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Found 21 results

  1. We should remove the Content Team Applications board as to what Steven has been saying, its no longer in use or hiring. That's all, Thanks.
  2. As the title above sais, Mostly experienced with 718+ but would prefer to jump on board a lower revision, either post below or private message me to discuss further details.
  3. I have been recently reading some posts and noticed that activity (still) seems to be an issue. I was thinking about the bigger picture and it came to me that we need more reason for people to actively use the site. Considering the fact that the forums are fairly restricted by the niche industry of RSPS, we could potentially look at providing "resources" for 'new to programming' members of the site. This could include providing links and perhaps a general overview of IDEs. We could include a variety of video guides and tutorials on the basics of java (and possibly other languages eventually) that our members can then post feedback on such as how helpful it was. We could even showcase opensource projects that are either donated by members or gathered for external sources (allowed and easily obtainable for educational purposes), which we could then have our more experienced members provide a detailed explanation of the mechanics behind the code. This would not only allow members to better understand java, which they can then utilize in their RSPS projects, but it will also encourage the more knowledgeable members to step up and take part in explaining the various open source projects that available in that child board. I believe that once the ball starts rolling we could create initiatives to further develop the resources we have available. For example, host a competition that gives a cash prize to the person who best improves a documented open source project, and explains how and why their improvements benefit the quality of the previous code. This could entice more knowledgeable members from other communities interested in making some money, while at the same time attracting new visitors interested in learning from prestigious members of other communities.
  4. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/xlDnvua.png[/IMG][/CENTER] If you want to see examples or know more about my service add my skype. All my vouches are on R-S if you want a link to my thread just pm me.
  5. Firstly if you are unsure what this is here is a screenshot below [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/23jmo2q.png[/IMG] Credits: [url]http://notorious317.com/site/[/url] Thanks Raw Envy Here is a simple skin edit to give a tidy group legend on the board index page. Navigate your way here > ACP > Look / Feel > Manage Skin Sets / Templates > (for each skin as required) > Manage Templates / CSS > Board Index > Board Index Template Scroll down to right near the end. Find this section.... [CODE]<if test="count($stats['NAMES'])"> <ul> <li>{parse expression="implode( ",</li><li>", $stats['NAMES'] )"}</li> </ul> <br /> </if> </div> [/CODE] the code needs to go in-between the </if> and the </div> Here is a small ready-made one for you to modify. [CODE]<br /> <strong>·</strong>  <span style='color:#FF0000'>Administrators</span>  <strong>·</strong>  <span style='color:#0000FF'>Moderators</span>  <strong>·</strong>  <span style='color:#000000'>Members</span>  <strong>·</strong>  <span style='color:#AAAAAA'>Validating</span>  <strong>·</strong> [/CODE] I have put these on seperate lines to make it very easy to follow. Simply add lines as needed for each group colours you have already, or add that one complete and then modify to your needs. A quick screen shot of how this one looks... [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/2ajayl4.png[/IMG] this tutorial is all over the internet becuase this shit is simple credits to whoever did the code in the first place.
  6. Hello i would like an introduction board to be made for many reasons which i will list below it will be a nice innovative/unique way for people to introduce them selves and when i say unique i do not say it compared to other communities since they most likely have that already since it is an original idea... but i mean unique as in to this community since i see that the way to introduce your self at the moment is by replying to a thread now that thread has been made since 2010 and by looking through it all i see is some stupid replies and not a proper introduction some one word replies and people replying to introductions welcoming members to the community this is not how it should be done in fact makes the community look unorganized another reason on why we should have an introduction board is because it will be a more easy format for people to use and moderate and write a proper introduction for people to read and reply to... a mod told me that this will cause spam well i was just wondering whats your voluntary job as a mod for? im pretty sure its to punish those who do and looking at that introduction thread and many other sections\threads have spamm and nothing is being done about it.... also another suggestion is more staff loyal and respectful ones to thanks :)
  7. For a community focused around gaming and staying inside without activity, I think it's a nice idea to have a fitness board. A lot of people here would probably be itnerested in getting involved and living a healthier life. I could see it taking off well. pls [quote name='Ziek`']I'm sure Bodybuilding.com isn't full of egotistical adolescent keyboard warriors.[/QUOTE] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZLADvjz.png[/img] [quote name='Vexia']Support this![/QUOTE] [quote name='Julesmk']This sounds like a decent idea, I'd definately check out the section out once in a while for some helpful tips :)[/QUOTE]
  8. [size=6][size=7]taken down because everyone is an ignorant fuck[/size][/size]
  9. Sethy

