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Found 89 results

  1. Hello, the problem is i get black screen and a broken text once my cache is downloading, could you help me please? Here are a piece of code, maybe this you need... /** DOWNLOADING LOADING IMAGES **/ try { for(int i = 1; i <= 3; i++) { if(!new File(signlink.findcachedir() + "load"+i+".png").exists()) { HttpDownloadUtility.downloadFile("http://LINK.net/client/load"+i+".png", signlink.findcachedir()); } loadingSprites[i - 1] = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(signlink.findcachedir() + "load"+i+".png"); } super.graphics.drawImage(loadingSprites[0], 0, 0, null); super.graphics.drawImage(loadingSprites[1], 5, clientHeight - 35, null); } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }
  2. Going to make this short and to the point if you want to talk more message me or reply. I've played Runescape and RSPS for since like 2007 and i'm at the point where I dont want to play real RS anymore it's just too much of a grind. I've spent a countless days and nights on private servers of all sorts and know a ton about the needs for a good server. I'm offering to help in any way that doesn't involve coding. I can NOT code. I've been an Admin, Mod, and support a few times on different servers. I am NOT asking for any type of staff position, I just want to play a fun server and be able to help out in any way I can. I can advertise, help players in game, manage forums, whatever needed. Just reply or message if I can help at all.
  3. hillspk20

    pi bolt bug

  4. The changepassword bug abc123 [CHARACTER] character-rights = 3 [EOF] works on my server how do i fix?? or how do i even type it properly to work? i tried but didn't work but some people did it earlier
  5. Hello I'm a player of a server A couple of bug abusers came on and trashed the server I played. They kept causing the server to crash and implied admin powers to themselves. The coder cannot find whats wrong and I'm asking for public help so we could move on and try to build this server from the ground to the top. I enjoy playing this server and If anyone has hands-on experience and knows the problem of our source or could refer us to a more stable and bug-free source, that would help a ton. Thank you. Kind regards, Player of a rsps
  6. hillspk20

    logout bug

    I have a pi source and when people log out and in they gain 10 hp and idk how to fix this can someone please help me???
  7. [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]Hello Runelocus, I've noticed a small bugg on the homepage that has to do with the navbar. The last navbar element goes out of its box when hovering over the element. I took a quick look at it and saw that the UL with the id "menu-simplog-main-menu" has its width set to 105%. I am not sure why that was done, I locally changed it to 100%. That caused a problem that the last ul came on a new line. So I lowered the font-size to 16px (from 17px) and it turned out nicely. Before: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/rY8wzEB.png[/IMG] After: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZZhaYQo.png[/IMG] Just thought I'd share the issue so it can get fixed, I've been looking at this bug for quite a while now and it started to annoy me. Sincerly, Jordy[/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. when you have the interface which allows you to select quick prayers and then change from normal prayers to curses and and select curses quick prayers aswell then hit confirm it uses the prayers you selected on normal prayers and the ones you selected on curses aswell. i use the altar for a method the players can use to switch prayers; so far i have come up with this. [CODE] } else if (objectClicked == 47120) { if (this.usingQuickPrayer) player.sendMessage("Please close your quick prayers."); return; } else { if (player.getPrayer().isAncientCurses() == true) { DialogueManager.sendOptionDialogue(player, new int[]{874, -1}, "Switch to normal prayers.", "Keep using curses."); } } if(player.getPrayer() .isAncientCurses() == false) { DialogueManager.sendOptionDialogue(player, new int[]{875, -1}, "Switch to curses.", "Keep using prayers."); }[/CODE] doesnt seem to work though. any suggestions?
  9. ok, so. when i switch from normal prayers, to curses, it still shows the normal curses on the bottom.. The server is Goudont [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/IVfP5Sg.png[/img] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Dd6DoGo.png[/img]
  10. When you have max cash in bank and try to add more cash your from inventory the cash still gets deleted from inventory regardless of the fact that theres max cash in your bank I had a little go at it. not sure if its anything close to the fix. I added it to "public void addItem" in bank.java heres the code i wrote. int playerAmount = player.getInventory().getContainer().getNumberOf(item); int index = bank.indexOf(item); Item item2 = bank.get(index); if (playerAmount + item2.getAmount < 2147000000){ playeramount - item2.getAmount; player.getInventory().deleteItem(item.getId(), amount, slot, refresh); } Any thoughts?
  11. pubes

