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Found 70 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is a basic tutorial for new coders learning how to get started when coding 718 Server. This is simply a Tutorial on how to get yourself going when Coding your own 718. I will Make sections in this tutorial you can jump to instead of reading threw all of it. I will be covering the Following Areas -Downloading Jdk and jre7 -Finding a Source to begin with -Making yourself Admin/Owner -Setting up a new Home/Xp Rates/Name and so on -Changing locations of Npc's/Adding items to Shops/Editing prices. -Making Custom Titles -Creating New Ranks - How To Add Bonus XP To Donator Ranks Downloading Jdk and Jre7: if (username.equalsIgnoreCase[/CODE] and change the name to yours once again. Secondly- You wil want to go to Commands.java once you are there scroll down threw the commands you will see some commands as this - if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("killall") && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("daniel")) {[/CODE] and some like this - [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("donorshop")) {[/CODE] now basically what these mean is that because the 1st code has a name attached to the command only that person can perform that command which is very handy for ;;god and such. the 2nd command i have shown has no name attached so any admin can perform that command. go threw each command and change "Daniel" to your name or if you want all admins to use it just remove the : [CODE] && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("daniel"[/CODE] Allways hit save and compile. then run and you wil have admin rights in game. i no for a few such as " Lost Realm and a few others" you wil need to type ;;admin. and wil set you admin in game. [/Spoiler] Setting up a new Home/Xp Rates/Name and so on [B]Changing Server name & Home-[/B] This is pretty simple basic stuff, Firstly go to [B]Settings.java[/B] and you will see this [CODE]public static final String SERVER_NAME = "TEXT";[/CODE] after that change "TEXT" to the name you have selected for your rsps. simple and done. Scroll down to - [CODE]public static final WorldTile START_PLAYER_LOCATION = new WorldTile[/CODE] when you see that you wil see coords for the current home simply change the coords to which location you want to be home, to do so find the location you want and type ;;coords or ;;mypos ingame then press ` and it wil open the Developers Console and wil tell you, your current coords. then simply change the rest of the locations to the new one you have chosen. You wil also see Skilling xp rate, that is the xp rate your players wil recieve, you can lower or raise it to your liking. if you are making a Eco based Server i do Recommend the Skilling xp to be rather low. [/Spoiler] Changing locations of Npc's/Adding items to Shops/Editing prices. [B]Changing Npc's Location-[/B] now this can be a Drag Different for each server.. for most it wil be [B]npcspawning.java[/B] same as changing home you will want to find the coords for the new locations you want your npc's to be at, once you got coords id suggest writing them down so when you go to change there all there ready to change. simply just change the location to the coords as such - [CODE]World.spawnNPC(494, new WorldTile(2724, 3486, 0), -1, true, true);[/CODE] For me its completely different i go to [B]unpackedspawnlist.txt[/B] scroll down should find something like this - [CODE]//home shops[/CODE] under that will be Npc's Id's and coords simply edit the coords to the ones you written down so that npc wil be moved to the location you choose. once done hit save, ( Now always remeber once you pack npc's you need to search for "PackedSpawns" folder delete the folder, hit compile save your work and run, now you have moved home and your npc's. [B]Editing items within shops-[/B] This is allways a fun one to do, basically you are editing what items you want in a shop, go to [B]unpackedshops.txt[/B] you will see several rows containing - [CODE]1 995 true - Herb Store - 199 50000 201 500000 203 500000 [/CODE] pretty basic stuff 995 = You can only buy with gp. Herb Store = Store name 199-50000 = the id of the item and how many and just Repeat. [B]Editing Shop Prices[/B] - Allways a hassle to do.. but needs to be covered, Shops.java is were all of the Prices will be for your items in any shop, Basically you need to open up [B]Shop.java[/B] once you are there, you will need to scroll down or search the following photo : [IMG=http://i.imgur.com/J3GxOCQ.png] So basically "GetbuyPrice" anything under that is the Buy price. so if you added the following