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Found 1 result

  1. Today I bring great news to the RSPS community. Multiple prominent members in the RSPS scene have decided to unite in the month of August to create a server named RuneCrest. This thread currently contains our progress and our staff team, and this may become our main advertisement thread down the road as well. Discord: https://discord.gg/p5gwz3QForums: Under maintenanceETA:While we do not have an ETA quite yet, we are currently working towards a beta.To-Do List (In Progress): Forums: Create forum sectors, ranks, and permissions as needed. Purchase IPS Custom Theme For Forums. Get userbars, banner, and logo made and added. High Scores Automated Donation and Voting System. Ensure we are secure. Server: Rewrite object loading system. Move certain features from the RSPUnit server to RuneCrest. Add a direct teleportation method to skilling areas, bosses, and minigames. Move home to Camelot Palace. Create a version of Player Own Shops. Add two factor as an option for players. A custom casino. Something better than 'automated gambling' that servers have. Fun PK Arena. Create a custom map and add the minigame "survival". Patch a known CFT, a force bank method, and other minor bugs. Client: N/A for now. Our main focus is content for now. I may buy Unity project off of my old partner Demmonic down the road, but we will see. Depending on that decision we can create a to-do list. Pictures (I'll add some updated ones ASAP): Current Staff Team: About Galen (Owner): N/A Galen has a lot of experience with being an owner of RSPS, but he wishes to remain anonymous for now. About Act of Valor (Bug Tester / Temp Admin): Ever since 2011, I have been around the RSPS scene. In 2013, I began to develop my special talents of becoming a bug abuser. I have worked with a few big named servers to fix their dupes and other various bugs. I have always wanted to run a server and I am extremely happy to be able to be a part of this project. My main roles are to post threads for Galen, bug test, and lend a hand where need be. About Manny (Community Manager): Manny has been the community manager for both RuneLive and DreamScape317. He is the type of guy that handles a business, but is always smiling and laughing. I've never seen a community dislike him, and I suspect people will love him once more. About Genome (Web Security): Genome has found multiple vulnerabilities in Runelocus and many servers. I can ensure you that he is great at what he does. About Max (Server Coder): He is a programming major, with a specialty in Java. He started to code RSPS when he was just 13 years old! His enthusiasm and experience is a great addition to the team! About PlaySkool/Time (Server Coder): This guy is genius. Time has created multiple tools for RSPS (i.e vampire & magic mirror) and has worked on various other projects, and he is the owner of the RSPS bug abusing forum, RSPUnit. About Drizzy (Server Coder): Drizzy created his own server in 2012 to begin coding. He has since then worked on many projects and extended his knowledge vastly. He has decided to come back to the RSPS scene to help us out in our journey of becoming one the top servers. About Confound (Head Moderator): Confound is a well known user on Hackforums. He's always been a loyal friend and a HQ user, and he has experience with RSPS. Confound will without a doubt a great asset to the server and we are lucky to have him willing to volunteer his time. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and seeing this server rise to become #1.