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Found 89 results

  1. madmonkey

    can't attack npc.

    hey i am using a pretty good base to start with but i did notice that i can't attack 1npc, yes this npc is "Torag the Corrupted". now i know some basics of how it's passble. Note: other barrow brothers are attackable. I am did try to find a problem in this but i can't find it. this is what i have, barrows.java [CODE]// object,npc,HP,MAXHIT,ATTACK,DEFENCE,X,Y,TYPE, AHRIM(6821,2025, 1050, 20, 175, 175, 3556, 9701, 0), DHAROK(6771, 2026, 1000, 24, 200, 200, 3554, 9716, 1), GUTHAN(6773, 2027, 1000,24, 275, 200, 3538, 9702, 2), KARIL(6822, 2028,1050, 20, 175, 175, 3549, 9683, 3), TORAG(6772, 2029, 1000, 23, 275, 200, 3568, 9686, 4), VERAC(6823, 2030, 1000, 24, 275,200, 3575, 9706, 5);[/CODE] npcanims.xml [CODE]<npcDefinition> <id>2028</id> <name>karil the tainted</name> <examine>Run away!</examine> <respawn>10</respawn> <combat>98</combat> <hitpoints>100</hitpoints> <maxHit>21</maxHit> <attackSpeed>5</attackSpeed> <attackAnim>2075</attackAnim> <defenceAnim>-1</defenceAnim> <deathAnim>-1</deathAnim> </npcDefinition> <npcDefinition> <id>2029</id> <name>torag the corrupted</name> <examine>Run away!</examine> <respawn>10</respawn> <combat>115</combat> <hitpoints>100</hitpoints> <maxHit>23</maxHit> <attackSpeed>5</attackSpeed> <attackAnim>2068</attackAnim> <defenceAnim>-1</defenceAnim> <deathAnim>-1</deathAnim> </npcDefinition> <npcDefinition> <id>2030</id> <name>verac the defiled</name> <examine>Run away!</examine> <respawn>10</respawn> <combat>115</combat> <hitpoints>100</hitpoints> <maxHit>24</maxHit> <attackSpeed>5</attackSpeed> <attackAnim>2062</attackAnim> <defenceAnim>2063</defenceAnim> <deathAnim>-1</deathAnim>[/CODE] npc.cfg [CODE] npc = 2025 Ahrim_the_Blighted 98 100 npc = 2026 Dharok_the_Wretched 115 100 npc = 2027 Guthan_the_Infested 115 100 npc = 2028 Karil_the_Tainted 98 100 npc = 2029 Torag_the_Corrupted 115 100 npc = 2030 Verac_the_Defiled 115 100[/CODE] there is not 1 of them in spawnconfig since that is getting done in barrows.java. if someone could help me out shall be very helpfull since i am have no idea what i am missing :P
  2. Hey Guys, I followed a guide someone else made and it didn't work. Wanted to know if someone could help tell me what I did wrong? There's nothing about the attack speed of the weapon I'm wanting to enhance, So I manually added it in like this. [CODE] case 13905: return 5; case 13907: return 5; case 18353: return 7; case 18349: return 4; [B]case 19053: return 2;[/B] }[/CODE] All I did was copy the one above, change the item ID and then made the attack speed two (My server has customs so the HP is waaaay up on almost everything). I don't get what I did wrong yet it still isn't working. Any Ideas?
  3. so, hand cannon special only attacks one time. i went through and figured out the file, and here's it's contents. i'm not too sure what to do. [code]package org.dementhium.model.combat.impl.specs; import org.dementhium.model.Projectile; import org.dementhium.model.SpecialAttack; import org.dementhium.model.combat.Ammunition; import org.dementhium.model.combat.CombatType; import org.dementhium.model.combat.Damage; import org.dementhium.model.combat.Interaction; import org.dementhium.model.combat.RangeData; import org.dementhium.model.combat.RangeFormulae; import org.dementhium.model.combat.RangeWeapon; import org.dementhium.model.mask.Graphic; import org.dementhium.model.misc.DamageManager.DamageType; import org.dementhium.model.misc.ProjectileManager; /** * Executes the Hand cannon's Aimed shot special attack. * @author Emperor * */ public class AimedShot extends SpecialAttack { /** * The graphics. */ private static final Graphic GRAPHICS = Graphic.create(2141, 96 << 16); /** * The special attack projectile GFX id. */ private static final short PROJECTILE_ID = 2143; [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public boolean commenceSpecialAttack(Interaction interaction) { RangeData data = new RangeData(true); data.setWeapon(RangeWeapon.get(interaction.getSource().getPlayer().getEquipment().getSlot(3))); data.setAmmo(Ammunition.get(interaction.getSource().getPlayer().getEquipment().getSlot(13))); if (data.getAmmo() == null || !data.getWeapon().getAmmunition().contains(data.getAmmo().getItemId())) { interaction.getSource().getPlayer().sendMessage("You do not have enough ammo left."); interaction.getSource().getCombatExecutor().reset(); return false; } if (interaction.getVictim().isPlayer()) { interaction.setDeflected(interaction.getVictim().getPlayer().getPrayer().usingPrayer(1, 8)); } int maximum = RangeFormulae.getRangeDamage(interaction.getSource(), 1.0); data.setDamage(Damage.getDamage(interaction.getSource(), interaction.getVictim(), CombatType.RANGE,RangeFormulae.getDamage(interaction.getSource(), interaction.getVictim(), 1.49, 1.0, 0.952))); data.getDamage().setMaximum(maximum); interaction.getSource().setAttribute("aimingTicks", 