    [PI] Inventory Bug

    Hey, everytime I move an item in my inventory, it doesn't work when I click on it. (Equipping armor, eatting food, etc.) It only works if I move the item to its original place in the inventory (The slot it entered after being withdrawed from the bank). The only thing that works is drinking potions after I move it to a selected inventory slot. Please help!!! ClickItem class: [url]http://pastebin.com/YvjNx8CW[/url] ClickingButtons class: [url]http://pastebin.com/T0CT1Sr1[/url]
  12. raivoolen

    [PI] Trade Bug!

    Hey i need help with this: Player A trading items with B, Both accepts and after this A relog and he will get items back :C There is video: [video=youtube;F8drAd08ewY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8drAd08ewY&hd=1[/video]
  13. How do i fix this? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/V5XQCHm.png[/IMG]
  14. How would I be able to fix it? this is what happens, and happens to most servers ( At least the sources I've tried ) - Open equipment interface to see your skill bonuses ect... - Close interface with "x" button. - open a new interface such as the bank. What happens now is your inventory is 'bugged' shows no Tabs ect... (If you know of this problem you would know what im talking about) Now I was thinking where ever the "exit" method is for the interface, needs to have a Refresh? I'm not sure I will look into that idea but for now If you guys already know how to fix this, it would be appreciated. Thanks guys lolking
  15. Hey guys, There is an issue with the equipment interface after using the bank, this is on all original 718 matrix base's released by Dragonkk. I have been looking for several hours now through the code to see if i can figure what is the problem with it, from what i can see there really shouldn't be an issue.. While in-game you use the bank and then close it --> then click on Show Equipment Stats it does not open the final interface for the equipment bonuses, you have to click away on the minimap then click Show Equipment Stats again to get it to open the interface. I am just wondering if anyone knows any fixes for this any hint/tip is would be very helpful. A rep + a thank you is considered in any information on fixing this. Thank you if you have read this post please please please feel free to post any reply to my topic it would be much appreciated
  16. NexusRSPS

    Vengeance bug?

    When i cast vengeance on my project insanity server, it does some weird freezing animation, and my account wont use veng, (if someone hits, the damage will not hit him back) UPDATE: It actually works only on players.
  17. Ok, ive just added tutorial island to my project insanity server by using this tutorial: [url]http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/snippets/504188-pi-decent-tutorial-island-pi.html[/url] But after i completed that tutorial, and i relogged, then my inbox is keep sending messages "you cannot teleport out from tutorial island" and i can't teleport [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/2QjS953.png[/IMG]
  18. As you see, im trying to equip elysian spirit shield, but it goes to my helm slot. How do i fix this? i've read several tutorials, but none of them didn't work. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NS6Iu7n.png[/IMG]
  19. distryct

    ranged lvl up bug

    Hello , When i get my lvl up dialogue for ranged i get 2 lines from my quest tab in the dialogue? i couldn't find it in my source files. any help would be appreciated [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Gty0kJf.png[/IMG] [CODE]case 4: sendFrame126("Congratulations, you just advanced a ranged level!", 5453); sendFrame126("Your ranged level is now " + getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[skill]) + ".", 6114); c.sendMessage("Congratulations, you just advanced a ranging level."); sendFrame164(4443); if (getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[skill]) == 99) { for (int j = 0; j < PlayerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (PlayerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client) PlayerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendClan("SERVER", c.playerName + " just advanced to " + getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[skill]) + " Range!", "Global Chat", 2); } } } break;[/CODE] lines that are showing up in the dialogue [CODE] getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Points: [@[email protected]"+SPoints+"@[email protected]] ", 29166); getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Control Points: [@[email protected]"+pcPoints+"@[email protected]] ", 29173); [/CODE]
  20. Alright so I have been trying to figure out what is causing this for hours now. Just some background, i'm using Alhassa-scape which is from project dungeonfest. [U]This is what happens:[/U] When a player logs in and enters an invalid password, their player is spawned in the location they logged out. This "copy" of the player stays until the server is restarted. I've traced through a lot of the code and I think I may have found where the issue is but i'm not completely sure. The line of code that causes this is from XStreamPlayerLoader.java when it makes the player object from the xml file. [CODE]Player player = (Player) xstream.fromXML(new FileInputStream("data/savedgames/"+p.getUsername()+".xml"));[/CODE] I can't check to make sure the password is right because I need the player object in order to do so. I downloaded another source and the code is like 95% the same. Tried making it 100% the same but it's not fixing it. This makes me wonder if it is an issue with the client. Anyone know what is wrong?
  21. shershah

