ~~ Perfect Economy; not too hard, not too easy ~~ ~~ Fully Working PK Shop ~~ ~~ Balanced Weapons ~~ ~~ Fishing, Agility, Woodcutting, Mining, Crafting & Runecrafting! ~~ ~~ Staff of Light ~~ ~~ Dungeoneering Cape ~~ ~~ Donator Armour & Cape ~~ ~~ New HP Bar ~~ ~~ Working Turmoil ~~ ~~ Working Barrows ~~ ~~ Working Godwars Dungeon ~~ ~~ Corperal Beast, KBD, KQ, Jad, Dark Beasts, Barrelchest, etc. ~~ ~~ Master, Pure, Tanker & Barrowspure ~~ ~~ Working Item-on-item ~~ ~~ Fully working Donator System ~~ ~~ Quest tabs with commands ~~ ~~ 90% Working Lunar Spells ~~ ~~ Working Anti-Flood ~~ - All Summoning Pets Added! - Blue And Red Soul war capes! - New Home. - New Tormented Demon. - New Chaos Elemental Lair. - New Kalphite Queen. - Corporeal Beast - More Summoning Monsters. - More NPC’s!. - Mage Bank. - Deep Wild. - Bounty Hunter. - Jad Zone. - Staff Zone. - Fully Added Lord Marshal. - Fully Added War-Chief - 97% Skills - Nice staff - Fully Added Agile. - Great Community, With VB Forums! - Fully Added Saradomin Brews - Fully Added Restore Potions. - Custom Added Phoenix. - Working Dueling. - Full Extreme Potions. ~~ 24/7 ~~ Money makeing, Well you go to ::mine and mine copper ore till 30 then mine alot of gold or use a shiel ion the gold ore and u get 15 full inventory is 140k witch is alot when you mine rune and chisel it, it will be around 500k-1m And be rich! Noob. CLIENT DL www.crazypvp525.tk Ok you may think this is the most boreing but everyone who joins love the server it is really awesome I love it you will love it trust me just try it if you try it ill give you members for free just to have more game play its atleast 140 hours of game play its supper fun just download the client and you will be addicted in minutes