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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, I am new to coding. I know that its stupid but i have chosen project insanity as my base. It seems like the easiest starter and there are lots of tutorials to help me try and fix it up a little. I dont plan on making the next big rsps i just like learning how to do certain things. What i dont understand is this: i have used a blank pi and im updating to the newest osrs cache. I dont understand how to make the bosses though. I can add in zulrah but it does notgibg for example. How do i go about trying to make a boss have different hp, stats, and special attacks, not just melee or a ranged attack etc. Im not a vet in this so i need simple explanations lol. Just what file do i go into and what are some different ways i can try and start making these bosses like osrs. NOTE: I DO NOT WANT TO RIP FROM ANOTHER SERVER THIS IS FOR ME TO TRY AND LEARN PLEASE. Thank you guys a million!
  2. Website: http://www.salusscape.eu Server was previously known as Salusscape - was online for a few years - we are now back with an updated version of the game.
  3. Click here to play! All new accounts created in the first week will receive a deluxe starting package + lifetime loyalty rank! Click here to play!
  4. There will be NO data reset after the beta. The first player to max will get an Infernal Max Cape, so start now! PLAY NOW AT: https://salve-ps.net/ More media will be posted soon. Credits The Salve-PS Team Salve (former owner) Bartvh (technical support) Kris (technical support)
  5. Project Eclipse is a brand new 667 Private Server that provides thrilling, clever and unique content, We are currently looking for staff and players to come and have an fantastic time! Some of our special content is: Lucien Custom bosses Dicer rank Fully functioning auto-buy Grand Exchange VPS (100% uptime) All skills working Unique Content Donator bosses Daily Updates -------------->LOOKING FOR STAFF.<----------------- Homepage: http://projecteclipse.ml/ Direct download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6muqqed4c6koem/Project_Eclipse_V1.1.jar?dl=1 Join us on discord!: https://discord.gg/sFGpeJ2 Pictures of the server : https://gyazo.com/4476235e9a2910a6fe74cdfff3a0c1ba https://gyazo.com/1522060cea20e758f4fc9c06b24e5758 JOIN NOW !!!!
  6. Hi rune-Locus!! website link: http://everythingps.com "MMORPG" Crown-Rsps: With content to please most, our environment is user friendly to ensure satisfaction in game=play! With 200+ achievements, Scam-proof gambling, duel arena, Many Bosses, Wilderness pvp, Many Minigames and a flawless economy structure, weekly updates. we keep our players occupied and satisfied all year around. Media: Just try us out! you won't be disappointed
  7. "MMORPG" Crown-Rsps: Play Now: Click Here! Click here for media! With content to please most, our environment is user friendly to ensure satisfaction in game=play! With 200+ achievements, Scam-proof gambling, duel arena, Many Bosses, Wilderness pvp, Many Minigames and a flawless economy structure, weekly updates. we keep our players occupied and satisfied all year around. Join Today!
  8. When I spawn a boss (;;npc 1231293 for example) it works fine.. but when I code in the boss, it's not attackable. It attacks me but I can't hit back. Any way to fix it? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I've really been trying to find how to fix this, with no luck. So if anyone wants to help me out, that'd be awesome. I've downloaded a PI source and client, to try and make my own server to play with a few friends, and maybe one day launch it to the public. Since I'm newb to coding (meaning I don't understand anything) I don't know how to fix this problem. When I checked if GWD worked I found out that they have been replace by dwarves and random floating ores. I guess I am missing the correct models for the bosses and the minions, and can't find where to download them. Sorry if this was a bit messy, but it would be appreciated if someone could help me!
  10. chaotic pker

    working bosses

    hello im making my own rsps and it 317 and my god wars dungeon bosses aint showing they are just like there standing and it aint the proper generals either and ive been trying to fix it but not accomplishing anything so if anyone could help I would be greatfull.
