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Found 1 result

  1. hey i am trying to put my auto downloader working and somehow i do something wrong, dunno what. what i did, maked a .zip file (and putted the stuff what is already in my cache map into that .zip file i did not added the map itself since that won't work i know that :P ) uploaded that to dropbox and did "link" now i got a link on adressbar [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/koczc1dx52bpa6u/Servername.zip?dl=0[/url] ( i think that i mess something up in dropbox...) step 2. i did. I did go to my client and found the map Configation.java. [CODE]public static final String CACHE_LINK = "https://www.dropbox.com/s/koczc1dx52bpa6u/Servername.zip?dl=0";//Cache link.[/CODE] [CODE]public static final String LOYALTY_PATH = "user.home/Servername/";//Cache path[/CODE] [CODE]public static final String CACHE_PATH = "user.home";//Cache path.[/CODE] [CODE]public static final String CACHE_NAME = "Servername";//Cache Name.[/CODE] (i did chance the real name of the server into "ServerName" else it will be adverting since i want to put this server online someday. (i can code "okay" but never did understand how to added a auto downloader for the cache. YES i did compile the server and no errors where found. and when i use the cache that whas in the package i got and put it into "C:/home/users. it works fine. (but the auto download doesn't work somehow.) anyone who can help please help me. Yes i got skype so contact on skype is passible. Ps, sorry for my bad english.