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Found 6 results

  1. Im a web dev that is looking for a coder for a server. i have my own vps and website ready i just need the coder and the source let me know if your interested im paying 40% of montly donations*NEGOTIABLE* (before i make all the payments) off to whoever wants to be my Co-Owner / Dev [WAYS TO CONTACT ME] Skype(austinthompsonrs) <Preferred or here works too.
  2. 1.needa coder that can port forward 2. .jar client's 3.make webclient 4. add emotes will pay if needed i have sky as my internet provider Skype - ish3zz add me on Skype for contact
  3. Hey guys ! So, i just put my RSPS online and i can code pretty okay not really good but i did enough to make it good enough to put it online . I need a professional coder to help me out hosting the RSPS, if you are a GREAT programmer , please reply to this thread or email me @ [email][email protected][/email] telling me about yourself and what you can do. I'm also looking for a GFX designer , if you can do GREAT graphics like logo's , banners, backgrounds, web development , please reply to this thread or email me @ [email][email protected][/email] . Thanks ! My server is @ internity317.com , you can also find me there. Thanks for your time. :)
  4. I am looking to start a server and basically buy a VPS and play on the server we create. I would need you the coder/co-owner to help with basically everything. I would like help picking a source and making my dream of owning and co-owning a server come true. I do have some ideas of what i want to be done. I will be paying you month;y if you decide to join with me! We can discuss further your pay and what the server will look like if you choose to contact me further. Thanks!
  5. I have an already established server, is running on a dedicated pc. Its only a few days old! Its a delta based server so looking for someone preferably experience with those. Please click [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?81145-pandemic-arena-317-excellent-pk-great-economy-new!-24-7&p=681608#post681608"]here[/URL] to view the server. CONTACT ME BY PM!
  6. Need Someone To Help Code More Complex Things For My Server They Will Get Co-Owner We Are Aready vps hosted and have 25+ players and on 2nd page place 17 on runelocus Go to [url]www.Project-Redemption.com[/url] to see it or add me on skype mark.lister482:p