  11. [CENTER] [IMG]http://ludanx.com/img/ludanx.gif[/IMG] Website - [URL="http://www.ludanx.com/"]ludanx.com[/URL] Client - [URL="http://ludanx.com/LudanX.jar"]LudanX.jar[/URL] Cache - 718/742 [HR][/HR] Ludan X is currently in alpha version, this means that we still have a lot of testing and bugs to be removed. Anyone who wants to can already create an account and can help us to find bugs. It is allowed to ask staff members for items so that you can test things or just for fun. Keep in mind that all accounts will get a reset before we release the beta version. [HR][/HR] [SPOILER=What We Offer:] * xp modes (easy, medium, hard, insane) * Different droprates for every difficulty * Good droprates * Grand Exchange (player 2 player) Like real rs * Item lending * Flowerplanting & Dicing * All skills trainable except construction * Custom Dungeoneering * Earn points for killing high level monsters & achieve level 99's * automated voting & donating * Different Zones for each donator ranks. (With extra Benefits) * off hands * 100% working nex * Queen Black Dragon * Corporeal beast * darious * party demon * Handcannon * 100% Soulwars working like RuneScape! * Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack! * Godwars with Killcount Needed to pass to next stage! * Pest Control Working Exactly Like RuneScape (100%) * Duel Arena Working just Like RuneScape * Teleport Hub System (Talk to the portal at our home location) * Server Notified when Users get a good Drop * Squeal Of Fortune Working 100% Like RuneScape Showing Bought, Earned & Daily Spins. * Warrior Guild with Defender Drops * Castle Wars working exactly like RuneScape * Fight Caves (63 Waves) * Fight Kiln (36 Waves) * Clan Chat System * Working Notes * Daily updates And much more! [/SPOILER] [HR][/HR] [B]Media:[/B] Select your character outfit: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/1.png[/IMG] Choose a difficulty: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/2.png[/IMG] Home location, teleport portal, lvl 120 master capes, custom rares, drygores: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/3.png[/IMG] Working player 2 player Grand Exchange: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/4.png[/IMG] Custom Dungeoneering: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/5.png[/IMG] Queen Black Dragon: [IMG]http://ludanx.com/forumimg/6.png[/IMG] I will add more media soon! [hr][/hr] Active players in the alpha version will get a special title as soon as we release the beta version. We already have a nice amount of registered players, will you be one of them? Please let us know what you think about the server, and how we can improve it. Thanks for reading our post, Lux [/CENTER]
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ran into this problem before and had any tips on how to repair it. Each time I kill any of the Godwars bosses/minions they do not respawn. I am running Rune-Evo V3 unedited server. Any tips/ideas are greatly appreciated!
  13. [CENTER] [url=http://rs.rivalgamers.co.uk][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XuPrWzX.png[/IMG][/url] [color=blue][font=times new roman][SIZE=5]WebClient: [url=http://rs.rivalgamers.co.uk]Click Here[/url] Forum: [URL="http://forum.rivalgamers.co.uk"]Click Here[/URL] Client Download: [URL="http://rivalscape.grn.cc/RivalScapeLauncher.jar"]Click Here[/URL] owner: ownprox[/SIZE][/font][/color] [color=blue][SIZE=5][font=times new roman]Features:[/font][/SIZE][/color] [color=green]9 Fun MiniGames (more coming soon) 14 Training Teleports (more coming soon) 13 Bosses to Conquer (more coming soon) Flawless Pvp/Pvn Home is Varrock/Edgeville Economy Based Grand Exchange - Flawless Online 24/7 Dedicated Hosted (Better then a vps)[/color] [color=blue][SIZE=5][font=times new roman]MiniGames:[/font][/SIZE][/color] [color=green]Fight Caves Barrows Duel Arena Castle Wars Survival Dungeon Clan Wars The Kiln Pest Control (its done just need to add the teleport) Soul Wars (got a few issues to fix before making it live)[/color] [color=blue][font=times new roman][SIZE=5]Bosses:[/font][/SIZE][/color] [color=green]God Wars King