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Found 17 results

  1. Does anyone know of a server close to 2007Scape (Old School RS)? Nothing extremely modified please. Something with a a great community. Thank you.
  2. hey guys, so i want to add a close window text button on the top right corner of the items kept on death interface. this is my code: [CODE] public static void itemsOnDeath(RSFont[] wid) { RSInterface rsinterface = addInterface(17100); addSprite(17101, 0, 0); //17101,2,2 addHover(17102, 3, 0, 10601, 1, "Interfaces/Equipment/SPRITE", 17, 17, "Close Window"); addHovered(10601, 3, "Interfaces/Equipment/SPRITE", 17, 17, 10602); addText(17103, "Items Kept On Death", wid, 2, 0xff981f); addText(17104, "Items you will keep on death (if not skulled):", wid, 1, 0xff981f); addText(17105, "Items you will lose on death (if not skulled):", wid, 1, 0xff981f); addText(17106, "Information", wid, 1, 0xff981f); addText(17107, "Max items kept on death:", wid, 1, 0xffcc33); addText(17108, "~ 3 ~", wid, 1, 0xffcc33); rsinterface.scrollMax = 0; rsinterface.interfaceShown = false; rsinterface.children = new int[12]; rsinterface.childX = new int[12]; rsinterface.childY = new int[12]; rsinterface.children[0] = 17101; rsinterface.childX[0] = 7; rsinterface.childY[0] = 8; rsinterface.children[1] = 17102; rsinterface.childX[1] = 480; rsinterface.childY[1] = 17; rsinterface.children[2] = 17103; rsinterface.childX[2] = 185; rsinterface.childY[2] = 18; rsinterface.children[3] = 17104; rsinterface.childX[3] = 22; rsinterface.childY[3] = 50; rsinterface.children[4] = 17105; rsinterface.childX[4] = 22; rsinterface.childY[4] = 110; rsinterface.children[5] = 17106; rsinterface.childX[5] = 347; rsinterface.childY[5] = 47; rsinterface.children[6] = 17107; rsinterface.childX[6] = 349; rsinterface.childY[6] = 270; rsinterface.children[7] = 17108; rsinterface.childX[7] = 398; rsinterface.childY[7] = 298; rsinterface.children[8] = 17115; rsinterface.childX[8] = 348; rsinterface.childY[8] = 64; rsinterface.children[9] = 10494; rsinterface.childX[9] = 26; rsinterface.childY[9] = 74; rsinterface.children[10] = 10600; rsinterface.childX[10] = 26; rsinterface.childY[10] = 133; rsinterface.children[11] = 10601; rsinterface.childX[11] = 480; rsinterface.childY[11] = 17; } [/CODE] so basically the problem is that the close button is there on the top right corner and it works, only thing is you cant see it because there is no text saying ''close window' or no 'x' button. also another problem is all the addtext commands are not working, as in you just cant see any text on the interface, could that be the problem? Thanks for any help :)
  3. I'm making a website, got my domain attempted to work on it but I realized after a couple of days I'm not a web developer :S Anyway, I want to get this site up and running asap, however I need a really good homepage, I could leave you a spot on the team, but I have no more money available to splash out on people. So be a good Samaritan and help a brother out. Thanks. skyp3: xalloh
  4. Dont know if it's allowed but im close to things i need on DeviousPK if there's still nice people who can vote it would be cool thanks. [url]http://www.deviouspk.com/vote.php[/url] Nick: X Y
  5. Dont know if it's allowed but im close to things i need on DeviousPK if there's still nice people who can vote it would be cool thanks. [url]http://www.deviouspk.com/vote.php[/url] Nick: X Y
  6. Jbud

    Need Help! So Close!

    I'm so close start my server making journey. But i've hit an obstacle. Please help. I'm using the runelocus starter pack and the Compiler doesn't work this is the current code: [CODE]@echo off color 5 echo================================================ echo===========CREATED BY FATMESS=================== echo================================================ echo================================================ echo===========Runelocus client compiler============ echo================================================ echo PRESS ANY KEY TO COMPILE pause title Client - Compiler javac -d bin -sourcepath src/*.java src/sign/*.java pause[/CODE] And when i compile: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/rarbe0.png[/IMG] My current environmental is PATH [CODE];C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin\[/CODE] This suits my current version of java also my run works perfectly
  7. Backstory: Posted this a few years back for some bullshit 'unique experience' thing I tried to pull off. It failed miserably. The new Battle of Lumbridge sounds pretty close to this. [quote name='Josh'] The God of Chaos, [color=red]Zamorak[/color], has violated the Edicts of [color=green]Guthix[/color], and now with the help from his followers, plans on taking over Misthalin and Asgarnia. [color=beige]Bandos[/color] and [color=brown]Armadyl[/color] led their armies, side-by-side, in a spontaneous alliance it hopes to end this before [color=green]Guthix[/color] wakes once again and fulfills his promise to destroy the World, and all that is on it. However, they were abushed by statgically located [color=green]Zamorakian[/color] agents, particlarly [color=red]Lucien[/color], [color=red]Hazeel[/color], [color=red]Iban[/color] and most notably, [color=red]K'ril Tsutsaroth[/color] and his body guards. All of them are now placed with other [color=red]Zamorak[/color] followers into hidden caves, plotting their next move. [color=blue]Saradomin[/color], being the last surviving God with the ability to even harm [color=red]Zamorak[/color], retaliates in full force. He takes over Kardarin, killing King Laros, and has control over all cities up to Taverally. The Gods realize that if they have any forces in the Wilderness, [color=green]Guthix[/color] would surley take notice, so they avoid there and fight solely in Misthalin and Asgarnia. However, in a new element, unlike the previous God Wars, humans are the deciding factor in this war. This is [b]The 6th Age[/b]. [/quote] Just heard about RS3 via Reddit and went to check it out. I came pretty close to calling it. Sorry if this isn't the right subforum, its been awhile.
  8. Phaloy

