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Found 13 results

  1. Okay so on my website I have set up a SQL to my IP which would be crimsonscape1.no-ip.org I have then edited launcher to allow this This is how my database is setup on the website and in my "Launcher" (Hidden some stuff just for safety) what am I doing wrong here? I get a connection to SQL problem. [code] public static MainLoader vote = new MainLoader("crimsonscape1.no-ip.org", "crimsons_******", "*****", "crimsons_********"); [/code] Tutorial from this topic - [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95173-Auto-Vote-Rsps-718-(Rune-Evo)[/url]
  2. Ok so basically i added the ganodermic or what ever it is the polypore armour. Basically i added that in itemdef and item.cfg and it works fine. But for some odd ass reason the ganodermic legs are glitched with mith arrows. Basically when you have 1-9 mith arrows its fine, but when you get to 10 it turns into the img of the ganodermic legs. But the id for the legs is 921 on itemdef and item.cfg and mith arrows is 888. So why are these arrows turning into the legs? I thought it was the id of the models but when i put the leggings and stuff in htere i didnt replace anything
  3. So right after i jar and sign the client, i get the html code. But when i click on it, its blank. It makes no since cause i get it directly from the jarmaker, any help?
  4. EDIT: Server works loading all clients now only on Vista OS... Windows7 is unable to host this for some odd reason even after all ports have been allowed lol thanks tho guys!
  5. I am a novice coder, so please don't call me stupid. Haha but here is my problem. I am adding this command to my commands.java file. [QUOTE]if(playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("claim")) { int [][] items = {{995, 20000000}, {1835, 1}, {11694, 1}}; if(c.checkVote(c.playerName)) { Random rand = new Random(); int randitem = rand.nextInt(items.length); c.getItems().addItem(items[randitem][0], items[randitem][1]); c.sendMessage("You received a "+ c.getItems().getItemName(items[randitem][0])+" as reward for voting!"); } else { c.sendMessage("Your vote couldn't be located in the database."); } }[/QUOTE] But I always seem to get this compiling error [QUOTE]src\server\model\players\Commands.java:1762: cannot find symbol symbol : class Random location: class server.model.players.packets.Commands Random rand = new Random(); ^ src\server\model\players\Commands.java:1762: cannot find symbol symbol : class Random location: class server.model.players.packets.Commands Random rand = new Random(); ^[/QUOTE] Can somebody fix/teach me what is wrong?
  6. pkingbandit

    So confused

    Ok so i completely deleted my source/cache/and client. I got it all back but an older one of it ig you should say. The whole time i had it the summoning tab had the interface in it, now the summoning tab doesnt have the interface but its still like in my cache. So how can i make the interface show back up on that tab?
  7. Working on the Agility Pyramid SW of Nardah. Doing fine going from ground to 1st, 1st-2nd, and 2nd-3rd floor. When I tried to go from 3rd-4th floor, it sends me to everywhere but the next floor. If it is written as a if (objectid, it will send me two floors down. Done as a stair case, and it sends me all the way to the ground. Is there not a 4th floor, despite me seeing another ledge, and set of stairs one floor up? I have it put in object form as heightLevel = 4;.....any suggestions? Edit: Took a day or so, but I got it figured out. Makes the 6th agility course that will be available in the game along with Gnome, Barbarian, Wilderness, and Ape Atoll [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/k9ujqr.jpg[/IMG]
  8. When putting your server online after portforwarding, when i go into client.java, ctrl+f, server = after that do i change it to my NO-IP e.g 'example.no-ip.org' or my IP address, e.g '' so if anyone can tell me that would be great!
  9. joeyd24

    562 confused

    Hello I am a little new to private servers, live in the middle of nowhere so have limited internet usage can't play games so decided to make a server offline for fun and learning purposes. :) Downloaded 562 runeslay base been learning a lot different from the 317 PI base I had before but i'm getting the hang of it just have a few questions. 1. how do people add places on the map? like if i teleport where a spot should be and its completely black. guessing it would be client sided? 2. if I use runeslay base but delete the npc's and monsters then start from scratch would it still be runeslay base since I am starting it all over? 3. would a higher revision be the same base just newer game items, quests, etc... added in? sorry for the random questions lol. not going to ask for help making my server, figuring most of it out on my own just confused about a few things still :)
  10. go into bounty hunter crater and i go back out and i dont see the objects i have set near the stairs of bounty hunter. its like the objects dont load.. also when i go out of crater the target overlay on the top corner is still there :S so confused tbh.. 508/525. codeusa base. i cant seem to fix this i tried objectoption. bountyhunter.java and player.java and it all doesnt work.... :S i also tried to add p.loadStaticObjects(); and p.getActionSender().removeOverlay(p); but it still shows up. help please! add my msn if you know. [email][email protected][/email]
  11. source to edit it? :( btw it's a 317 client. thanks, turm0il team.
  12. [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT] Hello everyone please tell me how to get on or to use this private server. Do I play it? If so then how? :confused: And when I signed up it said I could automatically be level 138. How do I do this? :confused: Please Help :) Thanks Guys :cool:
  13. I am confused on how this works, Help please, Thanks :confused: :p How do I get to level 138?