    Bug with forum

    Is the forum bugged? beceause every time i wanna go to this page it sais that the forums is down: [url]http://tapa.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?85751-Lost-Redemption-718-742/page19[/url]
  22. deathlypvpz

    Trade Bug

    Hey! When I'm at the secound trade screen and press accept nothing happens but when i press decline i can't walk and after a while we disconnect, me and the other trade dude. When i check the CMD it doesn't say we disconnected at all and when i try to login to the server it says "Error connecting to server"
  23. raivorots

    trade bug

    i cant place how much money i want add to trade:( trade.java [HTML]package com.rs.game.player; import com.rs.Settings; import com.rs.cache.loaders.ItemDefinitions; import com.rs.game.item.Item; import com.rs.game.item.ItemsContainer; import com.rs.game.player.content.ItemConstants; import com.rs.utils.EconomyPrices; import com.rs.utils.ItemExamines; public class Trade { private Player player, target; private ItemsContainer<Item> items; private boolean tradeModified; private boolean accepted; private String message; public Trade(Player player) { this.player = player; //player reference items = new ItemsContainer<Item>(28, false); } /* * called to both players */ public void openTrade(Player target) { synchronized (this) { synchronized (target.getTrade()) { this.target = target; player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(335, 17, "Trading With: "+target.getDisplayName()); player.getPackets().sendGlobalString(203, target.getDisplayName()); sendInterItems(); sendOptions(); sendTradeModified(); refreshFreeInventorySlots(); refreshTradeWealth(); refreshStageMessage(true); player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(335); player.getInterfaceManager().sendInventoryInterface(336); player.setCloseInterfacesEvent(new Runnable() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { closeTrade(CloseTradeStage.CANCEL); } }); } } } public void removeItem(final int slot, int amount) { synchronized (this) { if(!isTrading()) return; synchronized (target.getTrade()) { Item item = items.get(slot); if (item == null) return; Item[] itemsBefore = items.getItemsCopy(); int maxAmount = items.getNumberOf(item); if (amount < maxAmount) item = new Item(item.getId(), amount); else item = new Item(item.getId(), maxAmount); if (player.addedViaPouch == true && item.getId() == 995) { items.remove(slot, item); player.money += maxAmount; player.getPackets().sendRunScript(5561, 1, maxAmount); player.refreshMoneyPouch(); refreshItems(itemsBefore); cancelAccepted(); setTradeModified(true); return; } items.remove(slot, item); player.getInventory().addItem(item); refreshItems(itemsBefore); cancelAccepted(); setTradeModified(true); } } } public void sendFlash(int slot) { player.getPackets().sendInterFlashScript(335, 33, 4, 7, slot); target.getPackets().sendInterFlashScript(335, 36, 4, 7, slot); } public void cancelAccepted() { boolean canceled = false; if(accepted) { accepted = false; canceled = true; } if(target.getTrade().accepted) { target.getTrade().accepted = false; canceled = true; } if(canceled) refreshBothStageMessage(canceled); } public void addFromPouch(int value) { Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(0); Item[] itemsBefore = items.getItemsCopy(); item = new Item(995, value); items.add(item); refreshItems(itemsBefore); cancelAccepted(); player.addedViaPouch = true; } public void addItem(int slot, int amount) { synchronized (this) { if(!isTrading()) return; synchronized (target.getTrade()) { Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(slot); if (item == null) return; if (!ItemConstants.isTradeable(item)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("That item isn't tradeable."); return; } Item[] itemsBefore = items.getItemsCopy(); int maxAmount = player.getInventory().getItems().getNumberOf(item); int coinsInInventory = target.getInventory().getNumerOf(item.getId()) + maxAmount;//TODO