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Found 264 results

  1. Hello, I am new to coding. I know that its stupid but i have chosen project insanity as my base. It seems like the easiest starter and there are lots of tutorials to help me try and fix it up a little. I dont plan on making the next big rsps i just like learning how to do certain things. What i dont understand is this: i have used a blank pi and im updating to the newest osrs cache. I dont understand how to make the bosses though. I can add in zulrah but it does notgibg for example. How do i go about trying to make a boss have different hp, stats, and special attacks, not just melee or a ranged attack etc. Im not a vet in this so i need simple explanations lol. Just what file do i go into and what are some different ways i can try and start making these bosses like osrs. NOTE: I DO NOT WANT TO RIP FROM ANOTHER SERVER THIS IS FOR ME TO TRY AND LEARN PLEASE. Thank you guys a million!
  2. When I spawn a boss (;;npc 1231293 for example) it works fine.. but when I code in the boss, it's not attackable. It attacks me but I can't hit back. Any way to fix it? Thanks!
  3. i have a few years expereience coding 317 servers though it has been a long while im interested in doing work with some people or hosting a server for them you can post back on this il check it
  4. [CENTER][img]http://i.imgur.com/4dzLMHi.png[/img] This is my first services thread, I intend to offer a [B]wide variation of distinctive resources[/B] that [B]mitigate[/B] your server, ultimately [B]improving[/B] it for the better and allowing you to [B]cultivate[/B] and [B]progress[/B] through todays RuneScape Private Server fabrication. This is intended to be a [B]budget service[/B] opportunity, although if a requirement is [B]complicated[/B] or requires an extended amount of effort then [B]the price may increase[/B] for any of these options. The programming services are [B]only for 317 revisions[/B], preferably PI's. [img]http://i.imgur.com/3PH8MSf.png[/img] My name is Cal, and I've been developing using RSPS's for around 3 years ( on and off ). After a 6 month break from anything RuneScape related, an unanticipated boost of motivation to continue development came over me. With a project in hand, the resources gathered, the only thing I lack is money. Which brings me to why I started this. This is solely to gather enough funds to release my current project, along with the satisfaction of fulfilling a clients expectations. This isn't going towards a club penguin membership, the earnings from this go towards my projects vps and web hosting and other costs. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ywriXvt.png[/img] [B]Coding Services[/B] If something you require isn't listed, contact me on Skype ( contact info found at top and bottom of thread ). We can arrange a price if you enquire. [LIST] [*]Adding Elo's PvP Rating System ( Unique! More info here : [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system[/url] ) [*]Cleaning a Server ( Removing warnings, errors, rewriting code ) [*]Creating Currencies ( extras: shops and more ) [*]JARing Clients [*]Adding a Auto Cache Downloader [*]Adding Random Login Messages [*]2 Starters Per IP [*]Create a Starter Kit [*]Change Yell Tags ( Different colours for different ranks ) [*]Adding Trivia Bot ( Can add trivia points, and a shop for extra ) [*]Adding Simple Lottery [*]Fixing EXP Rates [*]Adding shops to NPC's and changing items and prices [*]Adding Staff Login Messages [*]Automatic Double Vote Point Weekends [*]Automatic Double Donation Points Weekend [*]Auto Client Updater ( webhost required ) [*]Client Launcher ( Auto Client Updater, Social buttons, server status & time, music & more ) [*]Adding Tray Icon with Notifications [*]Adding Fully Automatic Double XP Weekends [*]Adding a Basic Referral System w/ Rewards [*]Adding Teleportation Items [*]Adding Certain Commands [*]Adding Items that perform actions on click [*]Change all RuneScape Strings to your Server Name [*]Zoom In/Out Buttons [*]Sound and Music System [*]Changing Client Background ( Can include background for extra ) [*]More coming soon [/LIST] [B]Graphic Services[/B] [LIST] [*]Client Backgrounds [*]Advertisement Banners ( not animated ) [*]Additional Banners ( not animated ) [*]Login Boxes [*]Logos [*]Signatures [*]Icons [*]More coming soon [/LIST] [B]Web Development[/B] I can produce a website for you, with a forums and additional features, voting, highscores and donations are not available. Please message me on Skype if you would like a website done. [img]http://i.imgur.com/Fo1UzIk.png[/img] All graphic work is made by me, none of the following graphic work is previous work, all have been made for advertisement purposes, if you would like something similar please refer to the examples when inquiring. [img]http://i.imgur.com/8qUfjWq.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/2D7Uq26.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Mj40LLf.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZXv0ZX6.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ICNtSbh.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/kFSEg02.