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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I am new to coding. I know that its stupid but i have chosen project insanity as my base. It seems like the easiest starter and there are lots of tutorials to help me try and fix it up a little. I dont plan on making the next big rsps i just like learning how to do certain things. What i dont understand is this: i have used a blank pi and im updating to the newest osrs cache. I dont understand how to make the bosses though. I can add in zulrah but it does notgibg for example. How do i go about trying to make a boss have different hp, stats, and special attacks, not just melee or a ranged attack etc. Im not a vet in this so i need simple explanations lol. Just what file do i go into and what are some different ways i can try and start making these bosses like osrs. NOTE: I DO NOT WANT TO RIP FROM ANOTHER SERVER THIS IS FOR ME TO TRY AND LEARN PLEASE. Thank you guys a million!
  2. HOME | Dispersity ALL NEW PLAYERS FOR THE FIRST MONTH RECEIVE A FREE LEGENDARY MYSTERY BOX!!! WE HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF DEDICATED PLAYERS AND ARE LOOKING TO GROW! -ECO - COMMUNITY -IRON - HARDCORE - ULTIMATE- -PLAYER OWNED SHOPS -PVM - BOSS - SKILL- RARES/CUSTOMS -PK - STAKE - DICE -HD&FULL SCREEN -FORUMS - DISCORD - VOTE - DONATE- -PLAYER DRIVEN ECO -BOSS PETS (sorry for the noob ass video, never edited or anything before) [video=youtube;CWumqy4aV70]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWumqy4aV70[/video] Claim rewards submitting votes! Credit to Morytania for Ruse Release
  3. Hello to the RL Community - I am Prestigious, developer of ArriScape. I am here to announce the opening of the beta and pre-development for my server and I'd like for you to participate! Discord | Website | Client Download Here are a list of some of our features! - 24/7 Uptime - - Fully functional PvM & PvP - - Donator Zone - - No lag - - Friendly staff - - Skillcape perks - - Prestige - - Shift-click dropping - - Slayer Bossing - - Vote rewards - - Custom clue scrolls & rewards - - Drop tables for ALL npcs - - Unique walking animations - - Team dungeoneering - - 100% Combat spells - - Boss pets - - Drop logs + Kill Tracker - - Bonus EXP Weekends - - Quick prayers - - Well of Good Will - This server is currently open-beta & Pre-Development, so please do not expect much, but I am working vigorously on lots of changes at the time!
  4. So my jad seems to be broken This is what mine does. https://i.imgur.com/o4rbIWN.gifv I was thinking, could I use the jad from Zamron? https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/downloads/626101-zamron-ateria-718-742-release.html If it's possible, how do you swap out the old one for the new one without getting alot of errors.
  5. http://www.tierpkz.eu Features Spawn PK Fullscreen & resizable mode perfect pathing All bosses + pets Weekend events Weekly Bonuses Welcome Bonus Blood Money & PK Points Construction Bounty Hunter Gear spawn table Teleport Menu New items Duel Arena Wilderness Bosses DOWNLOAD NOW! Welcome!
  6. zmaster13

