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Found 630 results

  1. Look for a coder that has experience with RSPS's. We can talk about prices and details once we get in contact. Skype : [email protected] Look forward to talking business
  2. I am new at coding and I'm looking to make a pre-eoc/osrs server. with some uniqueness of course, But I don't know much about coding, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me in the slightest. I wanna do some hands-on learning and get a server online within the next few months ^-^ Add me on Skype please: Live:thewidower96
  3. Looking for a 317 coder/ Partner, must know how to code well, this project is a ikov remake, i have purchased a powerfull dedicated server already, webhost and finished vbulletin forums. Add me on skype: edgar.correia20 Server profits are split 50/50
  4. I have a website, vps, source, and client, I was working on this server for about a week but I no longer have the time I need to work on the server. I need someone to code for me, you will receive half of all donations once i recoup the fees i had to make the server
  5. Hello, Project Angel is requesting A Modeler, A web designer and also a coder. To apply, we would like you to have a decent understanding of these jobs whether it be self taught, or from courses online etc. All staff will be paid, prices can be arranged on Skype (Check bottom for Skype name) if you're interested in either of the jobs, money can be presented with in-game items/ranks or money can be done via Paypal (Can go more into detail when on Skype). Project Angel is a 317 server which has a VPS and is currently looking for players. If you think you can help us out, please follow this template: [LIST=1] [*]What role would you be interested in? [*]Do you have past Experience, if so how long? [*]Tell us about yourself: [*]anything else that may support your application: [/LIST] How to get in touch: SKYPE: Shastaa_ (trying looking for Daniel Hunter |) Neil.Avalos
  6. I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I need an experienced and capable coder to develop a private server that is as close to OSRS as possible in every fashion (317 with no later items/models/animations). Without quests/diaries, and other extras that will be specified. I'm willing to pay for your work and we can discuss further through Skype. This server will be for personal use, and for friends as well. I will not open this server to the public. If you don't think you're fully capable of this work don't reply. If you do believe you can complete this work; leave a reply, I will PM you my Skype. Once added on Skype send me a PM specifying your username on RuneLocus. Payments will ONLY be made through PayPal.
  7. Currently looking for a coder for rsps, I do have a vps and domain, hosting. pm me for my skype, it is a must have to communicate.
  8. 13joshieboy

    Need a coder

    Hello I want to make my own raps not sure wat type I do not know anything about coding reason for needing I will do everything else we can come to a arrangement for ether fixed price or a long term investment I have a few people already waiting to join have loads of ideas and unique please pm me your Skype to talk in depth or add me Joshua.beatty1 I live in London as I know there are two accounts thankyou
  9. Hello, :) I am starting my project, I am i need of a couple coders. I will be paying every coder For their help,Dedication and Time. If you're interested in being apart of my project shoot me a private message :D
  10. [CENTER][SIZE=3]Hey Guys! Me and my buddy are working on a project. But we both have the same level of knowledge about coding, which we aren't beginners. but we are average at the best. So we are looking for some one that wont only help us with our project, but to help us expand our knowledge as-well. I can give my contact info in any way, just ask for it. Thanks for reading guys! We hope to hear from you soon!!! Feel free to reply post![/SIZE][/CENTER]
  11. inder09

    Need a coder!!

    im looking to work on a 317 i know how to do abit of stuff myself but im looking for an experienced coder to do stuff for me of coarse pay is included depending on what you do and other benefits leave skype below or pm me
  12. kamil


    need one can help me with coder on my server with me and have fun with ;)
  13. i am trying to make a new rsps now i got some ideas and abit of knowledge but i want someone who knows there stuff i can pay them if needed reply below with your contact info if interested i have kik and skype
  14. title says it all , I got will take care of all : Hosting , Advertising and website Should start from new clean source Planning to make a 24/7 project that will survive for ever and become one of the greatest if interested add me up on Skype : "Luay.Husam" Thank you
  15. Goodmorning everyone, I have a 317 server loading 502 with great graphics. Looking for a decent coder and a partner :) my server is almost done just a few things left. I can Host + Advertise , need a webmaker too :) Add me on Skype if interested : "luay.husam" sincerely, Funny. Thank you. ;) Will make you Co-Owner :D
  16. I'm currently working on a 317 and i need a coder who can be a partner with me and code the server. once the project is done i will buy a strong vps straight away and get web hosting + domain. So i am really looking for a good coder. post your skype or just pm me your skype and from there we will talk and then you can have access to the source and client. My main goal is for this project to be as big as servers like ikov or soulsplit. - Exile317
  17. Starting my Project on a (actually not sure on the revision i want to do yet) Revision, If anyone is interested in Starting the project with me Go ahead and Private message me :) All Help Will Be accounted for and Rewarded =)
  18. Hey, I need somebody to do a few jobs for me. I will pay you rather well and proof of funds are available. I need: Duel fixing, since the older owner fucked everything up. I need: Kalphite Queen lair fixing (It is all black and you can just see here and a little bit of her lair) I need: Trading / dropping problem fixing (Tells everybody they are trading whilst using the same IP) I need: A few objects at home are misplaced and need to be replaced. Thanks guys!
  19. just need someone who can code really well i can code as well but i need a guy that can work with me in the process message me on here or post below ur skpye name if ur intersted ill get with u.
  20. Well I want to re-launch an old server I was running over 2 years ago. It was called HeavenlyHeroes (can be changed) and it has a pretty cool source already. This was the old advertisement thread: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?73972-HeavenlyHeroes&highlight=heavenlyheroes[/url] So I'm looking for someone who's experienced in coding a 562 (this one is running 657) I would like to launch it in like a week but atm there are a couple of bugs I want to get rid of first. If you become co-owner you will obviously get a certain percentage of the donations. Send me a private message if interested or mail me: [email][email protected][/email] Cheers
  21. I'm looking for some 1 who would code my server I have source and client just needs to be coded ect but I also would like some thing added to the server such as a custom owner crown ::di (donator island) ::staff (staff zone) admin power be changed (were they can't spawn items or max, but be able to trade) dragon kite shield lime whip lava whip barrows whip bandos whip dragon whip lime santa hat if you think you can code this stuff send me a private message with a price (please nothing insane), (or can give co- and 60% of donations)
  22. paying through paypal, add me on skype camros2
  23. in need of a coder lemme know if you guys can help. i have a 317 server
  24. im looking for a coder for a RSPS I will host it and it ill be 50-50 owner ship between us, if interested message me on Skype "xtimmy420"