Black Dragon Corporeal Beast Grotworm Lair (QBD) Pest Queen Glacor's Icy Caves Wildy Wyrm Avatar of Destruction Ice Strykewyms Blink Sunfreet Party Demon Mercenary Mage[/color] [color=blue][font=times new roman][SIZE=5]Skills:[/font][/SIZE][/color] [color=green]Attack Hitpoints Strength Defence Range Prayer Magic Theiving Mining Agility Fishing Woodcutting Summoning Smiting Dungeoneering Slayer Runecrafting Hunting Herblore Farming Fire making Fleching Crafting Cooking Construction[/color] [color=blue][SIZE=5][font=times new roman]Patch Logs:[/font][/SIZE][/color][color=green] 24/02/2015: Ganodermic Beasts Drop Mycelium Armour Use Ganodermic Flakes on Mycelium Armour Hiscores Added slayer npc moved to varrock center 23/02/2015: fixed player online menu again fixed Crashed due to construction fixed a exception on item examine Players Saving optimised ::home now actually goes home Crystal chests added 22/02/2015: The client 100% smooth on directx mode DirectX Fixed on Client Added some more skilling teleports Fishing Coin rewards mining coin rewards thieving coin rewards fleching coin rewards Agility coin rewards woodcutting coin rewards firemaking Added Dungeoneering (95% done) 21/02/2015: Prices Updated to current runescape prices Bones on altar xp rate fixed Server Crash fixed down to accessing player variables after a player logs out (it only happened the once) New Website Forum done 20/02/15: Prices Updated to current runescape prices Bones on altar xp rate fixed New Website Forum done 18/02/15: Bank Pins Added All Possible Dupes with Grand Exchange Removed Grand Exchange Added Home is now Varrock a ton more training teleports added random client crash issues patched 16/02/15: Soul Wars Added Pest Control Added Caste Wars Added 2 Duel Arena Dupe Fix's Duel Arena Added Improved Firemaking Bones on Altar Burying Bones 3 Dwaf Cannons working Enchanting Bolts Enchantments on all items Jewlry Smithing Widerness Obelisks Soaking formula's Fairy Rings Added[/color] [color=blue][SIZE=5][font=times new roman]Screenshots:[/font][/SIZE][/color] [url=http://rs.rivalgamers.co.uk][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gdudwBt.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/c2ed42180c61679a1e17e51eb01c5bd0.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/508988920e81fb0b331f28964504b809.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/456939270d79e587e6f7edc97baa1dcd.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/4a30e9fedae983f8670126176e01d1dd.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/dbef9d14f339af72fe381e22ccc337ef.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/f62b34751af840321cc4615ae718ff60.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/6dc17eb6b5a4fa96b16a51148917c323.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/336a7f5826c5444d3eee289eb8cca019.png[/IMG] [img]http://i.gyazo.com/29a6fdfb56edcc06c133d7dc79f8a440.png[/img][/url][/CENTER]
  14. Everytime I go to the godwars dungeon, or kbd my client crashes. Even when I spawn the kbd npc it black screens and crashes. This is what it says in the log: [code]Error: sb.q() sb.r() sb.d() rb.hk() fl.hn() aii.hj() fc.gu() client.er() | Class438.method5825 Class438.method5824 Class438.method5833 Class411.method5575 Class135.method1494 Class298_Sub19_Sub3.method3037 Class126.method1407 client.method2806 client.method2773 Class291.method2764 Class291.method2759 Class291.run java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.NullPointerException | null 2792,5240,104,104 0,2841,5294 2 0 2 765,503 1 2 2 1 0 0 248 0 1535 hAJWGrsaETglRjuwxMwnlA/d5W6EgYWx 6e000000 Error: sb.j() tm.if() fl.hn() aii.hj() fc.gu() client.er() client.ae() mc.m() mc.e() | Class438.method5822 Class473.method6068 Class135.method1494 Class298_Sub19_Sub3.method3037 Class126.method1407 client.method2806 client.method2773 Class291.method2764 Class291.method2759 Class291.run java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.NullPointerException | 2792,5240,104,104 0,2841,5294 0 0 2 765,503 1 2 2 1 0 0 248 0 1535 hAJWGrsaETglRjuwxMwnlA/d5W6EgYWx error_game_crash[/code] PLEASE HELP!