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/CD1GMdQ.png[/img] More coming soon. [img]http://i.imgur.com/DBVNQnG.png[/img] The price is [B]decided[/B] once we have spoken about what it is you want. Please[B] make an offer[/B], and we will work from there, [B]I will not be suggesting the first price![/B] I only accept payment through [B]PayPal[/B]. With coding work - You send your source files, and send the arranged payment. I complete the work, and send the files back. All source files and client files will be deleted and proof can be provided if needed. With graphic work - We arrange what is wanted, the payment is sent, a watermarked version is sent to you. Once we have decided the product is correct, the unwatermarked version is sent to you in multiple formats ( png, jpeg, tiff, gif ). With web work - The arranged price is payed and the work begins, over time we communicate until the website reaches the appropriate satisfaction and the work is sent to you, setup can be arranged but will cost extra. [img]http://i.imgur.com/C3WQuQX.png[/img] Any disputed payments will be noted and your name will be taken and posted on this thread, other information may be used if the severity of the actions are high. You agree to follow the listed payment steps when ordering a service. You agree to leave a vouch on this thread when the process has been completed. More terms coming soon. Please contact me on [B]Skype[/B] at : [B]cjb162[/B][/CENTER]
  5. I need someone to teach me how to code. pls.
  6. Hello there, I am looking for some new things to code onto my (PI) RSPS. I can't think of much more to really code, even though there probably might be a lot of content that others might know of so, I thought, I might be able to get some of your guys opinions about it. Any ideas, anyone can give me about anything they'd think would be good to code or have? I know most people think (PI's) are dead or useless, I actually want to keep working on this, so, I can at least maybe try and go far with it! Anyways, let me know what you think guys. Thanks
  7. Need Help with adding the GWD into my Private server. I dont know how to add/code it in my private server. I was wondering if anyone can walk me through it or maybe even have a video for it. Currently my Runescape private server does not have the god wars area in it and i would like to add it there. Also if anyone has the code for the area that would help a lot too. Thank You. Thank You, N0tbotting
  8. Hey guys! I haven't coded since delta was still a thing ;), and im looking to get back into coding! I want to get back into coding because well lets be honest guys, the world is run by computers and the people who program them, so I figured I might as well do my best to learn helpful life skills and have fun while doing it! My idea here is hopefully to create a fun project that I may or may not release, and obviously learn as much as possible while doing so. The question I have for you is simple: what source/client should I use ( some previous coding experience ) to create a server that has the potential to take it's "own path". By own path I mean maybe custom npcs, minigames, and items. I want the source to be mostly " clean " so that I can learn my server and everything in it. My next question is what IDE's are the cool kids using these days? Net Beans? Hopefully I can get some input as to what I should be looking for to get started. Any advice/links are appreciated! Thanks :cool:
  9. I am looking to set up a server using the Arios 498 source as a base. I am looking for someone who would like to co-own the server with me as a coder. I will be looking to learn Java and will be able to help with the basics early on, However I will need someone with a bit more experience to implement some of the more complicated content. I am committed to making a successful server and I will handle the in-game community and the website as well as being able to fund the website and server hosting, As my partner you will be expected to co-handle the hosting and handle the majority of the coding/scripting for the server. So, what will I be doing? - Running the server from in-game, gathering feedback and handling the community. - Running the website, handling the website hosting and design. (May need help with highscores and voting) - Polling ideas to the players and relaying this information to you as the developer. - Server advertising and promotion. What kind of server am I looking to make? - Realistic, with experience rates between 20-30 times that of OSRS. - Limited customs, majority of the content will be strictly 2007-08 with some customs such as bank tabs. - Economy based with an active player base, rather than a PK server which has players coming and going. - Clean, professional and a well emulated representation of 2007-08 Runescape. When the server becomes sustainable with donations, any profits after paying for hosting will be split between us accordingly. If you are interested and would like to discuss this further, please PM me with your Skype details and I will get in touch ASAP. Thank You!
  10. I need some help with my rsps I have my client and sever but when I open server to run I get an error and it wont load ect, if some one could help me fix this I would appreciate it, you can get ahold of me via Skype- xtimmy420
  11. I am looking for someone to co-own a 498 arios based server. I will set up the website, advertising and handle the in-game community and I am looking for someone to manage the majority of the server hosting and development. I am looking for somebody who has a bit of past experience and who is serious about running a successful server. What type of server will never it be? - 498 using the Arios base - Economy driven - 2007/08 remake with few custom features and 20-30x experience rates - Realistic Content with only essential customs such as bank tabs and bank all options If you're interested please message me for further information! Thanks!
  12. Yubbs

    Coding Help?

    Okay, so basically I started up a 317 and need a coder to help. Also I need to put it online, can someone help me put it online? I have utorrent so I don't have to portfoward. I will pay you or you can be owner/co-owner after it's all done. Thank you Send me your skype or reply on here thank you.
  13. Im playing with clients and stuff and im having a lot of trouble with the vocabulary. I've been trying to read guides and i downloaded and trying to use Eclipse. But i dont know what the server "source" is or what it means. same with "server".... i kinda know what client is its what runs the game. any other tips would be greatful, i googled and couldnt find any answers so i came here!
  14. hello im a nice coder will help in coding add me on skype skypeid--muhammadaffanpasha2001
  15. Hi guys.. If any of you guys need a hoster or a coder just talk to me or add my skype. I can host any server with no lagg, also can portforward and do anything to put the server up. I can code ur server, make a vote and donor system and all that shit u need u need. And im doing all that for a good price. Just contact me ! Add me on skype marcofaria123 or just PM me Thanks
  16. Title, add me on skype: mythaus i really want to learn how to code it sounds like so much fun.
  17. DevenRSPS

    New to coding

    I have downloaded the Insanity 317 source for my base, now i'm stuck on what to do. I'm brand new to this and trying to learn so if someone could please contact me by skype or on the forum I would appreciate it. (I know i'm a noob at this lol!)
  18. hey im coding a 667 rsps and need help changing the spellbook so they come up with a dialogue with multiple teles when you click them i am using feather 667 repack pics of the errors have been attached and the coding is below the tele locations and coords are there just need help fixing the errors [url]http://gyazo.com/d55...b5c4cfa89918cf4[/url] [url]http://gyazo.com/b64...6f73271fac9272f[/url] [CODE] package com.rs.game.player.dialogues; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.player.content.Magic; /* * *@author Sam * */ public class TeleportCity extends Dialogue { @Override public void run(int interfaceId, int componentId) { if (stage == -1) { sendEntityDialogue(SEND_1_TEXT_CHAT, new String[] { player.getDisplayName(), "Sure why not." }, IS_PLAYER, player.getIndex(), 9827); stage = 1; } else if (stage == 1) { sendDialogue(SEND_5_OPTIONS, "Where Would You Like To Go?", "Ardougne.", "Camelot.", "Catherby.", "Draynor VIllage", "More Options"); stage = 2; } else if (stage == 2) { if (componentId == 1) teleportPlayer(2662, 3305, 0); else if (componentId == 2) teleportPlayer(2757, 3251, 2); else if (componentId == 3) teleportPlayer(2809, 3436, 0); else if (componentId == 4) Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(3080, 3251, 0)); else if (componentId == 5) { stage = 3; sendDialogue(SEND_5_OPTIONS, "Where Would You Like To Go?", "Edgeville.", "Falador.", "Grand Exchange.", "Lumbridge", "More Options"); } } else if (stage == 3) { if (componentId == 1) { Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(3086, 3502, 0)); Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(2964, 3378, 0)); else if (componentId == 3) Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(3164, 3487, 0)); else if (componentId == 4) Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(3222, 3218, 0)); else if (componentId == 5) { stage = 4; sendDialogue(SEND_5_OPTIONS, "Where Would You Like To Go?", "Neitznot.", "Tzhaar City", "Varrock.", "Yanille"); end(); } } @Override public void finish; { } } [/CODE]
  19. hello i need help with coding a 718 server please email [email][email protected][/email] if you can helpme
  20. I'm looking for a partner who can bare the weight of helping me code this server. im going to be putting alot of time and effort into making this a fun PK and Player based server. I would Prefer that you have basic coding experience and maybe a little graphics knowledge. There are two spots available, 1 for the Co Owner Spot and the other for the GFX team. If you are interested pm me or simply comment on the post. we will be in touch soon.
  21. Need help coding your server ? Give me a add on skype: snakesonmid & I'll help you code your server for a small fee of $15. you can PM me on this as well..Payment will only be accepted through paypal
  22. Hello guys, I have tried & tried again to code a new mysterybox but I cannot do it so i'm asking the people of RuneLocus Here is my Code now [QUOTE] if (itemId == 6199) { if (!player.getInventory().containsItem(6199, 1)) { return; } int[] items = { 15426, 20077, 22327, 20084, 10487, 14713, 18667, 15374}; Item chosen = new Item(items[Utils.random(items.length - 1)], 1); player.sendMessage("You open the gift box and have found x1 <col=ffff00"+chosen.getName()+"!</col>"); player.getInventory().deleteItem(6183, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(chosen); return; } [/QUOTE] I want it to give me something like when i open i get 995 50.000,000 or something like noted items. 386 500 ya know? if anyone can help id appriciate it. I know for a fact that SS has this method aswell so it is possible Skype Isaiah.jm
  23. minuz

    Free coding

    Hey everyone, Im from argentina 17 years old, i have been with rsps since 2009 and have played i would say 300+ servers and had some of myself (with a friend on mine who was really good at coding) but i never learnt proper coding i just did the forums/advertising work. After so many years i decided i really want to learn java coding. I will be free coding for anyone who wants to teachs/show me how to code/do what he asks me, i know really few things so if you take the time to explain me i will do the coding for you totally free. Any interested add me skype and we can talk more about it : francominu Thanks
  24. minuz

    Free coding

    Wrong section, delete please im making a new one.
  25. Hey guys i need partner for coding cuz its bored code alone. Add me on skype if you are interested. My skype: king4le