3); interaction.setTicks((int) Math.floor(interaction.getSource().getLocation().distance(interaction.getVictim().getLocation()) * 0.3) + 3); interaction.getSource().getPlayer().getEquipment().deleteItem(data.getAmmo().getItemId(), 1); interaction.setRangeData(data); return true; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public boolean tick(Interaction interaction) { int aimingTicks = interaction.getSource().getAttribute("aimingTicks"); interaction.getSource().setAttribute("aimingTicks", aimingTicks - 1); if (aimingTicks < 1) { interaction.getSource().turnTo(interaction.getVictim()); interaction.getSource().animate(12175); interaction.getSource().graphics(GRAPHICS); int speed = (int) (32 + (interaction.getSource().getLocation().distance(interaction.getVictim().getLocation()) * 5)); ProjectileManager.sendProjectile(Projectile.create(interaction.getSource(), interaction.getVictim(), PROJECTILE_ID, 31, 36, 45, speed, 0)); } if (interaction.getTicks() < 2) { interaction.getVictim().animate(interaction.isDeflected() ? 12573 : interaction.getVictim().getDefenceAnimation()); if (interaction.isDeflected()) { interaction.getVictim().graphics(2229); } } interaction.setTicks(interaction.getTicks() - 1); return interaction.getTicks() < 1; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public boolean endSpecialAttack(final Interaction interaction) { interaction.getVictim().getDamageManager().damage( interaction.getSource(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage(), DamageType.RANGE); if (interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getVenged() > 0) { interaction.getVictim().submitVengeance( interaction.getSource(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getVenged()); } if (interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getDeflected() > 0) { interaction.getSource().getDamageManager().damage(interaction.getVictim(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getDeflected(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getDeflected(), DamageType.DEFLECT); } if (interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getRecoiled() > 0) { interaction.getSource().getDamageManager().damage(interaction.getVictim(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getRecoiled(), interaction.getRangeData().getDamage().getRecoiled(), DamageType.DEFLECT); } interaction.getVictim().retaliate(interaction.getSource()); return true; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public CombatType getCombatType() { return CombatType.RANGE; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public int getSpecialEnergyAmount() { return 500; } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public int getCooldownTicks() { return 6; } }[/code]
  4. Hey, as you may have guess I am new to private servers and have been searching for an answer to my question all day, but can't seem to find anything helpful. :/ I am trying to make npc's attack back. I have made it so that the npc does 1's and 2's but I don't know how to make it go any higher. I have added this to the client.java: [CODE] if (server.npcHandler.npcs[attacknpc].npcType == 49) { // hellhound rand_npc = misc.random(250);[/CODE] and [CODE] if (server.npcHandler.npcs[attacknpc].npcType == 49) { // hellhound rand_npc = misc.random(250);[/CODE] and to NPCHandler.java I've added: [CODE]if (npcs[NPCID].npcType == 49) { // Hellhound rand_npc = misc.random(500);[/CODE] and [CODE]if (npcs[NPCID].npcType == 49) { // Hellhound hitDiff = misc.random(99);[/CODE] Should I have done this? or am I completely wrong and looking in the wrong place..? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Why i can't attack evil chicken? i spawned it, and when i try to attack, it wont attack. Anyone help please?
  6. Out of no where, the NPC's started disconnecting players whenever they try to attack an npc. WHATS HAPPENING? Here is a little gif overview of it: [URL=http://www.makeagif.com/OUCLTN][IMG]http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/8-11-2014/OUCLTN.gif[/IMG][/URL] DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING THIS AND/OR FIX THIS? Would really love it if someone would help me out here.
  7. ive looked around and tried a few tutorials but they dont work for some reason
  8. Well on multiple of the weapons in game they only have the options punch,kick and block for their attack styles. I was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction in where to fix this? The base im using is chronicscape.
  9. Prior to adding custom items my Special Attack bar worked, after adding custom items, even though I did not give them a special, none of my special attacks on any weapons will work. Help please? I'm using Exctinction source and client.
  10. I replaced ints with the recolored ones. I am not worried about adding special attack yet (will be using tuts on here). When i attack with my custom whip, the attack emote is a punch. how do i get the attack emote to be like the regular abbysal whip? Thanks
  11. Deadlypkerz1

