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Found 9 results

  1. Hey There, I am looking for a Coder (developer) to help code a rsps. Money will be involved, (Please only reply below if you have experience). Again, i repeat money, and a coding job for the game will be offered. Thank You. Message me here, or post below.
  2. Not sure if there is already a thread for this. Well I've always loved the game Fall Out 3, so ye :D
  3. Sethy

    Choose My Character

    K so idk what to play in WoW atm, so I'm gonna let you guys choose for me. You need to pick between male/female, and then race/class. So you have 3 picks. [B]Races[/B] Human Dwarf Night Elf Gnome Draenie Worgen Pandaren Orc Undead Tauren Troll Blood Elf Goblin [b]Class[/b] Warrior Paladin Hunter Rogue Priest Shaman Mage Warlock Druid Death Knight
  4. Can someone help me with multiple Xp rates when you start out? rookie = 0, average = 0, legend = 0, in player class but im keep failing could someone show me good tutorial or someone team viewer me?
  5. Are there any guides or tut's on how to change the starting stat's for new players. For example Max skiller hybrid pure etc etc This would help me out alot, thanks. PI base btw.
  6. If you could choose to go ANYWHERE in the world, where would you choose to go? I'd wish to go to London or Canada.
  7. After having a LONG think, and hearing opinions from a few of RL members, I have decided which two sources I am offering to re-create. Whichever source has the highest votes by 11:59 PM -UK- (3rd september) That will be the source I'll use as my server. Of course, I will edit it a little bit, add a new teleport, couple different shops, change a few commands etc... But the majority of it will be the Original server that was voted for! I'm not too sure whether I should use the same name or create one my own, I'll probably make a new name. I have the forums already set up, I belive I have a hoster, So... The server will be online within the next 1-2days. The sources you can choose from are: FrugooScape - A Spawn server, with an old interface. Well kown for it's ::ranarmor and :: pickup command. Not all stats trainable, able to wear a skillcape without having the 99, etc... *PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVER WILL TAKE LONGER THAN A COUPLE DAYS TO BECOME ONLINE, IT HAS MANY BUGS AND GLITCHES THAT WILL TAKE ALONG TIME TO FIX.* Type: Spawn Revision: 317 Graphics: Simular To RS back in 2003 9(in my opinion) Dds-Specz - An Eco server (good economy, pking, trading, dueling, skilling, combat) Well known for it's stable-ness ? Has some really interesting coding involved within the server. Type: Eco Revision:317 Graphics: RS from 2006/2007. *THIS SERVER WOULD BE UP WITHIN A DAY. AS I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR QUITE A WHILE ALREADY*
  8. If you had a chance to choose a Car or a house what would you choose? i would choose a house :)seems perfect for me a big one:P
  9. Hello, Does anyone happen to know how to add choices to the chatbox? As seen in some NPC dialogues? Like this: (Dont mind the old gameframe, just a quick picture from google) [img]http://www.runehq.com/image/specialreports/naturerunecrafting/duelingringteleports.gif[/img] I know that this question may sound pretty noobie, but I am not so experienced with 562's and all ^^ Thanks ~Alex EDIT: NVM figured out :p