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Found 83 results

  1. Buying OSRS/RS3 Gold! Always for the best price! Live Support 24/7 at: www.EZRSGold.com Discord: EZRS#5916 Discord Unique ID: 493008701628612619 Payment methods when selling gold: - PayPal ( Instant Payments ) - Crypto ( Instant Payments ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sell Your Gold Here: www.EZRSGold.com
  2. Hi guys im looking for this, Payza Audondonation witha custom store page pm me here or add my skype: kennet*****ps [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6LNVKkj.png[/IMG] bump add meee BMPY
  3. Hello, Im currently looking to purchase a 667 server with the following Working nex Good combat system Slayer No antileech and some help with server Please PM me if you have anything similar.
  4. Hi! i wonder if anyone knows how i can make myself able to buy stuff from stores using the money pouch? :D i also wonder if someone knows how i can move the teleport panel from the notes, to the quest tab? :D
  5. Looking for 317 source / Client plz pm me! Thanks! Has To Be Done And Fully Working!
  6. no longer need help
  7. Job entails: IPB and webdeveloping Payment: Discuss on skype Agreement: If any bugs problems arise with your service, you must be willing to fix them afterwards. Depending on your reputation and history, you could be going first on the service i.e. service first payment after. Skype: kurdzdotorg Hi, We've got an IPB forum setup, but we've been struggling to find a good theme/skin to implement. Therefore we're buying the service of someone to create us or develop one from a pre-existing theme, a unique fantasy theme, that matches/or is similar in design to our homepage (which I will show you on teamviewer/skype). Images of our homepage will be supplied if needed. We prefer to work with someone who has done this before, so they're experienced at it. We're hoping that the theme will not get sold to any other people, and if everything goes well, more services with you in the future. Thanks.
  8. I want a source and client with osrs items added and os bosses added. The more like osrs it is, the more money i will pay you for it. The better the items work, the more i will pay. If you have bounty hunter already added into wild, then expect a good amount payed. You can pm me on here or add me on skype: Tanxx_pure thank you for your time. [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/4494193/UrKTYbO.png[/img]
  9. Source: Rune-Evo v3 - 718//753 info: not much rewards, it's nothing too serious as of the moment but I'd like someone who's capable of easily coding this source please and ty. You will not have direct access to the VPS. PM or comment :)
  10. I wanna buy your service to add highscore web, server part is already done If u wanna get payd add me on skype: multimich1
  11. Hello. I need someone who has good knowledge of WordPress and is able to fix a bug for me. [url]http://almaplushotel.com/[/url] This site is in Russian and English using WPML. The slider isn't working on the Russian part. If anyone could fix this, it would be really helpful. The images don't show on the Russian part. We can discuss the price over Skype. Add my Skype @ Samar.Devious
  12. Yea, it's a used couch but it looks nice and the guy who owns it said it's been slightly used and he said it was for a business. I may buy it. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: Looks good, what do you guys think ,he said $100 :emb:
  13. Buying RSPS community files, that has the following features: - a decent toplist, ability to add/edit your servers on the toplist using your own login info, vote for servers every 12 hours - some decent tools such as a status checker - advertisement spots Paying a good amount of money via PayPal, Message me on skype if interested at [B]austin.rsps[/B]
  14. Atiloc

    Buying advertiser

    Hello. I'm looking for someone who knows how to get quick players. My server is one of the most advanced 317s, and I need someone to help me get a quick playerbase. The server has been under development since early 2012. The server's gameplay is amazing, so I can gurantee that players will stay. I'll pay you depending on the amount of players you bring. Add my skype: gabbeisliekabawz Thanks.
  15. Buying a good, content packed, no dupes, no bugs, a lot of content source and client Paying up to 250-300 if its really that good, other wise we will negotiate... Skype: new.realityrsps
  16. ThaBomb

    Buying a coder

    skype me at loganmadeyoulaugh ASAP
  17. Well, I can buy items from my general store, but it won't buy my items. already tried the 1 1 1 2 2 1 things
  18. So Yea the title says it all iam looking for any fixes/minigames mostly minigames for 667 rsps's iam using the zenith/extintion source the price can be debated Id like u to tell me what you would like to do it for and we can go from there Minigames needed: Pest control Castle wars Duel interface also need to be fixed Iam also buying a banner if any1 is good at gfx or knows any1 good just let me know My skype is mineknight12 lol forget the name real old but id love it if any1 would like to help just let me know
  19. I'm buying a 718 source and client. Must have a Custom DonatorZone Must have 3 Donator Ranks, Donator, Super Donator, and Ultimate Donator Must have a Custom Home Must have Auto Donation System Must have 4 Different Exp Modes(Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme) Easy gives 5000xp per hit, and you have no chance of recieivng good loot, Medium is 2000xp per hit, Hard is 500xp per hit, Extreme is 1.2x normal rs exp gain. Extreme must give highest chance of recieving good loot.(Kind of like how soulsplit has it) There must be In-Game Donator Title, one for each donator rank, and a a Extreme in-game title for extreme accounts only. There must be automated double exp weekends. there must a custom weapon that hits twice per 1 game tick and is untradable/available for extreme accounts only The 4 different exp modes must be put in playersave.java to make it impossible for an account to switch modes, It must be impossible for accounts to switch modes. Finally, there must be plenty commands for owners to use, and admins accounts are to be unable to trade, drop items, sell to shop, or loose any items in wildy. I'm paying $30 for this source and client with all the things above(shouldnt be hard to make) my skype is joshuamr17. so message me there.
  20. Ace Hood

    Vps buying help

    I'm planning on using [url]https://unixchosting.com/vpshosting.php[/url] [URL=http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/Sunny5125/media/Capture33333333333333333_zps4edd33f5.png.html][IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s393/Sunny5125/Capture33333333333333333_zps4edd33f5.png[/IMG][/URL] What does hostname, Ns1 Prefix etc mean, does it need my website? and what does virtulization platform mean? This is my first time attempting to buy a vps. Or if you can't see that pic, click this link : [url]https://unixchosting.com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=1[/url]
  21. Hi all, I'm currently looking for a server to compliment my website and of course, be of GREAT entertainment. I'm only paying because I want to know it's done right, and at a high-experience level. My primary focus is the website and this will most likely be a long-term commitment. I am not going to discuss pricing or concept until I see the skill level and vouches positively towards you. Add me on skype, or you may reply to this thread. I am able and willing to do upwards of $200 granted it's done in a proficient manner. I can provide sufficient evidence that is own the damn credit card, and if you want to avoid paypal, I'll work with you to ensure it's a happy transfer. [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]You must have your OWN 474 Hyperion Server.[/COLOR][/U] Any and all development done while under the payment of myself comes the property of RuneSpark immediately after it is written. For a full list of items, feel free to ask. [B][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Boxbattle[/COLOR][/B] is my skype. Please do not feel hurt or take it personally if I deny you. Just a forewarning. I have a HUGE file containing the specifics of everything I need, which includes, but is not limited to: [LIST] [*]Server-Sided Development [*]Client-Sided Development [*]MySQL Integration [*]Forum Integration (using an API I have setup) [*]Text-File parsing based on URL [*]Complete map control (NPC spawns, player teleports, player commands) [/LIST] I'm [B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]NOT[/COLOR][/U][/B] kidding when I say you need to be able to control the entirety of the server, this is no novice job. Started out with the idea of just doing a simple server for me and a few buddies so we could tear each others heads off, but my best internet partner convinced me to go big or go home, and with him returning to the computer, there's a new outlook on Private Servers (I had given up hope). I will be pouring money into this project, and affiliate will be close to follow. Regards, [I]Shak[/I]
  22. Buying fully working/no bugs Grand Exchange Exceptions: doesn't need to have sell item slot pm me if interested in helping.
  23. Tarren

    Buying cars!! :O

    Well I might buy one of these two cars help me out? 1969 - Pontiac Firebird (green) Ooooor 2013- Chevy Camaro (red)
  24. I need NPCs to act like objects without having the need to spawn objects. I want certain 1 square NPCs to resemble 1 square objects such as a summoning obelisk. I don't want to be able to cast or range through the NPC. prices discussed over skype : tannersmexy
  25. buying auto donate or a fix to martins tutorial