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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, back at it after years of being away, found my base, added quite a few new little things, made little things work right or better. Any tips on fixing these errors for my control panel? I do not need to be spoon fed, I've fixed all my other errors and this one is stumping me. src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:339: error: cannot assign a value riable SERVER_NAME Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:342: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_TRADE Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:343: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:344: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); The area the errors come from is as follows if (cmd.equalsIgnoreCase("Update Settings")) { boolean active = Config.DOUBLE_EXP; Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE = p.LOGOUT_BUTTON_TEXT.getText(); Config.DEATH_MESSAGE = p.DEATH_MESSAGE_TEXT.getText(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); Config.MINI_GAMES = p.MINI_GAMES.isSelected(); Config.LOCK_EXPERIENCE = p.LOCK_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); Config.DOUBLE_EXP = p.DOUBLE_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); for (int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if (validClient(i)) { Client c2 = getClient(i); c2.getPA().sendFrame126(Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE, 2458); } } return; } Thanks in advanced for any help!
  2. Hello guys, I've been googling around looking for TUTS on Control Panel, but it seems like there are only TUTS from "2011 and 2012" Which I tried but doesn't work :S Errors. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could help me with making a Control Panel. I have a InsidiaX V1 Source/Base. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.