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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all, my friend just messaged me on skype today asking for some help with a homework problem he received. At first I didn't think it would take that long, but it actually made me think critically (mainly about string indexing) in order to finish it, which I feel boosted my knowledge on the subject. Even in other languages, it might serve useful. Here's the question if anyone else feels like putting their brain to the test (I have a solution if anyone wants to message me for it). To help clarify the question below: - A single string is inputted into the system. You must output line widths of exactly 20 characters (from the original string). - All spaces must be replaced by periods '.' - No words may be wrapped to the next line. - A line must NOT start or end with a period. - You may add periods to a line to fill spaces (as seen in output picture below). [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SglC0Uc.png[/IMG] A string array representation of what my program outputted (1 of many ways to do it): [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/c6733870b2c0a356ead08670b3722377.png[/IMG]
  2. The world of shoes is a big one. Bots are often used as ways to fight one another to cop a new shoe. This, is today's challenge; Create a ATC/ADC (Auto add to cart) for the following sites: Footlocker, Eastbay, Finishline, and Pickyourshoes. For those who need a little help getting started, this is what an ATC/ADC bot does. [spoiler=What ADC is]Usually a script or extension file loaded into a browser that automatically selects your size and adding to your cart. You program the size and when the page of the sneaker is released it will automatically select your size and add to cart for you to check out.[/spoiler] Second part of the challenge is to add a Twitter Scanner Bot. [spoiler=Twitter Scanner Bot info]It constantly pings twitter based on keywords to obtain and launch the link for the shoes. Twitter's API has a request frequency threshold; meaning, you can't just constantly ping it for feed updates, it's throttled, and they will suspend your API key if you exceed the limit. Meaning depending on how its written it can be ineffective. This can also be super sensitive too.[/spoiler] More points to you if you can add them to a single GUI/program/extension. Private message me the script code and a short video of how it works, and I will decide the winner. Good luck chaps.
  3. [COLOR="#0000FF"]Your going to be adding points given to people when they kill npcs and Challenge Scrolls from which require you to kill npcs, a shop to spend those points and commands to spend those points. Files Edited: client.java, shops.cfg, NPCHandler.java, player.java, npcdrops.java, autospawn.cfg, potions.java, item.java, and maybe item.cfg depending if you like your prices.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Difficulty: 2-5/10.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"] To begin, Open up your client.java and search for -[/COLOR] [CODE]character-bow = [/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]right above that line add this -[/COLOR] [CODE]characterfile.write("character-npcs = ", 0, 17); characterfile.write(Integer.toString(npcs), 0, Integer.toString(npcs).length()); characterfile.newLine();[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this means - characterfile.write("character-npcs = ", 0, 17); = go to your character file and add the line character-npcs = then a 0 and character-npcs = ' is equal to 17 characters. characterfile.newLine(); this means that there is a new line after that. Next, still in your client class find this:[/COLOR] [CODE]character-pcpoints[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and under that add this :[/COLOR] [CODE]} else if (token.equals("character-npcs")) { npcs = Integer.parseInt(token2);[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is make sure that the line, character-npcs will be written in your players character files. now open your player class and add this:[/COLOR] [CODE]public int npcs;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is declare npcs as an int and makes it save so it wont reset on logouts. Now you need a way for your players to get npc points, i will show you two ways to do this: 1: To make it so every kill gives the same amount of npc points, this way is a lot easier. open your npchandler class and find this:[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] and right above that add : [CODE]for(int d = 0; d < 10000; d++) { if(npcs[i].npcType == d) { temp.npcs += 1; temp.sM("You receive an npc point for killing the "+temp.GetNpcName(npcs[i].npcType)+"."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is declare the letter d an an integer (number) worth all numbers between 0 and 10000. The next line says that if the npc you kill has the id of d(any id) you will receive an npc point and a message saying you got said npc point. 2: The other way to do npc points will take a really long time depending on how many npcs you have on your server because you do them all individually, the advantage of this is you can easily change the amount of npc points awarded for killing an npc, of course you can use them together but then the message from the main npc points would be wrong. Annyywayy find this :[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if you kill an npc with the id of 1264 your sara kills will increase by one and it will send a message telling you your killcount. above that add this:[/COLOR] [CODE]if ((npcs[i].npcType == 3810) || (npcs[i].npcType == 3814)){ temp.npcs += 3; temp.sM("You kill a "+temp.GetNpcName(npcs[i].npcType)+" and recieve 3 npc points"); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if your npc id is equal to 3810 or 3814 you will recieve 3 npc points and send a message with the npcs name and how many npc points you just got To edit this all you would have to do is Change the npcTypes and if you want more after the second to last closing ) add this[/COLOR] [CODE]|| (npcs[i].npcType == xxxx)[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that