    Boss Problem

    The bosses on my server have suddenly become very powerful, 2-hitting players and becoming very had to hit. Any ideas as to what would cause this? I added Yk'lagor the Thunderous, but even when i removed him, the change stayed. The only definition changes were values given to the new boss, not any existing one. I did a full combat def and bonus reload from a backup before the issue and they problem persists. Bossing is nigh impossible atm.
  7. [CENTER]Ok so im not sure how to get the anims right or where to get them but when they are added they just sit there no animations [img]http://i.imgur.com/In9Wfvh.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/T5UmTlS.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/cEtVjqE.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/glovcad.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/6J53307.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/cFsb9pZ.png[/img] Please help! *Where can i find anims[/CENTER]
  8. [QUOTE]This is simple, just giving out some new ideas because I see people with the same bosses, so add this one to the list I guess. Drops Summoning & Prayer (randomizes each time) to make the boss semi-harder. [/QUOTE] [QUOTE]The boss barrages, and drops skills![/QUOTE] Difficulty [color=#008000]1/10[/COLOR] - Copy & Paste: KamilCombat.java [code] package net.elveron.game.entity.npc.combat.impl; import net.elveron.cores.tasks.WorldTask; import net.elveron.cores.tasks.WorldTasksManager; import net.elveron.game.World; import net.elveron.game.entity.Animation; import net.elveron.game.entity.Entity; import net.elveron.game.entity.ForceTalk; import net.elveron.game.entity.Graphics; import net.elveron.game.entity.npc.NPC; import net.elveron.game.entity.npc.combat.CombatScript; import net.elveron.game.entity.npc.combat.NPCCombatDefinitions; import net.elveron.game.entity.player.Player; import net.elveron.game.entity.player.Skills; import net.elveron.utils.Utils; public class KamilCombat extends CombatScript { private Player player; [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public Object[] getKeys() { return new Object[] { 1913 }; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public int attack(final NPC npc, final Entity target) { if (npc.getHitpoints() < npc.getMaxHitpoints() / 2 && Utils.random(5) == 0) { // if lower than 50% hp, 1/5 prob of // healing 10% npc.heal(30); } final NPCCombatDefinitions defs = npc.getCombatDefinitions(); if (Utils.getRandom(2) == 0) { // magical attack npc.playSound(168, 2); npc.setNextAnimation(new Animation(1979)); for (Entity t : npc.getPossibleTargets()) { delayHit( npc, 1, t, getMagicHit( npc, getRandomMaxHit(npc, 340, NPCCombatDefinitions.MAGE, t))); World.sendProjectile(npc, t, 368, 41, 16, 41, 35, 16, 0); target.setFreezeDelay(300); target.setNextGraphics(new Graphics(369)); npc.setNextForceTalk(new ForceTalk("You stand no chance!")); } loadSkillDrop(player); } else if (Utils.getRandom(2) == 1) { npc.setNextAnimation(new Animation(12029)); loadSkillDrop(player); delayHit( npc, 0, target, getMeleeHit( npc, getRandomMaxHit(npc, 220, NPCCombatDefinitions.MELEE, target))); } else { // melee attack npc.setNextAnimation(new Animation(12029)); delayHit( npc, 0, target, getMeleeHit( npc, getRandomMaxHit(npc, 220, NPCCombatDefinitions.MELEE, target))); } return defs.getAttackDelay(); } } [/code] CombatScript.java [code] public void loadSkillDrop(final Player target) { WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { int skill = Utils.getRandom(2); skill = skill == 0 ? Skills.PRAYER : (skill == 1 ? Skills.SUMMONING : Skills.PRAYER); Player player = (Player) target; if (skill == Skills.PRAYER) player.getPrayer().drainPrayer(990); else { int lvl = player.getSkills().getLevel(skill); lvl -= 1 + Utils.getRandom(4); player.getSkills().set(skill, lvl < 0 ? 0 : lvl); } player.sm("Your " + Skills.SKILL_NAME[skill] + " has been dropped!"); } }, 1); }[/code] Enjoy, if you use it or rip it to make your own boss/make it better please THANK this thread! Once again, this is all basic coding just wanted to give you guys something new that is not already released. My boss is different, this is the one I had before I redid it, the CombatDefs is up to you guys, not me To fix the errors, fix the imports & the package directory thats it!
  9. All my bosses animations are messed up.. i changed nothing when i upgraded caches with any of their files and they have weird attack animations.i checked the files and they're fine but idk what i can be.my friend is using same cache and his are fine. maybe npchandler.java?
  10. jaide