Fixed max cash reset. if (coinsInInventory < 0) { player.out("<col=ff00ff>If "+target.getUsername()+" accepts the offer he will be recieving over the maximum limit of that item and will reset to 1."); target.out("<col=ff00ff>I have too much of the item id: "+item.getId()+" and will need to bank it."); return; } if (amount < maxAmount) item = new Item(item.getId(), amount); else item = new Item(item.getId(), maxAmount); items.add(item); player.getInventory().deleteItem(slot, item); refreshItems(itemsBefore); cancelAccepted(); } } } public void refreshItems(Item[] itemsBefore) { int[] changedSlots = new int[itemsBefore.length]; int count = 0; for (int index = 0; index < itemsBefore.length; index++) { Item item = items.getItems()[index]; if (itemsBefore[index] != item) { if(itemsBefore[index] != null && (item == null || item.getId() != itemsBefore[index].getId() || item.getAmount() < itemsBefore[index].getAmount())) sendFlash(index); changedSlots[count++] = index; } } int[] finalChangedSlots = new int[count]; System.arraycopy(changedSlots, 0, finalChangedSlots, 0, count); refresh(finalChangedSlots); refreshFreeInventorySlots(); refreshTradeWealth(); } public void sendOptions() { player.getPackets().sendInterSetItemsOptionsScript(336, 0, 93, 4, 7, "Offer", "Offer-5", "Offer-10", "Offer-All", "Offer-X", "Value<col=FF9040>", "Lend"); player.getPackets().sendIComponentSettings(336, 0, 0, 27, 1278); player.getPackets().sendInterSetItemsOptionsScript(335, 32, 90, 4, 7, "Remove", "Remove-5", "Remove-10", "Remove-All", "Remove-X", "Value"); player.getPackets().sendIComponentSettings(335, 32, 0, 27, 1150); player.getPackets().sendInterSetItemsOptionsScript(335, 35, 90, true, 4, 7, "Value"); player.getPackets().sendIComponentSettings(335, 35, 0, 27, 1026); } public boolean isTrading() { return target != null; } public void setTradeModified(boolean modified) { if(modified == tradeModified) return; tradeModified = modified; sendTradeModified(); } public void sendInterItems() { player.getPackets().sendItems(90, items); target.getPackets().sendItems(90, true, items); } public void refresh(int... slots) { player.getPackets().sendUpdateItems(90, items, slots); target.getPackets().sendUpdateItems(90, true, items.getItems(), slots); } public void accept(boolean firstStage) { synchronized (this) { if(!isTrading()) return; synchronized (target.getTrade()) { if(target.getTrade().accepted) { if(firstStage) { if(nextStage()) target.getTrade().nextStage(); }else{ player.setCloseInterfacesEvent(null); player.closeInterfaces(); closeTrade(CloseTradeStage.DONE); } return; } accepted = true; refreshBothStageMessage(firstStage); } } } public void sendValue(int slot, boolean traders) { if(!isTrading()) return; Item item = traders ? target.getTrade().items.get(slot) : items.get(slot); if (item == null) return; if (!ItemConstants.isTradeable(item)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("That item isn't tradeable."); return; } int price = EconomyPrices.getPrice(item.getId()); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage(item.getDefinitions().getName()+": market price is "+price+" coins."); } public void sendValue(int slot) { Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(slot); if (item == null) return; if (!ItemConstants.isTradeable(item)) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("That item isn't tradeable."); return; } int price = EconomyPrices.getPrice(item.getId()); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage(item.getDefinitions().getName()+": market price is "+price+" coins."); } public void sendExamine(int slot, boolean traders) { if(!isTrading()) return; Item item = traders ? target.getTrade().items.get(slot) : items.get(slot); if (item == null) return; player.getPackets().sendGameMessage(ItemExamines.getExamine(item)); } public boolean nextStage() { if(!isTrading()) return false; if(player.getInventory().getItems().getUsedSlots() + target.getTrade().items.getUsedSlots() > 28) { player.setCloseInterfacesEvent(null); player.closeInterfaces(); closeTrade(CloseTradeStage.NO_SPACE); return false; } accepted = false; player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(334); player.getInterfaceManager().closeInventoryInterface(); player.getPackets().sendHideIComponent(334, 55, !