Code : [CODE]case 1739://cowhide item.getDefinitions().setValue(10000); break;[/CODE] Case 1739 = the item id and //Cowhide is obviously the name of the item. Now as for .setValue(10000); the 10000 is how much you want that item to buy for, and as always break; to end it. As for Selling prices Same deal except you are going to want to add it all under [IMG=http://i.imgur.com/Yw5ZMmd.png] Pretty simple but can be confusing to some people. Making Custom Titles I have allready Explained in Detail on how to Make Custom titles, please follow the link Provided for more information. [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?91729-Custom-Titles-amp-Colours"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?91729-Custom-Titles-amp-Colours[/URL] Creating new Ranks I have allready made a Detail Tutorial on how to create a new Rank please use the Following link for more Information [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?94171-New-Ranks-In-Depth"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?94171-New-Ranks-In-Depth[/URL] How To Add Bonus XP To Donator Ranks Hello, This is a quick tutorial on how to add bonus XP to Different donator ranks, such as ( Donators, Extreme Donators, and Vip Donators. It's fairly simple process, I will explain how to do it, and what it all means. Firstly Go to Skills.java, you can find this by going to, src-com-rs-game-player then scroll down to the bottom and it will be there. Now search for this line of code [IMG=http://i.imgur.com/QcmoS0O.png] once you are there you should see something like this: [IMG=http://i.imgur.com/RlDtDpJ.png] If you don't have this, then your donators wont receive bonus XP , so add this piece of code in underneath [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= [B][COLOR="#000000"]player.isDonator[/COLOR][/B]() ? Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE; else exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE + 3 : Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE;[/CODE] Basically, it will operate from your skilling XP rate in settings.java, then for donators you add your Bonus XP such as the ( +1 ) and it's the same for combat XP rate, this will only work for [B][COLOR="#000000"]Donators[/COLOR][/B] since we have made it as [B][COLOR="#000000"]player.isDonator[/COLOR][/B]. If you want to add more XP or lower XP for different ranks such as Extreme donators for example you would add the same line of code such as : [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE + 5 : Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE; else exp *= player.is[B][COLOR="#000000"]ExtremeDonato[/COLOR][/B]r() ? Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE + 3 : Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE;[/CODE] Be sure to make it as Extreme Donators and not Donators, you can do this for every rank you desire, you can increase XP and Combat XP, or Decrease XP and higher Combat XP, there are a few Different ways of doing this, this is one of the most efficient ways to do this. If you have any questions feel free to let us know in the comments below! If you have any questions or any issues feel free to Contact me, or Make a help thread, Hopefully this updated Tutorial will help more people out when starting a 718 Server. If you would like another Tutorial on how to do something feel free to contact me and ill make a detail guide on it. Cheers
  2. Skype: Arrowzflame101 Or tell me why should I hire you in forums.
  3. Don't worry about nothing I have money to pay people. I just want someone like "Jack" use to run Deadlypkers. That's the best server of all time. If someone can do that I will pay you. Format that you need use so I can tell if I should invite you. Name: Why I should choice you to be my coder? Skype: Have you ever made a RSPS? You ever been a admin or mod before in the past? Do you know java and C++? Can you create a game that people likes if so explain? Are you willing to put time in it? I have the money but do you have the skills I'm looking for? Can you fix bugs easy? Can you create a system that will run great with out getting hacked? Can you make a nice website that will be easy to understand?
  4. I'm on my project to start my old server from 2007 Pur3zScape, my skype name is Padron.erick_2
  5. Hello everyone I am currently looking for one or two experienced developers/coders for a 718 source. I need a hand-full of stuff added. Nothing to major. Just some minor things that will improve game play a lot. Myself and two other "staff" will be assisting you in whatever way possible. You will be well paid. I look forward to hearing from the community! Thanks everyone!
  6. Hey Runelocus. I'm an owner of a new and upcoming RSPS server, and we're looking for some developers. We need map data and things as well. If you're interested, add me on skype: pullapalooza And yes, I am willing to pay. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to start my 718 RSPS or a 317 RSPS and honestly have just a small idea of how to code. I can code stuff like buff, nerf, change the price, move npc but nothing to advanced. Im not looking for someone to manually script a new skill but someone just to help me put up a server for me and a few friends for educational purposes only, not looking to start a franchise lol. If you can code and are interested, I can pay you to teach me or how to put up my own server. Thanks for taking the time to read this, add me on skype to contact me Nick.swag11
  8. i really need help with a rsps i have changed the name for most things but i have checked everything or i think i have and i was just wondering if someone could come on and help me to fix the things i cant thank you add me on skype skype name : benzo123321 things need fixing: Roof is bright white with snow texture npc text server messages and chat quest tab has writing i dont want also Dharoks axe
  9. I am new to coding and want to work on a blank source/client to start off with and work from their i have little knowledge in programming so i will be needing a lot of help :) but i am patient and will try to get things done i'm from UK so if you could be from around that time online or from UK that would be helpful a lot... my 317 server i want to start it as unique as possible with great content. Most bugs/dupes patched, exp will be hard, to give the Eco a nice feeling to the start of release! (when most players will join) i will tell you a little bit more about how i want it and you can tell me things you would want to add to... thanks, if you could post a Skype name below that would be great =)
  10. I've been into runescape private servers for a while, i've recently started getting money into my paypal, meaning i can buy a vps. I'm looking for developer(s) to help with coding, If you are interested please add my skype. As far as money goes, as long as i get to pay the next month off , then the rest of the donations will be split between me and the coder, some goes to developing costs so dont expect like $30 a month. Anyway, If your interested Add my skype: Ryanzrampage, as I probably wont read this thread.lolking
  11. Hello everyone , I'm going to start a server , I'm looking for a couple of coders to start a server. What I have in my mind = Starting a Runescape 2007 Remake server I still don't have any source! I am looking for a Development team so every coder extra would be good Atm I have 2 coders I have a VPS Contact me on Skype : Lsdevil112 What I would like to know is : Coding Experience scale 1 to 10 : Previous Projects: Requirements : - Needs to be contactable. - Has Skype. - Has Coding experience between 4-10. - Can code atleast 3-4 times a week Apply now! Q - Why do you want to start a 2007 remake? A - Because i'm sick of jagex milking players their money!
  12. We are in need of some Content Developers (coding) for our 2006Remake, our current source is RuneSource. Demands - Must be able to code 1-2 hours per day. - Must be loyal - Must be active - Listen to instructions - Get duty's done on a good time-scale. - Must have very good knowledge in Java - Can work on time-limits We will be looking for around 1-3 developers. If you feel like you would be happy to take a position please contact us via Skype. Skype - Mszayzo
  13. Hello, After research on all rsps we found the weak spots and the things that needs to be improved to become a great rsps. we also build up a decent player base who would join. We have been looking the past few months for people who can code. Why? we need people we can hire to create, maintain a rsps server. this in exchange for payment. we are not sure if we will be able to offer you a contract but that's for later on. (all interesting people received a message) The question right now is; do you think you have the capacity creating a professional rsps, hosted by professional and real employees? of course you won't be the only coder. we are looking for more people. If you are interested we can range a Skype call to explain more and maybe an agreement. if you think you are one of these people but we didn't send you a prig message, then please post below or pm. kind regards,
  14. Hello everybody! My name is John, and I am a Forum Administrator and Community Analyst for the brand new 2006Revived RuneScape Private Server. We are in need of coders to help us out with the server. Of course, there are requirements to join us: [LIST] [*]15+ years of age, [*]At least 2 years of prgramming experience, [*]317 server experience, [*]Work well with others, [*]Actively coding everyday until coding completed. [/LIST] If you are interested in joining our team, please visit [URL="http://www.2006revived.com/"]http://www.2006revived.com/[/URL] and post on the forums or add my skype: jon.niemiec. Remember: First come, first serve! Regards, John
  15. [B]Hello, Im Faded im starting a new RSPS, and im needing a coder and also a staff team!, thanks! Skype : mikeeuton23 Teamspeak IP: [/B]
  16. SSo, I am re starting a project. For those who have been in the RSPS community for awhile, I have been around since 2005 or so. The best RSPS I ever played was "Lost-pkz" and if you were around during those times, you would know what I am talking about. Anyways, I want to bring a server back to its feet. I am seeking experienced developer(s). When (notice I am saying WHEN, not IF because I know if I have a developer as committed as I am to the server, we WILL succeed). I WILL be paying, so I really would like someone really good and someone who wants to make money as well. But, I need to know you're committed to being MY developer. I am looking for someone who knows their shit well. If you are interested, please post here, PM me & show me some of your old work. I need to know what you can do. Or, add me on skype and we can go from there: MahdyE23 *I can do everything forum sided pretty much. I have vBulletin forums already up, will be doing auto donations and forum + server integration. Regards, Mahdy.