    custom boss

    how i can add custom boss like new bosses on 667 rsps thanks
  11. I want to know who is your favorite Runescape boss! Mine is Dessous the Vampire from Desert Treasure! :D Who's yours?
  12. The title says all. I want to change what they drop and the percentage at which the item(s) are dropped. Thanks!!
  13. Well, My boss currently doesn't use the correct boss animations -.- And I can't find the correct animations? [img]http://screensnapr.com/e/S3QnLf.png[/img]
  14. Whenever i give myself donor / boss points when i log in and out it just resets them to 0, even when i edit character file when i log in it just resets to 0. I dont have a problem with the pk points and even though i copied the code from the pk point giving method to a new boss point giving method it still wont save. I have edited the playersave in exactly the same way as pk points just change for boss points. Please help and id be very grateful for this :)
  15. Hello everyone, me and my coder have been having really bad trouble with boss adding, We are currently adding Nomad but He isnt hitting correctly, We coded the NomadAction.java and Nomad.java files, but he just won't attack right, We have tried loads of tutorials but none seem to help. Can anyone help us out on how to make him Fully work, Do we need any other file to make him work or have we just coded something wrong? Please help. :confused:
  16. purepks0r

    Signle Boss mode?

    Somebody knows how to make a single boss mode? Like, you're going to kill a boss like you're killing it alone for each player? Like the jad minigame Couldn't find by search thanks!
  17. I have been searching and i do not find them Comment Below <3 -Mark:cool:
  18. [video=youtube;bIqtnRmjtkg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIqtnRmjtkg[/video]
  19. When this is added: [CODE]if (npcs[i].npcType == 1975) { handleCrystalDeath(i); } [/CODE] and [CODE]public void handleCrystalDeath(int i) { Client c = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[npcs[i].spawnedBy]; c.getItems().addItem(989,2); c.getItems().addItem(995,3000000); c.sendMessage("Congratulations on completing the crystal minigame!"); }[/CODE] crashes the server when boss is killed. [CODE][12/28/11 5:55 PM]: java.lang.NullPointerException [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.handleCrystalDeath(NPCHa ndler.java:1817) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.process(NPCHandler.java: 1666) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: at server.Server.main(Server.java:172) [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: A fatal exception has been thrown! [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for torva. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for omgitsbob12. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for balax. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for slayer. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for sir night. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for leforce. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for jamiee. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for virtus. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for d r a k e. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for doomknight19. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for kr aw ft. [12/28/11 5:55 PM]: Saved game for kevic. Press any key to continue . . . [/CODE] line 1817 [CODE]c.getItems().addItem(989,2);[/CODE] line 1666 [CODE]handleCrystalDeath(i);[/CODE]
  20. I need them anyone have them or tell me how to dump whole list:D ?
  21. [quote]It would appear that Bethesda - developer of numerous popular titles, including the "Elder Scrolls" series of games - is suing Mojang for use of the word "Scrolls" in one of their upcoming projects. Mojang has been in development of another project (which we went over in our [B][URL="http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/169-minecraft-passes-the-3-million-mark/"]last installment[/URL][/B]), which bears the working name "Scrolls". Bethesda has [B][URL="http://notch.tumblr.com/post/8519901309/bethesda-are-suing-us-heres-the-full-story"]expressed concern[/URL][/B] that players could mix up this new game with their own "Elder Scrolls" series, although the two seem to share no noticeable similarities beyond the word "scrolls". Notch said that their office received a 15-page cease-and-desist letter, claiming that Mojang would be sued for rights to the word, along with formal requests for legal fees. He went on to say that they are attempting to establish talks with Bethesda regarding the word, to find an amicable solution for both parties. At the time of this writing, there was no available response from Bethesda. [/quote] Notch's response to the lawsuit: [quote]Remember that scene in Game of Thrones where Tyrion chose a trial by battle in the Eyrie? Well, let’s do that instead!I challenge Bethesda to a game of Quake 3. Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins. If we win, you drop the lawsuit. If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with. Regardless of the outcome, we could still have a small text somewhere saying our game is not related to your game series in any way, if you wish. I am serious, by the way.[/quote]