    Board Icons

    I've noticed you've put icons on the new boards for badges and whatnot, annnnnnnnnd I think it'd look good to have an icon for err board. lolking
  10. Note: This can be used for all servers, not just 317. Not much but this can be useful in some ways. Got nothing to say? Then don't post, thanks. [spoiler=Links] Libraries: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?d8lj10ihtk6b8v3[/url] [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?sx8kf30e9cuf87o[/url] Useful Reference: [url]http://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/api-methods/xml-rpc-api-r62[/url] [/spoiler] [code] import java.net.URL; import java.util.HashMap; import org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClient; import org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClientConfigImpl; /** * IPB XML-RPC API * Use http://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/api-methods/xml-rpc-api-r62 as reference * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or SonicForce41 * */ public class IPBConnect { /** * The client used to connect to IPB */ public static final XmlRpcClient client = new XmlRpcClient(); /** * The client settings needed to use for connection */ public static final XmlRpcClientConfigImpl clientConfig = new XmlRpcClientConfigImpl(); /** * The search query type */ public static final String DISPLAY_NAME = "members_display_name"; public static final String MEMBER_ID = "member_id"; public static final String EMAIL = "email"; /** * The IPB Methods */ public static final String FETCH_ONLINE_USERS = "fetchOnlineUsers"; public static final String FETCH_STATS = "fetchStats"; public static final String FETCH_TOPICS = "fetchTopics"; public static final String FETCH_FORUMS = "fetchForums"; public static final String FETCH_FORUMS_OPTION_LIST = "fetchForumsOptionList"; public static final String CHECK_MEMBER_EXISTS = "checkMemberExits"; public static final String FETCH_MEMBER = "fetchMember"; public static void main(String... args) { init(); System.out.println(getDetails(FETCH_ONLINE_USERS)); System.out.println(getUserDetails(MEMBER_ID, "0")); } /** * Loads all the settings need for connection */ public static void init() { try { clientConfig.setServerURL(new URL("http://www.yourdomain.com/community/interface/board/index.php")); client.setConfig(clientConfig); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } /** * Gets the details for the IPB function selected * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m function - The name of the function * @return */ public static Object getDetails(String function) { try { return client.execute(function, new Object[] { }); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } /** * Method returns the details of the user * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m type What you are searching by * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m query The value you want to search corresponding with searchType * @return the details */ public static Object getUserDetails(String type, String query) { HashMap<Object, Object> apiValues = new HashMap<Object, Object>(); apiValues.put("api_key", "your api key generated in admincp"); apiValues.put("api_module", "ipb"); apiValues.put("search_type", type); apiValues.put("search_string", query); try { return client.execute("ipb."+FETCH_MEMBER, new Object[] { apiValues }); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } } [/code]
  11. Please add one of the following boards Project's Development thanks
  12. Okay I am needing help coloring the usernames on Invision Power Board forums. If you don't get what I am saying, this is what I am talking about: This: [IMG]http://grab.by/ewps[/IMG] To this: [IMG]http://grab.by/ewpu[/IMG]
  13. This board is primarily for the sole purpose of showing off any sort of development of features, tools, effects, and so on. Pictures/videos aren't necessary but would probably be recommended. What is not allowed here: Development of servers - use the Projects board instead. Advertising - you are here to show us what you're working on, not to advertise it as a service. Team recruitment - simply not the place to hire people for services. Please be advised you should only be showing off things that are worth showing off, we don't want this board cluttered with people showing off their new Yanille home location or how short they can make their sendMessage method, etc.
  14. [FONT=Arial]Not really a suggestion but I have noticed this for awhile now and thought i'd ask about it. Not long ago I do believe it was suggested to remove banned users from the Leader boards, and from what I believe it did happen. That is besides in the "Top Starter" option, as you can see Hutch still appears here. I thought I should point this out encase it was missed for some reason. I think having the banned users removed from the Leader Boards (as I like to call it) helps the community, if you just joined a new community and seen that one of the top users was banned it may have an affect on your first impression. Anyway, just thought I should post this. If it has already been discussed I am sorry I did not see it. :/ [/FONT] [center][IMG]http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/703/hutch.png[/IMG][/center]
  15. Hello there, I am a website developer and I am looking for a project. Do you need a website for you scape? I can set up it for free! With my experience with invision board you get a nice and well comunity with seo. PM if you want a website
  16. [center][img]http://www.girlsonthegrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/change1.jpg[/img][/center] [COLOR="#FFA07A"][CENTER][B]Introduction[/B][/COLOR] This has been suggested by Myself and 2kBarrows, but since there is so much change trying to be implemented throughout the Forum now I believe we should switch around the order of some boards to make them both more organised and better looking. It only makes sense to re-organise the boards like this. While it's not a monumental change and some may think it's not needed, just think that every change that we make for the better makes the forums appear more professional and efficient. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][b]Key Issues[/b][/color] This has been as stated, suggested a couple times, it's gained some support and some scrutiny but I plan on slashing that scrutiny here and hopefully reaching out to the Administrators enough so they will see like-wise with my proposal. [b]Issue 1:[/b] [u]Literature Board[/u] - The literature board right now is a sub-board of the "Real Life" category, does I ask the readers this, does that make sense? Art - "It encompasses a diverse range of [b]human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including [COLOR="#0000FF"][u]music, literature, film, photography[/u][/color], sculpture, and paintings[/b]." The highlighted area clearly says that Art encompasses Literature, and videos. If this is the case why are Video's and Literary [b]ARTS[/b] in different categories, especially the Real Life sub board? Nobody has yet to give me a reasonable explanation for this.[/center] [b]Issue 2:[/b] [u]Graphics Design[/u] - The Graphics design category is really specific, why only Photoshop and GIMP picture editing allowed? Shouldn't those categories we mentioned above be added? Also I don't think that Graphics design is an appropriate name, the Section itself is an eye-sore it has no organisation and looks hideous. [COLOR="#800080"][center][b]The Proposal[/b][/center][/COLOR] [b]Proposal 1:[/b] [u]Graphics Design Re-named[/u] - I believe that the Graphics Design, should be re-named to [b]Art[/b] or something along those lines, why be so discriminate to the rest of the forms of Art, and bias towards only those Photoshop savvy people? I think this board should encompass a Wide array of art that we already categorize in this forum just not generally in one section. It would only make sense? We need to [b]Move the Literary [U]ARTS[/U] Sub-board from Real Life section to the [u]ARTS[/u] section.[/b] [b]Proposal 2:[/b] [u]Reorganisation of the Arts Section[/u] - I believe we need to reorganize the Graphics Design (or Arts) section to encompass these forms of art. 2kBarrows made a nice little Chart to see how it would play out and how it would look [u]Old Board[/u] [INDENT][b]Graphics Design[/b][/INDENT] [LIST=1] [*]Discussion [*]Show-off [INDENT]Photography[/INDENT] [*]Requests [*]Tutorials [*]Competitions [*]Stocks & Renders [/LIST] [u]New Board Idea[/u] [INDENT][b]ARTS [/b](Change Section name to Arts instead of Graphics Design)[/INDENT] [LIST=1] [*]Discussion [*]Graphics(board) [INDENT]Video Editing(subboard)[/INDENT] [INDENT]Image(subboard)[/INDENT] [INDENT]Competition (subboard)[/INDENT] [INDENT]Stocks and Render (subboard)[/INDENT] [*]Photography [*] Literature [*]Tutorials [*]Requests [/LIST] This is subject for revision for more efficient layouts, but I believe that the new organisation of that board makes a lot more sense, makes it more organised and user friendly.
  17. Starkzter

