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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Could anyone here recommend me a pserver with fully operational Castle Wars?
  2. Basically in Castle Wars, barricades have object properties(Can't attack/mage/range/walk over them) I've attempted adding objects to the barricades, but this isn't a great approach. The next attempt I added masks to the barricades, working completely, but the pathfinder can't walk around the barricades in one click, you have to walk all the way around. So, if anyone has the correct method to create barricades, I'd appreciate a hint.
  3. hund

    742 castle wars

    i need help adding in objects and codes for fully working castle wars including all of the listed below: bandages correctly working with right click heal; barricades which can be exploded only when 5steps away atm you can explode from 30steps... an underground which allows explodes or a pickaxe to be mined. dropping flag and taking flag needs fixing as it appears inside the inventory when dropped; able to take bucket of water from the base; and when you click take 5x bandsages from outside the barrier it goes to it and ucan withdraw which shouldnt be as it should only allow when inside the barrier as opposing team may also use and finally a working winning screen which showes who scored and what was scores. any help will be greatly appreciated and iwill pay for any help within castle wars please get to me as soon as possible:)
  4. Hey there, I'm trying to make 100% working Castle Wars on my 718 server and I'm having some difficulty with barricades. I've successfully made them stop a player when they run into one, however you can still cast spells/range over them. Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent players from being able to do this? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have quit working on RSPS a while ago but i noticed that i never finish anything I do, so I decided to finish at least one thing before i'm gone, which was Castle Wars. I have seen some decent work on Castle Wars but with bugs or just custom ideas. I am working on a server I started about 2 years ago and left to my nephew to manage. It is a Project Insanity source. Been working on this for about 2 weeks now. I am not sure if I will release anything or not. Almost everything is emulated 99% atm, lots of things need adjustments that's all ;) Link to server: [URL="http://play-fp.us"]play-fp.us[/URL] Things I can think of that i've done: Handle object spawning(atm not using my object manager but I have configured the current one to work decent, without bugs so far) Flag standards 99% Barricades 99% Added using objects delay to make it look a bit more like in runescape(not a good way to do it though :/ ) Underground caves 99% Double Doors 80% (needs adjustments) Side Door 99% Interfaces 90% Todo: Better Calculations for skills(thieving, mining, etc) finish up on clicking objects, item on objects(small stuff) Healing other team mates, etc Logging out/Disconnecting inside castlewars then coming back in minigame Catapult maybe new interface for catapult Get all correct gfx/animations Images: Interfaces work, just need to add catapult and adjust the interface. [IMG]http://gyazo.com/c73b5eb73882399638dcaa7ef242d4ca.png?1356565332[/IMG] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/21ec20636e71fb48a24e3b76d0e2af22.png?1356565550[/IMG] Collapsing rocks work pretty much 100% [IMG]http://gyazo.com/1330ce5723d7c2452d3962af88b98b5f.png?1356565957[/IMG] I'll post anything else i might of missed later. will post more content later. Post bugs/suggestions on here. Thanks.
  6. Tanner

    Castle Wars [PAYING]

    Matrix source I'll pay eithe $5 paypal or 13m rsgp for someone to fix barricades in castle wars on my 718 matrix source. "You cannot place a barricade here" It says that everywhere you try to set one when reall you should only be able not to set one i the resupply room
  7. I need someone on msn that can help me with stuff that I ask for cw will pay $5 p/h For now $5 to anyone who fixes for me in 30 minutes I can't set a barricade in matrix it says you cannot place one here. I need to make sure that I can use an explosive potion on the barricade. I need to know this fast please
  8. Hey guys, in my castle wars, the stairs, stepping stones, and some other models are messed up so they look like armor or capes, I used a couple tutorials to try to fix it but they still are messed up, I added the models into my Raw folder but they're still messed up. I'm paying 10m RSGP if anybody can fix it for me :)
  9. how do i make castle wars into well like castle wars where u can attack sara team or zammy team and steal flag and stuff? cause on this source it has monsters and you gotta kill the boss for points or something like that sounds dumb eh? lol idk where castle wars mini game is located i know under mini games and i think thats about it i would be greatly appreciate the help :)
  10. At first I had something like this (I made it a month or so ago, but it seemed pretty small to dedicate an entire thread to :P) [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae151/Toxicturn/Moonlitscene2.png[/img] Then I was curious what it'd look like beveled, so I made this: [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae151/Toxicturn/Moonlitscene_PS.png[/img] What do you think?
  11. seanlol

    Castle wars.