says is "or if the npc that you kill has the id of xxxx it will do whatever it was doing to the other ones. Now you know how to add npc points and save them to your characters and how to make them given to players by killing npcs in two different ways. Now i'll show you how to add commands to spend those points. Open client.java back up and search for[/COLOR] [CODE]if(command.startsWith("onpickup")[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that but below this:[/COLOR] [CODE]private void customCommand(String command) {[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]add This[/COLOR] [CODE]if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("vesta") && npcs <= 2499) { sM("You must have at least 2500 npc points to purchase Vestas gear."); } if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("vesta") && npcs >= 2500) { npcs -= 2500; addItem(9800, 1); addItem(9801, 1); addItem(9802, 1); addItem(9803, 1); sM("You purchase vestas armour and weapons for 2.5k npc points"); sM("You have "+npcs+" npc points left"); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that does is add two simple commands., the commands have to be in that order or it wont work correctly The first command says that if you have 2499 or less npc points it will send you a message saying you must have at least 2500 npc points to buy this item. The second command says that if you have 2500 or more npc points you will lose 2500 npc points and it will give you all of vestas things, if those ids are your vesta gear, then it will send you two messages, the first one will say you have bought the vestas gear for 2.5k points and the second message will tell you how many points you have left. That is a command to buy things using npc points. Now i will show you how to add a shop using npc points. in client.java search for[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid == 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]until you see something like this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 8) { if (playerItemsN[Slot2] >= TotPrice2) { if (freeSlots() > 0) { deleteItem(6529, GetI[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Directly above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 20) { if (npcs >= TotPrice2) { if (freeSlots() > 0) { npcs -= TotPrice2; addItem(itemID, 1); server.shopHandler.ShopItemsN[MyShopID][fromSlot] -= 1; server.shopHandler.ShopItemsDelay[MyShopID][fromSlot] = 0; if ((fromSlot + 1) > server.shopHandler.ShopItemsStandard[MyShopID]) { server.shopHandler.ShopItems[MyShopID][fromSlot] = 0; } } else { sM("Not enough space in your inventory."); break; } } else { sM("Not enough points for this item."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say if your shops id is 20, it will take npc points when you buy items and it will say you dont have enough npc points to buy this item if you don't have enough points next search for this again[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid == 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]then under that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (Slot4 == -1 && MyShopID == 20) { sM("You don't have enough Npc points."); break; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]this chcks if you have enough npc points to buy th object you are trying to buy. next scroll up till you see this[/COLOR] [CODE]int Slot2 = 0;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]under that declare this int[/COLOR] [CODE]int Slot4 = 0;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]You are simply declaring slot 4 as and int. Next Search for the my shopid == 8 thing again above it add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (MyShopID == 20){ sM(getItemName(removeID)+": currently costs "+ShopValue+" points"+ShopAdd); } else { sM(getItemName(removeID)+": currently costs "+ShopValue+" coins"+ShopAdd); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]That will make it so when you click the item it will say how much it costs in npc points instead of in coins and if the shop id isnt 20 it will be in coins again. next search for[/COLOR] [CODE]myshopid != 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]until you see something like this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (Slot == -1 && MyShopID != 8 && MyShopID != 14 && MyShopID != 15) { sM("You don't have enough coins."); break; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]after the 15 add this[/COLOR] [CODE]&& MyshopID != 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]next search for the != 8 thing again and just like you did last time add this after it[/COLOR] [CODE]MyshopID != 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]And what that will do is make it so when you click on an item in shop 20 it will give you the price in npc points instead of coins now search for this[/COLOR] [CODE]wanneshop = 20[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]okay if there is something there to find just remember or write down the npcid for a minute but if you do not have any results search for this[/COLOR] [CODE]wanneshop = 8[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and directly under it add this[/COLOR] [CODE]} else if (NPCID == ****) { PutNPCCoords = true; WanneShop = 20; [/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What that does is if you click on the npcid **** it will check the npc coords and open the shop 20 in your shops.cfg ( we will be editing that in a minute.) All you have to do with that is add an npcid and remeber or write it down. Now open your shops.cfg file and add[/COLOR] [CODE]shop = 20 Npc Point Shop 2 2 2572 100[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]that will make it so when you click your npc from client.java it will open this shop.(make sure there are 4 tabs) and after that you just edit it like any other shop. Now open your autospawn.cfg and add this[/COLOR] [CODE]spawn = **** 3279 3396 0 3279 3396 3279 3396 1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this will do is spawn an npc at the coords of 3279 3396 and it will have a walk type of 0 and can walk in the box created by the next 4 x and y coords and then a 1. Obviously you can change the coords just use this format[/COLOR] [CODE]spawn = (npcID) XCOORD YCOORD 0 MAXX MAXY MINX MINY 1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Thats it I believe for Npc points, if I missed anything just let me know.