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Found 14 results

  1. When I try logging in, the game crashes and I get this message At java.net.URL.openStream(URL.java:1038) At IPAddress.method6062(IPAddress.java:127) At Class291.run(Class291.java:327) At java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) error_game_crash Just trying to play this rsps offline Edit: I just noticed there's a lot more errors than that. It seems to be connection errors. I don't have internet hence the reason why I'm playing offline. I'm a complete noob at this rsps stuff and I thought I wouldn't get any connection errors if the client loaded. What do I do?
  2. slixr

    Client keeps crashing

    My client keeps crashing because of this error? What do I need to do to fix this? [ATTACH=CONFIG]8873[/ATTACH] Updated pic. had the wrong picture.
  3. For some strange reason, whenever I try to log into my server, my client crashes right away. Crashes on any account I log into. I haven't touched anything, it was working perfectly earlier. I get this error in my cmd: [code] Error: td.A(48890973,-24) es.A(747,1,false,false,48890973) nh.H(-78) | Class190.method2615:491 Class131_Sub7.method1669:89 PacketParser.method1582:2302 Class131_Sub2_Sub16.method1549:180 PacketParser.method1581:261 client.method43:635 Applet_Sub1.method41:360 Applet_Sub1.run:875 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1117 | T2 - 56,56,56 - 9,3087,3502 - 2,-21,127,0,54,93,4,-22,2, Error: td.A(48890973,-87) un.A(true,25697,{...},false) fa.C(true,123) dn.B(2) go.D(9316) client.M(77) | Class190.method2615:491 Class204.method2730:46 Class52.method601:76 Class41.method512:68 Class131_Sub2_Sub16.method1549:202 PacketParser.method1581:261 client.method43:635 Applet_Sub1.method41:360 Applet_Sub1.run:875 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1117 error_game_crash Shutdown complete - clean:true [/code] EDIT: Fixed! My dumb ass accidentally set the client into resizeable and it makes the client crash, I have no clue why.
  4. Hey Guys, Firesparq here, This time i have a bug that i have no idea how to fix. Every now and again while playing on my server, the client just randomly crashes. There are no forwarnings, no error reports and no ideas from me. Does anyone know what is wrong/how to fix it. Cheers Firesparq
  5. Hey guys and girls, basically the problem is this i was using an erased pkz source but some of the NPC's where crashing the source so i looked for a more up to date source (the same type erased pkz) and everything seemed fine. i went to bed last night and left the source running on my VPS, when i woke up this morning the source had crashed again, im not sure if it was due to an NPC being killed again or just the source being unstable but just incase does anyone know a fix to this issue? maybe point me in the right direction? or does anyone know of a more stable type of source, i have no issues doing the coding its just been a while for me lol and i never encountered this issue when i was coding my old server. Thanks guys, and please feel free to flame all u want i enjoy it :D
  6. not sure what to do, a couple ppl wana play it but this dick keeps crashing it, ive tried ipban it didnt work.
  7. Hello, I thought I would post this because a lot of people have problems with there DSPK server randomly stop working, losing connection, and reconnecting. This happens usually when fighting. 1. Open CombatAssistant.java 2. Remove this [CODE]if(c.curseActive[18]) { // SoulSplit GFX's - CAUSES CRASH if(c.oldNpcIndex > 0) { if(Server.npcHandler.npcs[c.oldNpcIndex] != null) { try { if(c.curseActive[18] && !c.prayerActive[23] && c.playerLevel[3] <= 99) { int heal = 2; if(c.playerLevel[3] + heal >= c.getPA().getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[3])) { c.playerLevel[3] = c.getPA().getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[3]); } else { c.playerLevel[3] += heal; } c.getPA().refreshSkill(3); } final int pX = c.getX(); final int pY = c.getY(); final int nX = Server.npcHandler.npcs[c.oldNpcIndex].getX(); final int nY = Server.npcHandler.npcs[c.oldNpcIndex].getY(); final int offX = (pY - nY)* -1; final int offY = (pX - nX)* -1; c.SSPLIT = true; c.getPA().createPlayersProjectile2(pX, pY, offX, offY, 50, 50, 2263, 9, 9, c.oldNpcIndex + 1, 24, 0); EventManager.getSingleton().addEvent(new Event() { public void execute(EventContainer b) { Server.npcHandler.npcs[c.oldNpcIndex].gfx0(2264); // 1738 c.SSPLIT = false; b.stop(); } }, 500); /*EventManager.getSingleton().addEvent(new Event() { // CAUSES CRASH public void execute(EventContainer b) { //c.getPA().createPlayersProjectile2(nX, nY, offX, offY, 50, 50, 2263, 9, 9, - c.playerId - 1, 24, 0); b.stop(); } }, 800);*/ } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } }[/CODE] 3. Save & Compile. Your Done! Enjoy your server being crash-free now. - Dragonslyfe
  8. ok guys ive decided to start fixing some bugs and so forth.... im trying to add trading but when ever i have to clients logged in at once the server times out i dont know why so if you know could you maybe help if not ill figure it out i guess ;P
  9. Ok guys i finally fixed the client so now it runs but when it runs it just crashes straight up with no error in the cmd im very confused and really need help :/
  10. HEy, when I trade the skillcape shop in InsidiaX source the client crashes...It only does that if you have money in your inventory. cmd output: [CODE]Exception in thread "Thread-4" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 32895 at ItemDef.forID(ItemDef.java:12) at ItemDef.getSprite(ItemDef.java:755) at client.drawInterface(client.java:10135) at client.draw3dScreen(client.java:10888) at client.method146(client.java:14823) at client.drawGameScreen(client.java:9926) at client.processDrawing(client.java:10821) at RSApplet.run(RSApplet.java:108) at client.run(client.java:6073) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[/CODE]
  11. When this is added: [CODE]if (npcs[i].npcType == 1975) { handleCrystalDeath(i); } [/CODE] and [CODE]public void handleCrystalDeath(int i) { Client c = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].spawnedBy]; c.getItems().addItem(989,2); c.getItems().addItem(995,3000000); c.sendMessage("Congratulations on completing the crystal minigame!"); }[/CODE] crashes the server when boss is killed. [CODE][12/28/11 5:55 PM]: java.lang.NullPointerException [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.handleCrystalDeath(NPCHa ndler.java:1817) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.process(NPCHandler.java: 1666) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.Server.main(Server.java:172) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: A fatal exception has been thrown! [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for torva. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for omgitsbob12. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for balax. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for slayer. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for sir night. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for leforce. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for jamiee. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for virtus. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for d r a k e. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for doomknight19. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for kr aw ft. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for kevic. Press any key to continue . . . [/CODE] line 1817 [CODE]c.getItems().addItem(989,2);[/CODE] line 1666 [CODE]handleCrystalDeath(i);[/CODE]
  12. bl00dz

    Crashing a server?

    I've been on a few leeched servers and they are just dicks... Is there a way to bring them down for good? Ddos preferably... Explain
  13. Fixed. It's an Anti-Leech thing and wont release the fixing. Hint: It's in Player.Java