    Hello i need help with castle wars. it all works... expect for when you go in a team it ses "Next game will begin in 84 secounds" but it dont. [img]http://img815.imageshack.us/img815/5885/1b9d77eba3f64f4ab4f527d.png[/img]
  12. Its impossible! [video=youtube;x67VTDYXvxk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x67VTDYXvxk[/video]
  13. Yesimanub

    castle war flags?

    im making a castle war mini game on my server... and i cant seem to know where to place the flags?... since i havent played real rs since 1yr+
  14. Hi guys, I am looking for someone to add CastleWars to my PI server, and fix a simple woodcutting error, for a payment.
  15. Paying someone 10-15 usd to help me finish this: Link: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?59470-King-Of-Castle[/url] What needs done?: Basically the implementation. All I have is the base mapped out and the areas. I need to have it do the following: [LIST] [*]Randomly Select A Hill Every 60 Seconds to be "the hill(where you gain time when you control)" [*]Give Player Time when they are controlling the right hill [*]Make the hill 'contested' if more than one people are on the hill [*]Have an interface(like pc) that displays info (read bottom) [*]Reward the player with the most time spent [/LIST] Interface Displays like this: [RIGHT]Current Leader: *NAME: *TIME Current Position: TIME(RANK) Time Left: TIMETILLGAMEENDS Hill Location: CURRENTHILL[/RIGHT]
  16. I have not yet finished this, but this is the base of my king of the hill minigame. The game is located at the wilderness castle. If you want to post some better ways of doing it, I'd love to hear them because I'm not that satisfied with what I have so far. I haven't yet tested it, I just started today. When I finish, I'll post a video. [code] package server.model.minigames; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Iterator; import server.model.players.Client; import server.util.Misc; /** * King of the castle minigame. * * @author thedopekid * @email [email protected] */ public class KingOfTheCastle { private Client c; public final int GAME_TIMER = 600; public final int WAIT_TIMER = 60; private int gameTimer = -1; private int waitTimer = 60; private int timeTillChange = 60; private int hillCaseId = Misc.random2(11); public boolean gameStarted; private static HashMap<Client, Integer> playersInGame = new HashMap<Client, Integer>(); private static HashMap<Client, Integer> playersWaiting = new HashMap<Client, Integer>(); /** * @location: Wilderness Castle * @objective: Control the current 'hill' for as long of * a length of time as you can. Player with most time at * the end of game wins. - Extra achievements such as * most kills. * @reward: TBH */ public void process() { try { setCurrentHill(); setCastleInterface(); if(gameTimer > 0 && gameStarted) gameTimer--; if(gameTimer == 0 && gameStarted) endGame(); if (waitTimer > 0) waitTimer--; else if (waitTimer == 0) startGame(); if(maintainingCurrentHill()) appendTimeOnHill(c); //c.timeControllingHill++; } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public void startGame() { if (playersInWaitingRoom() < 3) { waitTimer = WAIT_TIMER; return; } gameTimer = GAME_TIMER; waitTimer = -1; gameStarted = true; Iterator<Client> iterator = playersWaiting.keySet().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { Client player = (Client) iterator.next(); if (player == null) { continue; } if (player.inHillKingWait() == false && playersWaiting.containsKey(player)) { playersWaiting.remove(player); } player.getPA().movePlayer(3029 + Misc.random3(1), 3631 + Misc.random3(1), 0); playersInGame.put(player, 1); player.sendMessage("King of the hill has started!"); } playersWaiting.clear(); } public void endGame() { gameTimer = -1; waitTimer = WAIT_TIMER; gameStarted = false; System.out.println("Ending king of hill."); Iterator<Client> iterator = playersInGame.keySet().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { Client player = (Client) iterator.next(); if (player == null) { continue; } player.getPA().movePlayer(3014 + Misc.random(4), 3631 + Misc.random(1), 0); playersInGame.clear(); } } public int playersWaiting() { int players = 0; Iterator<Integer> iterator = (!playersWaiting.isEmpty()) ? playersWaiting.values() .iterator() : playersInGame.values().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { if ((Integer) iterator.next() == 1) { players++; } } return players; } public int playersInGame() { int players = 0; Iterator<Integer> iterator = (!playersInGame.isEmpty()) ? playersInGame.values() .iterator() : playersWaiting.values().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { if ((Integer) iterator.next() == 1) { players++; } } return players; } public static void leaveWaitingRoom(Client c) { if (c == null) { return; } if (playersWaiting.containsKey(c)) { playersWaiting.remove(c); c.getPA().movePlayer(3013, 3631 + Misc.random(1), 0); return; } } public static void addToWaitRoom(Client c) { if (c == null) return; playersWaiting.put(c, 1); c.sendMessage("You have joined the king of the hill waiting room."); c.getPA().movePlayer(3014 + Misc.random(4), 3631 + Misc.random(1), 0); } public static boolean isInGame(Client player) { return playersInGame.containsKey(player); } public static boolean isInWaitingRoom(Client player) { return playersWaiting.containsKey(player); } public static void removePlayerFromGame(Client player) { if (player == null) return; if (playersInGame.containsKey(player)) { player.getPA().movePlayer(2657, 2639, 0); playersInGame.remove(player); } } public int playersInWaitingRoom() { int players = 0; Iterator<Integer> iterator = (!playersWaiting.isEmpty()) ? playersWaiting.values() .iterator() : playersInGame.values().