[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]-----------------------------Challenge Scrolls-----------------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]To begin open your potions class and scroll down till you see a pot thing, it'l look like this[/COLOR] [CODE]case 3046: if (System.currentTimeMillis() -c.potionDelay < 700) return; c.foodDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.potionDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.setAnimation(0x33D); c.sM("You drink some of the magic potion."); c.sM("You have finished your potion."); c.deleteItem(3046, slot, 1); c.addItem(229, 1); c.playerLevel[6] = c.getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[6]) + 4; c.sendQuest("" + c.playerLevel[6] + "", 4014); c.magePotTimer = 60; if (c.playerLevel[6] > c.playerLevel[c.playerMagic]) c.playerLevel[6] = c.playerLevel[6] += 4; c.sendQuest("" + c.playerLevel[6] + "", 4014); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Now above where it states the case add this[/COLOR]: [CODE]case 2726: c.deleteItem(2726, 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Thats saays if you click on a casket it will give you three items from your challenge.reward array in Item.Java and delete your casket. Now above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]case 7281: c.sM("Kill the Chaos Ele to complete your Challenge Scroll"); break;[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]That says when you click on the challenge scroll with the id of 7281 it will send you a message telling you to kill the chaos ele. Now open your NpcHandler and search for[/COLOR] [CODE]if(npcs[i].npcType == 1264){ temp.saraKills += 1; temp.sM("Saradomin Points: "+temp.saraKills+""); }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]if (temp.playerHasItem(7281, 1) && (npcs[i].npcType == 3200)){ temp.deleteItem(7281, 1); temp.addItem(2726, 1); temp.sM("You complete your challenge and recieve a casket."); } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]that says if you kill the chaos elemental and you have the challenge scroll from earlier it will delete the challenge scroll and add the casket from earlier. Now to make c.addItem(Item.challengeReward(), 1); worth something! Open your Item class and search for [/COLOR] [CODE]randomBarrows()[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]above that add this[/COLOR] [CODE]public static int Challenge[] = {9994, 9986, 9987, 9988,9989, 9990, 9991, 9993, 9927, 9927, 7782, 7791, 7797, 7478, 9981 ,9918, 9917, 9899, 9856}; public static int challengeReward() { return Challenge[(int)(Math.random()*Challenge.length)]; }[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]What this does is say that when something adds an item from challengeReward it will give you a random item from Challenge, and those numbers are Item Ids. now to add a way for people to get the challenge scroll. open your npcdrops.cfg[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]and under any drop add in[/COLOR] [CODE]npcdrop = ****(tab)7281(tab)1(tab)1[/CODE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]**** = npcid What that does is makes the npc you choose drop the challenge scroll with a one percent drop rate[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]------------------Price--------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Okay now if you want to change the prices of the items in your npc point shop simply open your item.cfg and search for the item id next directly after the items examine info, second text area, there are 15 numbers the first three are prices, im not sure what order they go in but the are the buying value the high alch value and the selling value, just change them to what you want them to be and your done.[/COLOR]
  4. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3JkY7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/developericon.png[/IMG][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000FF]Developers[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][IMG]http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy41/tom14431996/developericon.png[/IMG][SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua] Jason GooRoo (Me) [/FONT][/SIZE] [IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/avatar/design.gif[/IMG][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080]Graphic Designers[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/avatar/design.gif[/IMG] Psycho [SIZE=4][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#afeeee]Economic Structure [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER] [I][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=#008080]The economic edifice will be built by the players and the players only. We have many and will continue to create numerous methods of generating money and items. The aforementioned vague methods will be more complex then most interaction on the server to maintain a stable economy so to explain simply for imaginative purposes, one cannot just click an object to receive ingame currency, he or she must go through a series of steps to obtain the reward which requires valuable in-game knowledge. Items in-game will only be obtainable in-game to ensure that our economy will always remain stable and no man made interruptions will be able to effect that. Donating for items is impossible. We will not go back on this, it will be impossible. We will have supporter ranks and various features for supports. We will not go back on our word.