  15. This is a very basic form of a snippet and it's intention is to get most of the PI servers out there to change their bosses' attack styles so that a player cannot simply use prayer and deflect any damage the boss would deal. The other portion is to encourage users to add the correct animations to their bosses so that they combat is not all glitchy and pieces of the NPC's body aren't flying everywhere. This is done fairly easily and it can be changed to do all types of things. [SPOILER=Changing/Adding Attack Styles:]Step One: Open up NPCHandler.java (located in /npcs/) Search for the following code: [code]public void loadSpell(int i) {[/code] Below [code]switch(npcs[i].npcType) {[/code] Add the following code: [code] case NPCID: if (goodDistance(npcs[i].absX, npcs[i].absY, Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].killerId].absX, Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].killerId].absY, 2)) r3 = Misc.random(2); if (r3 == 0) { npcs[i].attackType = 0; } if (r3 == 1) { npcs[i].attackType = 1; npcs[i].projectileId = RANGEDGFX; } if (r3 == 2) { npcs[i].attackType = 2; npcs[i].projectileId = MAGEPROJECTILEGFX; n.endGfx = MAGEHITGFX; } break; [/code] Now to break down the basic above code, [code]if (goodDistance(npcs[i].absX, npcs[i].absY, Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].killerId].absX, Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].killerId].absY, 2))[/code] Ensures that the player and NPC have a good enough distance to attack, this is important because otherwise they can attack from very far distances. [code]r3 = Misc.random(2);[/code] This is what rolls to see what combat-style to use, depending on the NPC you are using you can change it to 1 (if the NPC only uses 2 styles), 2 (if the NPC uses all 3), or 0 (if the NPC uses only 1). Remember 2 is 3 options because the code counts 0,1,2. [code]if (r3 == 0) {[/code] This basically says that if the above roll lands on zero the code below (stopping at the end bracket) will run. [code]npcs[i].attackType = 0;[/code] This is the NPC's combat-style, 0 is Melee, 1 is Ranged, 2 is Magic. [code]npcs[i].projectileId = RANGEDGFX;[/code] This would be when the user gets attacked by the NPC and it uses a Ranged attack the type of projectile (arrow, dart, etc.) will be shown. [code]npcs[i].projectileId = MAGEPROJECTILEGFX; n.endGfx = MAGEHITGFX;[/code] These two work hand-in-hand as the projectile is the spell that flys through the air towards the player, and the hit is the explosion (or graphic) that occurs when it does hit the player. This is just a basic explanation but with the above methods you would be able to apply this to make a boss only use 1 type of attack style (besides Melee as it is default), or add another type of attack method to give your bosses a fair chance against highly-armoured players. Other things that can be used in this method: NPC text when using a certain combat style: [code]npcs[i].forceChat("DIE!");[/code] Healing effect to the NPC when using a certain combat style: Not posting my example :P Many other things you can do with this, it's overall good to use to make the server look more sophisticated. [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Adding Proper/Different Animations To Bosses] Step One: Open EmoteHandler.java (located in /npcs/) Search: [code]switch (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].npcType) {[/code] Underneath Add: [code] case NPCID: dead = DEATHEMOTE; attack = ATTACKEMOTE; break; [/code] That is the basic form used for adding animations to NPCs' that use only one combat style, it's pretty self explanatory. [code]dead = DEATHEMOTE;[/code] Handles the emote the NPC does when he dies. [code]attack = ATTACKEMOTE;[/code] Handles the emote the NPC does when he attacks. You will need to find a list (of NPC animations) to be able to add to all of the NPCs', only one I know of personally is this: [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/em63wvrjtxakzgs/NPC_Details.txt]https://www.dropbox.com/s/em63wvrjtxakzgs/NPC_Details.txt[/url] (Use the above file, and type ::pnpc NPCID, while the NPC do the animation ID it has listed for it, but try +1, or -1, and so on, eventually you'll find the animations). Next I will show you how to add multiple attack animations if your NPC is using multiple combat-styles. The code you will use: [code] case NPCID: if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 1) { attack = MELEEANIMATION; } if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 2) { attack = RANGEDANIMATION; } if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 3) { attack = MAGICANIMATION; } dead = DEATHEMOTE; break; [/code] Now seeing this makes it a little easier to understand, [code]if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 1) {[/code] This is checking to see if the combat-style the NPC is using is Melee if it is, it uses the attack animation listed below it. [code]if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 2) {[/code] This does the same as above but for Ranged. [code]if (Server.npcHandler.npcs[i].attackType == 3) {[/code] Same with this, but for Magic. [code]dead = DEATHEMOTE;[/code] This was discussed above but this is for when the NPC dies. Now remember you have to add different attacks in NPCHandler.java FIRST, then you can add the animations for the different styles here. [/SPOILER] Thanks guys, I understand this might not be a huge snippet but hopefully it'll help new learners catch on a little faster.