    No bank close button

    My server will not show me the close bank button neither the bank all button, but they're both coded in? [CODE]public static void configureBank(RSFont[] TDA) { RSInterface Tab = addTabInterface(23000); addText(23003, "", TDA, 0, 0xFFB000); addHover(23004, 3, 0, 23005, 3, "Interfaces/Equipment/CHAR", 21, 21, "Close"); addHovered(23005, 2, "Interfaces/Equipment/CHAR", 21, 21, 23006); addHover(23007, 4, 0, 23008, 5, "Interfaces/Bank/BANK", 35, 25, "Deposit carried items"); addHovered(23008, 6, "Interfaces/Bank/BANK", 35, 25, 23009); //addText(19999, "Combat Level: ", TDA, 0, 0xFF981F); Tab.children = new int[7]; Tab.childX = new int[7]; Tab.childY = new int[7]; Tab.children[0] = 5292; Tab.childX[0] = 0; Tab.childY[0] = 0; Tab.children[1] = 23003; Tab.childX[1] = 410; Tab.childY[1] = 30; Tab.children[2] = 23004; Tab.childX[2] = 472; Tab.childY[2] = 27; Tab.children[3] = 23005; Tab.childX[3] = 472; Tab.childY[3] = 27; Tab.children[4] = 23007; Tab.childX[4] = 450; Tab.childY[4] = 288; Tab.children[5] = 23008; Tab.childX[5] = 450; Tab.childY[5] = 288; Tab.children[6] = 23008; Tab.childX[6] = 3000; Tab.childY[6] = 5000; RSInterface rsi = interfaceCache[5292]; addText(5384, "", TDA, 0, 0xFFB000);//cheap hax rsi.childX[90] = 410; rsi.childY[90] = 288; }[/CODE] Anyone know what is wrong? My bank at the moment > [url]http://gyazo.com/e2938268efb86b808be7f24333aa6b65[/url] Please comment if you see anything wrong, Thanks in advance.
  9. Yeh, The problem is that if two players trade with each other and one of the players moves, the trade window closes for the one that moves but not for the other player. The same thing happens if one player iths the "x" in the top right corner . If you know how to fix this or how to disable moving/clicking the"X" in trade plz reply =]. Also intressted if some1 knows how to fix right-click trade.:)
  10. In server.java under [code] public static void main(java.lang.String args[]) throws NullPointerException, IOException { [/code] add this [code] java.awt.Frame frame = new java.awt.Frame(); frame.addWindowListener(new java.awt.event.WindowAdapter() { public void windowClosing(java.awt.event.WindowEvent e) { System.out.println("Saving all players."); synchronized (this) { for(Player p : PlayerHandler.players) { if(p == null) continue; PlayerSave.saveGame((Client)p); lastMassSave = System.currentTimeMillis(); } System.exit(0); } } }); frame.setVisible(true); [/code]
  11. Ok so when in trade, the "x" button in the top right corner that closes trade, people on my server have lost a few items through this, im trying to find the button code in, buttonhandler.java but i have no idea what the code is, i want to make this button useless, i guess if i find the code i can just put "//" infront of it?
  12. I've been using this source and when I open the bank there's no button to close it. I have to close and restart my client every time I want to check my bank. Is there any sort of code I can use to create one? Photo: [ATTACH=CONFIG]4236[/ATTACH] Please help. Thanks in advance.
  13. I seriously was almost this close to destroying my computer. I died five times during this boss fight. I ran out of food for about 5 minutes and managed to stay alive with 32hp at the end:D [IMG]http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/4965/e445ed0ca8554312993e588.png[/IMG] One of his special attacks were these red blood things called bombs, they would hit you 500-700+. He also had another special where he'd tele you onto one, and another that would darken your screen and hit you 500+ if you didn't turn your back and camera.
  14. In my server's bank, there is no "Close Window" button, how do I add it?
  15. locked before i had the chance to reply [COLOR=#222222][FONT=Times]fine mods go ahead lock. you guys just can't accept the fact r-s > runelocus as much as id like to think the other way. ik this is a rsps community but that only gives more the reason to have an official server add on: i might as well be banned as well[/FONT][/COLOR]
  16. hey, i got an interface that dont got a close button. (its for the ::commands.. it actually got 1 but dont appear.. no pic) so how can i add the pic? please help me :) thanks alots..
  17. My players of my server have reported this error while they try and load the servers download client. I can get on it on my computer, don't know whats happening. Please help! :(