    Special attack

    So when I korasi spec on my server it hit's around 30 i want it to hit around 50. How do i make the special attack on my weapons hit higher?
  12. Hey guys at the moment I have an issue with having to right click to attack even if you are the same combat level. I am almost 99% sure it has to do with team capes due to me having a blue dot on the minimap as if I was wearing the same team cape as someone. Please help, it's affecting new players and I don't know the fix for it. THANKS
  13. Hello! I have recently downloaded the Run-Lite v3 package. It's Dementhium based. Was just trying some things out when I came to attacking NPC's. The video below will explain my problem. [video=youtube;sXtp0HEIqSg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXtp0HEIqSg&feature=youtu.be[/video] When I click on a npc to attack it, the client and server freeze. I have to restart the server to re-login. I have been coding 317 RSPS back in the days.. but then I quited for some years now I am trying out these new great looking sources.. but really, I have no idea how these are working haha I feel like a grandpa on his first computer.. xD Please could any one help me with this problem? thanks in advance, iiDef.
  14. Hey, so i have this problem with special attacks on a server i'm coding.... I use the special attack and it lags and doesn't even use it.... Anyone help :) thanks, -Voer
  15. Okay so i downloaded a source but it didn't have the Godwars npcs, so i added them but now i can't attack them (i can't attack bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl). Please help!!!
  16. So I'm sure my special attacks for my weapons work fine, they all the proper emotes and stuff show when I use the spec. However, when I use any weapon's special attack on certain monsters such as the Balance Elemental or Dad, either my character will stop attacking it until I turn the special bar off or it will log my character out. This is what the server says: [CODE] [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1028 [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: at server.model.players.CombatAssistant.activateSpecial( CombatAssistant.java:2776) [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: at server.model.players.CombatAssistant.attackNpc(Combat Assistant.java:198) [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: at server.model.players.Client.process(Client.java:1661) [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: at server.model.players.PlayerHandler.process(PlayerHand ler.java:147) [5/14/13 5:55 PM]: at server.Server.main(Server.java:187)[/CODE] However, when I use any special attack on monsters such as rock crabs, it works fine. Can anyone help me out? I'm new at this and don't know why I'm getting these errors
  17. Ok, so I'm trying to change the attack emote of a weapon. Currently, when you attack with the weapon, your character kicks. I went into combatdefinitions.java, and added this: [CODE]if (weaponName.contains("staff") || weaponName.contains("granite mace") || weaponName.contains("warhammer") || weaponName.contains("tzhaar-ket-em") || weaponName.contains("tzhaar-ket-om") || weaponName.contains("annihilation") || weaponName.contains("maul")) return CRUSH_ATTACK;[/CODE] As you can see the [CODE]|| weaponName.contains("annihilation")[/CODE] And it clearly says return CRUSH_ATTACK. I compile with no errors (Yes, the compiler IS compiling this file) I go into the game and my character continues to punch. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks.
  18. Okey so im trying to make some bosses that ive made multi, be able to attack with mage and melee. I can't figgure it out so could some1 help me please? Im talking bout bosses like fergotten warriour (npc = 10530). If you need more information answer here. Also if you wanna help me and make sure i succes in it, add my skype. I got teamviewer aswell. skype = nielskeeeeeeeen Source = deathlypvpz V4 (PI, revision 317)
  19. Alaa123

    Pi Attack Npc help

    I need help if i use magic or range and attack rock crabs or any npc i need to to stop moving to them. On my server when i try to attack him they moving to him, but i don't need to move to him. I need it stop moving, here is a video: ( for more explain ) [video=youtube;S1wsi6ChpjE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1wsi6ChpjE&feature=youtu.be[/video] How i fix this ? i wanna make it Un-Move. Please tell me what should i do, and explain because i don't speak English. Thanks.
  20. Would anyone here be interested in me providing DDoS protection for a price? It would protect from up to 60Gbps / 60MPPS of DDoS. If you are, post on this thread and I will start selling on RL.
  21. hacker020

    special attack

    i need help adding command ::spec so i can get special attack. and i need the ::teleto ####.#### command
  22. Well, I made this little thing and when you enter it spawns some npcs, i can then kill 3 of them. if i try to attack more afterwards nothing happens? Any ideas?
  23. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]nvrm solved[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  24. I've been googling and looking at other posts for an hour! I cannot find these bosses attack animations! I have some, but the ones I will list I need. Does anyone have these NPC attack animation ids? Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz To'Kash the Bloodchiller Night-Gazer Khighorahk Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan Gluttunous Behemoth. Thanks everyone! And I also have one more question, which is not very important, but I kinda need it :) EDIT: Found all attack animation IDs for the bosses. One thing down! I have an area with all of these bosses. I want to make it so when you kill them you get Dungeoneering EXP for each kill. So like you walk in to the room and kill say the Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan and you get like 120 dung xp. If anyone knows how to do this please help me! Thanks everybody! :)