  17. Needing A advanced coder that can code a 718/742. Will be paying 1 coder 50% of donations. Plus a $50 bonus when the server goes online. A lot of work has been done, but still a lot to do. Must be able to code at least 5-6 hours a day or so. You can contact me on Skype at live:iamguthark
  18. jakescapev1

    Advanced coders

    Are there any advanced/trusted coders out there that will do coding services for me if i pay them? Revision: 718 Skype: Jake.starr6 I'm not looking for like pay by hour but like, "pay you 20 dollars to do this" sort of thing. Also client sided things.
  19. im using heavenpkz source and client, and im looking for glitches/dupes, or anything that needs to be added or changed. btw it is gunna be leeched right now but im changing everything including home/drops/customs/login screen/already changed login box/train/minigames. ect, ect so dont tell me its a leech cause i know lol. all tester get mod spot when server is finished PM me, or add me on skype at trisidia17
  20. Warning WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE UNDER 1 YEAR OF CODING 'Unique Server' 'Great community' If you have a tendency to flame please do not even bother to reply to this. We accept all ages as performance is not put upon an age of someone. Requirements: ( Please answer ) Coding Years of 718/742 servers and which ones provide evidence : Will you be active and be an active member of our servers and community : Skype : ( We don't want people who pay so please don't post if interested in getting paid ) ( We do not just let anyone onto our secure servers ) ( We do not recruit anyone must have a good reputation ) ( We will not be giving you " co-owner " titles etc you will be placed under surveillance for one month until given " developer " title
  21. I need coders that know what there doing , i have a project for you if you are interested. I allready started with the sever ,just need too fix and add alittle more things too it ,willing too pay ,tying too make it like exemptionx 525-634 ,add me on skype primal.torva if interested
  22. Hello the people who is looking at this post, this is a post for all the Runescape server creators! You must all unite to create the biggest Runescape Server ever! Why go up against each other, why not be working together? This server I've been thinking of is a server starting off at it's classic state and making it's way to Pre-EoC. You want to know how this could be done? Two things, trying and believing. Right now you're thinking what is this kid on about. I'm talking about a experience for all players to enjoy. Runescape wasn't popular till around 2005-2006 to what I believe. Let people enjoy the changes that Runescape brought us. So please, to all who have created servers, those who own those classic, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 servers, expand yourself into something way bigger than a server with at least 50-100 or even 100-1000 players. Make yourself and the people who helped you make the biggest Runescape server around. Even though Jagex brought back 2007 but at a $5 cost? Don't you want to play the server you actually loved with money? NO! You want to enjoy it without paying. Everyone! Let your players know, let your community know. Let us unite into one massive Runescape community and create a Time-line of our own! Lets recreate gaming history and restore Runescape's honer and create the greatest server ever known!
  23. Hi everyone, The reason I am coming to you today is to search for a team of dedicated, experienced java coders, also 2 php coders. All expenses regarding hosting of the server, web host, and domain is taken care of. I have a dedicated server with 4 cores cpu and 7 gb ram available for use on this project. I am looking to start up a Large scale server, of the 718 revision. My plan is to start off with one skilling world, and later move on to have two worlds, on skilling on pvp dedicated. When joining this project you ARE joining as an owner, and everyone on the team has an equal say as to what we do. If you are interested please PM me, reply to this thread, or contact me via skype(preferred):Microchip1233 Thank You.
  24. Title says it all, I'm willing to pay up to $100 USD to get help from someone with my 718 server for 1 week. Probably about 6-10 hours of work, tops. Add me on skype: cyrus.abrahim Please post your skype: Previous examples of your work: What you're good at coding (server or client): Your age: What languages you know: how often you're available: Thanks guys!
  25. Please leave your skype here