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Found 6 results

  1. Ziek`


    1. Cart



    2. Ziek`


      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

    3. Ziek`


      I also have


  2. I'm working on a custom tutorial and I'd like to add the direction arrows that appear over a characters head, showing you who to talk to, and where they are. Example: [IMG]http://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2009/04/21/4-guide_1.jpg[/IMG] I'm working with a basic 667/727 source and client. Would anyone know how to go about adding these? Thanks who can assist, Zman
  3. How might I make this bow shoot Sagittarian Arrows? Or even not have to use arrows? I tried copying all crystal bow's codes in combatassistant.java.. But it came up with 100 errors.. Any help guys? Thanks!
  4. pixell

    max arrows

    hey I have been trying to take out the check for max cash in 562 and put it into 700 it works with money but when I kill something with a bow and pick up my arrows it gives me max arrows heres the code [CODE] public Item(int id, int amount, boolean amt0) { this.id = (short) id; this.getDefinitions().getItemDefinitions(id); this.amount = amount; if (this.amount <= 0 && !amt0) { this.amount = 2147000000; } }[/CODE]and from 562 [code] public Item(int id, int amount) { this.id = id; this.itemDefinition = ItemDefinition.forId(id); this.amount = amount; if(this.amount <= 0) { this.amount = 2147000000; } }[/code]
  5. What do Fire Arrows do? I plan to add them if there important.
  6. [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/24vmhvq.png[/IMG]