  16. raivorots

    Godwars bosses

    [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/2556tt2.png[/IMG] liek that i need define or i need something do on source or its cache problem but idk i tried with like 3 cache but always that problem what i need to do can somone help?
  17. I have been trying to change the emotion but its still the same [url]http://imgur.com/67s6cbY[/url] [url]http://imgur.com/wEEqpDb[/url] (Bandos Minions does the same)
  18. [center][font=georgia][color=red][size=24pt]Wyrdscape RSPS 317[/size][/color][/font] Wyrdscape is a brand new RSPS that is above all others! Wyrdscape has Many features even the top 100 RSPS's don't have! [img]http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/beb5094909221422a85d5983d0dddc99.png[/img] Our Server is an Economy Server, Meaning there is no spawning, people skill in order to get items/gold. The economy goes around with players skilling and selling what they get. There are no instant leveling commands, so maxing out is part of the expirence. The exp rate is Enormous, maxing out a skill may take you from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the skills. There are plenty of commands! The server is 24/7, and has a very experienced team which has run an RSPS prior to this! there is a working Donation and Voting system, so remember to vote every day! Notable skills that we have that most other servers dont have is SUMMONING, CONSTRUCTION, and DUNGEONEERING to lvl 120! -[url=http://wyrdscape.com/]Homepage[/url] -[url=http://imgur.com/a/E0k6Z#0]Images/Screenshots[/url] -[url=http://wyrdscape.com/pages/Play/]Play[/url] [b]Features:[/b] - ALL WORKING SKILLS - Perfect Duel Arena - Barrows, Pest Control, other minigames 100% working! - Friendly and Helpful Staff (CURRENTLY IN NEED OF MODERATORS!) - Tons of PVM and PVP! - Perfect PKing with flawless switching and perfect hybriding - Every working special attack you can think of (Think Korasi, and TORVA) - Quick, Fast, Reliable auto donation system - Custom Donator Islands with lots of helpful donation perks! - Active forums - NO WILDY BORDER - Custom Wilderness teleports - Squeal of fortune with - Staff tab with online status - Working Summoning, Pak Yak, Familiar Inventory, and MONEY POUCH! - 100% FULLSCREEN! - Total level with 120 dung [url=http://imgur.com/a/E0k6Z#0][size=32pt]Images/Screenshots[/size][/url] WE ARE IN NEED OF GAME MODERATORS! PLAY AND APPLY FOR STAFF ONCE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAME! Current Staff: [color=green]Admins:[/color] Kajamaz - Owner & Head Admin Ozfer - Server Hoster & Co-Owner Kohle - Web Host Mods: NONE [/center]
  19. Rune Perfection | 25 Skills | Vote Shop | 5 Minigames | 25 Bosses | 30+ Teleports | 3000+ Monsters | 100% Uptime | Donation Island | Donation Shop | Fun Pk | Coinshare | Lootshare| Active Staff/Players | Updates Daily | Dicing [b]Rune Perfection[/b] [b]Quick Links:[/b] [url=http://www.runeperfection.com]Homepage[/url] [url=http://www.runeperfection.com/forum]Community Forums[/url] [url=http://runeperfection.com/viewpage.php?page_id=5]Play[/url] [url=http://runeperfection.com/downloads.php]Download Client[/url] Rune Perfection | 25 Skills | Vote Shop | 5 Minigames | 25 Bosses | 30+ Teleports | 3000+ Monsters | 100% Uptime | Donation Island | Donation Shop | Fun Pk | Coinshare | Lootshare| Active Staff/Players | Updates Daily | Dicing [b]Rune Perfection[/b] [b]Quick Links:[/b] [url=http://www.runeperfection.com]Homepage[/url] [url=http://www.runeperfection.com/forum]Community Forums[/url] [url=http://runeperfection.com/viewpage.php?page_id=5]Play[/url] [url=http://runeperfection.com/downloads.php]Download Client[/url] Rune Perfection is a brand new server based on one of the most successful private servers ever to exist. The server uses the source from 'Exilium' with even more features added from our dedicated development team, all the time. The server was only released in March 2013, yet has over seven thousand accounts and we are growing rapidly. This gives us hope that this server will soon become the number one place for Runescape Private Server fans to play. We are wanting to give our players an experience of the old game before all the updates ruined the game. [B]Rune Perfection is an Economy focused server: [/B] This basically means there's no spawning and any items people obtain will have been earned through PVM or through PK'ing. This means our items have a value making everything more fun and enjoyable, with a higher sense of satisfaction for you, the player. This will give players something to aim for and make it so much better when you finally get that kill for rare items. There are tons of different ways to exchange your items including specific market areas, clan chats, and even a dedicated section on forums. Being a new server we want to get our economy right the first time. To ensure we achieve this we have made drop rates at