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Found 4 results

  1. So, I recently found an error in my clanchat when a moderator types in the clanchat it shows up the "Donator" symbol instead. Anyway to fix or change? Trying to find a fast fix. Any help is appreciated I looked through my ClanChatHandler, Client, and ClanChat.java but I could have passed it. Thanks!
  2. I know most of the 562 developers have moved onto RE/Matrix and like 600+ servers. But this is for the people who actually use 562 Rs2hd still. [code] public void sendClanChat(Player p2, String from, String clanName, String message) { int id = messageCounter; if(id > 16000000) { id = 1; } byte[] bytes = new byte[256]; bytes[0] = (byte) message.length(); int len = Misc.encryptPlayerChat(bytes, 0, 1, message.length(), message.getBytes())+1; StaticPacketBuilder spb = new StaticPacketBuilder().setId(137).setSize(Size.VariableByte); spb.addByte((byte) 1); spb.addString(Misc.upper(from).replaceAll("_", " ")); spb.addString(Misc.upper(from).replaceAll("_", " ")); spb.addLong(Misc.stringToLong(clanName)); spb.addShort(p2.getIndex()); spb.addByte((byte) ((id << 16) & 0xFF)); spb.addByte((byte) ((id << 8) & 0xFF)); spb.addByte((byte) ((id) & 0xFF));; spb.addByte((byte) p2.getRights()); spb.addBytes(bytes, 0, len); messageCounter++; player.getSession().write(spb.toPacket()); }[/code] Replace your sendClanChat code with the one above.
  3. [URL]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?19616-562-ClanChat-with-great-Lootshare-base&highlight=clanchat[/URL] I followed the tutorial above, and I need help with a error it gives me. I fixed everything but the part that says.. [QUOTE][COLOR=#333333]You need to remember to import![/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]Add this in com\rs2hd\packethandler\[/COLOR][/QUOTE] [CODE] public class ClanPacketHandler implements PacketHandler { @Override public void handlePacket(Player player, Packet packet) { switch (packet.getId()) { case 36: //Clan joining String owner = ""; if(packet.remaining() > 0) { owner = packet.readRS2String(); } if (owner.length() > 0) { World.getWorld().getClanManager().joinClan(player, owner); } else { World.getWorld().getClanManager().leaveClan(player); player.getSettings().setClanOwner(""); } break; case 47://Ranking String name = Misc.formatPlayerNameForProtocol(packet.readRS2String()); final int rank = packet.readByteA(); World.getWorld().getClanManager().rankMember(player, name, rank); break; } } }[/CODE] I've tried many methods to fix this, and always got 80-100 errors, but without doing anything this is the error I get. [QUOTE]Preparing... Compiling core... src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\PacketHandler.java:11: class ClanPacketHandler is pu blic, should be declared in a file named ClanPacketHandler.java public class ClanPacketHandler implements PacketHandler { ^ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\PacketHandlers.java:19: cannot access com.rs2hd.pack ethandler.PacketHandler bad class file: src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\PacketHandler.java file does not contain class com.rs2hd.packethandler.PacketHandler Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpa th. private static PacketHandler[] handlers = new PacketHandler[256]; ^ Press any key to continue . . . [/QUOTE]
  4. Got error with adding it: [CODE]src\tony\model\NPC.java:216: cannot find symbol symbol : variable killerHits location: class tony.model.NPC if(!killerHits.containsKey(pl.ge tUsername())) { ^ src\tony\model\NPC.java:219: cannot find symbol symbol : variable killerHits location: class tony.model.NPC int damage = killerHits.get(pl.g etUsername()) + pl.getSettings().getChances(); ^ src\tony\model\NPC.java:219: operator + cannot be applied to killerHits.get,int int damage = killerHits.get(pl.g etUsername()) + pl.getSettings().getChances(); ^ src\tony\model\NPC.java:219: incompatible types found : <nulltype> required: int int damage = killerHits.get(pl.g etUsername()) + pl.getSettings().getChances(); ^ src\tony\content\clans\ClanSave.java:25: cannot find symbol symbol : method submit(<anonymous java.lang.Runnable>) location: class tony.WorkerThread World.getInstance().engine().getWorkerThread().submit(new Runnab le() { ^ 5 Errors.[/CODE] Really dont have a idea how to fix it.