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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to make full copy's of the selected regions from the map. As example. if you start the minigame Fightcaves, Then it copy's a certain part of the map, and makes it private for that player till the controler ends. Which will destroy the copy'd plane, so there won't be 10000 copy's of that map left in the world. anyways. is it possible to make region copy's without a controler? so that it stays forever for that player? something like construction, The house that you buy comes with a certain ground. which is a copy'd plane from the map. like in a controler i got a huge part of the alkharid desert copy'd but only till the controler ends. [CODE] boundChuncks = RegionBuilder.findEmptyChunkBound(24, 24); RegionBuilder.copyAllPlanesMap(403, 343, boundChuncks[0], boundChuncks[1], 24);[/CODE] is it possible to make it last forever? just like these coordinates. [QUOTE]2143 4902 0 - dumped region from draynor[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]2344 4583 0 - dumped region from isafdar[/QUOTE] These dumped maps stay there forever, is it possible to do the same?
  2. just a question. if i copy/have nearly as same as the rs frame below, would i get sued? [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/vo0j2g.png[/IMG]