a perfect level to maintain item drops for PvMers, but also to give just enough that we're not flooded with items and massive inflation like you see on most other private servers. [B]The Rune Perfection Experience:[/B] Rune Perfection's community is like no other! As soon as you join you will notice our active wilderness, active forums, and active PvMing and Clanning communities. Here at Rune Perfection we don’t like to mess around! We want to bring you, the players, the best possible experience that we can give you. Our community gives a warm welcome to all new players and presents them with many opportunities to get involved with activities and get to know existing members. We have many events and tournaments in and out of the wilderness that makes this possible. These can be anything from Clan based PKing, to a simple games of Hide and Seek to give aways or fun pking. [B]The Rune Perfection Staff Team:[/B] All of Rune Perfection’s staff are hand-picked based off applications, anyone is free to submit. These applications then get voted on by our staff team and normal players. Those few that provide the best application will get a chance to prove themselves by starting as a Server Support member. Not only do we make sure we have staff from EVERY time zone, we make sure we have the nicest, most helpful staff available to you. Many of our staff all have previous experience from other major Private Servers, which means you get professional support and help when ever you may need it. [B]Rune Perfection Development & Progress:[/B] The development team here at Rune Perfection knows that quality updates have to come from what the community wants. Once you’ve become a part of the spectacular Rune Perfection community, you’ll notice weekly updates with content polls that you can vote on to bring what you want and enjoy doing into the game. Alternatively you can put your ideas forward as suggestions on our forums and have your voice heard and see your ideas implemented if your fellow players support you. [B]Rune Perfection Forums:[/B] Not only will you notice our active forums, you’ll notice banter ranging from the PVM section to our clan discussion to even the market place. You will notice an uncontrollable amount of topics and give-aways which no other RSPS can provide you. Here at Rune Perfection we have forum staff to ensure that all posts are kept on topic and ensure that all posts are in the correct category ensuring the best experience for everyone involved. All this helps our small community grow at a rapid pace. We also have a dedicated market section which is there to provide you with all of your buying and selling needs for all your items, from rares such as the Santa Hat to more common items such as Raw Shrimps! [B]Features include:[/B] - 25 skills to choose from - Perfect combat & fun Pk area - Mini Games: Barrows, Pest Control, Tzhaar Cave, Duel Arena & Warrior Guild. - Custom PK reward system where you can turn your player kills into exclusive items - Friendly staff and active staff from all over the world - Hundreds of PVM and PVP opportunities with countless rewards - Perfect PKing with flawless switching and perfect hybriding - Fully working multi and single combat wilderness - Every working special attack you can think of - Custom Donator Island with lots of helpful donation perks such as double experience. [b]Media:[/b] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/1.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/2.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/3.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/4.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/5.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/6.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/7.png[/img] [img]http://pkevolution.com/images/advert/8.png[/img]
  20. Hello runelocus, I got a glitch/bug in my source I think. I found the bandos room and tried to spawn a bandos npc there, i know i need to change the height level in the spawn config. I tried changing from 0-2 and it doesn't appear. Anyone know a fix for this? if I spawn it on other places it works perfect.. but I really want to use the real gwd map. Thanks!
  21. Okey so im trying to make some bosses that ive made multi, be able to attack with mage and melee. I can't figgure it out so could some1 help me please? Im talking bout bosses like fergotten warriour (npc = 10530). If you need more information answer here. Also if you wanna help me and make sure i succes in it, add my skype. I got teamviewer aswell. skype = nielskeeeeeeeen Source = deathlypvpz V4 (PI, revision 317)
  22. Hello lads , I'm really trying to find the good strength of bosses but hard to find them. Finding the max hit isn't that hard but when i found max hit they don't hit constantly Could someone tell me their atk lvl def lvl and max hit of: Balance Elemental Nomad Bal'ak Avatar of Destruction