(tradeModified || target.getTrade().tradeModified)); refreshBothStageMessage(false); return true; } public void refreshBothStageMessage(boolean firstStage) { refreshStageMessage(firstStage); target.getTrade().refreshStageMessage(firstStage); } public void refreshStageMessage(boolean firstStage) { player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(firstStage ? 335 : 334, firstStage ? 39 : 34, getAcceptMessage(firstStage)); } public String getAcceptMessage(boolean firstStage) { if(accepted) return "Waiting for other player..."; if(target.getTrade().accepted) return "Other player has accepted."; return firstStage ? "" : "Are you sure you want to make this trade?"; } public void sendTradeModified() { player.getPackets().sendConfig(1042, tradeModified ? 1 : 0); target.getPackets().sendConfig(1043, tradeModified ? 1 : 0); } public void refreshTradeWealth() { int wealth = getTradeWealth(); player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(729, wealth); target.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(697, wealth); } public void refreshFreeInventorySlots() { int freeSlots = player.getInventory().getFreeSlots(); target.getPackets().sendIComponentText(335, 23, "has "+(freeSlots == 0 ? "no" : freeSlots)+" free" +"<br>inventory slots"); } public int getTradeWealth() { int wealth = 0; for(Item item : items.getItems()) { if(item == null) continue; wealth += EconomyPrices.getPrice(item.getId()) * item.getAmount(); } return wealth; } private static enum CloseTradeStage { CANCEL, NO_SPACE, DONE } private int lastX; public int getLastX() { return lastX; } public void setLastX(int lastX) { this.lastX = lastX; } public void closeTrade(CloseTradeStage stage) { synchronized (this) { synchronized (target.getTrade()) { Player oldTarget = target; target = null; tradeModified = false; accepted = false; if(CloseTradeStage.DONE != stage) { player.getInventory().getItems().addAll(items); player.getInventory().init(); items.clear(); } else { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Accepted trade."); player.getInventory().getItems().addAll(oldTarget.getTrade().items); player.getInventory().init(); oldTarget.getTrade().items.clear(); Player.tradeLog(player, message); } if(oldTarget.getTrade().isTrading()) { oldTarget.setCloseInterfacesEvent(null); oldTarget.closeInterfaces(); oldTarget.getTrade().closeTrade(stage); if(CloseTradeStage.CANCEL == stage) oldTarget.getPackets().sendGameMessage("<col=ff0000>Other player declined trade!"); else if (CloseTradeStage.NO_SPACE == stage) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You don't have enough space in your inventory for this trade."); oldTarget.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Other player doesn't have enough space in their inventory for this trade."); } } } } } } [/HTML]
  24. I've edited a clean Deltascape source from the bottom up, so I don't know where to look but maybe someone can help. Everything works fine when there's just one person online. When someone else logs in, however, there's a mixup between interfaces. Say player A is standing at home, not doing anything. If player B walks into the wilderness (from Edgeville) the shops from around player A disappear and the wilderness icon appears in the corner of both screens. The NPC shops then appear the in wilderness for player B. Also, Player A and Player B are always in each other's screens no matter how "far" apart the avatars actually are. Ideas?
  25. how to fix this hp bug please help me Green Dragons ( In wilderness how to fix this problem in wilderness you death 0 hp don't spawn in home ) Skype : Mather201 [ATTACH=CONFIG]9993[/ATTACH]