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Found 16 results

  1. Information Hello everyone, I'm here to share a Armour Repair Stand with you, you can easily add more amour to be repaired. The reason: I decided share this because most of the Server does not have a Armour Repair Stand, so you can not get your broken item repaired. Guide First, open your source and then find a folder called: 'Dialogues'. Create a new Java file called 'Repair'. [CODE] package com.rs.game.player.dialogues; import com.rs.game.player.content.RepairItems; public class Repair extends Dialogue { private int itemId; [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void start() { itemId = (Integer) parameters[1]; sendOptionsDialogue("What would you like to do?", "Repair my item!", "How much would it cost?","Nevermind.."); } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run(int interfaceId, int componentId) { int amount = player.getInventory().getItems().getNumberOf(itemId); if (stage == -1) { if (componentId == OPTION_1) { if (amount == 1) { RepairItems.Repair(player,itemId,1); return; } sendOptionsDialogue("What would you like to do?", "Repair one item.","Repair X of your items", "Repair all items."); stage = 2; } else if (componentId == OPTION_2) { RepairItems.CheckPrice(player,itemId,amount); } else { end(); } } else if (stage == 2) { if (componentId == OPTION_1) { RepairItems.Repair(player,itemId,1); } else if (componentId == OPTION_2) { player.getTemporaryAttributtes().put("Repair", Integer.valueOf(0)); player.getTemporaryAttributtes().put("Ritem", itemId); player.getPackets().sendRunScript(108, new Object[] { "You have "+amount+" items that need to be repaired, How many would you like to repair?" }); end(); } else { RepairItems.Repair(player,itemId,amount); } } } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void finish() { } } [/CODE] After you have added the go to DiallogueHandler.Java and add this: [CODE] handledDialogues.put("Repair", (Class<Dialogue>) Class.forName(Repair.class.getCanonicalName())); [/CODE] Ok after you have done it, you should find a folder named: 'Content. Then you need to add a java file called 'RepairItems'. And then add: [CODE] package com.rs.game.player.content; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import com.rs.game.item.Item; import com.rs.game.player.Player; public class RepairItems { public enum BrokenItems { GUTHANS_HELM(4908, 4724, 100000), GUTHANS_PLATEBODY(4920, 4738, 100000), GUTHANS_PLATESKIRT(4926, 4730, 100000), GUTHANS_WARSPEAR(4914, 4726, 100000), AHRIMS_HOOD(4860, 4708, 100000), AHRIMS_STAFF(4866, 4710, 100000), AHRIMS_ROBE_TOP(4872, 4712, 100000), AHRIMS_ROBE_SKIRT(4878, 4714, 100000), DHAROKS_HELM(4884, 4716, 100000), DHAROKS_GREATAXE(4890, 4718, 100000), DHAROKS_PLATEBODY(4896, 4720, 100000), DHAROKS_PLATELEGS(4902, 4722, 100000), KARILS_COIF(4932, 4732, 100000), KARILS_CROSSBOW(4938, 4734, 100000), KARILS_TOP(4944, 4736, 100000), KARILS_SKIRT(4950, 4738, 100000), TORAGS_HELM(4956, 4745, 100000), TORAGS_HAMMER(4962, 4747, 100000), TORAGS_PLATEBODY(4968, 4749, 100000), TORAGS_PLATELEGS(4974, 4751, 100000), VERACS_HELM(4980, 4753, 100000), VERACS_FLAIL(4968, 4755, 100000), VERACS_BRASSARD(4992, 4757, 100000), VERACS_PLATESKIRT(4998, 4759, 100000), TORVA_HELM(20138, 20135, 2000000), TORVA_PLATE(20142, 20139, 2000000), TORVA_LEGS(20146, 20143, 2000000), TORVA_GLOVES(24979, 24977, 2000000), TORVA_BOOTS(24985, 24983, 2000000), PERNIX_COWL(20150, 20147, 1500000), PERNIX_BODY(20154, 20151, 1500000), PERNIX_CHAPS(20158, 20155, 1500000), PERNIX_GLOVES(24976, 24974, 1500000), PERNIX_BOOTS(24991, 24989, 1500000), ZARYTE_BOW(20174, 20171, 2000000), VIRTUS_MASK(20162, 20159, 1000000), VIRTUS_TOP(20166, 20163, 1000000), VIRTUS_LEGS(20170, 20167, 1000000), VIRTUS_GLOVES(24982, 24980, 1000000), VIRTUS_BOOTS(24988, 24986, 1000000); private int id; private int id2; private int Price; private static Map<Integer, BrokenItems> BROKENITEMS = new HashMap<Integer, BrokenItems>(); static { for (BrokenItems brokenitems : BrokenItems.values()) { BROKENITEMS.put(brokenitems.getId(), brokenitems); } } public static BrokenItems forId(int id) { return BROKENITEMS.get(id); } private BrokenItems(int id, int id2, int Price) { this.id = id; this.id2 = id2; this.Price = Price; } public int getId() { return id; } public int getId2() { return id2; } public int getPrice() { return Price; } } public static void Repair(Player player,int itemId,int amount) { final BrokenItems brokenitems = BrokenItems.forId(itemId); Item item = new Item(brokenitems.getId(), 1); int price = brokenitems.getPrice(); if (amount == 1) { if (player.getInventory().containsItem(995, price)) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(itemId, 1); player.getInventory().deleteItem(995, price); player.getInventory().addItem(brokenitems.getId2(), 1); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage","You have repaired your item("+item.getName()+") for "+getFormattedNumber(price)+" coins."); return; } else { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage","You dont have enough money to repair this item."+"You need "+getFormattedNumber(price)+" coins."); return; } } else { if (player.getInventory().containsItem(995, price * amount)) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(itemId, amount); player.getInventory().deleteItem(995, price * amount); player.getInventory().addItem(brokenitems.getId2(), amount); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage","You have repaired your items("+amount+" X "+item.getName()+") for "+getFormattedNumber(price * amount)+" coins."); return; } else { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage","You dont have enough money to repair these items."+"You need "+getFormattedNumber(price * amount)+" coins."); return; } } } public static void CheckPrice(Player player,int itemId, int amount) { final BrokenItems brokenitems = BrokenItems.forId(itemId); int price = brokenitems.getPrice(); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleNPCMessage",945, "These items will cost you " +getFormattedNumber(price * amount)+" coins."); return; } private static String getFormattedNumber(int amount) { return new DecimalFormat("#,###,##0").format(amount).toString(); } } [/CODE] Ok so to get the Armour Repair Stand to work you need to add this method in the folder named: 'ObjectHandler'. Search for: [CODE]'handleItemOnObject'. [/CODE] Add this below. [CODE] } else if (object.getId() == 13715) { if (BrokenItems.forId(itemId) == null) { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleMessage","You can't repair this item."); return; } player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("Repair", 945, itemId); return; [/CODE] Picture By using your broken item on the 'Armour Repair', will you get your armour repaired. [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/2r70a6d.png[/IMG] [I]Enjoy it.[/I]
  2. Hi. When in 718 source I can change items stats?
  3. Hey guys! Today I was thinking about how I could bring Black (g) , black (t), adamant (g) and adamant (t) in-game [URL=""]on my server.[/URL] And this is what I made of it, I'll release one code of it, it is isn't hard to make but here you go :) THIS CODE GOES IN INVENTORYOPTIONHANDLER.JAVA Don't forget to import this: import com.rs.game.player.Skills; Then add this: [code] //adamant platebody g if (itemUsed.getId() == 1123 || usedWith.getId() == 2357) { if (player.getSkills().getLevel(Skills.CRAFTING) == 99) { if (player.getInventory().containsItem(995, 10000000) && player.getInventory().containsItem(2357, 5) && player.getInventory().containsItem(1123, 1)) { player.getInventory().deleteItem(995, 10000000); player.getInventory().deleteItem(2357, 5); player.getInventory().deleteItem(1123, 1); player.getInventory().addItem(2607, 1); player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "You've managed to create an adamant Platebody (g)"); } else { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You need a adamant platebody, 5 gold bars ,10M gp AND 99 smithing to make an adamant platebody (g)."); } } } [/code] I know this is just a small one, but well you can easily do the rest :) If you will use it please use the thank button!
  4. Hey everyone I posted this somewhere else and got hate but oh well, I figure this will help somebody but not everyone. I am sure there are better ways but this is the way that I used and it worked for me. Some people may say it has been done before but all the snippets and tuts I have seen show most but not all the sets. I have made all sets in game work. Even the kinda lame ones, like splitbark and skeletal. So here it is... [URL="http://up.ht/1gliJub"]ArmourSets.java - 7 KB[/URL] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WDBhR06.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hIydQ9n.png[/IMG] Any feedback is welcome good or bad. Just hope this is useful to someone. Sorry had to make a link as the code tags were messing up for me.
  5. artizan

