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Found 9 results

  1. [SIZE=5][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Special Offer For Runelocus Users[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] Hello, Im Dennis from BurstVPS i would just like to let everyone know about my newly founded hosting company. [B][U]What We Do[/U][/B] BurstVPS is run by Linux / PHP pro's and also hosting specialists. Customer service is most important to us. We will be pleased to answer any and all questions. Our goal is to provide the best possible hardware and service for your money whether it is our Basic package or our Max plan we offer you the same quality of service. We do get offers from time to time of great special servers and when we do we will pass these on to you. We want to make your hosting experience as easy as possible. [B][U]Our Mission[/U][/B] BurstVPS have been around 4 months and are constantly growing!. We at BurstVPS offer quality hardware with reasonable limits on the number of users per server, at a fair price that everyone can afford, and most of all with the best service possible. We are offering exceptional technical support and quality customer service this is why we created BurstVPS. [IMG]http://s24.postimg.org/mf1q0q6sl/Untitled.png[/IMG] [B][U]To visit our website please [URL="http://burstvps.eu"]Click Here[/URL][/U][/B]
  2. I may not be very famous on RuneLocus but you may have seen me on other websites where I am more noticed and trusted. Let's build up the reputation here as well! [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/796zW.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#008000]Status: Service is active![/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000] (you can reply/pm me and you'll be contacted as soon as possible)[/COLOR][COLOR=#008000] [/COLOR][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ffa500]Service Introduction[/COLOR] [/SIZE][/B][FONT=Verdana]This service is to bring you what you want or need. I am capable of doing a lot of things eg. stability improvements, minigames or misc coding. Below you can view structured suggestions, examples of what I can do more in depth.[/FONT] [/CENTER] [B][COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=3]Server Offers [/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][INDENT][COLOR=#ffa500][B]Stability Improvement [/B][/COLOR]Optimizing and improving your stability to its highest while fulfilling the paragraphs below. [/INDENT] [LIST=1] [*=1|left]Ability to hold 2000 players at once [*=1|left]No/less lag [*=1|left]Hyperion game engine comes with for free [*=1|left]Cleaner code [/LIST] [FONT=Verdana][INDENT][quote name='Thock321']held 2k players with new engine ftw but i allocated 8gb memory to my server so it crashed. infexis is 100% trusted.[/QUOTE] (held ~1000 players without lag) [IMG]http://puu.sh/DBrf[/IMG] Price wanted: $30. [COLOR=#ffa500][B] Skills - NEW [/B][/COLOR]Re-writing any skill of your choice - well coded and fully working - custom(?) of your choice(if you want anything). All those skills below has already been pre-finished by me with almost all data from rs wikipedia and rs-data collection sites added and fully working. Price wanted: ​[INDENT]Agility: $12. Cooking: $10. Firemaking: $8. Fishing: $12. Fletching: $10. Herblore: $14. Mining: $10. Prayer: $6. Runecrafting: $12. Slayer: $20. Thieving: $12. Woodcutting: $12.[/INDENT] [COLOR=#ffa500][B] Error Fixing [/B][/COLOR]Fixing all your errors whether client or server sided quickly! Price wanted: ​Dependence on the error(s). [/INDENT] [COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=3][B]Client Offers [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][INDENT][COLOR=#ffa500][B]RSWorld Client [/B][/COLOR]Offering RSWorld client which has been well recognized previously in our RSWorld project thread and as well in other projects. [/INDENT] [LIST=1] [*=1][INDENT]Perfect fixed/resizeable and fullscreen mode[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]634 items, 603 animations and gfx, 508 maps and objects[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]Resizeable by window or interface[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]Toggle screen size interface[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]Interfaces(Fist of Guthix, Clan Wars, Bounty Hunter, Pest Control, Gravestone, Price Checker, Items kept on Death, Equipment Screen, all 600+ tab interfaces)[/INDENT] [*=1][INDENT]No screen bugs[/INDENT] [/LIST] [INDENT]Media [URL]http://puu.sh/ukTC[/URL], [URL]http://puu.sh/ukYL[/URL], [URL]http://puu.sh/ukZm[/URL] Price wanted: $20. [COLOR=#ffa500][B]Compatibility With Any OS [/B][/COLOR]Making your client compatible with every OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. Price wanted: $3. [COLOR=#ffa500][B]Webclient [/B][/COLOR]Making your client compatible on the web(webclient). Price wanted: $5. [COLOR=#ffa500][B]Error Fixing [/B][/COLOR]Fixing all your errors whether client or server sided quickly! Price wanted: ​Dependence on the error(s).[/INDENT] [COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=3][B] Order Form [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [code]Username: Which service do you want: Additional Information: Contact Details(prefer Skype): Timezone:[/code] [COLOR=#ff0000][B]Any flaming or unnecessary comments will be reported![/B][/COLOR] [/FONT]
  3. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/796zW.png[/IMG] [B]This thread is currently under construction. This service regards any base and revision! Ask me [SIZE=3]anything[/SIZE] server([SIZE=3]skills[/SIZE], [SIZE=3]quests[/SIZE], minigames, bug fixes etc..) or client([SIZE=3]login screens,[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]gameframes[/SIZE], bug fixes etc..) sided. I've got over [SIZE=3]5-10 vouches[/SIZE] throughout this thread.[/CENTER][/B]
  4. [CENTER][url=http://scripthostings.com/][IMG]http://puu.sh/ZWYe[/IMG][/url][/CENTER]
  5. I'm looking for a windows VPS I only have like $12 any good cheap VPS's out there? [Preferably Windows VPS]
  6. What can I do: Well I have been programming the project insanity source for some time now, and I know I can do the majority if not all of whats out there (aint doing client sided). I feel it is time for less projects and getting some vouches and respect around the community Why me?: There is no reason but I am an experienced programming, if you wish to choose me i'd be grateful for it! For sale currently: Skills ($3 each) [Near perfected if not perfected] - Agility - Cooking - Firemaking - Fishing - Fletching - Herblore - Mining - Prayer - Runecrafting - Thieving - Woodcutting - Smithing (Not near 100% yet) - Summoning (Again not 100% but close infact) - Dungeoneering (Still working on it) - Construction (Still working on it) Quests: ($1 - short | $2 - medium | $5 long) -Cook's Assistant -Imp Catcher -Lost City -Vampyre Slayer Misc: - Server Sided Clipping ($10) - Any Minigame (Must have 508 maps if wanting higher one and some may take time) (Varies) - Upgraded Combat System (More orginized and great combat) ($8) - Custom Grand Exchange ($15) (Under construction) - Boss Monsters ($3 - $5) - 100% New Banking System ($3) - 100% Loyalty system (Not much items but easily updates) ($10) - Nazi Zombies ($5) (Add most waves yourself) - NPC vs NPC ($10) - Dwarf Cannon ($8) Websites: - Custom Template (Price Varies) - Image Scroller ($3) - Forum Customization ($5 an hour) - Custom CSS (Varies)
  7. [CENTER][URL="http://infexis.net/"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/M0VQP.gif[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] [SIZE="3"]Why me?[/SIZE] I do quality work and I will immediately start on what you have ordered. [SIZE="3"]What can I do?[/SIZE] I will introduce you to the most popular things right bellow, if something else wanted post bellow. Full Pest Control(correct interfaces, pest control npcs etc..) - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$12[/SIZE][/COLOR] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/hot.gif[/IMG] Tzhaar Fight Caves minigame - [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]$8[/COLOR][/SIZE] Barrows(all effects & chest, with interfaces) - [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]$8[/COLOR][/SIZE] Re-doing basic Project Insanity combat(better & more organized) - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$15[/SIZE][/COLOR] Skills - [COLOR="green"][SIZE="3"]$5[/SIZE][/COLOR] - Agility - Cooking - Firemaking - Fishing - Fletching - Herblore - Mining - Prayer - Runecrafting - Thieving - Woodcutting Quests - [COLOR="green"][SIZE="3"]$4[/SIZE][/COLOR] (More quests are coming soon as I'm making them.) - Cooks Assistant - Imp Catcher - Animal Magnetism - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="2"]$8[/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE="3"]WarScape Client[/SIZE] - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$30[/SIZE][/COLOR] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/hot.gif[/IMG] - Fixed/Resizeable & Fullscreen mode - Gameframe switcher between 474, 508, 525 & 562 - Fullscreen & Resizeable mode in fullscreen(f12). - Newer data - Lots of latest released interfaces(for people that wants) - Windows, Macintosh(Mac) & Linux compatible [SPOILER="WarScape Client"] [IMG]http://www.upload.ee/image/1917519/Skarmavbild_2011-12-24_kl._12.11.06.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.upload.ee/image/1924012/Namnlos_7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.upload.ee/image/1925940/kbd1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.upload.ee/image/1925941/kbd2.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kGWif.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [SIZE="3"]Questions & Answers[/SIZE] Q: Is this only for Project Insanity? A: Yes. Q: How's the payment working? A: You'll only able to pay with [URL="http://paypal.com/"]PayPal[/URL], nothing else. [SIZE="3"]Vouches[/SIZE] It was long time ago I did services so I'll make taking vouches from this thread. [quote name='z0mg beast']Vouch + for Infexis, have done work with him in the past, and he helps me with various bases![/QUOTE] [SIZE="3"]Other[/SIZE] I don't have a fixed price, but we can discuss. I will put prices at some of these soon as I decide what a decent price would be for this kind of service. Any unnecessary posts will be reported. [CENTER][IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/paypal.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/visa_03.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/Master-Card_03.gif[/IMG] [URL="http://infexis.net/"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lCgxL.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]
  8. hey need hosting for my server once up what vps would be best???? also have to pay with pay pal