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Found 2 results

  1. Okay so basically i'm have the issue were when i buy a large amount of items from a shop like lets say for example 5k runes or even 1k, It doesn't show up in the inventory and lags and when you exit the shop it all slowly adds up in your inventory and you are unable to move until it finishes. This is the same for selling. Hopefully that's enough to explain for yous to know what I'm talking about. If anyone knows how to fix it please help [IMG]http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a481/KadeHamood/ezgif.com-gif-maker_zpsbvrmtvk6.gif[/IMG]
  2. Hey there. Just a little suggestion for the Black Market Section so if you are not interested in that area, don't even bother. I think that Buying/Selling accounts should not be allowed. I know the black market is wrong no matter how you look at it, Real world trading ect. But I think there is to many loophole's in it. Even if a account does not have recoveries or an email set up, they can still get it back via old memberships. I think that is like the strongest thing to reclaim an account back? And the other info, like when you created it and all that jazz. I know that Iki does not want to get involved with it, and it is between the two users. But I think this would cut back on a lot of the scam reports, and save a lot of good people from getting fucked over. And even with using an MM, trusted or w/e the account can still be recovered. This does not apply with gold because its easy and its not like the person can get the shit back after they have traded. Thanks for reading, hopefully you agree and something is done. :cool: