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Found 4 results

  1. I understand how to remove/delete objects. [CODE]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client client) { client.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, 3092, 3513, 1, 10); }[/CODE] i Have deleted a few objects but when i login for about 1 second i can still see the object until it gets removed. How do i completely remove an object so nobody sees it for a second when they login? I made a gif for you guys to understand what's happening: [url]http://gph.is/1MslZYZ[/url] Sorry for the bad quality!
  2. I would like to explain why the community seeming like its going nowhere but in reality the people who think that expect to be spoon feed everything all the time are the people who say exactly that. If you are ignorant please do not waste your time reading this thread or posting some insane immature childish comment. The true reality is private servers are progressing but the progress is not being spoon feed to the immature idiots that expect to be spoon feed each and every line of code. The community as I see it right now is slowly sinking like a carnival cruise ship. The reason is because we see stuff like Matrix and Project Insanity every other place you look. I am not going to explain in depth on the reason behind it all but should be pretty obvious to people have been observing this trend for quite awhile. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the meanwhile. I would like to encourage the community to try and learn something and do not expect to be spoon feed everything like a bunch of spoiled brats. Otherwise expect to have the community eventually fill with enough water to completely sink. Can I predict when it will be fully under water? No I cannot predict the future or read minds and I am not a physic. Just please stop complaining the community is going nowhere and pull your head out of your ass, stop complaining, and take it into your own hands. Please stop expecting other people to do it for you as its not going to magically get solved all on its own as no one is going to spoon feed you. Also please don't expect others like me or anyone else in the community to solve it for you either by spoon feeding you. The reason for me making this thread is I am sick and tired of the threads complaining about Private Servers going nowhere and offering no real solutions except arguing like a bunch of immature children and not doing anything except complain about a really non existent problem that only exists in their naive mind. When in reality its just a bunch of teenagers that act more like children then their own age thinking they are entitled to be spoon feed all the code in the world and complain private servers not going anywhere if they are not spoon feed anything over a certain period of time. Please just keep using your project insanity and matrix based servers and stop complaining that the community is going nowhere I am absolutely sick and tired of people wanting everything done for them. You either try to make your own framework that actually has proper content and is playable without stability issues by learning how to do stuff on your own or just stop complaining, asking for stuff to be done for you, and saying absurd shit like "RuneScape Private Servers are not progressing" and continue on like usual with your crappy old project insanity and matrix servers. It's already been proven the general community will not abandon the crappy servers like matrix and project insanity so please do not embarrass yourself by posting a comment on releasing a better and stable server base will fix this problem as its been done before and it doesn't work and you will just look like a moron for even saying that would remotely stop the bickering and have a real significant change among most children that expect to be spoon feed in this whole RuneScape Private Server Community. I do not want any immature comments aimed at my project Azureify as this thread is completely irrelevant to my project. I am not here to bash the community. I want to explain the false reality that there is absolutely no progress. The main point of this thread is to show that progress doesn't count as a really new completed server revision that is in a new shiny framework sitting in a download section. Progress can be defined in various different ways including an individuals progress on a certain revision or something that has never been seen done in the community before, and the individual deciding not to release it should not be ignored as actual progress. I am basically saying progress cannot just be completely defined as something new or unique in the downloads section and people shouldn't keep expecting it to be that way as that is not reality now. Thank you for reading this thread and if you cannot come up with any legitimate reasons why any of above paragraphs are incorrect without acting like an immature child then please do not comment on this thread. If you can act like a mature sane human being then you may comment. I also do not want any six or less word replies if they are ignorant and or immature.
  3. [COLOR=#800080][FONT=lucida grande][SIZE=4][FONT=georgia]Here is an old joke that I found in my email. My grandma emailed this to me back in 2009. I thought it was pretty cute. xD So I thought I'd share it with you guys. =) [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=lucida grande][COLOR=#333333] [/COLOR][/FONT][TABLE] [TR] [TD][FONT=garamond][FONT=times new roman][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][FONT=arial][FONT=times new roman][TABLE] [TR] [TD][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff409f][U][I][B]A man is driving along a highway and sees a rabbit jump out across the middle of the road.[/B][/I][/U][/COLOR][/SIZE] [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][CENTER][CENTER][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][SIZE=6][B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#800080]He swerves to avoid hitting it, but unfortunately the rabbit jumps right in front of the car..[/COLOR] [/FONT][/B][/SIZE][B][FONT=Arial] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000ff]The driver, A sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulls over and gets out to see What has become of the rabbit. Much to his dismay, the rabbit is the [COLOR=#ff0000][COLOR=#222222]Easter[/COLOR] Bunny[/COLOR], and he is [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][SIZE=5][SIZE=6][B][COLOR=red][FONT=Arial]DEAD [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][B][FONT=Arial].[/FONT][/B][/SIZE][B][FONT=Arial] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#800080]The driver feels so awful [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#800080][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]that he begins to cry.[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][B][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#800080]A beautiful blonde woman driving down the highway Sees a man crying on the side of the road And pulls over.[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/SIZE][B][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Arial] [SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff0000]She steps out of the car and asks the man what's wrong. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][SIZE=5][B][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#800080]"I feel terrible," ! He explains, "I accidentally hit the [COLOR=#222222]Easter[/COLOR]Bunny with my car and KILLED HIM."[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#ff0000]The blonde says, "Don't worry." [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][B][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#0000ff]She runs to her car And pulls out a spray can. She walks over to the limp, dead [COLOR=#222222]Easter[/COLOR] Bunny , Bends down, And sprays the contents onto him. [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/SIZE][B][FONT=Arial] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#800080]The [COLOR=#222222]Easter[/COLOR] Bunny jumps up, Waves its paw at the two of them And hops off down the road.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][COLOR=#800080][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#0000ff]Ten feet away he stops, Turns around and waves again,[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]He hops down the road another 10 feet, Turns and waves, [/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#0000ff]Hops another ten feet, Turns and waves,[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#0000ff]And repeats this again and again and again and again, Until he hops out of sight.[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] The man is astonished. He runs over to the woman and demands,[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=blue][FONT=Arial] "What is in that can? What did you spray on the [COLOR=#222222]Easter[/COLOR] Bunny ?" [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [COLOR=#ff0000]The woman turns the can around So that the man can read the label.[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][B][COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/COLOR][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#ff0000] [SIZE=7]It says..[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][SIZE=7][B][COLOR=#8000FF][FONT=Arial] (Are you ready for this?)[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00FF40][FONT=Arial] (Are you sure?)[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=teal][FONT=Arial] (You know you're gonna be sorry) [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#FF0080][FONT=Arial] (Last chance)[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][I][FONT=Arial] (OK, here it is)[/FONT][/I][B][COLOR=#8000FF][FONT=Arial] It says,[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][U][COLOR=red][FONT=Arial] [SIZE=3]"Hair Spray[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/U][/B][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial] Restores life to dead hair, And adds permanent wave."[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER] [/CENTER] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/FONT] [/FONT] [/FONT][/COLOR] [/FONT] [/FONT] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]