    [PI] Score Board

    Problem: Scoreboard only shoes my name and a bunch of other shit [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/scores.png[/IMG] Code: [code] public void highscores() { getPA().sendFrame126(" Evo PK World Top Skillers", 6399); for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { if(ranks[i] > 0) { getPA().sendFrame126("Rank "+(i+1)+": "+rankPpl[i]+ "- Total Level: " +ranks[i], 6402+i);[/code] What did I do wrong or what needs to be fixed?
  18. [U]RuneScape client hacking[/U] [B]RuneScape client hacking 317[/B] [B]RuneScape client hacking 377-474[/B] [B]RuneScape client hacking 508-525[/B] [B]RuneScape client hacking 525+[/B] [U]RuneScape classic[/U] (Useless IMO) [URL]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?96-Configuration[/URL] [URL]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?97-Configuration[/URL] If you agree to remove them click thanks or post..
  19. Well, I'll start off by. Could you (Ikiliki aka Dug), please get to answering the suggestions? I know you have things to do, including things on the website, but this website should be taken as a responsibility (please correct me if I'm wrong). I see various suggestions made without you even posting a thought on it. And second, I strongly support these section additions/changes: [LIST=1] [*]News Board [*]Sports Board [*]Video Board [/LIST] The news section would be to organize the sections more. Possibly one in the real life section. Same thing with sports. As for the video, I thought that as long as I was suggesting those things, I might as well suggest my graphics section modifications. [quote name='2kbarrows']Long time since I posted here. Changed the layout of my suggestion a bit. [LIST] Arts (Change graphics section to this) [*]Graphics(board) [LIST][*][*]Video(subboard) [*][*]Image(subboard)[/LIST] [*]Music(board) [*]Literature(board) [/LIST] Just wanted to make that clearer;[/QUOTE] Basically, change the Graphics section to Arts, and all of those. All credits to Jonas for the video suggestion. I made that layout though.
  20. Maybe we can allow [I]the accused[/I] to be able to post on the thread they are accused of scamming on?
  21. Hi right like it said in the title the old boards (copy and paste , snippets etc) right well there are to many new ones coming out(317,508,517,525,562 etc) well i think runelocus should re add them but as 317 board 503-525 board 562 board 602+board GL to all hope to see ya around! Red Merlin:cool: