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Found 3 results

  1. Proper globabl charms for matrix, also add content to the arrays yourself cbf letting you off that easy. *Invalid NPCs added (NPC that doesn't drop charms) *Boss NPC's gives extra charms *Easy to configure * Added Player param so if your server loads 803+ it would be easy to add the charms go straight to inventory. (Sadly I got a 742/742 convert.) [CODE]package com.rs.game.npc; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.item.Item; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.utils.Utils; /** * * @author FUZENSETH * [MENTION=98951]infor[/MENTION]amtion Global NPC Charm drops. * [MENTION=3199]Sin[/MENTION]ce 22.10.2014 */ public class GlobalCharms { /** Maxinum amount of charms that boss can drop. */ public static final int MAX_BOSS_CHARMS = 15; /** Maxinum amount of charms that a NON-boss NPC can drop. */ public static final int MAX_CHARM_AMOUNT = 7; /** Integer array, holding the charm item ids. */ public static final int[] CHARMS = { 12158, 12163, 12159, 12160 }; /** Holds the names of NPC's that cannot drop charms. */ public static final String[] INVALID_NPCS = { "none yet" }; /** Boss npc names which drops a little more charms than basic npcs. */ public static final String[] BOSS_NPCS = { "graardor", "tormented demon" }; /** Processes global charm drops. */ public static final void excecute(Player killer, NPC npc) { for (String invalidNPC : INVALID_NPCS) if (npc.getName().toLowerCase().contains(invalidNPC)) return; for (String bossNPC : BOSS_NPCS) if (npc.getName().toLowerCase().contains(bossNPC)) { World.addGroundItem( new Item(CHARMS[Utils.getRandom(CHARMS.length - 1)], Utils.getRandom(MAX_BOSS_CHARMS)), new WorldTile(npc.getX(), npc.getY(), npc.getPlane())); } else { World.addGroundItem( new Item(CHARMS[Utils.getRandom(CHARMS.length - 1)], Utils.getRandom(MAX_CHARM_AMOUNT)), new WorldTile(npc.getX(), npc.getY(), npc.getPlane())); } } } [/CODE]
  2. [SIZE=4][CENTER]Okay so the title basically says it all, i'm using the Cintillum source and we've just realised that none of the npcs actually drop any summoning charms, how do i add in the method in NPC.java where it automatically gives every npc a random drop of charms? I followed a tutorial but i didn't know what it meant when it stated add blahblah in the SendDrop method i'm real confused if somebody could help me i'd be happy to give out moderator status, Thanks![/CENTER][/SIZE]
  3. As you probably know I have a goal to get 99 prayer and 99 summoning. I need some help getting charms for summoning. If anyone wants to help me shoot me a PM or VM. How this works is we lootshare. We can work out a price if you help me. Thanks :)