[/COLOR][/FONT][/I][COLOR=LightBlue][I][FONT=Century Gothic] [/FONT][/I][/COLOR][CENTER][SIZE=4][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#add8e6]Enticing, Everlasting Gameplay [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][COLOR=#daa520][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#008080][FONT=century gothic]Veldahar is being designed to incorporate the need of every Runescape private server playing kid out there, the need of storyline and enjoyment with everlasting continuous gameplay. Veldahar is striving to meet that goal. As we progress we plan to create and implement our own unique maps and player items but with professionalism in mind. I understand myself how hard it is to find an enticing game, I love playing COD MW3 because of the single fact that you could prestige, doing this brought so much challenge and work. It's because of this I have decided to implement a prestiging system into Veldahar. All players free and members will have the option of prestiging. This will bring enormous, everlasting updates to keep our players enjoying the game. More can be seen here:[/FONT][/COLOR] [Spoiler=Prestiging Clip] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT7vHpAzv3Y"]Veldahar Prestiging[/URL][/Spoiler] [COLOR=#afeeee][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=5][SIZE=4]Development Team Commitment [/SIZE] [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#008080]I'm not going to bore you with that mumbo jumbo about how we are not in it for the money because we are. We are in it for the money. There is no server owner out there that has a cap on what he or she can receive as a donation and one will never exist. Although money is a key aspect to keeping it online it's not the main reason we're striving to work on this everyday, it's because we wan't to see our work get recognized by a higher volume of this community and others alike. We don't wan't you to come play because you want to donate hundreds of dollars into a game that's items are intangible we wan't you to come join so that you can enjoy the actual enticing experience that we can provide for you. [/COLOR][COLOR=#AFEEEE][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]Server Costs [/SIZE] [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#008080][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=2]20.00 | Mac OS 10.8.2 (Lion) for unlimited Java 7 support - provided by Jason 50.00 | Hostgator webhosting & Virtual Private Server (VPS) - provided by Jason[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#AFEEEE][FONT=century gothic] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#afeeee][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua]Supporters (31) [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/aang/"]Aang[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/agentp/"]AgenTP[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/almagesrnubs/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Almagesrnubs[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/anthony/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Anthony[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/arrowzftw/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]arrowzftw[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/champz/"]champz[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/chrome/"]Chrome[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/coordinatesrs/"]CoordinatesRS[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/damon/"]Damon[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/demonhorn/"]Demonhorn[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/doug+wilson/"]Doug Wilson[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/geek/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Geek[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/ginuwine/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Ginuwine[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/gooroo/"]GooRoo[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/harryy/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Harryy[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/jerba/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Jerba[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/loveandpower/"][COLOR=#64cc10]LoveandPower[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/r3acti0n/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]r3acti0n[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/rypez/"]RyPeZ[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/santagod/"]SantaGod[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/scott%2A/"] [COLOR=#02B41D]Scott*[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/sdaehrevo/"]sdaehrevo[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/shawn+patel/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]Shawn Patel[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/special+air+service/"]Special Air Service[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/twisty/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/super_donator.png[/IMG][COLOR=#1C7ABF]Twisty[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/xezrsps/"]xezrsps[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/xlumbridgex/"]xLumbridgex[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/yunaaa/"]yunaaa[/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/zerak/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/super_donator.png[/IMG][COLOR=#1C7ABF]Zerak[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/_remedy/"][IMG]http://www.rune-server.org/static/crown/donator.gif[/IMG][COLOR=red]_Remedy[/COLOR][/URL] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/%60brady/"]`Brady[/URL] [SIZE=2][FONT=century gothic]If you wish to support this project all you must do is click the thank button below or reply with your request.[/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  5. This is a super easy assignment. The goal is: how many lines can you reduce your solution to (hint: functional programming)? Rule: Each statement must go on its own line. For example, if you're using Java, you cannot do hi();hi();hi();hi();hi(); and say you only used one line. Task: Print the sum of all the multiples of thirteen or nineteen up to 690,690. My code in Ruby: [CODE] (1...690690).select {|x| x % 13 == 0 or x % 19 == 0}.inject {|sum, x| sum + x}[/CODE] If the number ends with 55, you're probably correct. Have fun!
  6. This challenge is open to everyone! [B]Please don't post your scripts or answers in this thread![/B] Every so often I'll make a new problem and post it here. Feel free to PM me your answer, script and what programming language it is written in. I'll have this thread up-to-date with everyone that has successfully completed the challenge. Feel free to port your script to another language. It's a good way to learn other programming languages! If you're answer is wrong, I'll tell you and you can keep on trying :) I'll edit this post when the challenge ends with everyone's answers and scripts where different functions and what not can be discussed and the most efficient script can be chosen. This challenge is solely here to challenge your skills. You're only cheating yourself if you try and cheat. Don't share your answers or scripts with others. It allows everyone else to give it their best shot and develop their skills. [B][U]Challenge #1[/U][/B]: Calculate the total sum of every number (equal to or less than 4,500,000) that is divisible by 3 (i.e. no remainder) and is from the Fibonacci sequence. The first 10 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence if we were to start with 0 and 1: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 i.e. 0 = 1st number, 1 = 2nd number, 1 = 3rd number, 2 = 4th number, 3 = 5th number, 5 = 6th number and so on.... [IMG]http://surreal.raxweb.com/lDyRVq.jpg[/IMG] I'll be doing this in both Python and PHP :). Good luck!
  7. Your all a bunch of script kiddys including you Ikiliki so yeah, I challenge anyone who think they can beat me. Trust me, you can't.
  8. [B][SIZE="3"][COLOR="red"]Alright guys, so after reading a forum post today on a different forum, I decided I want a challenge... I'm going to be starting a diet, now, i'm not like "heavy" or anything, as you can see...[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/z459/dylcompton/150758_335426259853206_100001575048556_916414_1631269850_n.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="red"]But I really want to humor myself, so i'm going to be doing the [/COLOR][COLOR="Red"]"Apple Diet". [/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Basically all i gotta do is eat: 1 apple for breakfast 3 apples for lunch 4 apples for dinner Everyday for TWO weeks.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Lime"]I'll be updating this thread everyday for two weeks telling you guys my progress! Height: 6'3 Age: 16 Weight: 156[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  9. I was just wondering would anyone pay for a Call of duty world at war challenge lobby? Gives you 10 prestige all challenges completed all guns and perks would anyone be interested in paying for that?:p
  10. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae6CGH6xzkg&feature=colike[/url] LMFAO!!
  11. Dean

    Cinnamon Challenge!

    Well, I saw Andrew's video of him doing it over skype, and decided to watch a shitload more failures/wins of people doing the cinnamon challenge. Finally I wanted to see how hard it really was... :p I failed though, so sux2bme. Anyways, I wanted to make a thread about this, to see who can do it, so if you guys want, you should record yourself doing it, and post it on Youtube, whether it's a win or lose. Maybe if anyone wins they get a small prize, to get this shit motivational. ;D Soye, I'll make a list of people who have done it from RL, and whether they've succeeded/failed. I might post a video of me doing it too loll List of people who have tried the challenge from rl: Codeusa/andrew: failed [video=youtube;4wmIWhvKjhg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wmIWhvKjhg[/video] Dark Envy: succeeded [video=youtube;3k3a6QsnHxI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k3a6QsnHxI[/video] fargreenlight: failed [video=youtube;UUKeNYDNBmg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUKeNYDNBmg[/video] he made his video before the thread, but still ;o For those of you who don't know what the cinnamon challenge is: You need a tablespoon of ground Cinnamon You need to swallow it all without vomiting or inhaling the powder or drinking water. Can't make any of it leave your mouth or you lose. ;D
  12. [CENTER]Welcome, We're hoping you guys are up for the TrixtGaming 3 Minute Challenge, if you guys are up for it, Simply submit your video as a video Response, and set your video name as: 'Your name | TrixtGaming 3 minute challenge'. I got 62 kills 3 deaths, Deaths don't really matter, but if 2 people have got the same highest score, I will go with the person with less deaths. [B]Intro Link:[/B] [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?7fb0mr84cczi74r[/url] [B]Video Link:[/B] [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBxOvXWUmqY&feature=youtu.be[/url] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Rules:[/COLOR] - NO HACKS. - Team Death Match (Not hardcore) - Score: 7500 - Time limit: 3 minutes - Combat Training(Recruit) - 9 Enemies 1 Friend. - Must Contain our intro(Add your own also if you wish!) - Make sure you subscribe and like this video and send it around![/B] [B]You can use any class of your choice, Thats all upto you, Killstreaks are the same.[/B] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Challenge prizes:[/COLOR][/B] 1ST place - New youtube Background + Logo + Sub Box for 1 month + If you play on PC You can get a Clan Tryout!(You must be able to get Feeds/Edit/Trickshot(On any game!)) 2ND place - Youtube background + Sub box for 15 days 3RD Place - Logo + sub box for 2 days Skype: sam-parton MORE PRIZES MAY BE ADDED DEPENDING ON THE AMMOUNT OF SUBMISIONS. Challenge ends: 10/03/2012, 10th March 2012 All the best, TrixtGaming [/CENTER]
  13. [SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][COLOR="#008000"][CENTER][B][U]PIXEL ART CHALLENGE[/U]![/B][/COLOR] I don't see much pixel art going around RuneLocus, with the exception of julesmk. (who posted something today today) So I challenge you - the RuneLocus members - to give pixel art a whirl. There is no reward (if someone wants to put somthing together, be my guest, but I don't expect anyone to). No skill level required and you won't be judged unless you want to be. This is all just for fun. Just post your art on this thread and I'll put it below [COLOR="#FF0000"]( If you don't except this challenge, you're scared >:] )[/COLOR] Tips: 1) Start at [COLOR="#008000"]32x32[/COLOR] and make it bigger as you need the space. 2) Remember to shade! 3) [COLOR="#FF0000"]DO NOT STEAL![/COLOR] [U]_______________________________________________[COLOR="#008000"](Entries)[/COLOR]_____________________________________________[/U] [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae151/Toxicturn/primalbodydone.png[/img] [COLOR="#00FF00"](done)[/COLOR] - Toxicturn [img]http://i42.tinypic.com/6eivwn.png[/img][COLOR="#FF0000"] (not done)[/COLOR] - Julesmk [img]http://i44.tinypic.com/288v2af.png[/img] - Julesmk [COLOR="#008000"](Done!)[/COLOR] [img]http://i40.tinypic.com/2iiwj2f.png[/img] - Christopher [COLOR="#008000"](Done)[/COLOR] [/CENTER][/FONT][/SIZE]
  14. Trying to bring something unique here. I was just playing RS, thinking, blabla then I got the idea of an interesting challenge that should be interesting. Make a new account, and see how much money you can make on that account in a period of 24 hours. This isn't total online time, this is a real life time limit of 24 hours. When you've finished, post here. [B]Rules[/B] 1) You must make all of the money on the new account by [B]yourself[/B], you cannot use any outside sources such as other accounts, friends, etc. 2) No botting 3) You must use a new account Anyone up for it? If so post your beginning time.
  15. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr1qOZ84BCA"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr1qOZ84BCA[/URL] Will you take on the Challenge?!