    Adding Armour Sets

    K i have another problem ;3 Well... Problem K B4 i start, Im not asking for spoonfeeding im asking for an explaination and where to add. I want as example, thee bronze armour set. To be opened By a npc, Or a item like dunno a axe or something ***AS EXAMPLE** Like if its by a npc then i need to add something in npchandler.java . But as far as i can go only got this Public static void exchangeBronze ????? player.getInventory().deleteItem(**THEITEM ID of the set (EXAMPLE BRONZE) { player.getInventory().additem(item ID )player.getInventory().additem(item ID ) player.getInventory().additem(item ID ) [COLOR=#A9A9A9][FONT=Verdana] REPEAT ETC ETC [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00FF00][FONT=Verdana]but then the question is, Where should i add this? like make a new file in players file and name it like Armoursets.java, And if i want a item that can open The armour boxes, What should i Add then? Or the Grand Exchange Clerk, To open the sets. [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#A9A9A9][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00FF00][FONT=Verdana] ONCE AGAIN I DO NOT ASK FOR ---->SPOONFEEDING<----- A explaination Of where to add a new file and what to name it and what i need to import Would be nice. [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#A9A9A9][FONT=Verdana] Showing it through Teamviewer With skype on is nice to Skype= Bjorn.schonenberg Already for who respond Thanks! :3 [/FONT][/COLOR]
  6. Strange old man duznt fix broken barrows parts. So how do i make him do that? Or atleast a command for fixing barrows? Thanks PI based bdw
  7. I need some help when i weild armour it weilds as a weapon what should i do?
  8. Anyone know how I can rename monsters and armour? I'd like to be able to rename black armour to obsidian armour, etc. Anyone know how?
  9. im using a blank PI source and client and i have torva pernix and virtus coded, but when i wear it, the armour goes in the right places, but it doesnt show up on my body, so if i was wearing full ahrims then put full torva, pernix, or virtus on...i would have full torva pernix and virtus in the equipment slots, but my actual guy that people will see is still wearing the ahrims....so basically, its invisible, and also, when i teleport, im wearing the armour but my guy is invisible.... [url]http://uppit.com/w0ku7sd9vcto/screenshots.zip[/url] very small file for some reason i couldnt get any photos on here to show, but please look at them and if anyone knows how to help, it would be much appretiated!
  10. When I wear saradomin rune armour, it appear in the weapon slot. How do I change where this goes?
  11. xCHRiS

    New Armour Problem

    Hey, Well, I updated my cache to a 562 loading 711 but when I try to wear some new Armour it displays a message in the chat box: [CODE]You can't wear this item.[/CODE] How do I fix this because other armour i can just wear. Thanks, -Chris.
  12. heey guys, i have a problem with the "new" dragon armour. because i can wear the platebody but when i wanna wear the helm, boots and platelegs it sais : you cant wear that please help me that. (i have the same problem with the armadyl armour) have a nice day
  13. toon

    Degrading pvp armour

    guys i'm using insidiax source, I have working degrading pvp armour and i'm now trying to add corrupt pvp armour. The problem is I have no clue how, I messed around and somehow got corrupt vls working then I tried the same pattern with other weapons but it only seems to work with corrupt vls. Could anyone help me out? (adding degrading to corrupt pvp armours and weapons)
  14. Darker

    Nex armour HP boost

    I tried everything, maxhp method at player.java and stuff, didnt work, can someone help me? Edit: also how i can add rocktails and brew hp boost? :/
  15. Why Is It All Grey, How Do I remove it please. will "thank" the right person Thanks