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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there, I was wondering how to stop this? At godwars i got the aviansie's npc's are keep attacking eachother? how can i set it to a faction? like armadyl mobs don't attack armadyl mobs, bandos not bandos, but, Armadyl attacks bandos etc. Thanks.
  2. I am using the Runelocus starter pack and when I attack stuff it doesn't have an attack animation but the monsters i attack do?
  3. Gircat

    Attacking D/C

    Any idea why whenever I attack a level 2 "man" it makes my account disconnect and lags out the entire server? There aren't any errors given. :(
  4. How do I fix this? When I log on my server and attack stuff, my character stand still but damage is still being dealt. I would like to make it so they hit properly lol.. Thanks in advance Edit: Also when i kill a goblin beneath a tree, the items apear on top of the tree! lol
  5. I tried attacking something right when i ran my server, for example a rock crab. It shows it jumping on me and attacking. But when i attack it, it just shows me standing there not moving. Although it does show the rock crab losing hp. Please help, thanks.
  6. The problem I'm having is whenever I have an object between two players and the distance between them is only separated by that object, and once one of these players attack the other..that player attacks through that object. The image below shows what I mean: [IMG]http://s7.postimg.org/ciji5jknv/Untitled.png[/IMG] A clipping system is already implemented on my server. It is using some sort of collision map system for clipping. Source is PI (Rune-Legacy). I'm just wondering how I can make it so that it checks if there is an object between both players before letting a player attack. Also, another problem is that there are places such as GWD Dungeon in which clipping doesn't work. I'm guessing the collisionmap file loads objects for 317 rev and the following method is done so that a player or an npc cannot walk through these objects? Is there a way where I could add objects to the new collisionmap? I may be wrong on how the clipping system works, but it seems to work as I described. How could I go on about fixing these two problems?
  7. Hello Guys. We have on our 667 Server a big Problem with some Hackers. They log in with a Username "ffsdragonkk" and then they send PM's to Players and get automatically their Password. We dont know how to fix that Problem. It would be great if anyone can explain me how to protect the Server or anything. Thanks and best Regards, Samsung.
  8. For my fight caves everything I have works except for the Npcs that spawn, aren't aggresive. When I spawn them from command they attack just fine. But when regular, spawned from cave they're not aggresive any help?
  9. Hybrid fails when i switch my character is not stopping attacking (auto retaliate is off ) does some one know how to let the character stop hitting after switching gear. I am using PI
  10. Okay so basically when i attack dragons other than frost dragons the client disconnects and throws an error and has to be rebooted to get back on. Its not server sided as far as i know, gone through all the npcvsplayer and playervsnpc and everything is all good nothing bugged with this. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this issue and fixed it?
  11. I need animations for Glacor can somone tell me the id's for it
  12. Does anyone know a fix for this? In PVP when 1 player is either meeleing/maging another he is facing backwards. If anyone has a fix or anything please reply.
  13. [code] if(!npc.getDefinitions().hasAttackOption()) { player.sm("You tryin to hack or somethin? This NPC doesn't have an attack option.."); } [/code] Go rip Dragonkk's NPCDefinitions cache loader and then add this to npcpackethandler.java under the attack method lol.
  14. I have a 562 loading 569 server. Before when I began working with the server everything was functional, except a few minor things that I fixed. Now when you attack someone or something the first time the player attacks correctly but after that the player basically just bends down and like bows to the monster or player thus causing damage. How do I fix this problem? Please help!