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { if ((Integer) iterator.next() == 1) { players++; } } return players; } private void setCastleInterface() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } public boolean onCorrectHill() { if((hillCaseId == 0 && c.inCenterRoom()) || hillCaseId == 1 && c.inGroundLevelSouthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 2 && c.inGroundLevelSouthWestRoom() || hillCaseId == 3 && c.inGroundLevelNorthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 4 && c.inGroundLevelNorthWestRoom() || hillCaseId == 5 && c.inFirstLevelSouthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 6 && c.inFirstLevelSouthWestRoom() || hillCaseId == 7 && c.inFirstLevelNorthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 8 && c.inFirstLevelNorthWestRoom() || hillCaseId == 9 && c.inSecondLevelSouthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 10 && c.inSecondLevelSouthWestRoom() || hillCaseId == 11 && c.inSecondLevelNorthEastRoom() || hillCaseId == 12 && c.inSecondLevelNorthWestRoom()) return true; return false; } public boolean noOthersOnHill() { return false; } public int appendTimeOnHill(Client c) { if(!(hillCaseId == 0)) { return c.timeControllingHill++; } else { return c.timeControllingHill++ * 2; } } public boolean maintainingCurrentHill() { if(onCorrectHill()) return true; return false; } public void setCurrentHill() { if(timeTillChange != 0 ){ timeTillChange--; } else { CurrentHill.getCurrentHill(hillCaseId); //TODO: Send message to all players where //the new room is at. timeTillChange = 60; } } public enum CurrentHill { CENTER_ROOM(0), GROUND_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST(1), GROUND_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST(2), GROUND_LEVEL_NORTHEAST(3), GROUND_LEVEL_NORTHWEST(4), FIRST_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST(5), FIRST_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST(6), FIRST_LEVEL_NORTHEAST(7), FIRST_LEVEL_NORTHWEST(8), SECOND_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST(9), SECOND_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST(10), SECOND_LEVEL_NORTHEAST(11), SECOND_LEVEL_NORTHWEST(12); private int value; private CurrentHill(int value) { this.value = value; } public int toInteger() { return value; } public static CurrentHill getCurrentHill(int value) { switch (value) { case 0: return CENTER_ROOM; case 1: return GROUND_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST; case 2: return GROUND_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST; case 3: return GROUND_LEVEL_NORTHEAST; case 4: return GROUND_LEVEL_NORTHWEST; case 5: return FIRST_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST; case 6: return FIRST_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST; case 7: return FIRST_LEVEL_NORTHEAST; case 8: return FIRST_LEVEL_NORTHWEST; case 9: return SECOND_LEVEL_SOUTHEAST; case 10: return SECOND_LEVEL_SOUTHWEST; case 11: return SECOND_LEVEL_NORTHWEST; case 12: return SECOND_LEVEL_NORTHEAST; default: return CENTER_ROOM; } } } } [/code]
  17. [B][FONT=Century Gothic]This is very simple, open up [SIZE=2]IconManager.java and look for [code]icon.index = -1;[/code] Delete that and compile, Let me explain this error, when you have the icon above your head in a duel arena fight, the method is called and it removes the the error, therefore it disconnects you, same goes with castle wars when you have the flag and you die. Note: I know this been released before, but not on runelocus.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  18. Title says all paying 4 the mapdata for castle wars and fight pits
  19. Genesis

    Castle Wars

    We're still changing alot of things and hopefully can get catapults done too. But so far it's great :) [video=youtube;zb9DzcLp__g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb9DzcLp__g[/video]
  20. xxfallenangelxx

    Castle wars

    my castle wars wont work...and tbh i have no idea why..im paying 3m rsgp to anyone who can fix this. We will use a middleman. thanks add my skype xxpressyxx if you can help :l OT im willing to pay 15m rsgp to anyone who can code a working and complete soul wars. with the right things not a custom made immatation
  21. ^^ Thanks in advance ;)
  22. [SIZE=6]MY PROGRESS[/SIZE] [video=youtube;sbOmLqP7v2M]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbOmLqP7v2M[/video] Hello, Need help at: 1. when entry you must have empty inv. 2. when you leave from area you lose your items (exam. dungeoneering) I start making castle wars minigame today. [SIZE=1][COLOR="#FF0000"]And i need help at making that area fightyble. Exam: PvP area, or FunPk area. [/COLOR] [/SIZE] If someone can help me at that and i understand you tuto/ help and its work. I will add my Castle Wars minigame here Im just noob my 3 day when i make java