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Found 1 result

  1. Hello idk why but itembonuses unpacked didnt make folder bonuses in data/items but i think it should i think need make from bonuses.ib to folder but idk it didnt make all works fine no errors nothing but it justs unpacking but didnt make folder:( Code [HTML]package com.rs.tools; import java.io.BufferedWriter; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileWriter; import java.io.IOException; import com.rs.cache.Cache; import com.rs.utils.ItemBonuses; import com.rs.utils.Utils; /** * @author Frosty Teh Snowman * * Unpacks the Item Bonuses that are packed into the bonuses.ib file. */ public class ItemBonusesUnpacker { public static final void main(String[] args) { log("Unpacker Started."); try { Cache.init(); log("Cache Initiated."); } catch (IOException e) { log("Exception in initializing cache."); } ItemBonuses.init(); log("Item Bonuses Initiated."); for (int itemId = 0; itemId < Utils.getItemDefinitionsSize(); itemId++) { log("Getting Values for item " + itemId); int[] bonuses = ItemBonuses.getItemBonuses(itemId); File file = new File("data/items/bonuses/" + itemId + ".txt"); try { if (file.createNewFile()) { BufferedWriter writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter( file)); writer.write("Attack Bonus"); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[0])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[1])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[2])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[3])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[4])); writer.newLine(); writer.write("Defense Bonus"); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[5])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[6])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[7])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[8])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[9])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[10])); writer.newLine(); writer.write("Damage Absorption"); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[11])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[12])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[13])); writer.newLine(); writer.write("Other Bonuses"); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[14])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[15])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[16])); writer.newLine(); writer.write(Integer.toString(bonuses[17])); writer.flush(); writer.close(); } } catch (Exception e) { } } log("Finished Unpacking."); } private static void log(String s) { System.out.println(s); } }[/HTML]